1995-02-16: Overwhelmed


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Scene Title Overwhelmed
Synopsis Luna shares her wisdom about losing things. Or people.
Location Hogwarts — Library
Date February 16, 1995
Watch For Head-tilting curiosity
Logger Egbert

Egbert is sitting near the end of a bookshelf, a stack of books at his elbow as he leafs through one of the larger volumes. After a little while, he shakes his head and sets it aside, picking up another in its place. Which class is this for? Whatever it is, he looks seriously stressed about it.

Luna did study at times. At least when she remembered to. The girl did have a bit of trouble focusing on dreary reading, and enjoyed practicing and experimenting more than sitting down with workbooks and reading. Humming softly to herself, and having dodged the wrath of the librarian thus far, Luna makes her way down the bookshelves. But rather suddenly, she comes to a stop, right beside the little spot that Egbert had made for himself. Pausing, she glances to the books, then towards the boy, her expression neutral. "You look overwhelmed." she says, simply, in her dreamy, faraway sort of voice.

Who—? Lowering the book again, Egbert looks up and blinks. Oh, one of the older students. And a friendly sort, from the sound of things. "I am. My sister's been missing… the adults are searching for her, of course, but I can't just do nothing, you know?" A Gryffindor might rush out and look on their own. "So I figured, if I found anything about missing people being found in the past--" Well, that's as far as he'd gotten with the idea, really.

No quiver of emotion touched Luna's neutral features, although the girl does tilt her head owl-like when Egbert mentions his missing sister. She holds that tilt to her head for a few moments, before straightening her neck with a low, thoughtful sound. "You must be very worried. How long have you been reading these books?" Luna asks, making a vague gesture towards the stack. While she was at it, she peeks at the title of one of the books on the very top.

Egbert scratches his head. "An hour, I think. Maybe two?" He picks up the top book from the stack and offers it to the Ravenclaw; it's a history of Ministry law enforcement, a few decades old. Several missing persons are mentioned, but little about how they were found. Or if.

Luna accepts the book from the Hufflepuff boy; however, after only a cursory glance at the title, (and a little brush of her fingertips to clear the dust), Luna offers it back without cracking open the cover. "You must really be worried." she begins, moving to step before the the little place that Egbert was resting. "Does reading these books make you feel better?" Luna asks, moving to set her hand atop the stack, perhaps giving it a wobble or two.

"A little bit," replies Egbert, leaning back against the shelf just behind him. Unconsciously, he relaxes a little as he talks about the process, instead of dwelling on its purpose. "I don't expect it to change much of anything, but every little bit… Do you have any ideas, then? I'd ask the teachers but I don't know which ones I ought to be asking, and I figured I'd better work that out first."

"Well, I've never quite lost anything as important as a sister." Luna says, but then pauses to consider, "Well, except my mum." she says, placing a fingertip against her lower lip thoughtfully. "But, you musn't worry about it so much. Things always tend to turn up, right when you least expect them to." Luna says, a smile finally touching her otherwise vacant expression.

There's sure to be a story behind the loss of Luna's mother; Egbert doesn't know what it is, but he has a guess or two, and draws his knees closer to his chest, wrapping his arms around them. Then he looks up and returns Luna's smile, if faintly. "Thanks. I hope you're right." Pulling himself up to his feet, he picks up the books again, but this time to put them back where he took them down from. Time to find something else to do while he waits.

There is a brief brightening of Luna's vague smile, but then she turns, picking up her feet as if to skip off. But she pauses, lowering her foot bit by bit until it rests upon the ground again. Turning back around towards the stack of books, she lifts the topmost book off of the stack, and if Egbert could carry them all, well, then she would pluck it off of that stack regardless. Turning back towards the shelves, she starts to hum, bringing up her index finger as she fluidly moves down the shelves to where the book belonged.

Luna is always right. I will listen to Luna. I will not ignore Luna's recommendations.

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