1994-09-26: Polyjuiced


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Scene Title Polyjuiced
Synopsis Snape introduces the students to the Polyjuice Potion.
Location Potions Classroom, Hogwarts
Date September 26, 1994
Watch For 'Bloody hell!'
Logger Snape

As always, the Potions Classroom is as silent as the grave and completely devoid of Professor Snape no doubt lurking nearby ready to make his noisy and frightening entrance when he sees fit. However, for a change the torches upon the walls are lit and casting a deathly green glow over everything in the room namely a large cauldron at the head of the class. Within it bubbles a thick, dirty-looking substance. Lethargic with many of the same qualities of mud.

Mei sighs some as she looks around. Blinking the girl deposits her bag and meanders up to look at the cauldron. Now she's not stupid, she wouldn't DARE touch it, but she can't help but be curious. Cocking her head to one side she sniffs some and then shrugs. "Pre made ingredients." Turning and walking back to her seat, she relaxes as best she can.

Another day. Another potions class with one of the people Harry cares for the least. Regardless, it's still a required class and so he makes his way slowly into the classroom. Making his way to an empty spot suitably towards the back of the classroom, he settles in for what might be another monotonous lesson.

Walter strides into the dungeon a few paces after Harry, his bag slung over his shoulder and a rather bored expression on his face, though that might change depending on how much havoc the lesson ends up dissolving into. Rumors heard from other Ravenclaws make it a fairly safe bet that the class will at least end up being entertaining, if plagued by the ever-hawkish manners of the teacher. He chooses a seat close to the middle of the room and sets his bag down before slumping down with his elbows propped on the table.

Behind Harry is Ron, pack slung over his shoulder, head kept low as he makes his way into the dungeons. He follows his best mate to the back of the classroom, plopping himself down onto one of the stools and throwing his pack up on the table in front of him. He takes a deep breath and puts his head down on his pack, eyes pointed towards the front of the classroom. "Shouldn't have stayed up so late playing Wizard's Chess," he mumbles to his friend beside him.

Ophelia looks a bit more perkier than the previous class, thankfully. Well, she looks like she got a good night's sleep and her abysmal failure of previous doesn't seem to have had an impact. She comes in behind Terror Twins there, sliding into her usual seat and taking out her supplies. The Cauldron is given a once over, her upper lip wrinkling a little bit. "WElcome to Professor Snape's cosmetics," is uttered quietly under her breath as she flips open her text book to skim a bit, maybe as to identify what the concoction may be.

Whether or not he's late, Nigel Sebastian Crumlish just meanders himself into the Potions classroom, almost like he owns the place. Not exactly the upturned nose of a Slytherin, but there's a bit of a pep to his step. "By the way, I'll be selling next week's assignment after class." He announces this with a bit of a flourish, since he doesn't really see the Professor of Snape and makes his way to his usual seat, alllllll the way in the back, where he proceeds to stretch out and get comfortablish. Wonder if he'll get another nap this class or what.

Mei pays attention, oh she's a good little puff. Grinning she twirls her hair and looks at Ron. Let's see if he can get this one.

"I tried to warn you." Harry whispers, sideway to Ron. He really did. Don't hold him to blame. Raising his head…he glances towards the front of the classroom and at the cauldron. "There's something familiar about that potion, Ron." he says, not able to shake the feeling that something bad might be in store. And then it's reveal. "Oh great…." Hopefully Ron remembers.

"Well, I was on a streak, I didn't want to—" Ron's sentence is interrupted by the sudden entrance of Professor Snape towards the head of the classroom. Ron immediately sits up straight, cowering a tiny bit under the pointed look he and Harry receive from Snape. Polyjuice Potion. Ron knows what it is, and he doesn't like the fact that… oh, great. Snape is calling him. Ron tries to sit up a little bit straighter, and carefully answers the question. "It… er.. it… makes you look like someone else?"

