Alistaire Phoenix
Portrayed By David Tennant
House Gryffindor
Year Graduated
Position Auror
Sex Male
Race Pureblooded
Age 39
Place of Birth Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland
Date of Birth 18 April, 1955
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character Description:

A thin and tall man, perhaps around 6 foot 5, Alistaire has an animated face with deep brown eyes. When he grins, twin rows of perfect teeth flash brightly in the available light. Age-lines are evident near his eyes and his animated mouth, indicating both joy and sorrow. Sometimes, however, when he's still and not full of manic energy, those brown eyes are full of grief, distant, and his cares weigh heavily on him. His face is a little narrow, with bad skin, and his hair is close-cropped against his neck. The brown strands puff up over the crown of his head, often sticking up of their own accord. He's clad in a long brown coat with pockets, almost like a Muggle coat, although there's an inner breast pocket for his wand, and the coat is rarely buttoned. Underneath the coat is a set of fashionable wizarding clothes, almost a businesslike suit, brown with fine pinstripes, buttoned over his middle, with matching pants. For some reason, he's got a pair of Muggle trainers on his feet, all the better for running, one supposes.

Character History:

The eldest of three siblings, Alistaire grew up in Bathgate, Scotland. His two younger siblings were born of a different mother, as his mother died in an attack by dark wizards in the early 60s, perhaps one of the early tests of Voldemort's power, they never found out. His stepmother was decent to him, although he was never as close to her as he was to his own mother before her death. The Phoenix family has a long and storied history, with certain legendary figures in the past fighting against evil, or at least cheerfully wandering the globe and causing mild trouble and helping people to learn. The notion of fighting the Dark Arts took hold of young Alistaire's mind after his mother was killed, so naturally he wanted to be an Auror when he grew up. As a child, he learned properly what Muggles were like, because Patrick didn't want any misunderstandings at all, and he also wanted his kids to understand /why/ the wizarding world had to be separate… and protected against the darkness.

When it came time for Ali to go to school, it was no surprise that he got the letter to Hogwarts, after he had already shown promise with a few accidental displays of uncontrolled magic, going after some schoolyard bullies who were teasing his sister Karen. At Hogwarts, the Sorting Hat wasted no time in plunking him in Gryffindor. There, Alistaire flourished amongst the most daring of the students. However, he wasn't all flash and bravado, he took his studies almost as seriously as a Ravenclaw, but he was almost as loyal as Hufflepuff, and his Slytherin-like ambition to be an Auror was well-known, even if he didn't exactly tell his friends why, the memory was still too painful. Naturally, he excelled at Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Transfiguration, Potions, and Charms, although he only paid attention in History of Magic to learn from the past and to ensure that he didn't make any of the same mistakes as people in the past did. He did very well in both his OWLs and NEWTs, and yes, he did play Quidditch for Gryffindor, playing Seeker and helping win the Quidditch Cup three years in a row. There were some who wanted him to be prefect and then Head Boy, but Alistaire was too much of a rebel. He tends to find some authority to be boring. While he greatly respects the leadership of Albus Dumbledore, the more heavy-handed professors bored him to tears, and anytime someone told him to mind the rules for the rules' sake and not because the rules were themselves intelligent and safety-minded, he generally wound up telling them to shut up… which made him no friends amongst the teachers. He also had no friends amongst the Slytherins, with one great exception, a particularly bright and crafty boy. He and Alistaire were almost inseparable, except when it came to their stances on the Dark Arts. Ali of course thought it had to be fought. His friend was finally revealed near the end of their tenure at Hogwarts as having unsavory ties to the Dark Arts, and thus, Alistaire realized he would have to set himself against his dear friend to protect others, and it grieved him.

Upon graduation, Alistaire was chosen for the Auror training program, and it was a hard hard time. Still, knowing that his schoolmate was venturing on the wrong side of the fight between good and evil, light and darkness (he wasn't all that interested in the law itself unless the law supported good), Alistaire trained with the Aurors, learning all their tricks and taking more advanced training until he was pronounced suitable and hired by the Ministry of Magic as a proper Auror. However, life wasn't lonely for the young man. Just as his two siblings found love (his younger half-bro Eoin married a Muggle!), Alistaire too found a witch that was pleasing to his eye, and her name was Jerilyn. Jeri was there to support him when things grew very dark in the war against the newly-revealed Dark Lord and his Death Eaters. While they weren't included in Dumbledore's Order of the Phoenix, they did pretty well for themselves in ensuring that they… and their children… were safe. Little Nathan and shy Kathryn were the joy of Alistaire's eyes, and they showed magical promise early on. Unfortunately, there was a war on. And while most people relaxed and partied when the Dark Lord fell in the early 80s, the Phoenix family did not… but it also didn't avail them any. The remaining Death Eaters marked their family due to Alistaire's fight against their master, and one night, Jerilyn and the children were attacked. Alistaire's world nearly ended when he found their broken bodies, horribly disfigured. All he could do was to restore his wife's beauty and the prettiness of his daughter's face, and the sweetness of his son's. They were gone. And vengeance was his. Alistaire stepped up his efforts to stop the Death Eaters, working tirelessly to dig up evidence that got more than one convicted and sent to Azkaban. Eventually, his anger subsided and his grief swallowed him up as peace descended on the wizarding world.

In the years since the trials, Alistaire has roamed the globe, most often being found in the British Isles, tirelessly seeking more information regarding the practitioners of the Dark Arts and bringing them to justice. He's still in good standing with the Ministry, although he's becoming increasingly fed up with the lax attention being paid to the pursuit of dark witches and wizards and the notion that peace is assured for eternity. His old school-mate popped up every once in awhile, causing mayhem, but he always triumphed and on many occasions, thought perhaps he had ended his old friend's evil once and for all, but never quite believed it. Occasionally, a young witch or wizard will travel with him as part of the Auror trainee program, but he refuses to take a full-time partner again. So he bides his time and lives for his work and still manages to find the time to enjoy life, when the melancholy and loneliness because he can't share it with his beloved wife and children, is at an ebb.


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Trivia and Notes:

Alistaire is the uncle of Kyrie Phoenix, a student at Hogwarts.

Please note that while Alistaire's PB is an actor who played another role in the movies, the use of David Tennant was approved, as they have something else up their sleeves that means there won't be much conflict, and no I don't know. :)

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