1994-11-09: Post Trial Trouble


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Scene Title Post Trial Trouble
Synopsis Hogsmeade weekend after Sirius' arraignment/initial hearing. Sio and Jack run into Ali and each other. Discussions are had and Tonks pops in for a spell.
Location The Three Broomsticks
Date November 09, 1994
Watch For Sio's sadistic streak Pushing Things Too Far, Tonks' chameleon cloth and mentions of fops.
Logger The BAD WOLF herself

With the trial a couple of days passed, Jack's life has been busy. He's been examining the paper, helping with the charms and hexes on the letter Umbridge opened. He's decided that he's not going to work on any of that today. Instead, he heads toward the Three Broomsticks for a pint and a meal. He saunters in the door, forgetting that it's Saturday and possibly one of Rosie's 'get out of jail' days. He finds a seat and plops down in it, ordering himself an ale and a meal. <repose for the pinkhairedone>

Finally! Really, with all of this 'tournament' jazz, it's been nearly impossible to get a moment to relax around the castle. At first, most students were relieved to see one of the 'less nasty' Slytherins selected to represent that House, but it wasn't long before rumor and gossip dredged up old prejudices. So, on top of NEWT-level classes, snooping around on her brother's behalf and trying to survive the constant inter-House prank war, Siobhan now deals with things she hasn't come up against - to this degree - since her very first year. Thus, it is an understandably frustrated blonde that comes into the Broomsticks. Magenta cloak pulled up to hide her face, she flops down at an empty table and snags a butterbeer off of a passing tray. She seems content to nurse it in silence.

The sound of a rather large explosion can be heard outside the pub, and the door kicks open, smoke billowing in from the street. A tall man can be seen in the midst of it as a rather shady wizard is collected from the front door and taken into custody. "Sorry about that!" a somewhat cheerful voice comes in as Alistaire waves a hand in front of his face to clear the air. A few moments of cleaning-up outside is completed before the tall man comes in again and looks around the pub, as if seeking someone out.

With the sounds of explosion, and the fact that Jack's been thinking about that damn letter still, the cursebreaker is on his feet after a beat, wand out, pointed toward the door. He stops, realizing what he's doing, and focuses. "Phoenix." He groans, and gestures to the seat opposite him, reseating himself. "I think we need to have a bit of a chat, mate." He nods toward the seat again. "Buy ya a round?" It'll make what he has to say easier, he hopes.

After the previous week, Siobhan is on edge. Really. So, when that explosion goes off, she too is on her feet, wand at the ready. When, however, it's only Alistaire, she actually smiles, trying to catch his eye. She bends at the waist to right the chair she tipped over in her knee-jerk reaction. Because of this, she doesn't get the chance to call out a greeting before Jack's far-too-familiar voice pipes up across the room. With difficulty, she stifles a groan. This can not be good. Still, she trusts Jack, and considering what she's already warned him of on this matter, the young snake feels it prudent to let him hang - or save - himself. She waits, sitting in her chair and nursing her butterbeer, content to Watch and See. For now.

Alistaire heads toward Jack automatically, grinning cheekily for just a few moments. And just as he's registering that Siobhan's also there. And there's a moment when he misses a beat and misses his step, pausing. But his eyes can't mask their pleasure at seeing her, and it's obvious enough to Jack, who might be watching. "Hello, you two," he greets, beckoning Sio to join him and Jack at the table, if only cos Jack invited first. "Sorry about that," he adds, gesturing to the door.

Jack had not yet noticed Siobhan there, not until she's up and pointing at the door. "Rosie?" Jack frowns, and then Alistaire is inviting her over. Well… she knows what he's gonna say, probably. So he relaxes, and gestures to the seat, figuring the two of them would want to sit together. "C'mon, then, Titch." He chuckles. "Naw, it's 'bout normal these days, I think." Rosmerta comes over with Jack's food, and quirks an eyebrow at Alistaire, silently waiting for him to order his drink.

Spotted! Ah, well. It was a nice try, anyway. Snagging her bottle, Siobhan rises and crosses the room to take the chair next to Ali and across from Jack. Only when she's settled does she resume her drinking. The hood of the cloak stays up though, the young blonde giving furtive glances to the other students in the room every so often. Alistaire, in greeting, gets a brilliant smile. Jack gets one that's a little more guarded. She doesn't say anything, yet. Partly because she's waiting for her brother to set the tone of this little meeting, and partly because there's a group of Hufflepuffs two tables down that are staring and whispering furtively amongst themselves.

