1994-11-01: Permission Granted


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Scene Title Permission - Granted
Synopsis Ron and Harry talk about recent events, and upcoming events. Harry spills the beans as to who he was planning to ask to the ball.
Location Gryffindor Common Room
Date Nov 01, 1994
Watch For Ron's reaction and *gasp* permission giving.
Logger Harry

The day after Halloween brought classes again, and while /some/ looked forward to the classes (and they know who they are) others just couldn't focus. Too many things happened the previous night that Harry's using the downtime after classes to process it all. Here. In the common room.

Descending from the dorms, wizard's chess set in hands, is one Ronald Weasley. He makes his way quickly down the steps, spotting his best mate and moving over to where he's sitting, taking a seat nearby. "Oi, Harry," he says, setting the chess set down and rubbing his eyes in an attempt to wake himself up (a little nap never hurt anyone, did it?), and it seems to be somewhat effective. "What are you up to?"

"Thinking…" Harry replies slowly, glancing his gaze away from the fireplace as one of his two best friends comes into the room. They spot the chess set, and he lets a small smile appear. "Looks like someone's on the hunt for a wizard's chess match." Beside Harry is the Prophet from this morning with the front page article on Fudge's sacking.

"Not much else to do," Ron admits, glancing down at the Prophet when he spies it out of the corner of his eye. "A lot of people are going mad over Fudge being sacked… still…" He lowers his voice, glancing around the Common Room suspiciously. "Fudge being sacked? I don't know all there is to know about this Umbridge woman, but it can't be good." Resuming his normal speaking voice, he shrugs. "Suppose we're in the safest place of all, though, if anythin bad was going to happen," he says, nodding towards the chess set. "Fancy a game?"

Harry can certainly sympathize with the 'nothing else to do' bit, and nods his head. "I'm not sure how it all is going to play out, but…" he pauses, glancing back at the fire, "…something in my gut tells me it's not going to be good." When the offer of the game is made, a smile widens. "Sure. Though, I'm a little rusty."

"S'okay," Ron says in response to Harry being rusty, reaching down to grab the chess set and set it between the two of them. A couple taps of his wand, and the set begins to open on its own, all the pieces scurrying and bumping into each other (with several grunts and cries to each other to move out of the way) to get into places. Once they are, they look up at Harry expectantly, as he's white and gets to make the first move. "What do you think Dumbledore is going to do about it?" Ron says, looking up at Harry as he waits.

The magically animated chess set will never cease to amaze Harry as it lays itself out. Considering his move carefully he slides one of the pawns forward. "I wish I could say. He hasn't mentioned anything about it today." Settling back in the chair, he waits for Ron's move.

Watching Harry make his move, Ron doesn't take anytime at all in directing one of his pawns to move forward. "Hopefully he's got a plan," he replies as his pawn casually walks to the square he directed it at and comes to a halt.

Hmmm…ok…how about this. Harry moves another pawn on the opposite side of the board forward. Divide and conquer. Hopefully. "I hope so. If not…" trailing off, he glances across the board towards Ron with a look that seems to says 'we're screwed'. But in nicer words.

At the look, Ron gives Harry a solemn nod. Then, in an effort to raise the overall spirits of their chess game, he smiles. "We shouldn't worry too much about it, right? Dumbledore is… well, he's Dumbledore! He may be a bit off his rocker sometimes, but I'm sure he has it handled." It's his turn, and he sends another pawn out to rally alongside the first. He wants to wait a bit and see what Harry has planned before he makes any moves.
Ron has partially disconnected.

"He's not always off his rocker." Harry retorts, as he glances down at the board. He could move another pawn forward, but that might open him up for attack. How about….a knight, moved forward and over next to one of his pawns. "And yeah, besides…we've got other things to worry about. The Tournament….as support teams. And…" Again, he trails off, suddenly thinking better to mention that around Ron.

"The tournament should be pretty wicked," Ron says, prodding a bishop into moving forward to defend his pawn. Should Harry seize it with the knight, his bishop will be there to retaliate and seize the knight in turn. "I need to sign up for the support team," he continues, but he glances up at Harry, cocking an eyebrow. "And what?"

Harry does indeed take the opportunity, and the mistake of taking the pawn. It's only after he's made the move does he realize his mistake and winces. "Yeah, it should be. I wonder what they're going to make them do. And what we'll have to do as support." But when Ron questions the missing end of his other thought, he waves his hand dismissively. "You know…the Ball."

