1995-12-15: On the Other Side of the Line


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Scene Title On the Other Side of the Line
Synopsis A typical Hogwarts dinner - seen from the other side of the staff table.
Location Great Hall
Date December 15, 1995
Watch For Sneaky Ravenclaws, unlikely banter, unusual punishments
Logger I am the Bad Wolf

The doors to the great hall are flung wide open as the last dish appears on the last open space of the last table; hot food met by a stream of hungry children who are watched over by the few (and brave) teachers of Hogwarts seated on the dais above to keep watch over them. One such teacher, in her pointed hat and dark forbidding robes stares down at the youngsters when they run - obviously forcing them to slow to a walk and gulp in her direction nervously before they take a seat. "I swear you could forget we serve bottomless dishes of food every night with the way they always rush in here." she points out, glancing over at the nearby Slytherin instructor.

Snape is already seated, having taken the quicker, more direct route into the room. He pinches at the bridge of his nose, expecting the roar of noise and preparing himself for it. "It is though they were all raised as feral children by hippogriff farmers with not enough time to teach them the finer points of manners." He's even including his own snakes in there right now. He pours himself a little wine from a nearby carafe, holding it up for his fellow Head of House. "Minerva? Mulled wine?"

In that moment of pinched-noses, the two heads of house have nearly identical expressions. No doubt other astute staff members snicker to themselves over such things when the two are nowhere to be seen or heard. "Indeed. Or perhaps raised by the Hippogriffs themselves." Minerva suggests with pursed lips as two children collide and nearly slide down the length of the hall in their rush to get to a bowl of mashed potatoes. "Mulled wine sounds perfect, thank you." she agrees, taking the carafe and pouring some for herself before gesturing at the pile of sliced roast. "Roast, Severus?" is offered in return, before she ventures. "I hope the lions have settled and displayed marginally more discipline in recent weeks." This could open floodgates.

"I believe I shall," Severus replies, taking some of the roast. "I have not had the same issues with your lions since the incident." 'The Incident." How benign. For some reason, Snape is is reluctant to talk about Pierrick's bad behavior. "And are the snakes behaving themselves?" He hasn't heard of anything, but there is a reciprocation involved in this process. "Would you please pass the mashed potatoes?"

Late - not a habit, but regretfully unavoidable - Siobhan slips in the side staff door and slides quickly into the seat between Snape and McGonagall. "Severus. Minerva." She's a bit out of breath and her face is pink and cold from the outside wind, but she's grinning like a loon. "Did someone say mulled wine?" Because that sounds amazing.

"Well, that's good to hear. I was quite impressed upon hearing of Siobhan's unique punishment for the boy." And Minerva doesn't lavish praise lightly, so indeed she must have been! "Quite, yes. Though I suppose the rumors that I turned someone into a toad last year for being mouthy always helps." Is she joking? Maybe she's joking. One might get the idea she starts those rumors herself! "Mashed potatoes… ah, here we are!" she exclaims, lifting the bowl to pass it… past Siobhan. "Well hello there, dear. Mulled wine indeed. Long day?" That, of course, is passed next.

"Miss…" Severus begins, only to stop and correct himself. "Professor Noble, so good of you to join us." He gestures grandly to her seat. "She certainly was creative. I would never have considered such punishment," Severus replies, taking bites of his food. In front of the other professors, he will support his fellow snake. He turns toward said snake again. "May I ask what you have been doing? Have you been working with Mister Gardener again?" He gazes out across the room, lowering his head just slightly to glare at a student lifting his spoon of mashed potatoes like a catapult. "The holidays must be nearing," he whispers out of the side of his mouth. "Their behavior deteriorates daily."

Siobhan catches that slip of the tongue and she lets him know it in the way she learned from him - a sharp, dry look. "Yes, quite." She answers Minerva distractedly before turning her gaze out on the chaos that always bubbles just below the surface of dinner-time, here. The mulled wine is accepted and poured into her goblet, then bits of roast, steamed veg and mashed potatos are heaped onto her plate. "Mm, mhmm," she answers, spearing a bit of veg. "I asked for an extra lesson, today. That man loves to land me on my arse, but I had a theory I wanted to test and I needed him to do it - and without the gaggle of students who run with us in the mornings." Oh, Siobhan… Some of Jack's 'charm' must be a family trait, because that's the only possible explanation for how the careless wording could come out so … not-so-innocent. That bit of veg is taken and she tucks into her plate with relish. Whatever she's been doing, she's worked up an appetite. "Christmas hols will start this next week, Sev. What do you expect?" She gestures with the empty tines of her fork down at the far end of the Ravenclaw table where several of the younger students have managed to charm the jug of pumpkin juice to gargle Christmas tunes at them. "Even the quiet ones get antsy this time of year."

