1994-10-30: Pastries And Patronuses


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Scene Title Pastries and Patronuses
Synopsis Tonks comes to Torchwood Offices to sound Jack out. Siobhan joins the fun.
Location Torchwood Offices
Date Oct 30, 1994
Watch For Flying patronuses and hyper sisters and Ed, oh my.
Logger Jack

Torchwood is a comfortable set of offices, and Jack's all alone today. Madeline must be working. So, Jack is sitting at the front desk himself, not doing his paperwork; instead he's staring holes through his familly's 'bloodline book.' He taps his hand to the page every so often, shaking his head, then tracing the line down and across one single line. He doesn't turn the page, though, just returns to look at the same name over and over again.

There's a knock on the door, before being pushed open. As it's an office, one would hope that as long as there's an open sign out, it's okay to just peek in. Seeing Jack at the desk, Tonks offers a quiet, "Wotcher, Jack." She'll continue to linger in the doorway until she's invited in properly.

It takes a recognizable few seconds, but the entrance is noted, and Jack grins. "Heya, Tonks. Come on in." He gestures to the chair. "Sit down. Can I offer you some coffee? And Janet's got some excellent pastries here…" He gestures to a small collection near the coffee maker. "So, what brings you to Torchwood?" He offers her his best professional demeanor until he knows the reason she's here. If she's here just to chat, things can deteriorate as they need to. Or whatever.

There's a mumble of thanks and Tonks makes her way in. Apparently, she missed the fact there's a step down, and almost as if proving his sister right in a previous conversation, she ends up slipping on that step and hitting her arse on it on the way down. There's a frown and she leans to the side, rubbing her hip. "Your step attacked me," she tells Jack before she moves to stand up. Hopefully she didn't crack her tail bone or something. "Oi, coffee's great." And is that a visible perk at the word pastry? Where are they? "Oh I thought we could just chit chat a bit, I might have a favor to ask, but I don't know yet."

Jack quirks an eyebrow and pours some coffee deftly, setting it down to help her up if she needs it. "Whoops. Sorry. I'll reprimand it later. Bad step." He grins, placing the coffee and accouterments in front of her. "Oh?" He's intrigued. "What's on your mind?" Returning to his seat, he steeples his fingers and rests his chin on them.

Yay coffee and food! The help is appreciated, and she repays him by going for that pastry first. One thing about Tonks, she loves her some good food. Tucking a leg underneath her so she can get comfortable, she just shrugs. "Oh just a few things, really. I mean, I was kind of struck curious about some of the things you said yesterday. Take it Death Eaters and such aren't entirely up your alley?"

For the second time in as many days, Jack's pulling out his wand, sealing the floo and casting privacy spells around them. He lowers his hands to the table and shakes his head. "No, ma'am, you could very safely say that if Death Eaters were ever in the same Alley I was in, one of us wouldn't be coming out unhexed." He gives a wry grin at his own twist on her words. "My father likes to toe the line. He likes to play it safe. Me, I prefer to make sure things become safe by taking the risks now."

A slight smirk is given as Jack goes about protecting things. She'd do it herself, however, she wanted the illusion of casual conversation, at least starting out. And walking in and acting paranoid wouldn't have done that. However, there's no protesting said spells either. "Too bad there's no Death Eaters anymore, right?" She offers a hand reaching for yet another pastry as she's already demolished the other one. "These are good by the way." Continuing on her train of thought, "I mean, since You-Know-Who's dead and all."

Honesty time. "I don't know about Voldemort. I've heard things…" Everybody has. "But whether or not the cat is alive, the kittens are alive and well, and appear to be wandering around again, stirring up trouble." Jack shrugs. "Or, someone else like them. Voldemort," yes, he will say the name, "hasn't been the first Dark Lord, and I'm sure he won't be the last. Who's to say one of his higher ups didn't take the job themselves?" He looks up at Tonks, determination in his gaze. "I don't know specifics about what's going on. What I do know is this: somebody's stirring up trouble. If that wasn't Sirius at the All-Star Cup, who was it, and why did they choose then to parade about?"

The more Jack speaks, the more Tonks feels comfortable in her decision to 'sniff him out' as it were. She, personally, might not have been in the Order long herself, but Sirius, a veteran member, seemed alright with her putting feelers out in regards to the man before her. "Wanna know something fishy about that?" She glances down, "They had Sirius' old wand. The one that was taken from him the day he was arrested." She does tilt her head a bit, "And if…Voldemort…" Growing up with everyone being paranoid about the name means she's less likely to use it, probably one of the very few things Moody didn't scare out of her. But she's trying to be on equal ground with Jack here, "Was coming back…" How'd Jack feel?