Alistaire says, "Butterbeer," Alistaire says to Rosmerta with a slight smile as he settles in next to Siobhan, casually putting his arm on the back of her chair, but not around her shoulders. Even here, he's being cautious. Also, this is the Broomsticks, not the Hog's Head. "What a week," he mutters, running his free hand through his hair, blowing out his breath."

Jack nods in complete agreement with the Auror as he gives an assessment of his week. "No joke, mate." Rosmerta bustles off to get the butterbeer, leaving the three of them alone again. Jack gives his sister a smile. "Y'alright?" He gazes at her for a long moment, and then turns his attention to Allistaire again. He nods toward the door. "Get your badguy, then?" He's deliberately stepping 'round the issue for a moment, then, with true Gryffindor style, he dives right in. "Look, you probably have a good idea about what I'm gonna say, but I do have t' say it." He picks up his mug and takes a long drink of the ale, setting it back down as he collects his thoughts, wanting his words to come out just as clearly as they did for Sirius' trial. "We love 'er dearly, and trust 'er, and are a pretty protective bunch, but…" He shrugs. "I can't exactly say much…" Considering the reputation he's had since school. "Just a bit different bein' our little Rosie." And yes, he might embarrass her with that.

That hand on her chair doesn't go unnoticed - Siobhan's becoming just a teensy bit paranoid of late - and the subtle gesture does much to put her mind at ease. She isn't the only one watching her back here, and six eyes are definitely better than two. Despite this, she still keeps an eye on the table of Hufflepuffs - now sporting one Ravenclaw - even when Jack dives into quite possibly the one conversation she really didn't want him to start in on. "Hey Cap'n Flash," she replies cheerily, the syrupy-sweet smile on her face ample enough warning for someone who knows her so well. The pulling out of The Nickname probably adds weight to the hint. "You done?" Cause seriously… if that was diving in… Turning to Ali then, she nods. "You're tellin' me. I swear, if I knew this Tournament was gonna cause such an uproar, I never woulda put my name in that stupid Cup." Oops. Probably not the most tactful way to inform her brother, but at least it's a distraction.

"Yeah, got him, although he wasn't hard to find… I'm thinking someone upstairs at the Ministry's paid attention to who said what to whom and the fact I glared at that pink horror most of the trial long," Alistaire says with a shrug, fingers idly toying with a strand of Sio's hair in an unconscious way. "Brig's under some pressure to give me the crap jobs, and that one was easy. Not really even a dark wizard, just someone selling some shady cauldrons. Hardly the work of evil madmen," he says with a snort as Rosmerta comes back with his beer, and he smiles friendly-like to her and waits until she leaves before speaking again. Jack's attempt to warn him off his sister goes completely in one ear and out the other, so much does Alistaire completely ignore it being said to him. His eyes also skim around himself, but not for schoolyard prankerie but rather more serious misdeeds. And it's not paranoia if they really are out to get him. "Dumbledore's made his name even more muddy at the Ministry than it was before."

Jack shrugs. It's been said. He nods to Alistaire's words, showing his agreement. "Yeah. Felt like it was two sides splitting for a battle or something." He rolls his eyes. "Which is exaclty what we don't need right no—" Jack pauses, turning toward his sister. "Hold on." Run that by him again? "What'd ya say, Rosie?" He lifts his eyebrows, narrowing his gaze. "What bloody cup?" He grabs a chip off his plate, munching on it, awaiting an answer.

Frowning at Ali's news, Siobhan turns toward him, watching her hair slip from his fingers and blushing just a little. That was unexpected. Nice, but unexpected. "That's ridiculous!" she hisses under her breath. Pulling her brain Back On Track, here. "I mean, yeah she's a bit blustery an' all, but…I dunno, I guess the Brig always seemed like she'd be…above all that rubbish." Blink. "What'd Dumbledore do now?" Aside from irritating her - for good reasons, which only serves to irritate her more, because she has no cause to be irritated - that is. Alistaire's complete dismissal of Jack's 'warning' earns him a sharp look and a slow, secretive sort of smile. It's an expression cut off all too quickly when Jack catches on. "The Triwizard one, of course. Or is it the Quadhouse, now?" Reaching over, she steals one of her brother's chips. "Ever since the thing spat out my name at Halloween, it's been like First Year all over again." And Jack may remember just exactly what she means by that.

