1995-02-27: One of the Good Ones


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Scene Title One of the Good Ones
Synopsis Moody questions Amber about a certain rat owned by her late Housemate.
Location Moody's Office
Date Feb 27, 1995
Watch For Nothing specific!
Logger Holly

Its evening-late and after dinner-but Moody is working over papers that were deposited on his desk this afternoon before he chased the class out with hexes. A cup of tea sits steam close by that the grizzled old professor is drinking from. Behind him sits a multi layered trunk next too a large wardrobe- with a small bit of workspace. On this countertop a picture of a happy couple sits turned slightly away so whomever comes in doesn't see it right off the bat-where as a Tall foe glass sits next to that. On his desk a sneakscope holds vigil where as various other dark detectors are littered over the room..Music is playing on a small victrolla-adding to the almost warm feeling of a rather cool room. The last thing that might be noticed would be a rather old-black bird perched on the foe glass-asleep.


Thankfully, it's still before curfew, or Amber would be in all kinds of trouble.

Moody is a somewhat frightening professor, though Amber doesn't mind him so much. He is, after all, a good teacher, and has really taught them a lot this year already. His motto, being CONSTANT VIGILANCE, does give Amber pause at the door, and she peers around to make sure he's there before she enters. The girl is normally silent, though lately, things have been a little different - between the potions class and talking to Ron, she's been downright vocal lately!

It's not until she approaches the desk, though, that she says anything. Her voice is quiet, touched with the slight rusty quality that suggests it's rarely used. "You wanted to see me, Pr'fessor Moody?"


Amber wouldn't have to worry about it-After all if Moody calls for a student this late-he makes sure they get a pass back to their common rooms-that is all though if they dawdle from that the pass is completely up and off.

Moody and frightening seem to go hand in hand these days. The door opens and eyes seem to flick up as the Raven flutters its wings-cawing softly before he is looking back down. A few more bits of scribbling and the quill is then sat down as hand motions to one of the chairs in front of his desk before he is reaching for his tea mug. A slight tug of his lips before he is nodding quietly.

"I just wanted t' have a word or so with ya if that's alright…Have a seat- dear you're just fine.."


"Aye, that's fine," she says, coming around the chair so she can sit in it.

There's so much in here. Every teacher's been different, each with their own touches that they choose to add. This one happens to have a raven, whereas Professor Lupin had a grindylow, and before that, Professor Lockheart had a million pictures of himself. If he wasn't so beautiful, it would have been creepy.

The chair creaks a little as she re-situates herself in it, leaning back and making herself comfortable. She's pretty sure what this is about… After the talk she had with Tiana, she's kept the information to herself, but she expected someone would eventually ask her about it.

Amber doesn't indicate her readyness in words, but instead takes one last look around, before turning her eyes to Moody's, and giving a half-nod.


Moody nods all the same, eyes looking around, but that normal isn't it? The Blue eye keeps a rapid lookout over the room and most pointedly the door. Still right now Amber can say she has the distinct and rare pleasure of seeing the usually unhand-led professor-rather calm. The chair creaks and Moody is looking right back down to Amber-blue eye starting through here, as if trying t' sniff out a lie that's hidden in plain sight. Mind you-he's not asked anything yet, but its there right on the tip of his tongue.

"I understand you were friends with miss Torrington?" He knows you were house mates-but from what he has come to gather-you were friends. But, he is going off of what he has heard from professor Tatiana. "I am sorry for your loss-should you need t' talk" there are other professors, but for right now Moody is offering a shoulder.


The eye is really actually very interesting, Amber finds herself thinking. Notably, she is staring, but it's one of the things she just can't look away from. She does this in class all the time, too. Surely the Professor must be used to it by now.

Ah. There comes a time where words become necessary, and actions simply can't tell a story. A nod could easily convey the fact that she was Perpetua's friend, and she does so. However, there's more to it than that. "I like t'think we were, Pr'fessor," she starts. "I mean, we wasn't as close as me n' the people on the Quidditch team, bu', you know, we talked." Her hands are folded on her lap, and she looks down at them.

"Didnae think it was very fair she died. N' I feel like… Like 'ogwar's isn't as safe anymore as it was. I saw her earlier tha' day, yeah? Woke up for classes, n' she was alive n' well." Amber does manage a smile here, though. Nostalgic. "Pr'fessor Mol— Moldavia said she though' I should go ta the funeral, but I don't think I will, Sir. I'd rather r'member 'er as she was when she was alive."


If Moody had not become used to to the staring-one might not wonder why he was so paranoid by now. However it seems not to phase the professor to have the young girl staring right pointedly at the blue eye, because well-it stares back. Like a shark. Believe it or not Moody actually doesn't come across the desk to sweat th' poor girl down. Perhaps it the accent- or somehow in the midst of worrying about which Death Eater-or student was going to curse him next, to actually be a caring teacher.

"Don' worry about her name-its damned unpronounceable one..As for what she said…That's up t' you lass. I won't force you one way or th' other. But should y' go- I know your house would be there t' help ya…"

However it seems his words have stopped as he is slowly rising and taking time to come stumping over towards the wee girl. One hand is reaching for the back of her chair as with the grumble he tires t' come down to her level. "Its never fair when someone dies, g'el. Hogwarts..is still safe-just.." what does one say to that "It shows y' always have t' be watching..I'm sorry." Yes for once Moody is sorry-about something. "If y' ever don' feel safe y' can come find me or any other teacher, but I assure ye, its safe now..an will be.."