Jack gives a quiet snarl. "That man caused so much trouble for our world. My family managed to come out of it relatively unscathed, but my Mum's best friend died around that time. We aren't sure what happened, but some of her family was killed by one of his lackeys. She died shortly thereafter. We raised her son." He phrases it like that on purpose. "Mickey's a bit of an idiot, but we love him dearly. I wouldn't mind getting the bloke who's fault it was that he's an orphan. It's just because Mum's got such a big heart that Mickey didn't end up on the street." He looks up, considering the thought that someone had Black's wand. "Yeah? That is fishy. I tell you. Whether it's Umbridge or some of the other …" He stops, making a slicing gesture as though he was cutting off his own thoughts. "Whoever it is, I think there are some dark spots in our bright ministry." Which means they probably won't stop whatever is coming.

There's a rather quiet, thoughtful expression on Tonks' face as she absently chews a bite of pastry. It looks so odd compared to the usual emotions displayed. Then, she simply nods and works on withdarwing a piece of paper from a pocket. "Umbridge, surprisingly, hasn't been accused of Death Eater association. However, there is an accused, but let go, Death Eater who, alledgedly mind, is known for buying off Ministry officials who work there." If anyone was to ask Tonks who her money was on, it /would/ be Lucius Malfoy. "Anyway, I think I can trust you with this favor."

Jack nods. "Wouldn't surprise me. There's a couple people wandering round that ministry that I have questions about, if not outright worries. I spend enough time there. Heck…" He thumps on the bloodline book. "I'm finding interesting things out about our family, possibly…" He says no more, assuming that if she's Black's cousin, she'll understand about 'interesting families.' "I'm all ears, Luv."

Here, Tonks smirks. "This doesn't have to do with Mr. Noble of the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures does it?" However, she turns her attention back to the 'favor'. She holds out a piece of paper. "Considering Mum was disowned, I personally don't have the contacts in some circles," particularly pureblooded ones, "And all I've got is my Aunt Walburga's social contact book." It might list names, but…"I was wondering if, since you work independently and might not be able to arouse suspicion, if you could check out that name for me?" The paper sports the name Edwin Gifford. "I already know of the public stuff."

Jack snorts. "Yes, it would indeed have to do with Ichabod Noble of the RCMC." He takes the paper. "Edwin Gifford. Okay. Can't say as I've heard of him, but I can put out a few feelers…" One of which will be his sister. "I'll see what I can do. Now, can you tell me how you use the Patronus to communicate? I'd heard of that, but I've never seen it." He can cast it, though. Absolutely necessary for his job.

"It's Sirius' 'Ed'," she states to Jack, quietly. "met him today. Charming chap, really. Had to hex Sirius to make sure he didn't do something to jeopardize himself. 'Ed' here was accused of being a being a Death Eater, but nothing was ever proven so…" He got away. Tonks needs to tiptoe around things in her research less she gives Scrimgeour enough reason to believe she /is/ a conflict of intrest. She raises her eyebrows for a moment then she chuckles. "I can, sure. I just recently learned myself, so it might be awkward, but." She presses her finges, "But no telling anyone else. Fromw hat I understand, it's sort of a select few who know."

Jack nods. "I'd only use it to get a hold of you if I needed to." He listens and scowls. "That … " He shakes his head. "Alright. I'll see what I can see. I'm not an Auror, so I don't know all those stealthy things. My skills are more in the unraveling side of it." He grins. "I'm sure it's been difficult to balance all this stuff. I can understand. There's stuff for family, stuff for work, stuff for friends…" He watches the woman for a long moment. "It's bound to get dammed confusing."

There's a smile, "Well, if Edwin here's a pureblood, or pretending, my thoughts were maybe he'd try to mosey around other purebloods." She /hopes/ Jack doesn't take offense. "Maybe another trip … I'll have to ask Sirius." Woudl Jack like to visit the Most Noble House of Black? Teehee. A cursebreaker in that place would come in handy. "Though, dunno how to handle Kreacher…doesn't listen to Sirius—he'd certainly not listen to me." She's talking to herself right now, don't mind her. She then nods. "It's handy. From what I can tell it's also fool proof." She withdraws her wand and flicks it. What shows up isn't an animal, just initially a ball of light that crashes to the ground. Tonks bends over, and there's whispering. Jack would soon find that silvery light moving around the desk towards Jack. The toddling Seabird stops once it's next to the man, and then, in Tonks' voice, begins singing Henry the Eight.