"I haven't heard it called anything else, but then I haven't been listening for rumbles within the school," Alistaire says with a shrug, frowning as he catches himself having toyed with Siobhan's hair unknowingly. Odd. However, he smirks at her question regarding Dumbledore, leaving it for Jack to tell. Instead, he answers the question about the Brig. "The Brig isn't immune to government stupidity," he remarks quietly. After all, Umbridge probably has a spy or five in the pub right now, since it's so close to the school and all. "She's got to cover her own generous posterior right now too," he adds. "And there's no rule that says you can't defend yourself," he adds to Sio directly regarding the tournament. "However, traditionally, family of the champions of the regular tournament were allowed to attend the final task…" he adds leadingly.

"Damn right I'm gonna be there if I can." Jack says, grabbing another chip rather forcefully. "His thing. Padfoot's thing." He too feels the need to keep things lowkey and less public. "Dumbledore decided pink lady should do things right instead of just the way she wanted to do them. I felt like hexing her, personally." He grins. "My bunny did get to keep Holly company, though." He shrugs at that, noticing the hair thing, but realizing it was subconcious, and besides, it's kind of cute. He gives Sio a long look and a soft smile. "Well, just be careful." He leans back in his seat, leaving that double-meaning sentence hanging there. Chomp. Chip gone.

"Ah," Sio's expression sobers quickly. "I read about that in the Prophet. How'd Padfoot hold up?" There's genuine concern in her voice at that, remembering perhaps the slightly unhinged man she met not so long ago. "Did that toad actually let them do a proper trial?" Or in Sio-Speak, did the bitch play fair. There's a snort of amusement at Alistaire's mention of his superior's rear, one which seems to pave the way towards lighter subjects. Turning to the man seated next to her, she narrows her eyes and sets her jaw. "Of course you'll be there. Hell, I doubt they'd be able to keep mum away, so you can sit with the rest of the family." It's a subtle assertion, but a firm one. Maybe Jack'll take that to heart and stop worrying. And maybe Umbridge will hire a stylist. Right. "Which reminds me, Jack. D'you remember the traditional ballroom stuff Da had us learn? There's not one you can do solo, is there?" For a moment, she looks really hopeful.

"Of course she didn't," Alistaire snorts. "She kept trying to subvert the oaths of justice all of us swore… I wanted to swear at /her/, that's for sure. Doesn't matter if it's him or someone busted for crossing the street wrong… you /don't/ bring dementors to a trial," he mutters in a low angry voice, his eyes flashing dangerously. "And it wasn't even a trial, it was just supposed to be an arraignment. And without Dumbledore on the Wizengamot, see how quick that toad kicked him off once she got the big chair?" He shakes his head and sighs.

Jack shakes his head, with a wry laugh. "Sorry, Rosie Luv. The point of the dancing was to socialize with members of the oposite gender in a non-threatening environment." Jack sounds like he's quoting a parent or tutor, and there's a strong chance he's doing just that. "He barked a couple times." Jack shrugs. "Tall-dark-and-brooding actually gave testimony that will probably help the situation." Which surprised and pleased Jack. "Well, I'll be watching the news and listening to the grapevine anyway." In other words, he's still gonna worry. Part of the job description. "You'll kick arse. You'll do fine." He winks at her. "There's about twenty other people could've taken the big chair without causing as much trouble as she has in such a short time, I think." Jack really doesn't like Umbridge. He leans forward. "You remember Great Aunt Cassandra? If I closed my eyes long enough, I could hear her saying some of the same words. Or at least if she were in the same situation." Jack growls.

