1995-04-05: Owl Droppings


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Scene Title Owl Droppings
Synopsis Neville runs into a sleeping Slytherin in the owlery.
Location Hogwarts: Owlery
Date April 5, 1995
Watch For Neville acting as a leaning post.
Logger Neville

On this drizzling spring school day in the Owlery most of the owls are dozing peacefully while others are hopping about on perches and hooting at one another. Bran, a mango sized little owl, is probably the only one near the floor since he's hopping around and clicking his beak on his mistress's arms in hopes to get her attention. The girl in question is Nia a 5th year who came up after her last class to spend some time with her owl and possibly send a letter that is if he has forgiven her enough to take it out for her. She is sitting on the floor with her knees up and her head slumpped down peacefully asleep and for the moment not hearing Bran's attempts to wake her up.

With a huff and a puff, and even a wheeze and cough, the tired young Neville Longbottom hikes up the last few steps. He looks a slight bit winded, but recovers quickly enough to straighten himself and check the rolled and tied letter in his hand. He roams to the main floor of the owlery, eyes on the girl sleeping. "'Lo," Neville calls, clearing his throat. "Nia?" he says quickly, recognizing the sleeping Slytherin.

The girl stirs slightly as Neville calls out but still remains alseep for now, though Bran now flits onto her hand and gives the girl a sharp bite on her fingers. "OW!" Nia yells as she jerks her head up so fast that she actually hits it against the wall then curses. Meanwhile Bran took flight and landed on Neville's shoulder with a proud and smirky look onto his face as he ruffled up his feathers and let out a purr like call. "Oh you little prat Bran…" Nia groans out as she rubs the back of her head and looks up finally seeing Neville for the first time. "Oh Hey Neville"

Neville stays awkwardly still as the owl first lands on him, but as seconds fly by, the boy relaxes, even tossing Bran a found look and holding up a finger to rub at the owls head feathers. "'Lo, Bran," the boy says to the owl. "M'Neville. Nice to meet you. Hm? Oh, yes. You're quite right, lazy an' all." Nevs flashes a cheeky grin to Nia. "Didn't mean t'wake you, but your owl friend here had other plans.

Nia chuckles as she stands up and brushes herself off. "Oh it's ok he's been mad at me for the past few days so I don't blame him." She replies as she eyes the little owl. Bran in turn closes his eyes halfway as Neville rubs his head and gives Nia a 'this human treats me nice maybe I'll be his owl' look before rubbing his head against Neville's cheek. "He seems to take a fancy to you," Nia smiles out as she took a few steps closer to the Gryffie and the owl. "Bran and I seem to have a love hate relationship but it usually takes a long time for him to like someone. You must be special Nev."

"I like owls," Neville replies, going for a quick scratch under the owl's chin before smoothing down the feathers and going back to his letter. "I have to use the school owls, and typically they're a nastier bunch." His head tips up and he spots the more shabby looking school screech and barn owls nestled in the top rafters. "You make a habit of napping her? Personally, after a while, the owl droppings make me a bit sick."

"Yeah my brother has been at the other end of a nasty episode back in his first year." Nia replies as she scratches Bran on the head. "It took him half the year until I would let him use my owl to send his letters instead of the school ones. Though I think that's when Bran started the love hate with me" Bran clicked his beak at the girl but reluctantly hopped back onto the girl's hand and started pouting. "Actually no normally I nap in more cleaner places but I guess I was more tired than I thought." Nia jokes as she continues to pet her bird on her hand.

Neville turns, nodding as she speaks and holding up a hand. It takes a minute or two, but eventually a school barn owl floats down and impatiently hoots at him. Neville fastens his letter to the owl. "To Gran," he instructs, and watches the owl sluggishly take off and wind up out of a missing spot in the rook. The boy watches the small spot of sky showing through the cracks and then turns his attention back to Nia. "Why are you tired? All night studying?"

Nia sighs as she puts Bran back on her shoulder where he goes about nipping and playing with her hair. "I wish that was the case but no." She replies as her eyes look out into the sky and she leans against the wall. "It's more of my personal life that's interfering with my sleep." Looking back at Neville, Nia gave him a small but sad smile.

Neville stops his relaxed, casual sort of conversation immediately. Neville frowns, catching his thumbs to his trouser pockets. "Personal life?" the boy repeats, looking rather concerned. "Mind if I ask further of you? You can slap me silly if m'being too forward, o'course."

