1995-02-18: Perpetua's Shadow


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Scene Title Perpetua's Shadow
Synopsis After Moody's Army has come and gone, Egbert stops by to mourn his sister.
Location Hogwarts — Hospital Wing
Date February 18, 1995
Watch For Angelina's clarification
Logger Egbert

It has slipped into the morning, just before breakfast likely. The attack was the night before, and surely by now, the entire school knows Bad Things happened and there are students in the infirmary. Or students died. Or maybe they didn't. You know how rumors are.

Angelina has been awake for a few minutes. With everyone else sleeping, everyone finally being able to rest, she doesn't move. She doesn't want to wake anyone up. They had a hard enough time getting to sleep!

Egbert has gone through a number of phases over the past several days. First mere confusion, then a few manic visits to the library in search of any sort of historical touchstone - finally interrupted by Luna, who advised him to relax. That worked… for a little while. Until the second, more terrible part of the news came in, at which point he promptly retreated to his room and froze up. He's not even a teenager yet, he has no idea how to deal with this!

Now, running on half a night's sleep at best, he's worked up the gumption to come up to the hospital wing and face his fears. It'll be quieter, less crowded. Looking around, he waves silently to the one other person who's also up and about. "Hi. Is… is she here?" Please don't make me say it out loud, he thinks to himself.

Oh, Angelina won't make him say it. Because she doesn't want to hear it. She motions him over to her, intending to keep her voice, and his, quiet so as not to wake anyone. "I don't know. I don't know where she is. I would think if she's here, she's in a separate room, where it is quiet, and not the chaos of being out here."

Quiet? Why would it matter if it's quiet, when she's--? Well, respect, anyway. "…all right," Egbert replies, walking over and stuffing his hands into his pockets. "I heard some different stories about Harry-- I hope he's all right, somehow. I hope they're both all right, that there was some mistake—" But a mistake that huge is unthinkable. Which doesn't stop him from hoping anyway.

Angelina motions for the boy to take up a seat beside her. Her voice remains quiet and sympathetic. "I'm sorry. About your sister. I really am." What more is there to say to that? "Harry will be alright, I think. Things are too calm in here for them to be thinking he won't heal or won't wake up."

Egbert slumps into the proffered chair, nodding as he drapes one arm over the back of it. "That's something, anyway." For a while, he falls back into quiet thought. This girl-- she's the one from the Quidditch team… "Can you tell me about her— I mean, things I wouldn't have known? You're in her year, right?"

Wow. What do you say in a situation like that?? Angelina didn't actually know the girl that well. She tends to hang out mostly with the other Gryffindor quidditch players. But you can't tell a little kid that. THINK!! "Well, all of us liked her. She was smart, and nice. And she was excited that her brother was coming to join her, of course. At Hogwarts, I mean."

Egbert shrugs, spotting the fairly generic answer for what it is, and doesn't push the point any further; hopefully someone who knew her better will approach him later. Instead, he simply nods, rising to his feet once again. "All right, thanks. Guess I'd better get to breakfast, then. Still have classes and all." Life goes on.

"Yeah. You should eat something. But I think, likely, if you don't feel like going to classes today, the professors will overlook it. You should be with your parents." Angelina's voice is quiet, soothing. "And I am sorry."

Most of the professors, at least; possibly not Snape, at least not without his parents weighing in on his behalf. With a final nod, Egbert heads back toward the stairs, soon disappearing into the increasing morning crowd of students.

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