Portrayed By Alexander Skarsgard / Scarlett Johansson
House Hufflepuff
Year Granduated
Position Auror
Sex Dominant
Race Half-Blood
Age 46
Place of Birth <place of birth>
Date of Birth October 27, 1954
Mother Chantelle de Fourcay
Father Lord Edward Fawley
Siblings Solara de Fourcay (full), Aubin Fawley (half), Georgiana Fawley (half), Anne Fawley (half), Edward Fawley (half), Thomas Fawley (half)
Marital Status Married
Children So. Many.
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

  • Born the second child to Lord Edward Fawley, five years after his sister, Solara. Not long after his birth, his mother departs with his elder sister in tow.
  • Lord Fawley does not take well to Chantelle's leaving, devolving into depression and significant alcoholism. Phillipe's early years are spent in substantial isolation, and the arrival of his Hogwarts letter is a welcome respite from the overbearing sadness of his father's home.
  • Phillipe's first year at Hogwarts, 1966, sees him sorted into Hufflepuff, much to his father's chagrin. Hogwarts proves to be much brighter and louder than his family home, and in some ways that is great, and in others it can be overwhelming, especially given his extreme innate Legilimency. Early on, Phillipe learned that from time to time other children could be cruel, and he would have to learn how to work around that or defend himself.
  • Returning home from Hogwarts, Phillipe finds his father has remarried while he was away at school. His father doesn't understand why this is upsetting, but his emotional intelligence has always been on par with that of a common, garden snail. Phillipe refuses to acknowledge his father's new wife as anything remotely like a mother, leading to an ongoing hostility between the two.
  • In third year, Phillipe made the Hufflepuff Quidditch team as a Seeker. He would go on to Captain the team in his sixth and seventh years.
  • In his fourth year, Phillipe was bullied somewhat more extensively. However, Auberon Valerian, a fifth year Slytherin, opted to step in and change that situation. Though the Slytherin wasn't exactly the most well-adjusted person, he was kind to Phillipe, and desperately needed a Designated Hufflepuff. This would lead to a friendship, and then a teenage romance, and then a lasting and significant love into their adult lives.
  • Auberon leaves school before Phillipe, and the two keep in contact via letters. Until suddenly, they don't. Phillipe loses contact suddenly, and becomes extremely worried.
  • Worried still, and having the skill set to do so, Phillipe becomes a Auror after school in hopes of finding Auberon. This leads to an intense career, but sadly, no Auberon. Not until five years later when Auberon is at a party on the arm of Adelard de Morhban.
  • Over the course of the next year, the three establish committed relationships that last the rest of their lives. Phillipe remains in the Auror Department, and over the following years he has found himself in multiple conflicts throughout the history of Voldemort's influence over Wizarding Britain.
  • Shortly after the birth of the first child Phillipe carried, he meets Valentin Abarca. The two hit it off immediately, and fell into a romance that would lead to marriage a few years later.
  • Six years into his Auror career, Phillipe finds a box of chocolates on his desk. They're very nice chocolates, and are followed up by a blushing invitation to dinner. He… may have brought home a puppy afterward. But Cenn has tags now and everything. Best pupper. <3
  • After eight years in the Auror's department, Phillipe is transferred to the Department of Mysteries, Thought subdivision. Soon afterward, he finally figures out the secret to Animagus, and finds that he can literally turn himself into a lion now, not at all to the surprise of his family.
  • Six years ago, when the rise in attacks prompts the Ministry to assign protection details to the most important members of government, Phillipe all but reassigns /himself/ back to the Auror department. Someone's bright idea had been Nymphadora Tonks leading Adelard's detail and… well, Adelard has exactly negative two dots in Patience. Wanting neither of them to end up dead (and legitimately unsure which one of them it would be), Phillipe took on the job and has spent most of the intervening time making sure nothing kills Adelard. (And also that Adelard doesn't kill any of the people whose job is to keep him alive.)
  • Four years ago, Cash is deployed to Britain as a fancy-pants goodwill-gesture. The two half-veela run into each other in the Ministry. There is a moment of 'oh thank god someone who makes sense' and then 'you want to go grab a drink?' That ends predictably. They've been rather joined at the hip ever since.
  • Normal life, or at least as normal as anyone working with the Department of Mysteries ever has. That is, of course, until D-Day. Cenn and Cash are still missing and Phillipe… He's doing his best to keep his worry from stressing out the rest of his family.



The various cubs in the lion's pride:

1966 - Titania de Morhban
1968 - Tallulah de Morhban
1970 - Lyra de Morhban
1973 - Michelle de Morhban
1975 - Aurore de Morhban
1977 - Perenelle de Morhban
1980 - Celeste de Morhban
1981 - Astrid de Morhban
1983 - Blanche de Morhban
1984 - Colette de Morhban
1984 - Charlotte de Morhban
1986 - Imogen de Morhban
1987 - Dominique Fawley
1988 - Aviva de Morhban
1990 - Tobias + Eoin Fawley
1994 - Irene de Morhban
1997 - Cassandra de Morhban
1999 - Regina Fawley
2001 - Magnolia Montgomery

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