1994-12-20: One True Darling?


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Scene Title One True Darling?
Synopsis Shouting. Romance.
Location Gryffindor Common Room, Hogwarts
Date December 20, 1994
Watch For The shouting to start.
Logger Ginny

Sun is setting on the grand old Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Dinner has just let out, so a majority of the students are heading back to their common rooms with their stomachs full, and their minds slowly emptying what they've learned that day. Well, some of them, anyway. Ron just happens to be one of those students, making his way through the portrait hole and immediately moving towards his favorite couch, flopping down onto the soft cushions in front of the fire.

One of those students who isn't about to just forget everything that she learned throughout the day would be Hermione. She finished with dinner early and had already slipped into the Common Room in order to finish some homework early. In order to make time for more homework. This is the way that Hermione Granger works. When the portrait hole opens, out of habit, the witch glances up to see who it is. And when she does see, she resolutely sticks up her nose and then goes back to doing homework. Something that's very hard to do at the same time.

The Gryffindor chaser is already here in the Common Room. She even beat Hermione back from dinner! She got her favorite chair by the fire, however, and is relaxing there writing in a book that looks like a journal. There was something of a bounce in her step today, though, and now, she still smiles randomly just out of the blue. When Ron enters, she gives him a head nod of welcome. "Ron."

Ginny is right behind Ron on the way back from dinner, her stomach pleasantly full. She climbs into the common room, and finds a spot in her favourite armchair. Her legs drape over one arm of the couch, her head resting on the other, vivid red hair fanning out.

"Hey, Angelina," Ron says in response, sitting up on the couch a little bit further. "How are you today? You're positively glowing," he continues, leaning his head on the back of the couch, looking over to his right giving Ginny a smile, and that's when he sees it. A stray magazine. He grabs it, flips it open, and begins looking through the pages at random, pointedly Ignoring Hermione. He may not turn up his nose, but it's the guy equivalent.

Just as willing to play this game, Hermione keeps at her studies. Though her ears are pricked up to listen in to what's going on - she's a witch, not a saint - she pretends like she couldn't care less. Oh, is there a Ron Weasley in the room? Who would have noticed. Angelina she already greeted when she came in - warmly enough, as a matter of fact. When she sees Ginny, though, she smiles. "Hey Gin. Eat well?"

"Do I?" Angelina actually blushes, her dark cheeks turning a shade darker as her gaze lowers to her journal. "That is nice of you to say. But you don't have to butter me up, you know. There is nothing going on. Nothing at all." It would take a moron to not feel the tension in the air. But she isn't saying anything. Yet.

"It was excellent, Hermione," Ginny lifts her head up to smile at her friend. "How's the studying going? Did you learn a new word yet?" Yes, Ginny sometimes treated Hermione like a word-of-a-day calendar. That's where she'd learned 'cacophany', which was her new favourite word. As Angelina speaks, Ginny turns to listen, and a devious little grin comes onto her face. "But there is, Angelina. There so is."

"Ginny's right," Ron says, grinning at Angelina as he looks up from the magazine. Hermione is still ignored, and for all Ron can tell, Ginny is talking to thin air. "Anyone with half a brain could tell that something is up." So we know Ron has at least half a brain now. "Tell us."

The door opens, admitting the trudging, rather exhausted (and sand-covered) form of Jacen Starr. Seeing the common room busy, he skirts the edge of the room, literally dragging his satchel behind him. It's been a long day for the boy, and it's showing.

"Iniquitous," Hermione replies to Ginny without looking up now, but it's obvious that her words are pointed and not just for Ginny. "It means deplorable." Then, she looks up at the youngest red headed Weasley and gives her a smile. See? Look, she really does only mean to answer Ginny's question. And while she'd like to say that if someone like Ron could see that - who only does have half a brain - then, something really must be up. But she doesn't say that. Because Ron doesn't exist. So she merely thinks her extremely justified thoughts into her homework. "Hello Jacen," she also says over the scratch of her quill.

Angelina looks at Ginny, then Ron, then Ginny again. "No. There isn't." Her voice is firm. She is sooooo not talking about what they are trying to get her to talk about! Instead, she tries something else. SUBJECT CHANGE!! "Hermione….can I ask you a question?"

Ginny grins slightly at Hermione. Hell hath no fury and all that indeed. "Iniquitous. That's a good one, Hermione." A brief smile is given to Jacen, though he looks weary - something she remembers well from her first year - so she doesn't further engage him. Instead, her brown eyes focus on Angelina. "But, there is," Ginny insists, stubbornly.

There quite obviously is, but Ron isn't going to press. Especially when Angelina starts talking to Hermione. Eyes lifting from the magazine only long enough to watch Jacen skirt around the edge of the room, he gives the first year a small wave and nod before returning to his magazine. They can talk to Hermione all they want, he, however, is most definitely not.

