1994-09-11: Orpheus' Dream


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Scene Title Orpheus' Dream
Synopsis Two Unspeakables have a chat about death.
Date September 11, 1994
Watch For Implied Puffskein murder.
Chronology Nothing special
Logger Wade


[MoM] - Dept of Mysteries

This is perhaps the most intriguing and disturbing department of the Ministry of Magic. The entrance into the Department of Mysteries leads into a circular room with twelve doors. Once inside, the door behind the entrant closes and the room begins to rotate in a circular motion. Very few know what is contained behind those doors, only the departmental employees could tell you for certain.

From the circular chamber, the following rooms can be accessed, if the correct door is chosen. There is a long rectangular room that is mostly empty save for a few desks and an enormous tank containing brains. The Death Chamber is lined with stone benches surrounding a sunken pit where a dais is situated. Upon the dais is an archway with a veil hanging from it. What is known as the Time Room is a very skinny area, much like a hallway. This room contains a large crystal bell jar with an egg that progresses to a hummingbird then back again. The largest room from here seems to be the Hall of Prophecy with at least 97 rows of shelves. Small crystal globes containing every prophecy ever made rest upon these shelves.

It's a quiet evening at the Department of Mysteries. Though many have gone home now, there are still a few who are left working. William Millingstone is one such person. He, more often than not, works in the room containing the brains and the times Time Room. This week, however, his work has, quite mysteriously, brought him to the Death Room. He stares at the veiled stone archway. He appears to have no emotion strewn on his face. He's just listening, paying attention.

Wade, on the other had, practically lives in that empty, ominous place. Unsurprisingly, the man is frequenting his lair today. Soft steps carry him into the room several minutes after the other Unspeakable, fingers pressing to ornate doorway before he pushes inward. Trailing behind are about a dozen triangular slips of paper, objects that hover menacingly behind, cloud around his head like angry paper wasps. There's a small pause when he spots another there, tip of head before he moves forward to join.

William forces himself to break his gaze of the archway towards the soft steps that can be heard approaching. He smiles softly. Giving the man a nod, he whispers, "Arelmore. Hello." He looks back towards arch. "The brains were curious about death earlier." He explains. "Thought I'd try and study it for a while." He says quietly, deciding to not mention about the little papers flying around the other man.

"Mr. Millingstone." A neat acknowledgement. "Do you hear it?" Wade's question is faint, almost half-absent, pale eyes turned up toward archway and diaphanous curtains that hang from it. "That siren song. The promise of things just beyond the jagged rocks." Dim smile touches at the man's face, small arc of head afterward. "Perhaps you'll have more luck than I do. You're welcome to it."

There's a small sigh that emits from William. "Oh, I hear it. I hear it like a summers breeze travelling through chimes." He says softly. "You've much more experience here than I. I've only spent a little time here. Bits and pieces over the years that I've been here. They liked having me here occasionally…mostly because I can hear the whispers, the voices from beyond. But they are so hard to decipher…so hard to distinguish."

"They don't say anything." One hand rises, plucks paper from the air and begins to peel it open. "Nothing useful. Names, or places, none of them have a secret they'll share. I'm not sure how aware of us anything beyond that door really is." Fingers smooth parchment, flick it once before eyes make quick scan. "How is your department? They haven't moved me in a while. I'm happy for it, truthfully."

William closes his eyes and nods, ears trying to focus. "My department?" He says after a few minutes. "The brains have been overactive recently. Well…more so than usual, I'll admit. As for Time…well, we're making progress on jumping back more and more as time flies forward. We've got it down pat for hours, as indicated by the time turners, but somehow how I don't think somebody wants to turn the circle seventy-two times in order to go back a mere three days. So we're getting closer and closer to being able to go back in jumps of days. As for the future…the future constantly eludes us, as a breeze across the lake which knows not a certain path."