Nigel manages to get himself comfortable in his seat, while he raises an eyebrow at the mention of Polyjuice Potion. Immediately, his mind starts racing through everything that it possibly could be and he only comes up with maybe one or two of the ingredients in his head. However, he does manage to remember what it does… and a smile creeps onto his lips as he looks up toward the Professor of Snape. "Maybe this class isn't useless after all." These words are whispered to himself, as he finally starts digging into his bag to pull out his dusty required text. Eyes immediately going up to watch as Ron answers el question.

Mei tenatively raises her hand, a curious look on the girl's face. "Professor, if I may, I have a question." Hoping not to get points docked, the girl still keeps the hand up though she doesn't look directly at Snape.

Well, the answer /was/ technically correct, and Snape seems to agree. Ron gets off the hook, sort of. Ophelia just shakes her head a little, returning her attention to the front of the class. She does blink though at the whole sampling bit. Now taht's not going to be fun…

"I thought it was a good answer." Harry chimes in quietly to Ron. But as Snape continues, Harry's eyes switch from the potion to his fellow housemate and best friend. "He's got to be out of his mind. Not to mention dangerous." Next thing you know, people will be trying to brew this up all over the school.

And suddenly Walter is paying that much more attention. He even goes so far as to lean forward in his seat, dropping his hands down to let his knuckles rap quietly on the table in a methodical and impatient drumming kept to a carefully low volume. Sample the potion? That would be most righteously awesome, especially if some of it can be snuck out of the dungeons afterward.

Nigel listens more or less to what's going on and decides that this could be an opportunity for greatness. His eyes are lighting up as Snape explains and confirms the use of the Polyjuice Potion. Rapt attention is being paid as he stares off in the direction of the cauldron, with the little dollar signs floating all around his head… okay, not really. But that's the blissful look he has on his face.

Antigone is a little bit less certain about this idea, giving the brew a wary look. Then again, after her last attempts at sampling something in here, she's not looking for any sort of a repeat performance. At least it's less likely she'll botch this one up herself, though she can't entirely rule it out of the question. She tears her gaze away from the cauldron to quickly glance around at the others and see how they're taking this.

Rolling his eyes where Snape (hopefully) can't see, Ron gives Harry a nod. "Only reason I knew it was because of back in second year," he says, voice barely louder than a whisper. Once Snape declares what they'll actually be doing for the day, he turns his eyes to Harry. "Can't be too bad… I mean, we've done it before, right? So we know what to expect."

“As most of you will discover when you no doubt attempt to flout school rules and brew Polyjuice Potion of your own,” Snape begins, a flick of his wand conjuring a host of the usual serpent-etched goblets as the potion begins to decant itself into them, “It is highly complex and requires a month to brew. Furthermore, a number of the ingredients will be impossible for you to acquire.”

Yes, Snape’s stores have received a little extra enchantment since 1992. As he speaks, he hears Mei’s interruption and turns slowly to regard her, “I am sure you do, Huang. However, it is not question time.” Nevertheless, he pauses and waits for her to speak.

Mei nods and then takes a breath. "I have read some of the text sir, and wished to know. Are there any side effects or cautions that we might keep in mind? I…well I don't know about you but I'd rather not grow fur." The girl's laugh is tenative even as she turns to look back at the table.

Ophelia checks the recipe again, looking for the infusion thing. She makes a face and glances around the classroom. Is Snape just going to randomly pluck hairs then toss them into goblets full of muddy liquid and then hand them out like some sort of sick game of roulette? The girl makes a face, imagining that entire scenario and finding it…distasteful. Mei's question gets Ophelia to glance over her shoulder again, and she barely resists the urge to roll her eyes. Back to looking disgusted at having to drink another person. Ewww.

Harry casts a glance at Mei, fighting hard to stifle the snicker that arises from within. "Right, but still…remember there's always a risk." he says, adding, "Remember what happened to Hermione." That's something he doubts he will ever forget. "I'll bet he's got his stores locked down since our little brewing session." he says quietly to Ron.