Pulling his winter cloak off, Jacen just bundles it up and stuffs it unceremoniously into his satchel, sending sand flying in the process. He's not -completely- oblivious, however, and returns the waves and greetings with an attempt at a smile. The blue-&-black haired boy looks to speak and just stops, blinking at Hermione like a deer in headlamps. Looks like his brain finally broke.

"Of course. As long as I can ask you one back." There's obviously something going on here. And a woman who is able to keep in time with the Weasley Twins needs to have some sort of reassurance on her part. Hermione nods at Ginny. "I found it a particularly enlightening word myself." For now, she doesn't press Angelina like the others. But, she still has her allowed question. As for Jacen, she studies him for a moment, as he hasn't responded to her greeting, which is rude, but he looks a little frightened. So, she gives him a bit of a smile, even in her present mood. "I'm not going to bite, promise."

"Deal." Angelina answers Hermione as she sits up straighter in her chair. Little Jacen gets a smile and a nod before she takes a breath. She is trying to ignore Ginny. Oh, how she is trying! "Tell me. If there were one nice thing that someone could do for you right now, that would make you feel happy, and over the moon…what would it be?"

Ginny looks rather devious, even as Angelina tries again to change the subject. Oh, well, she can take a hint, but Angelina is only saved this time around. Next time… she's going get it. The question posed to Angelina sparks her interest, and she sits up a little to listen properly.

"Over the moon happy?" Hermione thinks over that one for only a moment or two before replying, "For everyone to just stop being a selfish git and get over himself." No, she's not talking to anyone specifically here. Not at all. And in the flush of her anger - her cheeks are turning pink as she says it - she's plumb forgot to ask Angelina the question she had planned.

Jacen just blinks at Hermione. "You- You know who I am..?" he asks quizically, still brushing sand from his robes. "Right, um, Hi—" Again he balks, the look on his face telling that he's actually lost Hermione's name somewhere along his thought process. "S-smart, uh, girl-person…"

There's nothing at all in this conversation now that Ron wants any part of. He keeps flipping through the magazine, looking over at Jacen for a moment, but when Hermione answers the question, there's really no way Ron can continue to ignore the proceedings at hand. Standing from the couch, he throws the magazine onto the cushion, turning slowly to face her. "I might get over myself when you get over yourself and admit I was right." Making his way towards the dorms, Ron stops only long enough to turn back towards Jacen. "The name you're looking for," he says, voice dripping with venom, "is Miss Know-It-All." With that, he turns on his heel, and bounds up to the boy dormitories.

Angelina resists rolling her eyes, but just barely. "Oh..for the love of Merlin. BOTH of you are wrong. Don't you see that? Neither of you is right here!" She doesn't stop Ron. She just lets him go. Let him think about that for a while. "You're both right, and you're both wrong. It's a BALL. Now you both know! It's just a dance. Nothing more. Take the knowledge you have now and make plans for a Hogsmeade weekend." Cause, ya know, Angelina isn't the pot calling the kettle black or anything.

Ginny's eyes widen as the little spectacle unfolds. It's like a trainwreck - she can't stop it, and she can't look away, either. She just squirms in her seat, biting down upon her lower lip and witness it all. "Um," Ginny finally speaks, but she can't seem to form words. Uh-oh, is what she wants to say, but doesn't dare.

"Of course I do, I was there for your Sorting," Hermione tells Jacen, not together unkindly, but at the moment not all that predisposed to patience. She's someone who remembers things. "I'm—-" But that's when she's interrupted by Ron and she stares at him for a moment with a gaping mouth - doing a very good impression of a fish out of water while Ron storms out. Then, with just as much anger, she starts slapping her books shut and gathering them up. "Yes! I know it's just a ball! Which is exactly why it doesn't excuse his behavior! He's…he's…completely iniquitous! I can't study here." And with that, she snatches her books and as she storms up the stairs, verging on tears, she calls back down to Jacen, "My name is Hermione."

Jacen continues to stand there dumbfounded, staring between the boy's dorm, the girls' dorm, and those present for several long moments as people are yelling and being angry. That makes three times this week he's found himself in this position, and he's undergoing a bit of overload. just letting his satchel hit the floor entirely, he finally shows some of that Gryff courage and just yells towards the dorms, "…the bloody Hell'd -I- do?"

Angelina watches as the tantrums are thrown and everyone leaves. "Well. Isn't that dramatic. All over a ball. One measely little night of dancing. You'd think she'd chosen to /marry/ someone else, and he had asked someone else to marry him on the night before the wedding, the way they are acting."

Ginny grins, at first hesitant, then more full-blown once Hermione and Ron have flounced to their separate corners. They can't see her now! "It's all very, um.." Ginny waves her hands to illustrate an explosion. "I think there's more going on than either of them will admit. They're both stubborn as mules. Ron gets it from Mum."