The fury flashing in the Auror's eyes catches her attention quite quickly. Without even thinking, Siobhan's hand reaches out to cover Ali's own, offering a reassuring squeeze before retreating to rest on the table beside, just barely, barely touching. See? She can be subtle, so long as she catches herself. "How long can she hold the Minister's chair before an election has to be held?" There, point him in a forward direction, with a goal. It works on Angry Brothers, so it's a good place to start with Ali. Jack's reply, however, has her pulling a face. "Are you sure? 'Cause they want us 'Champions' to open up the dancin' at this Ball they're havin' before the Christmas hols and I really, really do not like my selection pool of 'dates'." Being pretty much restricted to her own House…leaves her with some interesting, but not really viable choices.

"Hey, Rosmerta," is casually tossed towards the propieter as another patron enters the establishment. It's kind of a subdued sort of thing, though Tonks' manner of style is anything but. Though, the normal pink hair's been replaced by Electric blue. Protesting, see. Not immediately glancinga round, she seems keep to grab something to drink first.

Alistaire scowls a bit. "Dancing?" he asks with the first whiffs of affront. "What dancing?" he queries with a bit of jealousy, looking around at any young men around them as if they're going to immediately pop up and ask Siobhan to dance, and his hand covers her on the table in a foolish manly display of possession. "And why wasn't I invited?" he growls in a low tone, although the new arrival garners his attention, and he waves over to Tonks the sensible one from the trial blue-hair lady. "Neat," he proclaims of her hair. Then the question of elections comes up. "I'll bet you a month's pay that even if the entire wizarding world clamors for one, she will find every excuse in the book and make up twenty more to avoid having one."

"It's only one night, Rosie." Jack says, trying to be a little understanding. "If you want, tell 'em you've got five older brothers who're all qualified wizards and good with their wands." He grins. "Not to mention 'Mister Explosion' over here." He gestures gamely toward Alistaire. When another voice sounds, Jack turns, thinking he's heard it recently. And voila, yes, he has. "Tonks." Jack waves. "Want to even things up?" He grins at the witch, admiring the blue hair. "Like the color today, there." He grabs his sandwich and takes a bite. Jack harrumphs at Alistaire's words about Umbridge. "Sounds like something she'd do. She's just 'Acting Minister' at the moment, so it'd require at least a Wizengamot vote to make her permanent, I believe. Maybe a bug in a couple ears…" Jack's already thinking about who to 'run into' at the ministry when he's there filling out forms. "I wouldn't doubt she's gonna try to make it rough on us now that I testified." He rolls his eyes. "Might make things easier." Which might be an odd thing to say unless you understand their father's mindset.

Alistaire's response brings a confused sort of frown to Siobhan's face, though only her brother and…well, for lack of a better term, boyfriend, could see it. "I guess I didn't think you'd want to go." It being such a public-eye affair and all. "Can you dance?" The warmth of his hand over hers is met with a smile. "Nevermind. Even if you can't, you'd be much better company than the slugheads I go to school with. There's only one decent guy out of the ones I know that are the right age and he's…well, let's just say he's got a bit of a reputation with girls." Unintentional Jealousy Boost! "I doubt even Ali could make him behave, Jack. I've hexed these boys and they still act like loons. Bloody irritating, it is." Bright blue hair, however, is more than slightly eye-catching, and so Tonks is offered a huge grin and a beckoning wave of her own. Here's your chance, Auror-lady!

She's being addressed! An order for some food and drink, with a tumbler of mead as an appetizer put in, Tonks turns to glance ove rher shoulder. Her expression lightens and she makes her way over once she has her mead. The comment about her hair brings a smile, and she then sighs dramatically, "As long as Toadface is in charge, I'm not wearing my favorite. I'm protesting. Maybe I can figure out what her /least/ favorite color is, and I'll just wear that." Setting her mead down on the table, she flashes a grin to the two nobles, "How've you been? Congratulations again, on the Championship, Sio." Then, her attention swivvels to Alistaire. While she might know the name, she doesn't call him on it, and instead offers a hand, "Nymphadora Tonks. Most call me Tonks. I saw you at the trial. Thank you for helping keep the Dementors at bay."