Glancing over at Mei in unison with Harry, Ron watches her for a few moments before looking back up at the bubbling brew at the head of the classroom. "Look at it this way," he says, voice still kept to a conspiratorial whisper, "if he turns one of us into a cat or a toad or something, maybe we can get him sacked."

Nigel almost frowns when Snape answers something that was going off in his head. The whole month to brew thing is going to be hard to get around, so he's going to have to put his brain to work on that. He ends up raising an eyebrow to watch the exchange between the Professor and the Asian, paying close attention to make sure he doesn't miss anything that could help him speed up this process.

"Growing fur?" Snape raises an eyebrow at Mei as though she just suggested that one of the side-effects may be spouting a second head that sings 'My Troll Valentine', "Polyjuice Potion does not permit a user to transform into an animal - using animal hair or fur as the essence will result in some serious medical problems and a visit to the Hospital Wing. I would advise strongly against it."

He sneers slightly as he says it, turning quite suddenly with his wand and pointing it rather savagely at Harry - as though about to fire off a very nasty hex or curse.

Mei nods, actually taking a moment to write that down in her little red book before watching. Shooting a criticl eye up at Harry she hmms. Finally it comes, the boy who lived…dies.

"It might be amusing." Harry grins, "So long as it isn't us." He's momentarily oblivious to Snape's chattering and movement until he turns his gaze back to the professor. "What they……Hey!" he shouts, eying the wand pointing directly at him. Surely Snape wouldn't…..couldn't…well, maybe he could, but. As these thoughts fly, he starts reaching for his robe pocket.

Antigone finds her concerns not too much alleviated by this talk of fur and visits to the Hospital Wing, but she doesn't have too much time to worry on it, since her attention is rather stolen away by Snape's sudden rounding on Harry. She gasps quietly, a bit surprised at the sudden movement, and just watches the two with wide eyes.

There's a hiss from Ophelia as suddenly Harry's got a wand pointed at him. Harry didn't even /do/ anything that time! More or less…save just be Harry! She tries to think for a moment, anything to stop the moment, and there's an 'accidental' sweep of her arm, hoping to knock the ancient text book off her desk, allowing it to thunk loudly in the room. There's that whole OMGSILENCE going on right now, maybe it'll rebound enough that Snape'll stop pointing POinty Objects of Doom at kids…

A polyjuice potion? Well, Hermione knows all about that. The mention of growing fur makes the bushy haired witch suddenly turn a light shade of red for unknown reasons and she quickly scribbles words down onto her parchment as if she's learning something new. When Snape makes the sudden movement of the wand, she straightens suddenly, believing that the professor may even try to hurt him and blame it on the underaged wizard. Hand gripping onto her own wand, she desperately attempts to think of something that will defuse the situation without it turning into a string of curses.

As for Mr. Crumlish, he's doing that thing where he's trying to figure out a way to smuggle Polyjuice in his mind right now. Thus the attention that's being paid to Snape and the Cauldron. He's only halfway listening to the things being said by others and hardly even really notices that Harry is on the bad end of a wand. Instead, he's got some fingers on his chin as he strokes the lack of hair there. "Supply and demand…" He keeps talking to himself back there. Oy.

Holy bloody mother of Merlin's pants Snape is going to hex Harry right here and now in the classroom. He's finally gone off of his rocker. Or maybe he cast some sort of spell where he can hear people whispering in the back of classrooms. A thousand possibilities are running through Ron's mind as Snape bears his wand on Harry, and he's not reacting to any of them. He dashes his hand into his own robe, scrambling for his wand to help defend Harry should the need arise.

And then, with a flick of his wand and a cold, calculating look in his eyes - Severus Snape casts a spell upon Harry Potter at last!

"Accio hair."