Finally getting to the veggies herself, Minerva spears a few and then glances over curiously. "Mister Gardener. That's the handsome young military man… looks good in that running outfit doesn't he." is commented, mostly for Siobhan. But no doubt Snape heard it anyway. "What lesson was it you were learning?" The lump of mashed potatoes about to be launched finds itself hurtling back towards the one who was about to fling it - courtesy of a small gesture McGonagall makes. He may think twice before trying it again. "It will be nice not to deal with some of the more mannerless during the holidays." A silent agreement with Severus, though she also nods at Siobhan.

Snape is mid bite when Siobhan speaks, and nearly chokes at her words. He goes to take a sip of his wine, and Minerva speaks. It's a bit much. He manages to keep his lips closed, but he swallows the warmed wine a little oddly and makes a quiet choking sound. "I, too, am interested in hearing the nature of these lessons." He puts a slight emphasis on the last word, looking over at her with a dark look. Protective Severus is Protective. "Mister Gardener does show some respect for order, though his vocabulary is atrocious." He's caught some of his older Slytherins using some of the American slang to be cool, and he's had to call them on it. He nods his agreement to Minerva. "Do you know that one of the Ravenclaws decided to create an effigy to their Founder from snow? And were debating how best to preserve it to replace the one in their Common Room. I suggested they would better spend their time studying for their exams."

"You mean you obliterated it and told them to stop being so childish." Siobhan knows how to read between the lines. She also heard rumors. "Mm, yep. The one who was with me when you caught us stretching a couple weeks back." Apparently spending time with Jethro has given Siobhan an element of 'bull in a china shop' this evening. "He's been helping me improve my balance and dexterity. A bit of the self-defense they teach the magical branch of the Marines. He's got a very … hands-on approach. I've picked up more than I did from Moody, even," she offers in answer to McGonagall before a glance over to her right catches Snape's Dark Look. Startled, she knits her brows and tilts her head in a silent question. What did she do wrong now? "You knew I've been meeting with Jethro," is all she offers, turning instead to the much more pleasant subject of holidays and this, she addresses to Minerva. "I never was told. Are we allowed to leave for the holidays or do we have to stay on to keep an eye on the kids that stay?" Reaching for - instead of her goblet of mulled wine, this time - the full glass of water set at her place, Siobhan lifts it towards her mouth. Water's supposed to shimmer like that, right?

"I do recall hearing something about that… rather creative if you ask me. A snow sculpture can be rather difficult to achieve; though, replacing the statue would simply be unconscionable." What? So Minnie has a soft spot for little pranks like that. "Oh my, is that right Siobhan? And what does it do for your flexibility?" the old wildcat wonders aloud, her expression the picture of innocence as she tries to prompt the young snake into realizing just how her words are coming out. "Oh of course you can my dear. I stay at Hogwarts because it is my home. Once in awhile I visit my nieces and nephews during the holidays, but there are always a few staff members that stay. Not -everyone-. You should go, and be with your family this year."

"Of course." Snape agrees, continuing to eat as he listens to the women. "I knew you were running with him in the mornings. Other meetings I was unaware of." He's not going to explain himself here of course. It ruins the effect. "I did not disparage their creativity." He thought it was a pretty good likeness, but would never say so. "I merely insinuated that they may not have the time to attempt such a feat when their exams were so near." It is a trick to keep Ravenclaws on track, and it hardly ever fails. "The teachers who stay most often are those with no family nearby…" As Minerva has said, "and the Heads of Houses." Though they have been known to leave from time to time. "When the two conditions overlap, it is almost certain that …" Minerva speaks her comment about flexibility, and Snape falls silent, refusing to look at either of them for several long moments. Embarrassed? Yes. However, as he sits, pointedly not-looking at Siobhan, he does catch a strange flicker of light from something out of the corner of his eye. He slowly turns his head to look in Siobhan's direction, and sees her drink as she lifts it. "Professor Noble." His tone is sharp and demanding. "Kindly examine the water in your hand." It's all he'll say before he returns to quietly eating his mashed potatoes and vegetables.