Alistaire removes his hand from Sio's long enough to reach up and shake Tonks' hand, actually getting to his feet like a proper gentleman would. "Alistaire Phoenix," he returns the favor of names, adding, "Please call me Alistaire, or Ali if you /must/," he adds with a mild rolled-eye in Sio's direction. With a wave of his sapphire-tipped wand, he draws a chair up for the younger lady and plonks it down in between Sio and Jack and settles back into his own chair, reclaiming Sio's hand almost absently. "I think if you wear it in a crazy quilt of colors, that should offend her sensibilities well enough, although Dumbledore did an adequate job of that simply by showing up at the hearing. I gather he wasn't meant to be invited…"

"Would he be allowed to go?" Jack knows Dumbledore can keep a pretty tight rein on things at the castle. "Maybe if he acted as security or something." He grins, then the grin slides away as Rosie starts to talk about how the boys treat her. He purses his lips. "Don't let em…" It's an old lecture, and he doesn't have to finish it. She's strong and smart, and won't let them mess with her. There's a wry snort as Jack hears the reason for the off-color hair. "Well, it makes sense to me. Too bad she ruins your favorite color for you. I like the way the pink looks on you." He gives Tonks a smile. "I have a little more information for you on that stuff, but I've promised myself I wasn't going to touch it or think about it today." Even though he's found himself ruminating over it again. "So, I'll just say that and get it to you later." Alistaire's words make him snort again. "That wouldn't surprise me either. If she meant to leave him out of the process at all. But he's got a funny way of knowing things." He chuckles. "Can't count the number of times I thought he knew…" Well, let's leave it at that.

Alistaire removes his hand from Sio's long enough to reach up and shake Tonks' hand, actually getting to his feet like a proper gentleman would. "Alistaire Phoenix," he returns the favor of names, adding, "Please call me Alistaire, or Ali if you /must/," he adds with a mild rolled-eye in Sio's direction. With a wave of his sapphire-tipped wand, he draws a chair up for the younger lady and plonks it down in between Sio and Jack and settles back into his own chair, reclaiming Sio's hand almost absently. "I think if you wear it in a crazy quilt of colors, that should offend her sensibilities well enough, although Dumbledore did an adequate job of that simply by showing up at the hearing. I gather he wasn't meant to be invited…"

"I don't see why he wouldn't be allowed. There's no rule says he can't." Oh Sio, always bending rules. Turning her hand, she winds her fingers through Ali's, responding to his quip with a cheeky grin. "I must, Ali; I really must. Alistaire's just such a mouthful." And then, of course, because she did grow up with Jack, she colors - just a little - at her unfortunate turn of phrase. Still! If she ignores it, maybe no one will notice. "Ew, Jack. Just ew. Bad enough I have to hear about your conquests, I really don't want to know if my Headmaster's a peepin' tom." Tonks is offered a slightly queasy - thanks Jack - smile. "I quite like the blue, but green's a personal favorite." Well gee, that's a real big surprise. "What's new, Tonks?"

There's a cheeky sort of grin that spreads across Tonks' face, "So /you're/ Alistaire. I've finally a face," up close and not in accidental passing since they do work for the same department, "to put with the name." She tosses a wink towards Sio, before she sits down int he newly drawn chair. A thank you is tossed Alistaire's way as she takes another drink from her mead. She only nods to Jack and then wavesa hand, "I thus declare today a No-Work-Day. Sounds good." Green? Sio gets a look, but for the time being, and because she thinks it's fair as the pair of Nobles ran around with her house colors, there's a squint of her eyes and sure enough, her hair is bonifide Slytherin green. "Better? As for what's new? Nothing you probably haven't heard yet." She'll also just sort of go over the entire line of thinking of Peeping Tom Dumbledore.

Alistaire shrugs at Jack's question. "I know random visitors are generally not permitted… and it might be prudent to keep a low profile," he says, flashing a quick smile as Sio takes a more obvious possessive clasp of his hand. "I don't want to know what Dumbledore gets up into his spare time either… not that I imagine he /has/ any spare time nowadays," he adds darkly. "And yeah, I'm Alistaire, don't believe a word either of these two have told you about me, it's all bad, trust me," he adds with a charismatic cheeky grin. "Nothing new on my end, thankfully. Just a minor arrest outside for stupid stuff that an auror is utter overkill for, so someone upstairs has noticed. Not the Brig, she wouldn't send me after stupid stuff if she didn't have to, but yeah."