"Kreacher? House elf?" Jack frowns. He thinks for a moment. "Wonder if I could get Janet to sweet talk him." He grins widely. "Mum's house elf's a great little thing." He watches the seabird come close, singing along as the thing sings for him. "So, do you just give your patronus the message, or is there a different incantation or…" He's curious about the specifics, possibly even the arithmancy behind the spell if someone would oblige him. Jack sits at the desk, watching a patronus seabird fly around his room like he always dreamed Myfanwy would. Tonks is teaching him to communicate via Patronus, and she's eating some of Janet's pastries. "Hey, I never did tell you what a good idea this was." He chuckles, pointing up to his hair. "Made things a bit easier on the way out." He leans back again, waiting for the instructions for the spell.

Sorry to interrupt your relative peace and quiet, folks, but a door swinging open, slamming closed and snicking with a locking and a sticking charm rather does that. "Jaaaack!" a familiar voice calls. "Janet's not still around, is she? Mum said she'd sent some pastries and that I could have some, but then she saw my hair and—oh, hullo Tonks!" Ambling through her brother's office with the ease of Baby Sister Rights, Siobhan pours herself a cup of coffee. "Didn't know you'd ha - Blimey!" The flying seabird causes her to duck before she realizes what it is. "That yours, Tonks? Bloody brilliant." For some reason, she looks at Jack then. And giggles.

"Sirius' house elf. Sirius, unfortunately for the family, is the Heir. Kreacher is…special." Tonks just rolls her eyes, and leaves it at that. She even tried to be nice to him, and the damn thing blew her off like she didn't exist. She does wonder how Jack'd handle Walburga's portrait. What would she call him, she wonders. Heh. "Anyway, it's intent. Usually when you summon your Patronus you're usually doing so with the intent to defend yourself." And there goes Sio. Tonks just arches backward on her chair, looking at Sio upside down. "Wotcher." And watch out for that bird. Tonks frowns (smiles?) at the pointing out. "You should see it do its take offs." Her patronus is probably the only one that would trip and tumble towards a dementor instead of outright charge.

Jack turns toward the familiar clarion call. "Ro-o-sie girl!" He stands up again, moving around to hug her. Yes, he just saw her yesterday. "Sent her back home. She did a little picking up and cleaning upstairs, and then went home muttering about supper and Master Michael needing his shoes polished. She left quite a few pastries, including some of those ones you like really we-" Jack stops mid-word as Rose starts laughing. "Oi! None 'o' that. Not like I had a choice!" When Tonks speaks again, Jack nods, pursing his lips, and thinking hard about a message to send to the metamorphmagus. He grins, thinking of the perfect one, and casts the charm, the silver coalescing into a small rabbit. It hops over to Tonks and starts singing, "Here comes Peter Cottontail…" He chuckles. "Like that?" It wasn't that hard, but it makes him think and makes him want to do a little more research into something.

With her usual cheeky grin, Siobhan hugs her brother, waves to Tonks and sips her coffee. "Mmm, that Brazilian blend again, Jack?" The seabird is eyed a moment, as if she's waiting for it to knock something over. "Hmm, maybe not your fault, but still funny as hell." As Jack conjures up his Rabbit and whispers to it, Siobhan watches avidly. Something new and potentially useful! When the rousing rendition of Peter Cottontail is finished, she pulls her own wand from her sleeve. "Let me try!" Her eyes close for a moment as she summons up the requisite memory and with a swish, a floating ball of light oozes from her wandtip to hover in front of her. With a wink towards Tonks - who she doesn't really expect to get the joke - she whispers into her Patronus soup. Message finished, the thing coalesces into a hulking great hyena - and one that looks about ready to laugh at any second. Bounding over to place both front paws on Jack's chest, the thing gets right up close and mutters. "Ooohoohoohoo, Mufasa!" Siobhan can't quite control her giggles. "Downright useful, that is."