"It's actually been helping a lot with - oh." And thanks to McGonagall the lightbulb goes off over Siobhan's head. It's that pause as her brain re-examines her part of the conversation over the last few minutes - wincing at the phrasing she was too careless to think about - that means that Snape's sharp demand catches her in plenty of time. Eyeing it askance, she lifts it carefully to her nose and inhales slowly. "Huh. Smells like cold water, to me. Though maybe … " She pauses and takes another sniff. "Cedar or sandalwood? I'm not sure, I'm not familiar with it." But the rainbow-oil sheen to the liquid makes her stomach clench in a not-so-pleasant way. "Sev," she ventures warily, forgetting in her growing concern that he's just snapped at her and that she's just been an idiot. "What do you smell?" If he'll take it, she'll hand it off to him, taking a deep breath of clean air and looking at her goblet of wine with a mix of longing and distrust. "That's good to know, Minerva. Thank you." If she sounds subdued and distracted, perhaps she can be forgiven. If that glass contains what she suspects…

Minerva just inclines her head pleasantly towards the younger woman, an affectionate and maybe knowing smile on her face for the way one can sometimes speak without paying attention to their phrasing. Embarassing Severus is of course her trophy achievement for the evening and she briefly considers retiring for the night right then and there so as not to spoil the victory. But, then… the sheen on the water and the mention of sandalwood sort of scent… it makes her look over at the goblet of water sharply. Waiting, with an arched brow at Snape to hear what he has to say. "What is in her water, Severus?"

"Do not ask me that question, Siobhan." The use of her first name without a lot of pushing shows how serious he is. He closes his eyes for a moment, sniffing just to make sure. "I believe it is Amortentia, Minerva. Can you not smell …?" He doesn't ask her for the specifics of her own experience, just that almost everyone who graduates from the school should have some basic idea of how to at least recognize the potent potion. "Set the glass down, and I shall test it. There is a test that may allow us to determine the creator, if it is done in time." He's not sure he'll get it done in time, but he can certainly attempt. "For the moment, we must act as though nothing has occured." It lessens the chance of figuring this out, but if any of them leave too quickly, it causes questions.

Turning a shade - or three - paler, Siobhan sets the glass on the table as if it were full of nitro-glycerine and not love potion. "That answers the point, anyway." Which was that he does not smell cedar and cold water. Which means that … "Amortentia," she breathes, ducking her head so that her facial expression is mostly hidden from the student body. Severus and Minerva are close enough, however, to see the shock, disgust and anger wrestled off her face to leave her with a sense of general disquiet. With Snape's order to maintain the appearance of normality, Siobhan dutifully lifts her fork, but her conversational spark has dimmed and she mostly pushes the food around her plate.

"Indeed." Minerva simply eyes the potioned goblet sidelong and continues on with her meal as if nothing is happening. She's obviously more used to this pretense then Siobhan is. "Do let us know when you've finished what needs to be done, Severus." Her tone is a bit clipped, but it's out of concern for Sio and anger at whoever has violated her in this manner rather then anything else. "While you're quite adept at making interesting patterns with that roast beef, try to pretend some of it goes in your mouth." she counsels.

"It is a simple test." Severus comments. He is eating his meal with a forced calm that those who know him would run from. His eyes narrow as they scan the room, attempting to see if any of the older students are watching them. "We shall have to devise a suitable punishment. Perhaps Siobhan would be of assistance in that area since she seems to have ample skill." His tone is dry. It's not a joke, exactly.

Late to the meal, not that it really matters as he's rarely seen much about the castle, Keegan limps his way into the Great Hall. His limp is more pronounced than normal as he's dragging a fifth year by the ear. Looks like someone was caught in pre-holiday festivities turned wrong. "Gallagher, you stand here by the fireplace, more acoustics and you're to sing these lyrics until dinner is over." The student in question was caught filling the music room tuba with Droobles. Keegan was less than amused at catching Gallagher in the act. Parchment with the lyrics are pushed at the student before Keegan heads up to the high table where the other teachers are seated. As he stalks away, Gallagher's ears turn red as he starts to sing out loud, "I'm Henry the 8th I am! Hen-er-y the 8th, I am, I am. I got married to the widow next door, she's been married 7 times before."