"I didn't say he watched." Jack shakes his head and chuckles darkly at Siobhan's words, catching her pun as well. "Just that he knows more than he ought." He picks up his drink, taking a long sip and grins. "I do not kiss and tell, Rosie." He snorts, then turns to the other lady at the table. "Yup. This is Alistaire. He's a good guy." There's a slight emphasis on the last phrase, as though he's trying to get something across to Tonks. "Hear, hear." He lifts his mug again, as though toasting, and drinks another sip. Hooray for No-Work Days. "I haven't said a bloomin' thing about you, Phoenix. Except talking to Rosie." He grins. "Have you ever met old Ichabod Noble in Creatures?" This seems like a tangent, but it makes sense in the man's mind.

After this week, Siobhan feels she is entitled to one Teenage Moment. "Bugger prudence," she grumbles, not best pleased with that answer. "It wouldn't be random. You'd be there for a purpose after all." She wrinkles her nose for a moment, thinking. "To ensure I didn't fall all over myself and embarrass the school in the no-doubt ridiculous dress Mum's gone and commissioned for me." Heaving a sigh, she turns to Tonks. "I've the fitting tomorrow. If you get time, you should stop in. Supposed to be tent here or something, can't miss it." In other words. 'Tonks, HALP'. To Jack, she snorts in return, the sound and gesture similar. "You don't exactly hide it either. And it was so much worse before I explained the tie on the handle trick." Sweet, innocent thing, little Rosie. Ali's quick smile has her biting her lower lip to keep from grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Yes, she has a possessive streak. She's certainly not ashamed of it. Then again, Sio isn't ashamed of much at all.

There's a laugh at Alistare's comment. "Well, to be honest, it just means now I know who I'm looking for should I get asked a 'where is he' or a 'how is he'." Tonks..has no problem potentially embarrassing Sio in front of her brother or her…boyfriend? Person? Thing? ATh the comment about the fitting, Tonks' voice drops an octave as if she's not sure about it, "Your mum going to be there? Because I'm not sure if I could handle anymore subtle eyelooks as if I'm to be the next Mrs. Noble or something." Which was sort of what happened the moment it became known she knew Jack. Hooboy. Dumbledore's just left alone. Lalala, nope, she has no idea how he knows things, even if they do potentially come from her coworker. "But, sure, I'll be there. I want to see this dress Mister Mordred's put together for you. He's a fop but I do think he knows what he's doing." She tilts her head though at Jack's metnion of Ichabod, but again, she doesn't say anything.

"I'm just thinking of you and not wanting to open you up to even more harassment that's quite unnecessary," Alistaire begins and then immediately realizes WRONG THING TO SAY. "Okay, so I was thinking I would hex anyone who even looks at you funny," he starts over thoughtfully. "String them up by their toes in the Great Hall, make Christmas decorations out of them. Throw some in the lake for the squid to play Quidditch with…" He glances over at Tonks for her comments. "Fops are the /best/ interior designers and fashionistas," he says encouragingly.

"Bloody Hell. Mum's commissioned you a dress?" This is big in Jack's mind. "Well, duh. You're gonna be on display a bit, huh?" He knows his mother does this on occasion, but it's been awhile since she has done. "Mordred. I've not met him, I don't think." He frowns, curious. "He's good?" This to Tonks, as his mind whirls for a few minutes. "Hmmm. Maybe I should meet this guy. Needing a few new outfits…" He does spend quite a bit on clothing, especially when he's really trying to impress. Which he's been doing somewhat less of, with the situation he sees around him currently. "Was that an offer, luv?" Jack, true to his irrepressible nature, teases Tonks with waggled eybrows. He chuckles, and takes another bite of his sandwich, listening to the converrsation around him for a moment while he chews. "Cover them in chocolate pudding." Jack grins. "Or change their hair to your own House colors." He laughs, winking at Tonks. "Fair point, Phoenix. Maybe I will look this bloke up."

Nice save, Alistaire! As it is, Siobhan's expression turns from affectionate to warning - Danger! Danger, Will Robinson! - in about three seconds flat. "I don't care if you hex Barty Crouch himself! Hex Moody for all I care!" Reining in her temper - and her volume, there are loose ears about - she takes a Deep Breath(TM) and turns a half-smile on the Auror-in-question. "I'm already the school's scapegoat, Ali. I don't care what they say. I'll hex them." Her grin widens as she nods to Jack. "And considering it's my seventh year, she's hinted heavily on the 'display' part." Which means she may need the extra set of eyes just to enforce her general policy of 'look, don't touch'. Ali - and his possessive streak - would be just perfect for the job. She shudders. "Why can't Mum be like a normal mum who says to cover more skin rather than the other way 'round?"