"We have the Hall of Prophecies for to handle what will come," Wade mentions, "Though wouldn't it be nice to not have to depend on that." There's a small silence, paper crumpled in hand, tucked away before he reaches for another of those floating notes. Eyes are on the arch though, focused there, small smile at his lips. "Sometimes I remember the magnitude of what we do here and I'm simply awed, did you know?"

William nods in agreement. "Ah yes, the Hall of Prophecies. But those prophecies do not always come true, do they? And not only that, sometimes they are so elusive in their terminology, that we may never know what the prophecy is really about." He glances once more over to Wade as he crumples some paper. "It's not hard to be awed. It is simply amazing. Never in my wildest dreams would I have considered anything that we do here…not back in Hogwarts. Not back in my Magical Transportation or Auror days."

"I don't think anyone does," Wade mentions, "We lose sight of the scope, sometimes." There's another small smile, just slight tick of the lips. He doesn't stop going though messages, just crumples up one after the other and adds them to his collection. "Control over the very forces of the universe, it's such a lofty goal. I couldn't imagine doing anything else, though."

"In a way…it all brings you back to reality, doesn't it?" William says softly. "Reminds you of what all is out there and how small you really are. It's a scary thought, to be honest. But it's awe inspiring, and it keeps you checking to make sure you're still alive and awake." He chuckles. "Kinda good, in a way." He shakes his head. "I wouldn't want to do anything else, either."

"Alive is good," Wade assents. "Alive is," A pause. "Alive. It's a more preferable state, and the reason I stay here." He's finally finishes with his paperwork, finally smushed it all into one great ball of crinkled parchment. "Don't these bother you?" Palm rises to display vanished memos, "They're lucky I don't toss them through the arch before I read them, especially when they keep postponing my orders."

William chuckles lightly and nods. "Yes…alive is much more preferable." He says in agreement. He shakes his head. "I hate paperwork of any kind. I don't pay much mind to mine any more, I'm afraid. Only the important stuff. Then I write angry letters about the ones I should've read but didn't because I thought them to…unimportant."

"I find them like gnats, buzzing about everywhere. Either denials or notices of delay regarding any and all of my orders." He seems almost sour at that, lips sloping slowly downward. "They haven't let me have another ghost. The last one was, apparently, too unstable in this environment. The best I've gotten lately was a few puffskein from the Magical Creatures department."

William shakes his head. "Annoying it is." Is the comment he makes on that. "Ghosts…now they are interesting folk. I can understand not wanting to die…but I want to know, how does there spirit split itself away from the body to the point where it does go…well…there!" He motions to the arch. "That's what baffles me." He takes a deep breath in and sighs. "I wonder if muggles go there." He says quietly.

"They anchor themselves to this world their their fear of death, or their desire to stay. Most seem to regret they did." Lips purse, mentioning, "At least, it's my theory." Mention of Muggles draws another few pensive lines to Wade's face, the man taking a minute of silence before he answers: "In their ignorance they lack the ability to become one of the restless dead, but they go where we do, I believe. There's no truth more absolute than death."

"Nearly-Headless Nick, back at Hogwarts, never seemed to fully mind. The only thing he always wanted was to be apart of the Headless Hunt." William chuckles softly. "Do you ever wish…that you could go behind the curtin, but still be able to come back after a short while?" Is asked of the other man.
GAME: Save complete.

"More than anything in the world." The reply is short, somber, one last gaze turned toward grim portal before he faces William again. "Imagine what it would like, imagine what you could bring back." Head shakes, another subdued smile crawling slowly over the man's face. "One day I will. Someday."

William turns to face Wade. "If anyone could figure it out, I'm sure it would be you. You must spend more time in here than anyone." He smiles softly. "As aggressive as those brains are, I wonder if they might be able to help in figuring it out. They don't have anything to do but be brains. Nothing body to work."

"You should ask them," Wade mentions, "See if they have anything to say." That must strike him as amusing, the man offering up tiny puff of laughter before he turns. "I've been here too long, I'll leave you to it alone." One step, then addendum: "Let me know if you have any sudden breakthroughs." And then he's away.

Denny Crane.

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