Nia laughs at Neville's last comment causing Bran to quickly jump and fly off her shoulder in surprise and land on a nearby pearch. "Oh Neville don't be silly I would never slap you for asking such a thing." The girl answers once her laughter has stopped. "Well for starters my parents are a hair's breath away from getting a divorce. It's just hard cuz my mother will only talk to my brother and my father will only talk to me. I just don't want to take sides you know and I'm trying to deal with all my dad's pleadings and trying to think up a way to get them back together."

Neville tucks his lower lip into his mouth where he chews on it. "I'm sorry you're going through that," Neville says, stepping back and leaning against the wall. "I'm afraid I don't have any experience in those sorts of things." He takes a large breath. "Can't imagine it's easy, especially what with being away from them."

"It's ok" Nia sighs feeling a little bit better now that she's actually told someone what's been going on instead of keeping it inside. "Mom has moved in with her sister for a little while so it's harder on my dad but hopefully I can get her back home soon. Though funny enough none of this has effected my school work."

"Maybe that just means your a brilliantly dedicated student," Neville insists hopefully. "I suppose some kids would let all else go to hell." He shrugs with his assumption.

"Could be" Nia muses as she leans against absently and laying her head aginst his shoulder slightly. "Or maybe my mom had a bigger impact on my life than she thought. She was a Ravenclaw by the way and she taught me to never let anything interfear with my school work and to always go above and beyond when it came to homework." The girl pauses for a moment, "Thanks for listening Nev. I really appreciate it."

Neville adjusts himself to provide a better leaning post. The boy, when first at Hogwarts was short and a round, had grown to nearly one of the tallest boys in his year. He made an exceptional spot to rest on. "I don't figure anyone would blame you for taking a bit of a break. Even if that's a quick nap in the owlery." Nevs turns a kind smile to her. "You're welcome, Nia."

Nia smiles as she cuddles a little more against the boy feeling content and at peace for the first time in a long time. "Yeah though the owlery isn't the most comfortable place to nap in the world." Bran seems to roll his eyes before taking off for a short food run leaving the two in the room. "You know Neville, you're actually pretty comfy to lean on."

Neville raises an arm, looping it over her shoulders. "Huh?" he wonders, looking down at himself. "Oh, well, we just went to Hogsmeade and I go a bit overboard in Honeydukes so…" the boy frowns down a his stomach.

Nia chuckles then smiles, "I'm sorry I didn't mean that as an insult and we all over indulge ourselves at Honeydukes nothing to be ashamed of." She turns her head a little so she could look him in the face. "I just meant that you're a good friend and your gonna make a girl really happy one day…" Trailing off Nia quickly blinks as she realized what she just said. "Not that I'm implying anything…."

Neville slants his eyes at her. "Girl, what girl? Gran? Did she set you up to this?" The boy wonders, completely baffled. Nevs screws up the corner of his mouth, thinking on this.

Nia laughs softly as she pats Neville's hand from the arm that's around her. "No I just meant when that someday comes that you get a girlfriend you'll be great and make her really happy. Again I'm not implying anything just observing."

Neville begins to laugh. "Tough luck, me. All the girls in my year have Harry Potter to fawn over. Even Ron." Subconsciously Neville picks his arm up away from her, though not before a quick, friendly sqeeze. He shakes his head, stuffing his hands into his pockets. Color spreads over his nose and he hastily looks towards the owls as he steps away.

Nia brushes some of her hair back behind her shoulder as she leans back against the wall and giggles shortly. "Well it's their loss then, though most of those girls probably can't see past the fame and into what's really important. Who a person truly is from the inside out." Sighing happily and smiling once again Nia looks up into the rafters at all the owls. "Though I could be just rambling."

"Harry 'n' Ron are good mates," Neville explains, glancing down at her with a half smile. "So it doesn't bother me much. Anyways, m'gonna be late to a study group. You'll be okay? Wanna come back down with me?"

"Harry's my friend too but you probably know him a lot better than me." Nia replies as she pushes off the wall and stands upright. "Yeah I should be fine now. Thanks again for listening and sure I'd love walk down with you lead the way sir." She jokes with a wink.

"Yeah, I know him fairly well," Neville admits with a shakey laugh at their past adventures. With her status update, Neville smiles with honestly happy face. "Brill," he says to her, turning towards the stairs with a glance back at her to follow him.

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