Taking McGonagall's advice, Siobhan lifts bits of roast to her lips every now and then. After a few 'bites', she puts a little more effort into the charade. It'd take someone who knows her well to recognize the sham. Or, you know, for someone to look over and realize the meat doesn't disappear into her mouth, it just disappears. With her stomach this twisted, actually eating would not be a good idea. "No, I don't think I'd be much help," she offers, and her quiet words are low and cold and hard. "The little shit who thought he'd dose me with this won't ever have children if I get my hands on him." And from the sound of it - and the subtle shake to her empty hand - she doesn't mean it as an idle threat. "So you'd better not tell me who you find." The singing student earns a glance, but no more. Not even a twitch fo the lip, tonight. How close she came to having her control - her mind, even - taken from her has pushed Siobhan into dark waters, this evening.

"Perhaps a dose of their own poison, and we only allow them to remove a blindfold once they're in a locked room with an amorous hippogriff." Minerva suggests as a possible punishment, stabbing a fork into her roast with far too much gusto. "Although, that may constitute excessive punishment. So something with less cruelty to animals involved would be more appropriate." Apparently, she considers the first punishment cruel to the hippogriff and not the other way around. Go figure. "And at at the school no less. This is absolutely disgraceful. We shall have to look at every last one of the kitchen and serving staff. /Outrageous/." Seething now, and she wasn't even the target, she forces a prim smile to her face. Also, a student with peas loaded onto a spoon ready to aim them down a girl's shirt will suddenly find himself yelping and standing up… only to have that same vegetable rolling out the bottom of his pants. So whether Minerva chokes back a snort at that sight, or the Fifth year singing Henry the Eigth is really left to the imagination.

Snape casts a baleful look Keegan's way. He understands the use of 'shame as punishment' perhaps slightly more than the next teacher, but he doesn't really want dinner entertainment. "I shall consider it, Minerva." He, being the one to discover the wrong, will probably be the one to dole out the punishment. "What about you, Keegan? What would you suggest for a student who has spiked his teacher's punch with Amortentia?" He is certain the other man will be creative. To Siobhan's comment, he snorts softly, expressing his wish that he could implement something like that to students who do such things. "I shall have to consider who would have the werewithal to accomplish this." There aren't many students currently here who would.

Oblivious to what's been going on around the castle, and loving it, Keegan claims an empty seat with the professors, sitting near McGonagall. He settles into the chair, propping his walking stick up against the table next to him. A grunt of greeting and a nod are given to the teachers as he starts to fill up his plate. May as well make a pretext of being social, even as he attempts to keep his head buried in the sand. "Oh, is that all that's happened?" At least it's trouble within the castle, and not trouble that's been invited in by a certain headmaster who just HAS to be involved in current events. "Any student brave or stupid enough to spike a professor's drink should be taught to properly respect the chain of command. I'm starting to agree with Filch on bringing back some of the old punishments. /Some/ of the students just aren't fazed any more by current levels of discipline."

"The House Elves?" That's enough to shock Siobhan back into the here and now. She shakes her head vehemently. "I've known these elves for almost eight years straight. They wouldn't do something to hurt anyone if they knew about it." In fact, House Elf attempts not to do damage are often bad enough on their own. Siobhan seems to come to the same conclusion Snape does at around the time he offers to entertain Minerva's suggestion. A rather feral grin twists at her mouth. If there's anyone at the castle now who understands what Amortentia would mean to someone with Siobhan's fears - and would conceive a consequence creative enough to satisfy even her - it would be Snape. Sometimes sadism comes in handy, kids. "How do you feel about castration, Keegan?" The lightly conversational tone with which she asks the question manages to make it … kind of creepy. "Aren't there Ministry regs on it?" The potion, not castration.

"If they knew about it." Minerva agrees, mildly. "They may not know. In the bustle of dinnertime, things may be overlooked." Still unacceptable of course. And the idea of a student stooping to such things is enough to send her into a sputter really. Thus, she moves right along to the topic of castration. "It might make that young man's voice a little more bearable. Did you have to punish -all- of us, Keegan?"

"On castration?" Either Severus is being purposefully obtuse, or he's paying more attention to the students than to Siobhan. "There are indeed regulations," note the emphasis on the non-abbreviated word, people, "on potions such as these. There are fines and punishments set out for its use in non-consensual situations." There are situations in which someone might take Amortentia on purpose, but they are very rare. "I do not believe the Elves would have set something out that they knew was harmful." It's his roundabout way of agreeing with both Minerva and Siobhan. He continues to eat his meal, scanning the room from time to time.

