1994-10-23: On The Job


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Scene Title On The Job
Synopsis Lupin spends his first day on the job as Ichabod's assistant.
Location Dept. for the RCMC, Ministry
Date October 23, 1994
Watch For Pimpin' new duds
Logger Icky

Having sent out word to Lupin a day or two ago that he is officially eligible for hire - along with a rather hefty amount of paperwork to be filled out and returned - Ichabod has been waiting for the fellow's arrival, and has tidied up his office a bit in preparation. Which means that the yellowed paintings on the wall have been dusted off and his massive oaken desk cleared of the majority of the clutter that usually takes up its surface. A smaller desk has also been added to one side of the room, quite a bit newer and more modern than anything else in view, replete with drawers full of office supplies. The gaunt old Ministry worker is currently seated at his desk, hunched over what appears to be a folder containing several photographs depicting a very, very ugly Witch. Curled up next to him is a large three-headed snake.

Adorned in new (read: second hand) robes, only bought as he had gotten this new job, Remus Lupin enters the Ministry for the first time without having to register as a guest. He flattens his robes slightly as he takes the elevator to the fourth floor. Stepping off, he looks around. Ah yes, the Vampire division is this way, he remembers now. It has been a while since he's been to that particular part of the Department. He's usually with people talking about werewolves if he's ever there. Approaching the office of Ichabod Noble, he knocks on the door before opening it.

"Come in, come in," Ichabod calls out when he hears the knock. He sets the photograph he'd been in the process of examining down and closes the folder, then stands up and walks out from the behind the desk slowly as someone enters. "Ah. Good day, Mr. Lupin. I was hoping you'd accept my offer." He does look quite pleased for a moment, going so far as to offer a bony hand to Lupin in welcome. "I trust you did not run into any trouble on the way in?" Which probably means: Umbridge didn't try and bugger things up again, did she?

Lupin smiles softly as he enters, closing the door behind him. He shakes Ichabod's hand, shaking his own head as he does so. "No, no. No trouble at all. Everything went smoothly and I'm here well and good." He says, though he seems slightly surprised about such a thing. He looks around the room. "A nice office you have here, Mister Noble." Glancing down beside Ichabod, he tilts his head. "A Runespoor. Quite a rare sight in these parts, I must say. Don't they primarily reside in Africa?" He asks casually.

Ichabod nods at that bit of news, obviously not having expected otherwise - but it's always a good idea to make certain of such things. "Very good. And yes, that's quite right," He says after shaking the other man's hand; he sets his own on one of the orange-and-black serpent's heads very lightly. "This one was born in England, however. I acquired the egg from a fellow vampire who couldn't keep his fangs out of Muggle necks - had to be taken care of the unpleasant way, I'm afraid. But that's just part of the job." With a light shrug, he removes his hand from the serpent and paces toward the new-looking desk. "I've appropriated this for you, along with quite a few supplies you can probably use. There is.. quite a lot of paperwork involved with this position, in between the interesting bits, I'm afraid."

Lupin nods slightly at the explanation. "Hmm. I hear they're quite intelligent." But that's all he has on the topic of Runespoors for now. "Well…I'd imagine that that's an unfortunate part of this job, having to deal with the unpleasantness of the vampires who do go around biting people." He says, eyes moving over to his new desk. "Paperwork is something that I can live with, I believe, Mister Noble. It's tedious but it has to be done." He moves around and starts looking through the desk to see what supplies exactly he has. "So, I'm your secretary, that much I've gathered. But am I assuming, from what you have said, that you'll be gathering my assistance for other matters as well?"

Stepping aside to let Lupin examine the contents of the desk - mostly parchment, fresh quills, a paper weight, that sort of thing (although in one drawer there is something that looks suspiciously like a weighted net, and also a few oddly-colored potions in another) - Ichabod chuckles and nods. "Well, to be honest, Mr. Lupin, I hired you more for your assistance in those 'other matters'. I've been dealing with paperwork for over two-hundred years and have become quite adept at the ins and outs. Although it will be nice to be able to have a bit of a break from some of it." Moving back toward his own desk, he picks up the manilla folder and holds it to his chest. "However, my role within this Department tends to be somewhat.. malleable. While my official title is 'vampire liaison', my assistance is frequently requested in especially dangerous or unresearched situations."

There's a knowing look at Ichabod as Lupin smile lightly. "Ah yes, the 'other matters'. The matters the likes of vampires and werewolves are good at." He raises an eyebrow. "I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. Not that I'm complaining, of course." He chuckles softly. "Well, 'dangerous or unresearched situations', I find, are often situations that people like us find ourselves in more often than not anyway, correct?"

"That inevitably seems to be the case," Ichabod responds drily. At this point he holds out the manilla folder to the younger man. "This is the latest case to come by me - a Hag has been hiding out in Hyde Park for the past few weeks. According to several Muggle eyewitnesses, she's eaten a few children. Quite bothersome for the Obliviators to deal with." He shakes his head and tsk-tsks disapprovingly. "I had planned on locating her today, but was.. distracted with something else at the time. Are you willing to accompany me tomorrow when I leave for the Park?" The old Wizard half-smiles. Something about his demeanor suggests that he actually considers this sort of thing /fun/, in a mildly demented way.

Lupin accepts the folder and opens it up. There are a few things that will only ever shock or surprise him, and this isn't any of them. Probably one of the good reasons he has this job. He won't get queasy or uncomfortable in most of these situations and he'll keep a cool and level-headed, logical attitude in most any situation no matter how hairy or sketchy it may get. "Eating children…and in plain view of muggles too. Well, if this is dealt with right away, it won't make it into the muggle papers, only the tabloids, and the children will be just considered to be missing."

Lifting a hand to rub thoughtfully at his chin, Ichabod nods promptly to Lupin's statement. Given that the photographs would make most people, Wizard or not, turn several shades of green, it's clear that the fellow has a strong stomach - which isn't totally unusual for a werewolf. But his concise summary of the situation also displays a sharp mind, which /is/ unusual (and not just for werewolves). "Mr. Lupin, I think we have a bright future ahead of us," Ichabod drawls. "No vampire puns intended. Now, in order to undertake our little excursion tomorrow, we'll need to complete a copy of Magical Being Sighting Form A2, a Request to Capture or Dispatch of a Dangerous Magical Being Form F19, and an Order For the Use of Magic Within a Highly Populated Muggle Area Form #233." The haggard figure starts opening the drawers of his desk, pulling out each report as he lists it - and handing them to Lupin one by one. "It'll be nice to have a secretary again. My last one got devoured by a Lethifold. Poor chap."

Lupin smiles and chuckles at Ichabod. He's a bright one alright. If he weren't a werewolf, he would have gone far. "I do quite look forward to working with you here, Mr. Noble." He says with a firm nod. As forms are taken out of Ichabod's desk, he takes them one by one. "I'll have these filled out right away and sent off to their appropriate offices to be dealt with quickly. The sooner this gets done, the easier our job is, no?" He smiles and takes a seat at his desk, taking out a quill and some ink to start his work.

"Excellent. You seem to have grasped the general idea quite quickly," Ichabod says pleasantly. He sits back down in his own chair and, without further ado, gets to work on a separate report - probably something else equally nasty that they'll have to deal with in a matter of days. Hopefully Lupin won't mind silence punctuated mostly by the sound of quills scrabbling on paper for hours on end, since he's likely to get a lot of it in th enear future.

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