He lets that sit for a damned good while before he clears his throat and reaches over to snag up his tea for a moment "I have some other questions t' ask..Like-I heard she had a rat?"


It's nice to know that the professors care. Maybe Amber wasn't looking in the right places for sympathy, but she always seemed to miss the talks like this, save for Professor Sprout, who was so torn up about Perpetua's death that it was heart-breaking. The memory… Well, it does a funny thing. She didn't even cry when she was talking to Tiana about it, but the fact that this gruff teacher she's known all term is now telling her he's sorry… Well, Amber finally cries. It's not all out sobbing or anything like that, but she does sniffle, her blue eyes watering over as tears fall down her cheeks. It's the first time she's really let it hit her.

The outward signs of the emotion are gone fairly quickly, but the memory still weighs heavily. Painfully. And it's a long time before Amber speaks again.

"Uh— " she says, mopping her face with her sleeve. "Yeah, she 'ad a rat. The Pr'fessor said t'was Peter Pettigrew. Missin' er toe n' all. I dunno 'oo this guy was, but 'e was in our dormitory, n'… It makes me wanna keep River - tha's my rat, sir - in 'er cage. 'Cuz I dunno if she's really not a rat now, aye?"


Moody has faced Death Eaters. He's killed witches and wizards- and watched as his own family was snuffed out while he was fighting. All the experience in the world, and of all the things the old man has seen and done-still does not prepare him to have a girl break out and cry. There's a looking away as if he's failed the girl-not only Torrington, but Matthews here who is a snifflin in his room.

One hand comes out, as scarred and calloused as it is, to rest on the girl's shoulder-before he's reaching in his traveling robes. No not for the flask which he has offered to many students in these times. Instead what comes out is a worn-hankerchief handed over back to her. "Ach, girl-I am sure River is just fine- an a real rat. In fact you want t' bring her by here tomorrow I can check for you?" An offer there for a moment before he is moving on "d' ya remember when Perpetua got her rat?"


It's not a question of failure. It's more a success, if you look at it that way. Grieving really is a necessary part of life, and Amber really hasn't yet. She's been sad. Disturbed. Otherwise upset and distracted, but she's never felt quite like this before. It's an acceptance - Perpetua's gone. She's not coming back, and that feeling is excruciatingly painful.

Death could happen to anyone at any time. Things like this really make it sink in, and when the person is so close to you … well, their Houses are like their families. It really feels like she just lost a cousin or something. Someone she didn't see every day, but still talked to enough to care about.

Taking the handkercheif, she dabs at her eyes with it, instead of using her sleeve. "I'll bring 'er by, yeah," Amber says quietly, voice wavering a little. "Far's I know, Sir, she got him near the b'ginning o' the year. I know, 'cuz we was in Di'gon Alley shoppin' for school supplies. Couldnae tell ya an exact date, though. Said she found th'thing in 'er luggage."


That was something that Moody figured out on his own. That Death comes for anyone at any time, it was a hard pill that he had to swallow rather earlier in his Auroring career. A deep breath for a moment as he turns away-now taking time to reach for his flask. This is for him liquid courage, and enough to keep him awake through a good part of the evening. Cough-cover up before he is looking back towards Amber. Fingers squeeze gingerly for a second "Yeah." The info that comes though

A small light right there in his head, but it is filed away quickly and buried down. At least he knows where he figured to come aboard then. "Did it exhibit any odd behavior-something that y' would not expect for a rat?"


"I wish I could tell yer more," Amber says. "I jes didn' think to look for it though, yeah? I 'ad no reason t'believe it wasn't just a rat. It ate, it slept…" she tries to think, but in all honesty, she noticed very little that it did out of the ordinary. "Well, it escaped a couple times. Always seemed ter come back, tho'. Wouldnae call that unusual. River gets out sometimes, n' she's always come back. 'ad 'er since she was a li'l thing, too. Always was like that." She drapes the handkerchief over the arm of the chair after another sniffle.

"I'm sorry, Sir, I really can't tell yer anything else. If I think of anythin', I'll make sure ter come to ya?"


Moody nods slightly before he is removing his hand and reaching back for the handkerchief-which is promptly slid into his pocket. He moves, to allow her a place to walk-after all the office isn't too roomy-just enough for him to simply get about. "What y' said was fine lass." the professor reassures "Y' can get back if you need to, Miss Matthews-I know its getting on, but y' have done admirably by comin out with what y' have known.." and he is quiet for a bit "If ye' ever need t' talk more?" Well his office is open.


Amber smiles as Moody takes his hand back. The comfort is appreciated, and it's given her another chance to talk about Perpetua. "She was a really good person," Amber says as she stands. And, really, if anyone could have any epitaph, wouldn't that be one of the best ones? There's a lot of bad happening in the world, so to be labeled as one of the good ones… Amber hopes people think that about her, too.

"Honestly, Sir, if Pr'fessor Moldavia 'adn' brought it up, I don' think I ever woulda guessed there were something odd about tha' rat. But I'm glad I knew somethin'." And she still doesn't understand it. Only that the rat was bad, and probably led to Perpetua's death. "Might take you up on tha' offer, sir. Thanks." After one last tight smile, she heads for the door, making sure to close it again on her way out.


Moody waits and watches as th' girl starts to move "Good Night, Miss Matthews." offered anyway before he is returning back to his desk with the hard sounding thumps of his leg. Another swig is taken of the flask, before he is sighing for but a mere moment. One hand reaches t' turn the picture frame about, just in time t' see the couple laughin' and doing what couple's do. A faint frown , before he looks back towards the door. And then back down to his work-nothing more said.

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