"Unfortunately, I think there would be too many protests, despite how little we'd like some of these monsters to breed," Keegan says before taking a few bites of his meal. "I suggest lining up several flasks from the Potions classroom, telling them one is poison, and they'll have to test each one. If they're lucky, we'll have an antidote standing by." Or maybe not, he doesn't actually want to hurt students, but a good scare is what some of these damn upstarts need. Although in the music professor's opinion, the school was asking for it by hiring such a young teacher. He smirks at Minerva, "He got caught, so he gets to be humiliated. Although he is putting me off my pudding." Putting his fork down, he shouts across the Great Hall, "Gallagher! Take a seat and shut it! You'll be attending music lessons start of next term, your voice needs work!" Thankfully, the 'entertainment' stops and takes a seat, keeping his head down. "You're welcome," Keegan says in Snape's direction.

"I think Moldavia did that as a lesson actually," Siobhan offers by way of commentary on Keegan's suggestion. "I was still in the Hospital Wing, but the stories went viral." She pauses, tilting her head to one side and eyeing the music professor strangely. "Talk was everywhere. You can't tell me you didn't hear anything?" She knows the man doesn't get out much, but sheesh! Snape's addition very nearly makes her drop her fork, resulting in an interesting juggle to catch it before it clatters. Turning to stare at her friend as if he'd grown a second head, she manages to hold back for almost a full two minutes before the question just bursts out. "Why in Merlin's name would anyone willingly take that stuff?"

Snape snorts at Keegan's words, agreeing with his sentiment. "I heard of this lesson." Of course, he wasn't here for it. He wasn't pleased, either. "Thank you, Keegan." Of course, he's the one responsible for the noise in the first place. Dessert appears, and Severus grabs some cake thing sitting in front of him. "Consider this example, Professor," he comments, looking at Siobhan. "Young woman marries the man of her dreams. Young man is foolish and ends up dead due to an accident or a spell gone awry." He pauses to eat some of his food. "Young woman finds a rich elder wizard who will care for her and her children. She feels no emotional attachment to this wizard, but she is set upon this course of action. As young women are wont to do, she spends hours and days debating her situation. She comes upon a solution. She will drink Amortentia, keyed in to his magical signature, inspiring feelings of passion toward the man who has chosen to care for her and her family." He shrugs. "It happens extremely rarely, but it has been known to happen in history."

"Who?" Keegan asks with a faint smirk, then returns to his dinner then says between bites, "Looks like we hang 'em up by their ankles then." Too bad Hagrid doesn't house the Thestrals in stalls, those would be fun to muck out. Oh well. "This is why I keep to myself, too much drama going on otherwise," he mutters and helps himself to some dessert. His attention is now more on the students than his fellow professors. Or so it seems.

Dessert is still more picked at than eaten. Chocolate cake is awesome, but Siobhan isn't exactly keen on revisiting it later. "How're your students this year?" she asks politely of Keegan. The classroom is a safe enough topic, since he doesn't like what's outside of it. Her attention is stolen, however, by Snape's proposed scenario and Siobhan is sucked in to a debate. "Then why not be grateful for the assistance, enjoy his company and express affection through those means? It might not be the kind of passion that steams up the bedroom mirror, but at least it's real. At least it's you in control and not being controlled."

"I did not say that it was an intelligent decision, merely that the decision had been made." Snape replies. "Mister Filch would certainly concur," he offers to Keegan's comments on hanging upside down. "I would much prefer to apply the judicious use of a boggart." Scare the little miscreants. "However, most of them could banish it. If we could find a way to prevent them from doing so…" He prefers the mental torture to the physical.

A derisive snort escapes from Keegan at the topic discussed between Snape and Siobhan. Someone's a bit of a cynic. "The students have been okay so far. Send me more of your miscreants. I should put on a school musical or play using them. I just haven't had enough to do anything with." He likes it that way of course, but he really should justify his existence here.

A bit thrown off by the brusque dismissal when she expected an involved debate - something for her mind to focus on - Siobhan takes a second to switch gears. Severus is given a look of 'the hell?' but since he seems taken with the topic of torture, she lets it drop. "Note to self, send small brats to Keegan. I hope that doesn't mean we have to watch them try to sing."

"There is a student in one of my classes who may benefit from your tutelage, or you from his … skill." Severus begins, catching Siobhan's look, and changing topics. "It would depend upon his interest. I would not be the one to suggest it." He'd run away from it like from a burning building. He eats his cake slowly, still managing to scan the room. "Siobhan," he keeps his face impassive, but speaks clearly. "Look over at the Ravenclaw table, and tell me if you are seeing the same pattern I am seeing." It might be their potioneer, or it might just be another kind of guilty conscience.