His tone flat and measured, he magically plucks a few hairs from the boy's head and draws them towards the tip of his wand. He then deposits them all into one goblet, the mud-like substance immediately turning a glorious golden colour. That done, he turns about again to begin conjuring hair from all of the students - and it isn't exactly a comfortable sensation.

Mei blinks and saves him the trouble. Grabbing a few locks of her long hair, Mei pulls and then lets the spell take that, as opposed to ripping it out by the root.

Ophelia's too busy bending over to get her book. Which was nobly sacrificed in hopes that Snape wouldn't hex Harry's nose off. There's this /squeak/ when Snape manages to snag a few long black hairs from the young witch's head, something she wasn't prepared for as she was well, bent over grabbing a book. She sits up straight, rubbing the underside of her head. Did he /have/ to aim for the sensitive underside of the hairline when plucking out hairs?

Wait. So. Harry isn't going to die tonight? Well, that's a relief. But there's always tomorrow. Or the next day. But then…"OW!" he exclaims, as several hairs are plucked and disappear into the potion. "Oh this is going to be good." The sarcasm is just dropping off that last sentence, as he lays his wand back on the surface of the table.

"Ouch!" Antigone exclaims quietly as she's taken a bit by surprise at that unpleasant sensation. She'd been too caught up in the drama of what was happening to Potter to realize Snape was turning on them all. She makes a little face, slouching down in her seat and bringing a hand up to rub at the sore spot.

A hand all but slaps against her head as the hairs are pulled from her unpleasantly. Though she doesn't make a noise, Hermione does glare at Professor Snape a bit for his theatrics against Harry as well as the pain of pulling her hair. "Don't get us in trouble, Harry," she mutters out the side of her mouth. Snape is already pulling hair out of their head, what next?

Reaching to feel where the hairs were plucked straight out of his head, Ron stares daggers at the Professor for the little show he just put on. Pretending like he was going to curse Harry, all for a few simple strands of hair. Lovely. "Snape deserves to have a bit more than hairs pulled out of his head," Ron mutters to his friends on either side of him, "but it might help make it less greasy looking."

Losing hair is not something Nigel wanted to experience until time to. And this is why he's frowning and even exclaiming in his own right, "Hey! That's not…" His voice tapers off as he remembers that he's talking to a Professor and one as Slytherin as Snape. He just frowns himself up something nice and narrows his eyes, watching his hair float away. He may or may not still look as good as he normally does. Pout.

Snape waves his wand after he has finished depositing a hair into each of the potions, the goblets taking to the air and landing on the tables – one for every student. After a moment, no doubt giving Snape a chance to enjoy the predicament he’s placed the class in, he speaks up.


Blinking, Mei looks at the goblet. It's got a rather nice golden color, though it doesn't smell pleasant at all. Sighing, she pinches her nose and drinks the thing in one gulp. Wincing the girl says aloud something in chinese that is likely a curse. As she speaks there's a change that overcomes her and then there's two Antigone's sitting there. Blinking, Mei pats herself on the belly then legs, then just cocks her head to one side. "Could have been worse I suppose…I could have been a boy." Smiling lopsidedly she waits to see what becomes of the others.

"How can I not get us in trouble when the polyjuice potion turns them all into m….." Harry's question is cut off as he suddenly realizes he's not the only victim of hair theft. "Wonderful." he says sullenly, as he lifts the potion to his mouth. It only takes a moment for the changes to take effect. And next thing you know….it's not Harry in the chair anymore. It's a girl. With straight black hair and brown eyes. That's right. Harry got Ophelia. Bugger!

Eyeing the goblet that was waved in front of her, Hermione's not sure if it's poisoned or not. She wouldn't put it past Snape some days. However, when a professor tells her to drink, and other students have popped into being someone else, well, she can't not. Wrinkling her nose - she's not sure how it will taste, as everyone's hair makes the potion taste differently - she drinks it down. The changes take effect when she realizes that she is a boy. A red haired, freckled, certainly Ron Weasley sort of boy. "Ronald!" she says, annoyed and appalled as if this were all his fault, but in Ron's own voice.

