1995-05-25: Other Brothers


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Scene Title Other Brothers
Synopsis Mickey comes to visit Jack at his office.
Location Torchwood Offices
Date May 25, 1995
Watch For Mickey's Debut!!
Logger Jackie boy

It's the end of May. Which, in the Noble family, means it's almost Jack's birthday. He sits in his chair in his office, whistling to himself and going through papers. The stacks of parchment don't appear to have any particular arrangement, but they're actually semi-organized. He's doing his own work today, apparently.

Looking a touch flusters but always at least slightly in control comes Mickey Smith (eh…Noble) with a stack of papers sticking out of his side bag and a relieved look on his face. Seeing Jack whistling while he works the younger brother raises an eyebrow, "Why you so cheerful? Should I be afraid or something?" He asks as he comes into the office and plops down on one of the chairs across the desk from Jack.

Jack looks up at his brother, and grins. "Hey, Mick. Yeah. Be afraid… be very afraid…" He narrows his eyes, and lifts his hands, as though preparing to tickle or wrestle or something. Then he lowers them again. "What's on your mind, little bro?" He emphasizes the 'little' slightly.

Mickey rolls his eyes as he situates the bag on his lap and works at attempting to stuff the papers into his bag with a touch more organization, "Yep little brother old man. So remembered you were getting older soon and figured I better ask if there is anything you might want. You know I'm a horrid present buyer and if I show up with something from the shop again I know someone is gonna off me."

Jack laughs outright, and considers it for a moment. "Yeah, Rosie would, if Mum didn't first." He rolls his eyes. "Although, Rosie might be less …" It's been a hard time for their relationship. It's mostly back to normal, but there's this lingering sense of unease still there. "I'm actually not sure, Mick. I've been trying to get in contact with Morty to get some new clothes, but he's been so busy lately…" Jack runs a hand through his hair. "Tickets to a show in London? I don't know. I've got someone to take, now." He grins. It's a new thing, and he's not sure how much his little brother has been paying attention. "Might take a bit of thought." He waits for the expected retort.

Mickey raises an eyebrow and looks his brother over, "Wait you got someone to take to a show? Someone willing to put up with you then?" He grins and finally gives up on the papers, "alright I'll find something interesting, don't wanna die by Rosie or mom' hands to be perfectly honest." He says it like it's a surprise.

"Yeah. Well, she's an American. Graduated from the school that Pete's teaching at." Jack shrugs. "You mighta noticed her around. She lives over on Ivy Lane." He looks down at the papers, only to look back up when Mick mentions their sister. "I'd watch it, mate." He quirks an eyebrow. "She's getting right nasty with the hexes these days." He grins. It's familiar territory. "Anyway, yeah. Her name is Holly." He shows a real smile, brightening up at the mention of her name. He's got it bad.

Mickey oh and brightens himself at the mention of Pete, not that he's in love with the bloke, just happens to be his best friend, "Really from Pete's school? Well then she ought to be an alright sort. what is she doing with you?" He has to make the jibe and then shrugging leans back in the chair, "Sio getting a little testy then?"

"Oh, c'mon now." Jack takes the jibe easily. It's old hat. "Just a little, mate. But it's my fault. I was a right prat." He shakes his head. "I think we've got it worked out, but…" He shrugs, then inhales. "Mick, we actually got to see Pete a couplea weeks back." It's been about a month and a half, but Jack's sense of time often gets a bit wonky. "I got lured there to try to save Holly. Turns out she wasn't really in much danger." He's not sure why he's spilling this to his little brother. Probably because he's right here. He knows he's gonna get razzed for it.

Mickey rolls his eyes in an exaggerated gesture and shakes his head, "You were a prat? Wait that's just normal, you musta been a real big prat mate." He then raises an eyebrow, "Who lured you?" Is all her asks someone in trouble doesn't give Mickey to much to pester Jack about.

Jack chuckles. "Yeah, I was." He shakes his head. "Some joker named Cameron, I think she said his name was." He frowns. "He attacked me, and Rowena — that's Holly's assistant — did some funky spell or something, and threw him into a tree." He conveniently leaves out the fact that the individual in question was a werewolf and that the force killed him. He leans back in his chair. "It's been a bit strange, this last year, mate." That is a strong understatement.

Mickey nods his head in agreement and lets a small sigh out, "Strange? This year has been bloody nuts Jack. Well at least it's been interesting." He adds the end on with a touch of a smile, "Well at least your girly know you're willing to try and save her, even if you're a touch of a dumbass."

Jack shakes his head. Leave it to his little brother to rein him in. "Yeah. I was that." He'll agree with the assessment, but then, he'll turn the tables. "How's the Zone, Mick?" He straightens a pile, seeming to need something for his hands to do while he talks to his brother.

Mickey grins as the Repair zone is mentioned, "Bloody brilliant! I love the place, just hate the paper work Clive has me doing. Some kind of preparation if he can't get to work anymore, which I understand, the man is pretty old, but it's a touch of a dark outlook really." He muses over his own words before adding, "Though business is down a touch, except for people making sure everything protection wise is good to go, of course I'm stuck working on a bloody kitchen cabinet for some old dottering bird." It seems Mickey can talk about work forever but he eventually stops himself and shrugs, "I'm rambling." Honesty.

