Ophelia O'Mainnin
Portrayed By Wednesday Mourning
House Ravenclaw
Year Fifth
Position Student
Sex Female
Race Muggleborn
Age 15
Place of Birth Aughrim, Galway County, Ireland
Date of Birth 29 April 1979
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:


Ophelia can be described as having something of a morbid personality. Certainly, a lot of her interests in regards towards the various arts (in which she shows considerable interests in and of themselves) tend towards the more darker sort (Hamlet, for instance, is one of her favorite plays). However, she's not at all depressed. In fact, she tends to be rather happy. She's just kind of subdued and quiet about her happy. She also favorites being a quiet observer to being constantly in the limelight. All of these things, though, don't make her any less of a teenaged girl. She loves a lot of the things the averaged teenaged girl (muggle or witch) tend to like; gossip and general chitchatting being chief amongst these.

Other Information

Memorable Quotes:

Trivia and Notes:

  • Ophelia has a rather thick Irish accent. Spending time at Hogwarts has lessened it, thankfully, but she still tends to speak slow so people will better understand her.
  • In a nutshell, Ophelia would be considered 'goth'. She certainly dresses and acts the part most of the time. She doesn't dye her hair, though.
  • She adores the arts, and finds interests in most forms of it. She's insanely curious to see the differences the two worlds have in such an area.
  • Ophelia is actually bilingual. Her first language is Irish (or Irish Gaelic for those not in the know). However, at school, she doesn't speak it often.
  • She's an avid reader of Witch Weekly, and recently acquired a subscription for The Quibbler.
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