Full name Peter Pervigil Noble
Portrayed By Marc Warren
House Ravenclaw
Year Graduated
Position Professor of Charms at Salem
Sex Male
Race Pureblood
Age 26
Place of Birth Balmorrow, Scotland
Date of Birth September 13th 1969
Marital Status Single
Children None

Character History:

Peter Pervigil Noble,was born to Michael and Edana Noble, on Friday September 13th, 1968- a nice crisp fall morning at about eleven in the morning. It was then remarked that their third son- had a bit of a quiet disposition. However as he would come into his own- it would become apparent that Peter indeed had a bit of a wit-preferring books, wizarding chess, over some of the more outgoing activities. (Though he would play quidditch and follow around his older brothers when home and at school when able) However as he got older- his wit became razor sharp- and his humor developed nicely.

When at School he was promptly sorted to Ravenclaw- which came as no surprise-though part of him had expected Gryffindor like his two brothers. All the same Peter excelled at his classes and got in the customary bit of mischief ever now and then. It was said he took a few dance classes-and music classes when not in his primary courses-or some of his favored electives.

While in school one of Pete's best friends, a Gryffindor about his age, Mickey's parents were killed in an attack during their sixth year. The two had become inseparable. Where as Pete was interested in Charms, Mickey found his niche in taking things a part or creating magical items. Wonderful magic. Both boys, haven grown up as Mickey's own parents were dear friends with the Nobles. Some say Death Eaters, some do not. Either way Mickey was left without anyone to care for him save for a rather ancient and doddering grandmother. Sir Michael and Edana adopted the boy, feeling it was in their duty as close family friends. The boys would come to share a room in the summer and winter months when they had breaks, and often used the time to talk about anything and everything they might not have been able to do while at school, However there is one thing they do not talk about and that is the attack. As such Peter is fiercely protective of his friend, and now brother.

It was while in school that he exhibited a great knowledge of Charms-in fact one might say they came naturally for him. So when not with friends or siblings-Pete spent a considerable amount of time with professor Flitwick-learning what he could. Upon completion of Hogwarts- Pete sought to expand his knowledge of charms and schooling-and so went to Uni off the Isle of Skye in Scotland (Kettleblack College), reading of course Advanced charms, and theory. By 22 He had one degree and went on to read for his master's in Pedagogy. Again Pete would graduate at the top of his classes.

Upon completing of his various degrees, he was whisked off to America-there to teach charms. At the age of 26, he is still in America and Salem has been kind to him. He is counted as one of the favored (younger) professors.

Besides his love of knowledge-Pete Noble enjoys dancing (which he does usually, privately) Magical creatures (As exhibited by his electives in his primary years) enjoying the out doors (limitedly) and music. His favorite Quidditch team is the Appleby Archers (because his younger brother Brian plays there) And he owns a pet owl named Archimedes, after one of the greater charmancers Arichmedes Ruin.


Pete is a bit of a nerd and a goofball. His brothers easily out class him with cool points-and though away of this, Pete never the less strives on. He loves to dance with people or by himself. Often times he can be found in his office busting a groove-either to Muggle, or Wizarding music. He finds both worlds rich and interesting-though ultimately feels at home within his own community. Pete is one not known for showing prejudice-and is a Ravenclaw through and through-as his mind knows no bounds. He has been described as creative, and witty by classmates even if at times he is more comfortable being silent. He is utterly loyal to his friends and family-however he dislikes open conflict and strives to keep away from this. But, do not mean to take this as that he is a pushover. He is a Noble-and has been known to let his temper show. His patronus is a Hedgehog. Hedgehogs are signs of :Intelligence, creativity, family, resiliance, loyalty, defense.


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