Tonks swirls around in her chair, and she blinks when Sio gets in on the fun too. Sigh. Jack's patronus gets an eyeball and you know, it's a good thing he didn't laugh at the albatross because that'd mean she'd have to tease him in kind. She tilts her head, not really getting it then again, she and her dad haven't gone to see a Muggle movie in ages. HOwever, though "Don't go bragging, and only use it in emergencies," she says by way of warning. She then continues, "That's good. Basically it's just keeping in mind you're conjuring your patronus, not to defend or protect, but to simply deliver a message. Combine that with your thought that conjures the patronus, along with the intended target. I think getting this part is difficult because the Patronus in and of itself is a bit of a bitch to learn." You'd be surprised hwo many adults might not know the damn thing. "And then having to relearn a new method of casting it…"

Jack laughs loudly when the hyena comes up. "Hey, Ed." He grins, attempting to pet the thing before calling his bunny back to himself. "That really makes sense," Jack tilts his head in assent, and grins. "Thank you, Tonks." He moves around the table again, glancing over at the pastries, grabbing one for himself. "I'm not surprised that not many know it. It took me awhile to figure out the charm." He smiles. "It's just easier for me to tweak stuff like that after I've learned the basics." Second nature to break curses, really.
And that hulking great hyena allows the petting for only a moment before dissolving into his composite atoms. Tonks' admonishment earns her a put-upon sigh and a rolling of eyes from Siobhan. "Yes, Mother." She grins, but nods. One day Tonks won't worry about her being able to keep secrets; until that happens, though, she'll suffer the reminders with a bit of teasing. "Yeah, you've a point there. Couldn't get it at all my fifth year, cause the idiot teaching us," Yes boys and girls, that would be Lockhart. "Bogged the whole thing down in so much…theory and Hippogriff shite that it just went right over my head." A nod towards Tonks then. "It wasn't until last year that I finally figured it out. Lupin broke it down into intent and incantation. So much easier that way."

Tonks looks surprised. "You mean you actually had a teacher teach you the Patronus?" Or attempt to anyway. She didn't even get to grab it until after she graduated Hogwarts. After all, it's not something that one would be used in every day activity. Not even in a Defense sense. Lupin again gets mentioned, and she can't help but wonder if he was cheated out of his true calling. "He was a pretty good teacher, huh?" She's quiet for a moment before she gives her head a little shake. Then she's holding up her hands defensively, "ah! Just wanted to mention it. It could be identifying in more ways than one." A smirk's tossed to Jack, "Eh, I don't think that part I could handle. I was just taught how to cast spells on my feet. Then again, when you had Mad-Eye as your mentor…"

Jack chuckles softly. "Yeah. Mad-Eye can be a good motivator to learn speed." He's talked to several of the guys in the Auror Corps now and again, and heard tales. "Oh, I remember you telling me about that one." Lockheart. "Great git he turned out to be." He returns to Tonks. "I had one of my fellow cursebreakers show me when I was working with them. It was a requirement for this one job, considering the place was surrounded." He shudders slightly. "Well, each of us has different strengths." Random question, Auror lady, "Speaking of different, how long does this last?" He gestures up to his hair as his little rabbit fades away. "I've gotta go see mum soon, and she might get a little fussed by striped hair." If she doesn't, Liam surely will.

"Um…yes? Well, he mostly told us about how he used it and he…really lost me after about ten minutes. Didn't much care for him." Siobhan nods decisively here. "I like Moody well enough, but Lupin managed to teach both the spells and some healthy caution without scaring the little ones out of their minds." A frown works its way onto her face. It's the one bone she really has with old Mad-Eye. Oh yeah, the hair! When Jack brings it up, Sio is hard-pressed to hide her wince. "Yeah…about that… She sort of already saw mine and - well - wasn't best pleased." That is putting it quite lightly.

She looks at the two. "It was just a charm. Finite should work well to end it." Did she accidentally cast a long-lasting charm on them? She seems amused here, but Tonks looks back to Sio as she explains her teachers. "Mad-eye…" She chuckles here. "He wasn't meant to teach in a controlled area. He's an Auror. The best they had. NO one comes close. He's seen it all and that's the problem. His teaching, to him, he'd want to give someone the full experience. But he can't do that with a classroom, so, I think that's kind of the problem. He just doesn't know how to teach the things he wants when he's got such a restriction on him. It's not like he can go tossing kids at things and tell them to figure out how to stop it." Is that a tone of personal experience there?

Jack nods, reaching for his wand and casting the finite on himself. "Mind if I…?" He aims at Siobhan, asking permission before undoing the hex. It's best that way. "I'll take the heat for it, Rosie, I'll tell her we were goofing around and hexing again. She'll complain at me, and it'll blow over." Or so he hopes. "Yeah. We had some fairly decent DA teachers, but we had our share of losers, as well." It's both the benefit and downside to a revolving door position. "But Moody and Lupin seem more like the good kind than the gits." He smiles. "I'm glad you're findin' a few people to learn from. Be hard to take NEWTs otherwise."