Tonks rolls her eyes and reaches over to shove at Jack playfully, "Please. If I wanted to marry someone like you, I'd be proposing to my cousin." Yes, she finds there's quite a few similarities between Jack and Sirius, and it amuses her. and also, she keeps things sort of vague, as she's not sure how Ali feels about Sirius, so she's hesitant to go slinging his name all over the palce. Her food arrives, and she gives Rosmerta a nod of thanks, but she seems stuck on thsi wone clothing thing. "Oh I'd say so. He made me this /lovely/ dress, out of /color changing cloth/, and it's so pretty, and too bad I don't have any reason to wear it." she claps her hands lightly together and says to Sio, "I'll bring it along tomorrow, and I can show you. It's really wonderous work." She blinks though when it comes around to hexing moody. "Please don't. Old git doesn't need anything else added to his paranoia. And I'd be awfully upset too, considering.. I'd hate to have to find a way to retaliate." She's teasing on taht last part.

Alistaire has his concerns about Sirius, but he also is obviously not about to stop hanging out with these guys because of those /minor/ concerns. And when Sio talks about doing her own hexing, his eyes light up with sheer delight and actual pride. Oh, they're in public, drat. "I might have to have a /talk/ with your mother," he finally says to Siobhan, a hint of warning in his voice. His skin to look at, not the whole school's. "And I wouldn't hex Moody either. He'd rip my lips off with his bare hands."

Jack snorts loudly at the description of Edana. "Yeah, that's Mum. She's one of a kind." He shakes his head again, and laughs, putting on a faux-hurt expression as he's shoved by the witch. "But he's your cousin." He grins cheekily, just teasing. "I'm of a different house, so that'd…" His voice tapers off, deciding to take another bite of his sandwich. "Oh, I bet that is pretty. And it fits your unique qualities so well." Jack would be the kind to talk about Lupin's 'furry problem', instead of calling it a 'curse' or worse. It's the person. "Don't go hexing Moody, Rosie. Bad idea." He snickers at the thought of Moody's paranoia and how Siobhan would use that to make things interesting for him, should she decide to. When Alistaire speaks, Jack turns his head to listen to him. "You want to have a talk with my Mum? That'd be one for the books. She's a bit excitable, mate." Which is the understatement of the year. Jack watches the expressions on the man's face, recognizing them, having worn them often enough. It makes him think, but he says nothing at the moment, just watches.

"Oooh, please do! How does he get the fabric to change colors?" Aaand, Sio's Curiosity is off and running. "Does it change when you change or is it just random?" She tilts her head from side to side, conceeding the point. "Well…I wouldn't hex him outright. That's just stupid. I'd be sneakier, like - oh! Before I forget, I got something I wanted to show you lot." Fishing in the pockets of her robes, she turns to Alistaire, catching the delight, the pride and the warning. It's a heady combination and she finds herself swallowing thickly before discovery distracts. "You really don't want to face off with my Mum… I mean…" She looks to Tonks and Jack for help before her wicked, slightly sadistic streak takes hold. "I mean you should have seen her at our last Christmas Party. Remember Jack? She had me in this red bit of cloth she called a dress and paraded me around in front of family after family like…like a prize-winning Abraxan or something." Aha! A brown paper bag is procured from her robes and plopped on the table.

"So?" Is Tonks'c omment about the cousin thing. "HIs parents were too, did you know?" Then Sio is eyeballed, carefully. "If you manage to actually, successfully, sneak up on Mad-eye Moody…" She shakes her head here. "Let's just say that man trained me for three years, and I could never, ever, get a drop on him. So, good luck with that!" She downs her mead in sort of a toast then, there's an 'Mmm food!' moment as she eyes her plate of…whatever it is, it's heart attack inducing and she digs right in.

"He called it chameleon cloth I think. It's a little bit of both, I'm still working with it." She might have to play with a charm or two, but she'll get it. As for Edana? "Only met her once, but she seems like one of those 'Force of Nature' type women." And there's that bag which is eyed suspiciously, as if it's going to explode. Which is probably /why/ she resists the urge to pick up a fork and start poking it.