As soon as the pawn is taken, Ron directs his bishop, which saunters forward and takes the knight out with a rather vicious blow to the head, throwing the remains to the side of the chess set. "Oh.. yeah, the Ball," Ron says, frowning slightly. "Any ideas who you're going to ask?" he says, casting Harry a rather odd look.

Well, that move, combined with Ron's question is almost enough to make Harry think twice. Surely his best friend wouldn't kill him. Giving the order for his next move, Harry moves his own bishop forward. "A few. But two of them I overheard in the hallway between classes saying they already had been asked. What about you?"

Moving another one of his pawns forward, Ron gives Harry a noncommittal shrug. "Haven't really thought about it that much," he responds. Whether it's because he has someone in mind, is scared witless at the thought of asking a girl to a dance, or any other reason is anyone's guess. "Who were you thinking of? And people are already being snatched up? Blimey, that was quick."

"You might want to start thinking about it." Harry grins, pushing one of his pawns forward to counter. "With as quickly as time seems to fly, it'll be on us before you know it." At the question of who he had planned to ask, he shrugs. "The Patil sisters. I figured they would be a safer option than the other. But they're already taken." Yeah, he's trying to avoid saying the other name, half expecting Ron might deck him.

Utilizing a piece from the back row, Ron commands his rook forward a few squares, so that he eventually can move it further out into the open. "Patils, eh?" he says, grinning slightly. "Not surprised they're taken.. not exactly bad looking, are they?" He watches the chess board, and despite the fact Harry has already given him a couple names, it seems there's more. He's looking for one in particular, but in this case, it's more that he DOESN'T want Harry to ask them. He has his reasons, and even though it's probably rude to keep prodding, Ron has never been one to exactly have tact, has he? "So who's the other one? Or ones?" he says, grinning. "A 'few', you said? Gonna court all of Gryffindor to the dance, are you?" he finishes, but the grin he's wearing clearly shows he's just poking fun at Harry.

Harry has managed to open up a route to position one of his bishops where if all goes right he'll take Ron's rook. That might even out the board a bit. "That's just rubbish. I'm not going to court /all/ of them. Just…..some." The last is said with a bit of a grin, that falters a moment later. "Well, I was going to ask…." cue dramatic pause as the boy considers his options, "…Ginny." FIRE IN THE HOLE!

The open route doesn't go unnoticed by Ron, but he doesn't worry about it for now. He prods his bishop forward a few places, setting himself up to take one of Harry's pawns. At the mention of 'some', Ron gives Harry another grin, but then the next thing Harry says wipes that grin right off of his face. "… Ginny?" Ron says, face devoid of emotion as he stares at Harry, and then suddenly he grins— but as soon as he grins, it's gone. He considers Harry for a long moment, and it's worth noting that he hasn't yet punched him. "… really?"

The pawn in danger is overlooked, as Harry was preparing for the incoming punch that…never came. That, and he's positioning himself for a run on Ron's side of the board. "Ye…..yeah." Was that a grin on his friend's face? He couldn't tell because it was gone so fast. "Really."

"Really," Ron echoes, still giving Harry that considering look. It's a long while before he says anything, which is owed to the battle going on inside his head. After all, Ginny is his sister, and its his brotherly duty to protect her from scoundrels and the like who want to take advantage of her. But at the same time, Harry is neither of those, and he isn't the worst person she can go to the Ball with… but then at the same time, he is a boy. And Ginny plus boys do not equal out in Ron's head. It's rather hard to tell which side is winning. "…. I guess this means I have to go to the Yule Ball, if I'm going to keep an eye on you two," Ron says, casting a glance to the door that leads to the girl dormitories. When he looks back at Harry, it's with a restrained look that he speaks. "I better not catch you snogging in the hallways. Or at all, really." Did Ron just give his permission?

Well, given as Harry didn't see Ron make a move, his own pieces are left untouched. But maybe it's for the best as his friend's response totally catch him off guard. Sitting in his chair, his mouth remains slightly agape before he catches himself. "I guess it does." he finally says, letting a grin rise over his face. There's even a small chuckle. "No worries there, mate. I promise to be a perfect gentleman. Speaking of the Ball, do you have dress robes? I know I don't."