Ophelia glances down into the goblet, eyeing the colored liquid there. Snape's given a slightly suspicious look before she picks it up and sniffs it. It smells strange. Sighing, she raises it as in toast then tosses it back. There's a choking noise and her hand moves to her throat. THe potion burns, though doesn't taste anywhere near as bad as the strengthening solution. She's aware of shrinking mass, of facial features morphing and rearranging, and…when it's all said and done, Mei is fully back in the class room. "Mei" can't help but pat herself down, trying to figure out what features she just lost!

She does look around though and she blinks seeing herself in harry's spot. That causes her to break into a grin and she's digging into her bag and she offers Harry her mirror and Eyeliner.

Meanwhile, the actual Antigone scooches back slightly as the goblet lands in front of her, eyeing it with some distrust - well founded distrust, no doubt. While she's hesitating, she glances over and is a little surprised to see herself sitting over in Mei's seat. Hooboy. She forces her attention back onto her own goblet, making herself face this particular task. She draws in a breath and then picks up the goblet, plugging her nose with her free hand before she tosses it back like a shot of firewhiskey. There's a momentary pause and then she finds herself to be … Nigel. Himself to be? That's just too weird to even contemplate and Antigonigel pales a bit at the thought once s/he's realized it.

Mei blinks some and then looks at herself…well the Tig herself. Pulling the neck of her shirt open slightly the girl sighs. "I need a smaller bra…" she is heard to mutter before just opting to sit and be quiet.

Reluctantly, Ronald reaches out and picks up the goblet, eyeing the contents within. As everyone else drinks up and changes into whoever they are changing into, Ron joins them. He shifts and changes, hair growing itself out to be, long, brown, and bushy. His face shifts into Hermione's, and he looks over to his right to find— himself, looking right back at him. He looks down, and moving his hands up to his head, he feels the massive amount of bushy hair on the top of his head. Staring at Hermione that is now Ron in what can only be described as horror, he only has two words. "… bloody hell."

Alright. This is not a good thing to be happening at this moment. Especially, well, when Nigel Crumlish is about to partake in a substance that may or may not be Polyjuice Potion. Snape is a Slytherin and therefore only somewhat trustworthy. He isn't really paying attention to who is turning into who when he downs his own goblet of liquid… and ends up with some facial and body reshaping to the point that the only thing that matters is the scar on his forehead. "…" The Boy Who Schemed is now sitting there, in the back of the class, looking a bit disturbed at this process. "… I am not amused." is said aloud to anyone listening. Even though it doesn't sound like his former self! Gah!

“The effects last for a full hour,” Snape announces to the class which, to him, just looks like it has rearranged itself despite some students being in drastically incorrect uniforms, “After which you will revert to your original forms.”

“Homework,” Snape continues, turning about to conjure writing to the chalkboard, “Is to write an essay – the effects of the Polyjuice Potion, the transformation and how to tell those who have been transformed using it. Two feet of parchment.”

Well this is just bloody brilliant, to quote a friend. Harry notices the offer from Ophelia/Mei and waves his hand. "Thanks, but no." he says, declining on the offer. At least until Ron gets transformed into Hermione and vice versus. "Cool." He turns back to Ophelia, beckoning for the mirror and eyeliner again. "You know, Hermione(Ron), I always thought you could do with a bit of makeup." Of course, his fun is soon spoiled by the mention of homework.

"Tig" momentarily looks at her new self and sighs. "Could have been worse I suppose…could have been a boy. At least I don't have to grunt, scratch myself, and look clueless…" Muttering idly, the girl copies down the homework and then Mei/Tig looks about. Blinking, she takes a long look at everyone and then suddenly laughs. Shaking her head the girl can't stop, laughing at the irony or hilarity of it all.

