1994-09-01: Prefects And Pasties


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Scene Title Prefects and Pasties
Synopsis Ashley is patrolling the corridor and talks to a firstie and a housemate.
Date Sep 01, 1994
Watch For discussion of houses and house points. Blatant flattery to a prefect.
Chronology On the Hogwarts' Express
Logger Julian

The Hogwarts' Express Corridors

The hallway corridor of the Hogwarts Express isn't very big. Just enough room for two students to squeeze by each other if they turn sideways. Or for the trolly of sweets to go up and down. Paneled in beige and gray colors, it's rather quite plain. The corridor stretches between all the cars, and evenly spaced are exits into the compartments for students.

As the train rolls down the tracks, everyone, for the most part, is sitting neatly ensconced in their compartments, chatting with friends, getting ready for the school year. Discussions range from new teachers, new books, new spells to strange happenings during the summer. Julian, however, is an exception to the situation. He has slipped out of the compartment and is roaming up and down the corridor, just looking. He peeks into a couple of open compartments just to see who's inside and if they're all the same. A restless expression crosses his small face.

Mei isn't in the compartment either. Standing off by herself the girl can be found sequestered near the end of one corridor. At the point where the corridor doglegs to go around the water closet, she's found standing, back leaning against the wall as she stares out the window watching the world pass her by.
Mhairi has disconnected.

Ashley isn't in any compartment either. After meeting with the prefects in the prefect carriage, he agreed to take the first stroll of the train to make sure the other students are behaving. He moves down the corridor, already in his school robes. He approaches Julian, and despite likely looking tall and imposing to the shorter student, tries to exude a quiet comforting aura. "Looking for a compartment to sit in?"

Julian sees Mei, and gives her a terse nod as he passes where she stands. When Ashley approaches him, Bean purses his lips, sizes up the older boy by looking him up and down, and shakes his head. "Not exactly." The steel in his voice is present, but quiet. "I just needed to stretch my legs for a few minutes. The compartment was getting a little stuffy." As he says this, he realizes it's true.

Mei looks down at the firstie as he passes, a small smile coming to her face. Pursing her lips she notes his standing up to Ashley and that "David and Goliath" type interaction draws a melodic chuckle from her. Giving up on window watching, she turns to openly watch. Morbidly curious what will happen next. Not that Julian can lose points, not having a house. Still, there's some guts in that one.

Ashley looks at the small students robes, and notes the lack of any present house colors. "Well. Try not to linger in the corridor for too long. I don't want to hear about a first year student being run over by the trolley when she comes through." He looks over at Mei, noticing her watching the conversation. His attention is quickly returned to Julian. "And try to behave."

Mei smiles softly, shaking her head before looking out of the window. Her spot is well enough out of the way, back in the corner where she can see the window. "If you had a house…" she says still looking out the window, her speech perfect English but with a funny little accent to it. "He might have docked you points. Consider yourself lucky little fellow." The comment is purely conversational, though it seems to bear with it advice.

This is easy. "I've already talked to the lady with the food stand." Julian replies, glad he's not going to be in trouble. "And she was very nice." He didn't buy anything, because he wasn't hungry. "She was down there. When I talked to her, she was at the third compartment." Of course, that's been a while. Mei's comment makes him tense up completely for a moment, then he remembers. House. Like 'crew'. Not a real house. "I am lucky." He gives his best 'poor little cute boy' smile, and bats his eyes at Mei, playing up his innocence for more information. He looks back at Ashley, eyes resting on the silver badge on his shirt. "P. Is that like policeman?"

Ashley reaches a hand up to scratch his eyebrow with the back of his thumb, shaking his head. "The P stands for Prefect. It means I help the Faculty at Hogwarts by making sure the students are behaving. The four Houses compete for the House Cup, which is awarded to the House with the most points at the End of Term Feast. Houses get points by being good students and lose them by misbehaving."

Listening, Mei turns again to look at the firstie. "Least of your worries right now. As a general rule of thumb, if it looks official, don't argue." Smiling she winks playfully at Ashley before settling back to watch out the window. "You don't want to see him angry. I remember his fifth year when someone made him angry. It wasn't pretty…"

Points. That's a much more concrete system of measurement than the one he has been used to. He nods. "Do you get points for doing well in classes?" Julian turns toward the girl with a small smile. "I'm sure I'll be alright." He knows he will. "What house are you in?" Though he thinks he knows.

Ashley looks at Mei curiously for a moment. "You know about that? It wasn't nearly as bad as everyone talked. We had a row, that's it. I never hit him with a hex!" He shakes his head, turning back to Julian. "Absolutely. Showing cleverness is one of the ways to get points. A House also gains points when they win a quidditch game."

Just smiling she winks at Ashley, expecting Julian to miss it from the angle she's at before adding "Points are hard to come by. Good answers, good performance in class helps. Screw up, and the profs dock points to, and give detentions…" Standing up she looks back around the corner to see if the Trolley is coming, before looking to the two. "Best thing I would say, is listen to your house prefects. When you get sorted, look for the guy or girl with the badge on their cloak and ask them what's what, and be wary of people without the badge telling you what to do." No matter she's one without. She can be trusted, just ask Hailey.