Jacen continues staring at the exits Ron and Hermione took in disbelief. "Stubborn doesn't cover it…" the Firstie mutters as he flops into a chair, looking as confused as a person can. "…they're full-on mad." Blinking at the two left in the room, Jacen just shakes his head, expression pleading. "-Please- tell me I'm not gonna be -that- bonkers in a few years…"

"Yes. There is definitely more going on there. And I think I pretty well know what it is. If they don't stop being so stubborn, I'll knock both their heads together, then lock them in a room together until they agree to be friendly again. Or kill each other. At least they'll be quieter about it then." Angelina raises a brow at Jacen. "You said the same thing the other night. You will probably be worse."

Ginny smiles briefly at Jacen, but leaves only a shrug for a reply. Seems she's not sure what to say to that. She grins at Angelina. "You might be able to enlist the twins' help in that. But maybe after the ball they'll stop sulking so much. At least some of us get to go with who we really want to go with, eh?" Ginny winks big at Angelina. Seems she hasn't forgotten her earlier path.

Jacen actually sticks his tongue out at Angelina. "I -hope- not." he retorts as he flops back in the chair to dig through his pack. "I don't see what the big deal is. What's so important about this ball, anyway? —not that I -want- to go, that is…"

Rising in a swift movement to pick up the magazine Ron just threw down, now it is Angelina's turn to hide behind it. She settles back into her chair after scooping it up. And then? She plays dumb. Really, really, super blonde dumb. "It is good you got to go with Harry, yes. I am happy for you." Denial is not just a river in Egypt, after all. "Jacen, you'll understand it when you're older. You're too young to go anyway."

Ginny nods, "Third years and up. Though the firsties might throw a little party when everyone's at the ball, maybe.." She grins at Angelina, and yes, she pinkens at Harry's name. "Um. Yes. And good you get to go with George." Ginny perches on the arm of the chair Angelina's sitting on. "And how do you feel about that, hmm?"

Jacen drags his little journal from the bag, suddenly growing a bit uncomfortable as the girls start discussing dates and such. Flipping through the pages, the dark-haired boy starts making mental notes of what homework he still needs to finish, and when he can fit 'other' things in. "I dun think anyone'll invite -me- to a party. Really." Sounds like he's had at least a few runins with Pureblood elitists.

Angie flips non-chalantly through the pages of the magazine, brown eyes focused there. "Yes. George asked me to go. And I agreed. There is nothing more to say. We are just going to the ball together. I 'feel' just fine about it, really. My mother has my dress all ready to ship. And the new shoes." Her gaze moves to Jacen. "Stop being so droopy and negative. If it is a house party, you don't have to be invited. You just show up."

Ginny cannot be deterred! "But, isn't it romantic? Your one true darling finally asking you?" Something occurs to Ginny, and she gives a girlish sound, somewhere between a gasp and a squeal. "Did he give you a ROSE when he asked? Or go down on one knee? Or take your hand and gently look deep into your very soul?" Yes, Ginny likes romance novels. A lot.

Jacen is suddenly very, VERY glad he's just a firstie, and doesn't have to actually deal with girls. Head tilting slightly, he looks oddly at Angelina. "Really? Just- 'Hi, I'm here'?" Then Ginny goes off, and Jace re-envelopes himself in his protective shielding of backpack and books. They can't breach THOSE defenses! "…right then."

Angelina wrinkles up her nose at Ginny. "Noooo. None of that. My one true darling? What are you talking about? And he didn't give me a rose, or go down on one knee, or take my hand or look into my eyes or touch me in any more. He just said 'You don't have a date. Wanna go?"

Ginny looks rather crestfallen at this turn of events. No rose? No soul-gazing?? All she has read has been false! "But, but.. really?" She sighs a tragic sigh, then perks up slightly, "But you know, George thinks you're his one true darling." Ginny nods firmly.

Being completely out of his realm of knowledge, Jace stays in his book-and-satchel fort on the other side of the room, feigning study as he eavesdrops on the girl's discussion, finding it much like a train wreck. Horrible to the ears, but completely unignoreable.

"Really. None of it. And he only asked me becayse Ron teased him into it and he lost face if he didn't. " Angelina frowns, tipping her head. "He does not feel that way. He told me so himself."

Ginny shakes her head from side to side, so vigorously that her red hair flies around her face. "It's not true. Perhaps he said that, but deep down, he truly cares for you. A girl knows this sort of thing, especially a sister." Ginny leans in conspiratorially, placing a hand on Angelina's arm. "On this you can trust me - he didn't ask you to save face, or if he did, it wasn't just because of that."

Angelina shrugs her shoulders. "I dunno Ginny. I…" She clears her throat. "I think I'm gonna hit the bed early tonight."

Ginny looks rather stubborn, but she doesn't press the point. When Angelina rises to go to bed, she simply gives her an all-knowing look and follows her into the girl's dormitories with a smile and a wave to Jacen. This time, when the Gryffindors head up to bed, there's no yelling or slamming of doors.

Jacen waves back tentatively as Ginny vanishes, relaxing as he realizes he's the only one left in the common room. With a sigh of relief, the first year finally gets to some much overdue (and procrastinated) homework. It's going to be a looong night.

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