"Language, Ronald!" HermioRon snaps in Ron's own voice. "It's just…disturbing to hear my voice say that." With a shudder, she frowns and looks down at her empty goblet. This is going to be embarrassing and horrible until the potion wears off. "Just, don't talk until you look like yourself again, please. I don't want to hear myself talk like you." And as for Harry, well, she gives him a glare. "Well, Harry, at least I'm not the one wearing make up. Or a skirt, either." Realizing that the clothing hasn't changed, Ron Wealsey is now in a girl's uniform.

She didn't expect Harry to take it,b ut Ophelia's in good spirits regardless. Her uniform hangs awkwardly on her due to Mei's shape so not being hers, but that'll fix itself after a bit. But when sdhe notices the Ron and Hermione swap she just blinks. Those two have some Epic Bickers, and then Ophelia just begins cracking up laughing the moment Harry makes the crack about make up. The entire sitaution—so /absurd/. She does reach to wave her wand to get her Quill to write down the assignment.

Antigonigel finally thinks to undo the top button of her (his?) blouse, since her neck is not quite so slender and she's finding it a bit hard to breathe. In fact, nothing … quite fits right, which is going to make getting out of here even more of a task. She groans at the mention of homework, and is visibly surprised at the sound coming out of her mouth. She tries to bury her head in her arms, but the blouse, already stretched to capacity at the larger frame, gives a warning tearing sound as she begins to lean forward, getting her to sit back up straight in a hurry.

"Don't you even think about it, Harry Potter," Ron (as Hermione) says to his friend. Of course, the tone of voice and the reaction, it's a bit hard to tell that it isn't Hermione. As soon as he says it, he whips around to face Hermione, his robes (which aren't fitting quite correctly at all, considering he's now Hermione in Ron's robes) billowing a bit in the process. "I can talk all I want!" he says, looking straight at her. "Bloody hell, bloody hell, blooooody… hell!"

Mei snerks and just looks around. Shaking her head at "HermioRon and RonHermie" she sighs. "Gonna be fun if those two gotta go to the water closet in the next hour…" Shaking her head the girl packs up and then stretches again.

"Class dismissed," Snape says with a wave of a hand, completely unaware (or so it seems) of the mirth the experiment is bringing. An impassive look upon his face, he makes his way out into the hall and away.

What with Potions over with only the threat of two feet of parchment - nothing, in Hermione's opinion - she abruptly stands up and glares at him. "Fine!" She shrills, though it's really Ron shrilling in a very unmanly tone of voice. "I'm going to go and ask out Pansy Parkinson for you. Without changing." Snatching up her books, she turns on her heel and starts to storm out of the dungeon.

So. Nigel Crumlish has become Harry Potter. This is different. And insane. And so not amusing. However, this could prove to be interesting in the long run. Which is why he's smiling when the class gets dimissed by Snape. He, well, hasn't written down his homework. He's just made a couple mental notes about it and is already packing up his things as quickly as he possibly can. Ka-Ching.

Mei stands and then laughs. Walking over to the new "her" she sighs and then pokes "Mei" on the shoulder. "Stand still, this hare is going to drive you nuts if you don't do something." The ebony chopsticks the girl wears all the time are produced, and like it or not the long tresses are bunned up with the sticks to hold it. "There, better." Turning to "Ronime" or whatever name he's going by now, she grins…no BEAMS. "Yeah, I bet she'd be cute in some makeup…might even do her nails."

Harry hadn't noticed who had become him until now. And as Hermione storms off, he glances at Ron. "I'd go after her if I were you. I don't think she was kidding." he offers, grinning as Ophelia mentions make up. But he let's it go, walking towards Nigel. "All I'll say is…you're not going to like it." he says, before grabbing his own pack and heading for the door. Ironically, it's right at that moment the 'urge' to his the loo hits him. "Great…" he groans, as he disappears into the hallway.

She blinks when she suddenly feels hands on her and her hair's messed with. A pause and Ophelia looks into her mirror. Getting over the fact her face isn't hers and all, she pats the hair for a moment. "Oh I like that style…" She might have to incorproate it somehow into her usual fare.

