Pansy Parkinson
Portrayed By Genevieve Gaunt
House Slytherin
Year 4th
Position Student
Sex Female
Race Pureblood
Age 13
Place of Birth Near Bristol
Date of Birth August 5, 1980
First Appearance Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Last Appearance

Character History:

The Parkinson clan is a pureblooded family located throughout England, though most of them center their homes outside of Bristol in various isolated areas. For many generations the Parkinsons have been attending Hogwarts, placing in Slytherin many times, though a few placed in Hufflepuff, to the embarrassment of the family. Pansy’s father, Cassius, was born into the line and placed in Slytherin, where he met Rose. They eventually married, and many years later their first and only daughter, Pansy, was born.

Pansy’s childhood was ideal – that is, the child never suffered and had everything a young witch could ever want – although her parents were absent quite often. She had a personal tutor and a slew of caretakers while her father worked as a director in the Ministry’s finance bureau and her mother acted as a socialite in the various Bristol circles. Fortunately, many of her relatives lived in the area as did other young witches and wizards, so Pansy was not without friends. Early on she took on a leadership role in her groups of friends, and later, became one of the first young girls to pick up on her mother’s demeanor and purposely exclude some children.

Pansy didn’t take her studies seriously, nor did she ever have to lift a hand in chore. As such, Pansy’s life up until she went to Hogwarts was pampered and easy – all she had to worry about were her various social affairs and meeting her parents’ expectations. Of course, one of those expectations was to attend Hogwarts and become a Slytherin, following family tradition.

Pansy headed off to Hogwarts in September of 1991. Sure enough, as soon as the Sorting Hat hit her head, she was a Slytherin, and proudly so. Pansy already knew many of the children in her year from being brought to various social functions with her mother. She instantly formed a clique against any muggle borns and lesser known individuals, boosting her own self-confidence in the process. Notably, Pansy became quick friends with Millicent Bulstrode, Draco Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, and Blaise Zabini. In particular, Pansy admired Draco, and was usually quick to change her opinions to match his.

During her first two years, Pansy stayed out of trouble. Oh, she did enjoy her sly comments to other students and little pranks on the younger or less fortunate students, but she was very careful to appear nothing short of angelic to the faculty. Pansy was an average student, excelling only at Charms and getting merely acceptable grades in other courses. When she was lucky, she was able to manipulate some Ravenclaws into helping her with her homework.

Pansy’s views of the Dark Lord and the rumored activities on school during the early years – Professor Quirrell and the Chamber of Secrets – were largely influenced by her parents and upbringing. Though the Parkinsons were not Death Eaters, they were extremely conservative and did not view the Dark Lord’s opinions as necessarily wrong; therefore, Pansy viewed Potter and his friends negatively. Besides, Potter and his friends got too much attention and it bothered her.

Pansy changed considerably over the summer between second and third year. If possible, she became a bit sassier, as her mother began to invite her to more “grown-up” functions and introduce her as a young lady. She found she could easily manipulate her father into giving her more of the material goods she wanted, as well as gossip about other families and wizarding happenings.

She began her third year by taking up Care of Magical creatures and Arithmancy as an elective, though she vowed to drop Arithmancy the next year due to its difficulty. Luckily, Draco was also in Care of Magical Creatures… Pansy found herself liking him a bit more than a friend, though she didn’t quite have the pride to divulge that. Instead, she continued her bully-like tactics to gain both attention and confidence. The highlights of her year included getting a very expensive broom from her father, trying to get Hagrid fired (she absolutely hated his class, it was ridiculous!), and fussing over Draco’s injury. She also managed to convicne a few Hufflepuffs into stealing some candy from Honeydukes for her after she was unable to make a Hogsmeade trip due to a family funeral one weekend.
Presently, Pansy is enjoying her summer lavishly. She just returned from a trip to Greece with her mother and is presently avoiding studying, catching up with friends, and more recently, she purchased an adorable hairless cat named Jewel.

Memorable Quotes:

"Does it hurt terribly, Draco?"
"Ooh, sticking up for Longbottom? Never thought you'd like fat little crybabies, Parvati."

Trivia and Notes:

Most of the women on Pansy's mother's side are named after flowers.

Significant People

Name Relation Notes
Draco Friend Pansy's fancy for years. She greatly respects Draco and though she wouldn't admit it, tries impress him frequently.
Millicent Friend Pansy's longtime friend that she enjoys plotting with or just bossing around.
Crabbe & Goyle Friends A friend of Draco's is a friend of Pansy's! Although she finds them a bit dull.
Antigone Acquaintance - Friendly A Hufflepuff girl from an established, Pureblood family that Pansy rather likes most of the time.
Crane Acquaintance - Friendly A boy a year ahead of her that she has recently started speaking to for the first time since 1st year.
Hermione Enemy One of Pansy's favorite people to tease.
Harry Enemy She dislikes him because Draco is the one that deserves the spotlight! Oh, and because a lot of other students Slytherin hate him.
Ron & the Weasleys Enemies More people she likes to tease.


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