Jack chuckles. "I know what you mean. See, for me, it means a pick up in work." He gestures to the papers. "People wantin' to get things checked out, make sure there's no dark curses on those old pieces…" He's always found it ironic that Mickey does nearly the opposite of what he does. "If they need somethin' fixed, you know I send 'em your way." He grins again, giving his brother cheek. It's fun.

Mickey chuckles and shakes his head, "Oh please do, though Clive is being a bugger and still trying to do as much as possible himself, man does need to slow down." He nods to his brother, "Yep and if they need anything broke, send em your way of course." Mickey goes back to the previous topic of conversation fluidly, "So how was Pete when you saw him? Do I need to move there yet?"

"Well, of course. He's wanting to feel useful." Jack grins, and then turns the subject to Pete. "He seemed to be doing alright. Had some U2 blaring while levitating desks. Showing off to the firsties." He rolls his eyes. "But he seems to be doing brill. I think he likes it there." They didn't get much time to talk, between arrival, rescue, and Jack carrying an unconscious Pete back to the castle. "Didn't spend much time yakkin'. He helped us out with the stuff."

Mickey laughs loudly at the mention of U2, "Boy always had horrid taste in music, I must say." He shakes his head and swings the bag on his lap around to hang down his side, "Well it's good to hear he's alright." Then Mickey leans forward slightly, "So what'd you do to Sio anyways?"

"It's not important." Which is brother-speak for, 'Don't push it, it was really stupid, and it's over.' Jack shrugs, trying to downplay the whole thing. "I dunno. I kinda like Bono." He grins. "Anyway…" He's changing the subject again. "So, you comin' out to Torchwood soon? Mum and Da are doin' somethin' for my birthday. I guess, because I missed Christmas." Being on the run from the law'll do that.

Mickey nods his head at this quickly, "Yeah don't wanna get in trouble. Already talked to work and got the time off around your birthday, figured Edana might wanna make a big deal out of it." He's alive after all, and missing Christmas has no excuses. "But yeah alright, no pushing, I just haven't talked to the lady in a bit, was wondering how she is really. Make sure you tell her to not forget about me." He winks and looks towards the paper work on Jacks desk but doesn't ask.

Jack snorts. "Like she could, Mick. After that one time, she'll remember you for always." He rolls his eyes, remembering some stupid prank or another they played on each other. "Yeah, well, you know Mum." He grins again. When he notices Mickey's eyes falling on his paperwork, he frowns. "I haven't been able to get a hold of my secretary lately. I hope she's okay…" So, he's back to doing it all himself, at least for the time being.

Mickey shrugs and offers, "Want me to look at it? I'm actually pretty good at that kind of stuff. Already handling most over there as I said." He indicates out the door and across the street where the Repair Zone is situated, "I'm sure I can't mess it up as much as you do." A grin to brother as he throws a tiny jibe.

"If you want." Jack leans back in his seat and waves airily at the pile of papers. "Be my guest. I hate the stuff." He lowers his chair back down, and stands, moving to the other chair. He pulls it out, flips it around and sits down. "Have at it, bro." He spends a few minutes explaining some of his system, and then quiets, to see what his brother can do.

Grinning Mickey picks himself up off his chair and setting his bag down on the floor takes the seat Jack vacated, "Sure thing…" He pauses to listen to the directions and it looks like he's just half paying attention, but it's evident by the papers moving here and there and everything starting to look a touch more organized that if Mickey didn't fix muggle and magical items the life of a secretary would have been his calling, "Really though, just think of it like putting something together. Everything has it's place when you take it apart, just gotta remember where it went."

Jack has heard this all before, and it makes not a dent. "Alright." He listens, acknowledges, and then, it probably floats right out the other ear. "You want somethin' to munch on? Janet comes by once in a while with sweets and stuff." They both know how skilled the Nobles' kitchen house-elf is at making sweets. He flicks his wand, levitating a tray toward the man. "Or, when you're done. She's got those little chocolate things here that I know you love." He grins, and floats the tray over so that he can grab a small treacle fudge.

Mickey's face gets a looks of pleasant surprise, "Oh has she? I'll definitely take some of those off your hands." He continues to make a few notes on paper and his hands keep organize even when he doesn't seem to be looking at them, "Hey save some of those for me you prat."

Jack laughs, and sends the tray back over towards his brother. "Sure thing." He lowers it down on a now-clean corner of the desk. "Wasn't tryin' to take 'em all.." Yeah right. Jack is being irrepressible again. "Wow, mate. You're pretty good at that." He might even be faster than Madeline at organization.

Mickey grins at the unexpected praise from Jack, "Why thank you sir, always a pleasure to do your work for you mate." A wink is added and he snatches one of the fudges and quickly stuffs it into his face. Talking around the treat so his words are garbled, "How much you gonna pay me?" He asks jestingly.