Mei smiles and nods. "I can get you some of the chopsticks if you want….in fact…" moving to her pack, Mei draws out a second pair and then holds them out. "Never used. It's a simple twirl and bun that I use, but that's because my hair hasn't ever been cut. You can have this pair. Bit of advice though, you'll want to be careful. There's a few boys here who have taken a…how do you say it, shine? Well they enjoy trying to pull it."

Ophelia smiles with thanks, Mei's features giving way to the expression far easier than her own sharpening edges of her normal face. "Thank you, Mei." She'll definitely have to play with this. Fashion /is/ an art too, so it's something that interests Phee there as well.

With a grin, Mei turns to head out onto the grounds to create havoc and see what trouble she can cause by being Tig. Oh the rumors, but who should she flirt with first?

Not Quite Potter hears his name being bellowed by his former body and SIGHS. He was right in the middle of smiling back at Harry That's Not So Harry Anymore and was going to offer some commentary, but with himself being called… he's finding himself pulled in that direction by family ties. Which is not the best thing to be linked with. His eyes are still glancing around the room to make sue he keeps an eye on cauldrons and goblets and such… Polyjuice Potion can be a big seller if he pulls this off. "What's wrong, Tigger?"

"Do you have a spare uniform I can borrow for, oh, say the next hour?" Antigone-as-Nigel asks Nigel-as-Harry. "This is … a bit tight, yeah?" She holds up an arm, the sleeve straining several inches about the rather manly wrist that pokes out of it. She tries a little smile, but it probably looks a bit strange on Nigel's face. Of course, she has no idea she's impeding his next great plan here.

Schemy Potter does that thing where he nods and waves his hand, shifting his bag onto his shoulder a bit more. "Yeah, yeah. Just… gimmie a second. I'll get you whatever you need." And then he's clapping his hands together with some scheming hand-rubbing. "Soon as I figure out how to get whatever I need." And some mental notes are made of things in this room. In case he has to come back later. This could be too dangerous of a hot spot right now. Hm. "Meet me at My Tower in about five minutes…"

"What?! No!" Ron yells out in Hermione's voice, sweeping his pack and belongings into his arms and chasing after the girl. "You're bloody well not going to ask her out for me!" he calls after her, his voice carry well beyond just the classroom and spilling out into the halls as he chases after him. Her. Hir. Whichever.

Antigone seems a bit oblivious to doppel-Harry's newfound scheming ways, but does give Nigel a slightly wary look. Nope, not even going to ask. One crises at a time, Atherton. "Okay. Thanks," she replies with a nod, now carefully rising from her seat as she quickly and haphazardly crams her things back into her bag. "Five minutes? You won't forget to show up, right?" Then again, it might be that he has more to lose, being spotted lingering around the Ravenclaw common room in a Hufflepuff girl's uniform.

Harry Snog-Her just looks at his former face and even reaches out to swish his hair. "There. Now you look like me." He has to make sure that his reputation stays intact. Even if it comes with a Hufflepuff female's uniform. He can always spin that somehow. "Anyway, just trust me. I got it covered. When have I ever let you down?" And he's already on his way towards the exit himself. Smiling. Oh, the plans that have stirred in his mind at this moment. Grin. "Oh and I'd love it if you could 'help' me with my Potions homework too, Cousin. Thanks!" Fair Trade!

Antigone makes a bit of a face as Nigel-as-Harry reaches out to readjust her hair. His hair. "Oh good. That was my concern," she replies just a little waspishly, a tone that probably doesn't suit him at all. "You want my help?" she goes on a little incredulously, since she suspects she'd probably only be able to help him fail. But it isn't a no, at least. Finishing with the last of her things, she tosses her bag over her much more manly shoulder and starts bustling out as well before anything worse can happen.

This was the 4-7th Year Potions Class for the Second Week of May, 2009.

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