"Not unless it's mandated attendance to any school production, which isn't a bad idea. Keep the lot of you out of trouble," Keegan states as he polishes off his plate of ice cream. If more focus was kept within the walls of Hogwarts, there might be less death, destruction and mayhem. "Send him my way, or give me a name and I'll grab him by the scruff." Despite not being spoken to, he looks over the younger generation of his House.

"Oh come on, Sev. Pie served his time. He's been better, hasn't he?" Not normally one to jump to the defense of Gryffindors - at least not lately - Siobhan has a soft spot for her 'project kid'. "Us or them?" She nods down to the general student body. "Believe me, Keegan, I don't go looking for trouble." It just finds her. Turning, then, she follows Snape's gaze down to a clump of older students at the end. "Messy brown hair, tall and skinny?" she queries, just to make sure she's seen the same thing he has.

"I was not intending for it to be comeuppance. I thought he might…" It was meant to be an odd form of restitution. Maybe. "Correct." Snape nods at Siobhan's description. "Would you like to see if he responds?" He hopes the other Slytherin understands what he's trying to say. "I will still test the potion of course," but if they can catch this guy just by watching him, it would be much better, he believes. "The last time the school had a major 'production,' Keegan, it was not very successful. However, I do believe you would have more sense than to attempt to use a real creature for verisimilitude."

"Please, give me some credit. I do have more sense than to repeat mistakes of the past." Hence, Keegan's presence in the school during this war than outside its walls. Leaning back in his chair, he eyes over the Great Hall, while drumming out a little Mozart against the table with his fingertips.

"His name is Pierrick Remi. He's one of the students from Beauxbatons." That information - directed at Keegan - is a signal. She doesn't know what Snape's got on the cards, exactly, but she'll trust him. "Please, tell me you're joking." The idea of making cow-eyes at a student - and one who has possibly attempted to drug her - is revolting. Heaving the sigh of the much put-upon, Siobhan lifts the water glass to her lips as if drinking, careful to keep even the crystal from touching her skin. She's been under the effects of Amortentia before. She wasn't exactly lucid at the time, but she's pretty sure the effect was rather immediate. Tilting her head to one side in a 'pose' of sorts, she mutters something out of the corner of her mouth to Snape before locking eyes with the messy-haired Ravenclaw and ducking her head. A coquettish sort of smile turns her expression into flirtation - nothing overly-dramatic, but a noticeable change, if one had been watching her over the course of the meal.

Snape nods his agreement to Keegan's words. "It is a well-known mistake, so it has not been repeated." He sends a small jibe with the comment. His attention is focusedon the Ravenclaw table, and when Siobhan begins hier show, the young man swallows, something crossing his face. It's a hint of worry, and then, a satisfied smile. "I believe we have found our potioneer, Professor. I shall deal with him when the meal is done." He's already forgotten his injunction not to let her know that it was him. "Ravenclaw may end up with a similar position to Gryffindor in the Standings." He cannot help a smirk at Minerva, who narrows her eyes at him for just a second. "The consequences will fit the infraction." He assures his fellow Slytherin of this.

Keegan files that name away for future reference. Despite his hard arsed nature, he does appreciate talent when he finds it. If he's rough, it's for their own good. Closing his ears to the discussion going on, he plucks up his walking stick and pushes up from his seat. That's enough socialization and drama for him for one night. With nary a word or gesture, he's away from the table and leaving the Hall.

Normally one for discretion in these sorts of things, Siobhan has had quite enough for one night. Yes, her little display may have caught the culprit, but that doesn't make her feel any less … slimy for it. "At least it wasn't Gryffindor." She's not entirely sure a lion would make it out of such a 'consequence' alive. Keegan's departure gets a nod of farewell, but at this point she just can't quite bring herself to care. "I am going to take a hot shower, then I'm going after the painted distillery. Should I save you a frame?" She'll probably end up invading his sitting room with said frame and The Hobbit, but that's rather par for the course by now.

Snape shakes his head, minutely, but enough for her to notice. "No, thank you. I shall deal with this incident, and then I shall retire to my rooms." He leaves the comment open, letting her know that she can come sit on his comfortable chair and read her book. He nods to her, and waits for the room to start to clear out. "Filius, if I may have a moment of your time…" He moves toward the Ravenclaw Head of House, carrying the glass of 'water' with him.

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