Scrubbing her face with both hands - coffee mug now empty and set aside - Siobhan merely nods to Tonks. She summed it up quite nicely. "He's given some of my first year girls nightmares." She doesn't know about the boys. "If I get one more sniffle, I'm going to give him a piece of my mind." Oh, she is her mother's daughter. "It'd be worth the hexes if it'll make him remember that they're children." Waving Jack the go-ahead, she buries her face in both hands. "It's hard to take them now. What on earth possesed me to take eight NEWTS, Jack?"

There's just a smirk on Tonks' face. "Have fun." She' knows Mad-Eye. She's even mouthed off to him a couple of times. The results were always unpredictable, which is why she's amused by Sio's want to talk to him. "I wish I knew how Remus' teaching was like. I just hear it second hand from kids all the time. It's like he was the best thing to have ever walked into that classroom." Back to Sio she blinks here. "Eight? Wow. Trying to make sure you've got all the career paths covered, I take it?"

"Because you're bloody mental?" Jack teases as he flicks his wand again, undoing the charm. "Yeah, I can't see Moody cheering up the littles well." He shakes his head, and takes a bite of his flaky pastry, getting the sugar on his upper lip. He licks it off carefully, and waits until his mouth is clear to continue. "I've heard good reports, too. But Moony was always the stable one of that bunch." He grins.

"Not really," Siobhan corrects amiably. "I was aimin' for Auror, see, but I didn't realize I needed a Charms NEWT to get in until after it was too late." See, Sio? This is why research is good. "S'now I dunno what I'll go for." Does Wandering Off count as a valid career choice? "But with all these NEWT level courses, I'll find something I'm sure." Jack's response earns him a raspberry and a look of fond exasperation. With a sigh, she stands, brushing off her denims - no robes again today - and steals one of her favorite pastries. "I should probably go before Mum tracks me down here. If she sees you, she may drag you in for some 'custom clothes' too. Blech, as if I really need some fancy gown just because some foreign guy's designin' it custom. The one I've got would be fine." Logical, but try convincing Edana of that.

"I wouldn't discount being an Auror just yet. Circumstances change. And not everyone gets in right out of Hogwarts." tonks winks here as she stands up from the chair-after snatching another pastry. "I'm special that way." Not often she toots her own horn, so give her a break. "Besides if John Dawlish can become an Auror…" A shrug here. She laughs at Sio, "Well, hopefully who ever it was didn't threaten you with a wedding dress." She turns to Jack and offers, "I should also probably be getting back. Here's hoping I don't have any notices about a certain someone flipping his lid. Thank you for hearing me out, and good luck with that."

Jack nods, standing to escort the lady to the door. Manners and all that rot. "Sure. Edwin Gifford. Like I say, I'm not entirely sure what I can come up with, but, by Merlin, I can certainly try. Thanks for stopping by…." He snaps his fingers. "Oh! Rosie and I had an idea for getting the mutt out of the kennel from time to time if he gets too crazy. We'll talk another time about that, though, or I can send you an owl with the details in such a fashion that only you understand what we're talking about. It's a last resort, though, I think." He shrugs. "Depending on when they start the actual process." He grins. "Rosie, here. Take some of these." He steps back, getting the tray of pastries. "Take 'em back to your common room or something. I've got loads. Janet filled up my cold cupboard and then some."

"Edwin Ed Edwin?" Siobhan asks pointedly of her brother. Yeah, he'd get it. She hopes. Still, the mention of releasing the hound does brighten her expression considerably, even going so far as to elbow Jack lightly in the ribs. "You mean I had an idea." She grins conspiratorially at Tonks, but waves away the plate. "I'll come by and snag them on the way back to the castle. Don't wanna be hauling 'em around all day." She'll offer hugs to both and un-sticks her brother's door. "I'll see you later then, Jack. Tonks! If you can make it down next time they let us out of here, I've got some new chocolate I think you might like."

Tonks nods to Jack. "Whatever you can get, if you can, would be great." Jack has the luxury of not being under the Ministry's watch, which was one of the reasons why she thought she'd try him. She arches a brow at the mention of Sirius and she nods. "Sounds good." A grin is given, though it lacks a bit of humor, as Sirius seems closer to the snapping point than originally thought. The grin though is about Sio insisting it's her idea. "Oooh, chocolate! Sounds good," is said as she moves to head out the door.

"Yeah, that Ed." He grins, "no big deal, Tonks. Anything I can do for this." And as the ladies leave, Jack sets the tray back down, and returns to his seat, propping his feet back up on the desk, paging through the 'bloodline book' again. He traces the line down across and then down through the generations, this time counting how many 'greats' would apply. It takes quite a while.

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