Before the Ball, Ron might have to do some research. Maybe even Hermione can help him. are there such things as Anti-Snogging Charms? Maybe Ron can hit Ginny with one before the Ball begins. Couldn't hurt, right? "You better," he says in response, although there is a small grin when he says it. "Dress robes? No." This is one thing Ron was worried about. "I hope mum and dad can get me some decent ones…" he says, trailing off. Having to ask his parents to get him things has always been a touchy subject for the Weasley, one Harry would surely understand. "I probably need to get a partner first, though."

"Want me to ask around?" Harry asks, grinning across the table at Ron. It might help, or it might not. But at least he can offer. As for the robes, he might be able to help there as well. "We could always hit up Gladrags Wizardwear down in Hogsmeade on the next weekend we get to go down there. You might find something down there." He leaves the invisible offer of helping buy the robes unsaid. Hopefully his friend can read between the lines. If not, he's trying to return the favor.

Rolling his eyes, Ron shakes his head at Harry with a grin. "No, I…" He coughs slightly, pushing his rook forward a couple more squares. "… mighthavesomeoneIwanttoask," he says quickly in a mumble. He then seizes the next topic as quickly as he can. "I'll write mum and dad before we go, see what they can send," he says, turning slightly red in the cheeks. He was able to read through the lines, but he isn't going to say anything about it. "They should be able to write back pretty quickly.. may already know about the Yule Ball, actually."

Oh no you don't, Ronald Weasley. Harry's not about to let him get off that easy. He pried the name out of Harry…all's fair now. "Come on, mate. You have to share." he says, grinning. The game obviously forgotten. "You managed to get me to spill my plans. Only fair that you share." But he does still nod at the change of topic. "I'll bet they do."

There's really no helping the intense reddening of Ron's cheeks as Harry tries to goad out of him who he wants to ask. "Oh, just— no one," he says, obviously way too embarassed to actually say the name outloud. Or even admit to who he's considering. To be honest, Ron doesn't even know if he has the nerve to actually ASK them. "How are you— how are you going to ask Ginny?" he says, faltering a bit as he does. It seems a bit difficult for him to say.

Harry makes a motion with his fingers in front of his eyes, pointing them towards Ron. "I'll be watching, mate. Eventually I'll find out." he says, grinning broadly. And yes, he noticed the cheeks. He's also got an idea of who his friend might be thinking of asking. "Truthfully, I hadn't quite figured that part out yet. Can I get back to you when I do?"

"Yeah, yeah," Ron says, grinning at Harry as the flush in his cheeks begins to subside. As for Ginny… "Honestly, mate? You're best bet is to probably just… go up to her and ask her. Knowing Ginny… and since she's my sister, I daresay I know her… I really don't think she's going to say no."

Right. Harry can't help but chuckle. "You really think so?" he asks, a little skeptical himself. "I mean, we are talking about the same girl who could barely talk to me two summers ago."

Shrugging, Ron grins. "That's true, but then what have you got to worry about? You'll ask her, she'll blush, probably nod her head up and down a few times, and then run off— can't really think of an easier way for it to happen, can you?" Ron says, giving Harry an all-knowing smirk. "I'm sure it'll be fine, mate… though I still can't believe I'm sitting here talking to you about this. … and I wouldn't let Fred and George know until you've already asked her."

"So true." Harry laughs, settling back into the plushness of his armchair. "Then again, she might actually talk to me this time." Glancing over at Ron, he gives his friend a grin. "I didn't intend to tell anyone, but…I guess it was better that I told you. What do you think they'd do?"

"She just might," Ron says, leaning back into his own chair, the game all but abandoned at this point. "Fred and George? Well…" He considers for a moment, eyes drifting over to the fire, and then he looks back to Harry. "Might try to hex you, something like that…" But he grins, shaking his head and waving a dismissive hand. "They'll probably give you some trouble about it, but Fred and George know you. I doubt they'll really do anything bad."

Harry doesn't relish the thought of being hexed or anything else by Ron's brothers. If there's anything they're good at it's definitely that. "Maybe, but yeah….that's a risk I'd rather not take." he replies, nodding quickly. Maybe it's best a change of topic.

"Just do it and get it over with— then there's really nothing they can do about it, is there?" Ron says with another grin. Of course, there is quite a bit they can do, really, but he's not about to say that outloud. It will all work out in the end… or at least they can hope.

"I suppose that's all I can do." Harry chuckles, shaking his head. "Yeah, nothing the can do about it she says yes." Let's try not to think what happens if it's a no. It could get ugly. Or embarrassing. Maybe even Dudley-ugly. *shiver*

"I'm sure she'll say yes," Ron says, giving Harry a nod.

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