Pandora Moon
Portrayed By Lisa Blackwell
House Hufflepuff
Year 5
Position Student/Keeper
Sex Female
Race Half-Blood
Age 15
Place of Birth Bristol, England
Date of Birth 28 Oct 1979
Mother Angie Moon
Father Perseus Moon
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance Cultural Exchange
Last Appearance

Character History:

Pandora "Panda" Moon is originally from Bristol, in the southwest of England. She is a half-blood, with a wizard father Perseus, and a Muggle mother, Angie. Perseus met Angie while undertaking a Ministry sponsored study of the Muggle perspective of magic based on Muggle inspired media and "spirital" teachings. Angie's mother owned the local New Age shop, and Perseus found Angie's claim to be a witch both amusing and rather charming. Angie worked in the shop as a clerk, with it eventually passing over into her ownership not long after she and Perseus were married. When Panda began showing signs of magical ability, Perseus was quick to explain to her the difference between her mother's "magic" and actual magic, thus entering in her father's gentle conspiracy of entertaining her poor mother's notions of 'Olde English Wytchkraft'. Her letter from Hogwarts was eagerly anticipated.

Upon arrival into Hogwarts, Panda was sorted into Hufflepuff, news which somewhat kerfluffled Perseus, who had been a Gryffindor during his time at the school. Pandora proved to be something of an average student academically; the classes she seemed to do best in often had to do with using her hands in some way. Overall she was a solid, if not spectacular student. The dryest subjects that involve more study than practical application (along with Divination being an exercise of purest futility) are a struggle for her at best; however subjects such as Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures, and Potions are easier and certainly more entertaining. Pandora's best subject was only taught in first year: she can ride a broom like no one's business. She has a good eye and sure hands; and as a result, Pandora landed a Keeper position on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team in her third year. This has proven to be something of a conflict for Perseus, who wants to cheer his daughter on while still wanting to root for his own House.


Panda is an exceedingly cheerful person, and deeply loyal to her friends in the classic Hufflepuff sense - she doesn't lack for the brave qualities her father so earnestly hoped she'd reflect, she simply accesses it differently - she is quick to defend her friends. Sometimes seeming so cheerful and willing to march to her own drummer makes her come off a bit dim or clueless, but the truth is she's not - she'll let the joke be on her to a point, but if it gets ugly - toward her, or toward her friends - she won't stand for it. One might even suspect, as she grows older and is becoming more aware of the darkness of the world around her, that she isn't quite as gullible as she might be allowing others to believe.


Date Log Title Synopsis Participants
06/24/95 Cultural Exchange Pandora learns a little about Chinese culture and socio-political geography of Hong Kong. She is hungry half an hour later! Mei
06/24/95 Mind The Cephalopod Hogwarts students discuss summer plans, until an adult comes along in search of a young Hufflepuff. Celaeno, Dietrich, Mei
06/25/95 Don't Call Me Kid Pandora discovers Fred in the quidditch pitch locker room, hiding from his family. A wager is made. Fred
07/01/95 Fancy Meeting You Here Pandora bumps into Fred while she's window shopping at Quality Quidditch Supplies in Diagon Alley. Fred





  • Pandora's nicknames are Panda, Panda Bear, and Panda Poo.
  • On the ground, she's a klutz. On a broom, she's a wonder.
  • Despite having two left feet, Panda is very good with her hands. She's good at things like sewing hems and braiding hair.
  • Panda's favorite Quidditch teams are the Falmouth Falcons (a matter of regional pride!), the Holyhead Harpies (all girls team, woo!), the Montrose Magpies (best record in the league!), and Puddlemere United (Go Ollie!).
  • Pandora's broom is a Comet 260. She has been promised a new broom by her father before her fifth year at Hogwarts starts, provided she takes good care of the one she currently owns.
  • Perseus works in the Office of Misinformation at the Ministry of Magic. Angie owns an occult supply store that caters to Muggles called The Magic Box in Bristol. The irony is not lost on Pandora.
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