Kyrie Phoenix
Portrayed By Alyson Hannigan
House Ravenclaw
Year 4th
Position Student
Sex Female
Race Half-Blood
Age 14
Place of Birth Paisley, Scotland
Date of Birth 31 October 1979
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character Description

A willowy redhead with bright blue eyes, Kyrie seems average in height for her apparent age, that of a teenager. Her face is heart-shaped with a cupid's bow shape to her red lips, a dimple parked cheerfully on either cheek. If any word would be best suited to describing her face, it would almost be pixie-like or cute, although her adult beauty is starting to peek through. Her hair is straight and the fiery red of a Scottish sunset over the highlands, often parted to the side and tucked behind her ears, which seem pointed for some reason…

She's wearing the school uniform, all done up and properly, a pleated grey knee-skirt, a white blouse, grey jummper, black robes and shoes. The colored trim on the jumper and in the robes is the blue and bronze of Ravenclaw House. A simple silver pendant of a phoenix is clasped around her neck, not ostentatious in the slightest.

Character History:

Kyrie Catriona Phoenix is the youngest of three siblings, born in Paisley, Scotland. The kids are half-bloods because Dad was a wizard, and mum was a Muggle. That meant they had the best of both worlds and grew up knowing about both, although the children learned early on that the Muggle world must /not/ know about the wizarding world. Still, dad was able to keep the family intact and all, because Catriona was utterly delighted to live in a magical household… chores were much more fun and easier when helped, and it left her more time to fulfill her career as a professional violinist. Kyrie was of course named after the Mozart piece, Kyrie Eleison. Unlike her brothers, she was found to not only be magically inclined like them but also something of a prodigy with music, which made her mum quite ecstatic. Father Eoin was also pleased because it was music that had caused him to fall in love with Catriona.

Kyrie was taught as soon as she could comprehend, and the joke in the household was that she could read music before she could read words, which isn't too far from the truth. Because she was taught so early, and because it was her particular talent, this is truly where she blossomed as a child. She wasn't very athletic, but her father insisted that she practice things with her brothers, so she wouldn't turn into a tubby kid, and because her mum was so beautiful, it wasn't hard for her to want to be like her. Kyrie's particular musical loves involved composition, singing, and playing stringed instruments such as guitar and harp, although she also knew a little bit about most Muggle and several wizarding instruments. Of the woodwinds, her favorite was the alto recorder. It was also found as she learned her letters that she was equally gifted with maths, which was no surprise as many of the best musicians are also talented with the order that is maths. While her brothers were out getting in trouble and had incidents of unintentional magic use, Kyrie's own talents weren't really brought to light and it was thought she was a squib until her own letter to Hogwarts arrived.

Kyrie was delighted to get to go, because of all of her father's stories about how cool it was, and the many times he'd taken her to wizarding concerts, so she wanted to dive right into wizarding music as well. Because she wasn't stupid, but yet she wasn't as brave as a Gryffindor, or as ambitious (or sneaky) as a Slytherin, nor as loyal and steadfast as a Hufflepuff, she was Sorted into Ravenclaw, and she was quite happy to join a class of wizarding nerds. Because she was in Ravenclaw, she didn't get the worst of anyone's ire, and she wasn't competitive with anyone, although she was once accidentally Transfigured between her second and third years during a heated argument amongst adults in Diagon Alley. Her father wasn't able to reverse it entirely, leaving her with pointed ears which she adores. Her best classes were Transfiguration and Charms and Astronomy, while Potions often makes her want to throw up. The only reason she pays attention in Defense Against the Dark Arts is because her father has been making vague comments that it's important, having heard from his half-brother the Auror. She also finds Herbology to be mildly useless and really doesn't like getting her hands dirty with anything unrelated to music. While she did learn flying as a first year like everyone else, she's not very sure about Quidditch due to its violence. She's a skilled flyer but far more likely to take a flight to see how it would inspire her next composition or simply to sing with joy. Now heading into her fourth year, she's looking forward to learning even more about the wizarding music world, although she's starting to rebel a little bit.


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Trivia and Notes:

Kyrie is the niece of Alistaire Phoenix.

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