That Quidditch again. "Really?" He stifles the urge to roll his eyes, and instead widens them, in mock-interest. "Everyone gets angry sometimes." Julian's seen enough human nature to know that much. "The fact that you didn't throw a hex when you were tempted means you must have a lot of self-control" Butter up the prefect. Yes. He turns to Mei, and nods, as though this were pertinent information. However, it's really not. He's already figured that much out, see? The ones with the badges are the ones with the power. "Thank you for the advice." He offers, meekly.

Ashley says, "Nah. It just means I hit him with a jinx." He winks at Julian, trying to show the kid that not all prefects are stuffy. "Professor McGonagall took twenty points from Hufflepuff because of that, though. She spared me detention though, because she said it was an impressive stinging jinx." He nods at Mei. "It does seem harder to win points than it is to lose them."

Mei smiles softly. "I gave up trying. Figured it was best not to lose then and said have at it with that." Looking to Julian she hmms. "How much you want to bet we don't get him this year?" The words addressed to Ashley.

Julian smiles at Ashley. "Ahhh." He doesn't quite know the difference between a hex and a jinx, but definitely won't let them know that quite yet. "Where are your dormitories?" He heard some of them were up in the towers. He'd rather not stay up there.

Ashley explains, even if Julian does know the difference. "A jinx is weaker than a hex, and less mean. Then there are curses, which are pretty much considered dark magic." He shrugs at Mei. "Pretty good odds we won't, really. One in four." Then he turns back to Julian. "Gryffindor and Ravenclaw have dormitories in the towers. Slytherins is somewhere in the dungeons, and the Hufflepuff dorm is next to the kitchens."

Mei laughs and then ahs. "Not odds I'd take." Looking to Julian she thinks and then smiles. "I think Slytherin is somewhere around the potions classroom." Shrugging she moves to look back down the next corridor. "Trolley's coming, you two hungry, I'm buying." Grinning she adds to Ashley. "Not a bribe."

Julian is slightly hungry. "Thank you." He nods to Ashley. "From what I know of the Houses, I'm interested to see where I'm sorted." He slips a little, letting some of his actual maturity show. "I have a good idea, but.." But honestly, a warm bed and food and learning about this magic running through his veins, he'll be happy in any one of them. "I think I'd be alright anywhere."

Ashley says, "I'll take a chocolate frog. Thanks, Mei. Spent most of my money helping a bloke out earlier this summer." He nods at Julian. "That's what I thought, too. Both of my parents are Muggles, so I was clueless when I came here. Real clueless. Maybe that's why I ended up in Hufflepuff." Yes, that's exactly why you ended up in Hufflepuff. Nothing at all to do with your fair and hard working attitude! "Actually, on second thought, I better get back to the prefect carriage. Thanks though."

Mei laughs, buying a few frogs anyway. Nodding at Ashley she walks over to hand them to him anyway. "Don't want the prefect hungry." Bowing some to him she turns to look critically at Julian. "What about you little bit?"

Julian stifles a sigh. 'Little bit.' Here we go. "Perhaps a pumpkin pasty?" He eyes her hopefully. It's easily the most nutritious thing on the cart, as far as he can tell. "I was so excited I didn't eat this morning."

Hmming Mei chuckles and then nods. Picking up a couple pastys and then some chocolate frogs for herself she holds them out. "The frogs are fun. I suspect…" Stepping clear of the witch, Mei still manages a slight bow to the woman before looking back to Julian. "That you're muggleborn?”

"Far as I know, yeah." And that's the truth. Julian plays idly with the sleeves of his robe. It's defintitely a different feel. And they're new. "What about you?"

Mei ahs and then smiles. "Halfblood." Looking down the corridor she chuckles. "It was something of an adjustment for me also. Though in my case I had problems understanding everyone." Opening one chocolate frog, she laughs some as it jumps at her, grabbing onto her shirt. Making a quick move she catches it and then eats the still squirming chocolate critter. "I hate it when they get away."

Julian is definitely not used to the wizarding world yet, so when the frog jumps, he jumps back a step or two, and holds up his hands in a natural defensive position. "Bloody 'ell." He eyes the frog she's eating. "S'it supposed to do that?" Now she sees Bean in his element.

Nodding she smiles. "Yep. It's just a tiny spell. You only get one or two good hops out of them." Looking at the card she sighs. "Eh. It's a Dumbledore. Here you want it? I've got a couple." She holds out the card to Julian, smiling. In fact, the little Dumbledore in the card is smiling, and waving.

Luckily, Julian has seen wizarding pictures. So, that much isn't quite as upsetting. "Thanks." He isn't sure what he needs the card for, but it might come in handy some day. "I should probably get back to my seat now." He's embarrassed to have lost his composure so early, and over something so trivial. "Thank you for the pasty and the card." He smiles at the girl, and starts to turn away.

Mei laughs and then shakes her head. "Might I at the very least get your name little bit? I doubt I can go calling you that without drawing some eyes."

As he's walking away, Julian calls back. "Bean. M'name's Bean." And he disappears into the compartment.

Mei blinks. "Did he say…Bean?" Shaking her head the girl sighs and goes back to watching her window.

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