Jack starts to retort, and then he realizes how much work the other man is taking off his hands. "Well," he quotes a figure. "That's what I pay Madeline, but she's here like three times a week, so …" He does some calculation, and quotes a smaller figure, roughly one-third of it. "Something like that. Uncle Ichabod helped me figure it out." Their great-great-great — however many greats — uncle, who also happens to be a vampire. It's not well-known, though. "Since, you really are doing my work for me." He's still got that teasing tone, but the words are pretty serious.

Mickey waves a hand as he swallows the fudge and clearing his throat answers, "Oh no, you pay me and I'll feel all obligated to help in the future. Just make sure you don't let it get this bad again, call me sooner." He looks towards the papers he has left to do and asks, "Where'd Madeline go?"

Jack doesn't know, and it worries him. "I'm not sure, Mick. I let her go for a bit while I wasn't working. It didn't seem fair. She works the other part of the time as an Unspeakable, so maybe she got busy at the ministry." The 10th floor wonders are notorious for being secretive. "Thank you, Mickey." The teasing tone is gone. He really does appreciate the help.

Mickey suggests, "Maybe throwing a few feelers about, some kind of way to get her to respond and tell you she's alright. Don't like the idea of anyone going missing lately." He shrugs at the thanks and nods his head, "No prob mate." He'll never admit it just feels good to be better then Jack at something.

"Yeah. I have to go down to the Ministry soon to turn some of those…" Jack gestures toward one of the piles, "in, and maybe I can chat up a couple of the secretaries to see if they've seen her. I wonder how It is doing?" He grins, and then explains. "She's got a pet puffleskin, and calls it It." It's not very original, but it's very Madeline.

A puffleskin?" He has to ask though he's sure it's something far to girly and therefore not at all Mickey…wait he likes girly. "I can asks haphazardly to a few of the customers we have. They work in the ministry." He offers.

"You know, small, round little ball of fur that eats about anything …" Jack grins and takes a bite of the fudge. He takes the time to swallow properly, and then chuckles. "Alright. My name's probably mud around there right now, even though I was right." He rolls his eyes.

Mickey perks up at the explanation of the animal, "Really I want one! You know it sounds like a tribble, sorry star trek reference." His dad was a muggle after all and apparently a Trekkie, "I'm sure your name ain't complete mud…just a little wet dirt really." He holds up a finger to show about an inch between two of them, "Alright mud."

Jack may be a pureblood, but he's not a comeplete loss when it comes to muggle entertainment. "Yeah, I remember. I think I saw that episode once in a hotel." He shrugs. He travels a lot with work, and has gotten rather acquainted with the telly. "Shut it." He mock-glares at his brother. "I was doing what I thought was right." He shakes his head. "Like I say, a hell of a year."

Mickey grins wickedly, "I know, hence the reasons I didn't ream you out for missing Christmas myself. Gotta do what's right first mate, then think about the consequences." Alright Mickey has odd, slightly backwards rules to live by, "Odd year." He nods in agreement, "this topic of conversation always makes me feel a need for firewhiskey, then I think maybe I drink to much." He really barely touches the stuff.

Jack gives a soft, wry chuckle. "Yeah. I hear ya, mate." He shakes his head. "I can't believe it's almost June. You know, Sio'll be done with Hogwarts then, and …" He isn't sure what his sister has decided to do. He knows what she'd been considering. "Seems like it wasn't so long ago she was in pigtails excited to get her letter." He's waxing nostalgic. With the mention of firewhiskey, Jack grins. "Good idea, mate." He'll corrupt his little brother. He flicks his wand, and a bottle and two glasses come zooming down the stairs. He eyes the glasses — yup, they're clean, and he pours himself a shot, then pours one for Mickey. He sets it gingerly down on the desk. "There ya are…" He sips slowly on the one he's got.

Mickey chuckles and shakes his head but picked up the glass and holds it waiting for Jack, "Yeah Sio's almost done, any idea what she's gonna go and do next?" Of course Mickey being as infatuated with the girl as he is thinks she can do anything.

"I don't know for sure, Mick. I know she was thinking of Auror training, but I don't know if that's still the case." Jack takes another slow sip. "They're not really hurting for candidates at the moment." He frowns. "She could do pretty much anything… well, except research. I couldn't see that." He grins. "So, what about you? Any prospects for your heart?" He might be aware of Mickey's crush on Sio, but he knows it's just a crush. Besides, there's Alistaire.

Mickey looks down at the papers he is still working on after he makes a face from downing the firewiskey, "Oh I'm in love with my work, you know that." Yeah it's just a crush for Mickey even, he knows deep down inside Sio ain't the one, "If I ever get away from my tools long enough be assured I'll find a nice lady right away." He winks trying to sound confident.

"Yup." Jack winks, hoping to restore the man's confidence. "You're alright, Mick. Still young." He grins, and drains his glass, considering a second. He drinks much more than his younger brother. "Well, what do you think about…" Jack starts in on another topic entirely, and the pair keep talking, not leaving until the sun has begun to set, and Jack's stomach growls. Even then, Jack drags him along to a little restaurant nearby, buying him supper for his troubles.

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