"I'd show her 'force of nature'," Alistaire remarks in a rather dark tone. "But you're not a prize Abraxan to be paraded about," he adds toward Siobhan, then saying, "I'd never let my daughter wear /anything/ like that…" but then he falters and looks away, his brown eyes focusing on anything other than the table. "Yeah," he mutters to himself under his breath.

Jack brings his hand to his face, covering it for a moment, then running it up through his hair in embarrassment. Rosie! He shakes his head at the description, and sighs. "Yeah, might've actually heard that said once or twice," he admits, his honesty getting the better of him as he confirms his sister's description of the Christmas party. "See, I wondered that, too." About the color changes. Rose's bag of something gets peered at. "What is that, Rose-luv?" He grins. "The secret to everything?" He teases her, but his curiosity prevents him from doing much more. He snickers at Tonks. "That actually explains a lot. Not him, he got the luck of the draw, but the rest of that lot." Sorry, Tonks. Alistaire's darkening mood makes Jack throw a glare at Siobhan. It speaks volumes if she's paying attention. "Why don't we leave off talking about such things, and find out what's so interesting in the bag?" He makes a clear decision to steer the conversation completely elsewhere.

"Shit," Siobhan hisses under her breath. This was not what she intended to happen, but it looks like she's pushed it too far. Again. Warm brown eyes try to meet his, even as she uses her thumb to rub soothing circles on the back of his hand. She doesn't say anything - it isn't her place to - but there's a definite apology in her expression. When she turns to her brother's glare, it turns to one of barely concealed fury. She knows she screwed up without his making her feel worse about it thankyouverymuch. For a long moment, she holds Jack's gaze, matching glare for glare, daring him to interfere just a step further. Finally, she grinds out; "They're Flavemotions. Bite into one and you get a two-second burst of joy." Her words are terse. It's a clear indication to her brother that were they In Private, there would be - and probably later will be - Words.

Tonks suddenly stops, and then swears. "I need to step out for a few, I forgot to do something. I"ll be back as soon as I can." She'll come around and give Sio a quick hug, and then run backa round the table, grabbing her food and try scarfing it down as quick as possible before getting back to the bar. "Try not to break anything while i"m gone!" she says before she jogs out the door. Must've been something semi-important.

Alistaire doesn't seem too interested in a little brown bag or a color-changing dress or any of that just yet. Unfortunately, he misses Tonks' abrupt departure, lost in his own dark thoughts for now. "I should go too," he says finally, rousing himself, but not really rousing out of the funk he's in now. Getting to his feet, he releases Siobhan's hand with a faint squeeze. "You two fight amongst yourselves now." Yep, doesn't miss a trick, that man. And with his head down, he makes his way toward the exit.

Jack has been on both sides of this, as many times as he's 'found someone' and lost them again, for various reasons. He cannot help but act like an older brother, though, so when Sio glares at him, he backpedals a little, offering his own nonverbal apology. "Flavemotions? Two second burst of joy…" Hmm. "Well… That could be downright useful, actually." He watches Tonks leave, offering an offhanded, "Later, Tonks," reminding himself to get that information to her as soon as possible. When Alistaire stands up, Jack frowns. "I'm sorry." This to both of them. "I will talk to you later, Phoenix." Probably about different things. He leans back in his seat, sighing, and turns his attention in earnest toward his sandwich.

"Actually, I can think of about seven different better uses of my time away from school than fighting, just now." So saying, Siobhan tosses a few coins on the table - she doesn't even pay attention to what kinds - for her butterbeer and stands. There's one more angry stare at her brother - backpedaling or not, it's the first reaction that shows what a person's really thinking - and then she's off, jogging to catch up with Alistaire and following him out of the pub and off to wherever he's headed. She still has free time today and she'll be damned if she leaves him when he's like this. Especially when it's her fault. Oh. The bag is left on the table.

Jack grabs the bag, holding it up. "Rosie, you forgot your joy…." His voice trails off as he watches her storm out. "Dammit." He sighs, and returns to his meal, silent, knowing it's going to take some doing to get this fixed.

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