Perpetua Torrington
Portrayed By Dakota Blue Richards
House Hufflepuff
Year 6th
Position Hogwarts Ghost
Sex F
Race Half-blood
Age 16
Place of Birth Isle Of Man, Cranstal
Date of Birth August 22nd, 1978
Date of Death February 17, 1995
Family Edwina (mother), Jarrod (father), Egbert (brother) and Vivian (sister)
First Appearance Ray-bees
Last Appearance So This Is War

Character History:

Perpetua is the middle child of Jarrod and Edwina Torrington. Her elder sister by two years is Vivian, who has already graduated from Hogwarts. Vivan has already married her half-blood sweetheart and they're expecting a child. Perpetua has a younger brother named Egbert, who is starting his second year at Hogwarts as she begins her sixth. Pet is from a slightly mixed heritage. Her father is as pureblood as can be found in Wizarding society, while her mother is a self admitted half-blood whose family is from Germany. Perpetua was never ashamed of her heritage and had no realization that mixed blood was bad. Until she got to Hogwarts, that is. She was raised in the village of Cranstal on the Isle of Man. A rather secluded and small area to be sure. She gets along well with her family with the usual sibling spats with her little brother. It's a little weird to think that she'll be an aunt soon, but the new baby is an exciting prospect!

Because Perpetua's home is more than a little remote, she's impressionable and innocent. (Even a little sheltered!) That coupled with her sweet nature, she was sorted into Hufflepuff without question by the Sorting Hat. Because of her personality, it was easy for her to become a target of Slytherin scorn and teasing. In her first year she spent many a moment crying in the loo about the latest cruel words on her mixed heritage. (She didn't know to be quiet about it around certain groups!) Perpetua is a sensitive girl who initially took too much to heart. With exposure to the nastiness of fellow students, she has toughened up with time. Words still hurt, but she can sling them right back these days when warranted. She lives up to her house mascot in a lot of ways, the badger that fights and protects when threatened or cornered.

She's a fairly well rounded student. Potions isn't her greatest area, she might do better with them if Snape wasn't an uhm, well, he's so /Slytherin/. He makes her nervous with his skulking and snarking. She likes Charms, but who doesn't really? Such a fun class it is! Her better subjects are Care of Magical Creatures, Ancient Runes and Herbology. She does better with courses that require patience and diligence. But saving the best for last, she's a bit of a freak, even amongst the Hufflepuff sort. See, Perpetua, she /loves/ History of Magic. She's practically the only student who stares at Professor Binns with rapt interest instead of her eyes glazing over from boredom. (Every now and then her thoughts do drift, what would it be like to be a ghost? Does Binns miss being alive?)

A bit on the dotty side, she chose her electives because runes were pretty to look at, what do they mean? Oh, well, that's second to how nice they are. Care of Magical creatures was selected because she loves cats.. and the course isn't exactly living up to her expectations. Afraid of Hagrid because of his wild appearance and stature, she says nothing, keeps her head down and tries her best in class.

All in all, she's one of those students who literally is in the background. She doesn't stand out, and she's fine with standing on the sidelines.


  • Nov 25, 1994 - Following the First Task, Perpetua checks on Walter in the hospital wing and asks him to the Yule Ball.
  • Dec 21, 1994 - The Yule Ball! And pretty much a first date for Perpetua.

Memorable Quotes:

Trivia and Notes:

  • Her wand was a 10" blackthorn with a core of dragon heartstring
  • Her cat's name is Astrophel, which translates to star lover in Latin.
  • Her Patronus would have been a skunk.
  • She /loves/ the color pink.
  • OOC NOTE - The circumstances surrounding Perpetua's kidnapping are known only to a very select few. Up until recently no one but Pettigrew and Voldemort knew the circumstances. The student body at large doesn't know how or when she was kidnapped, only that her body was returned at the same time as Harry's. So far her ghost has only spoken to Amber, Tiana, Moody, Harry and Ginny.

No one but Harry and those present at the time know how she was killed.

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