1995-02-20: Old Softie


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Scene Title Old Softie
Synopsis Moody and Sirius take a quiet drink down at the Three Broomsticks
Location Hogsmeade - Three Broomsticks
Date Feb 20, 1995
Watch For Quilts, convicts and puppies.
Logger Birdman of Azkaban

Sirius Black has made his way back down into the village and has claimed a table at the Three Broomsticks. He's already eaten back up at the castle, sharing dinner with a now awake Harry Potter. The teen is resting again, as far as Sirius knows, so he's nipped off down to the pub for a quiet drink. He intends on taking a room upstairs for the night, and then back to the castle in the morning. A table against a wall has been chosen, where he can cover his back and keep an eye on the rest of the room. It's not exactly out of paranoia that he chose this spot, but mainly because he wants to people watch as he drinks his mead.

There is a crack outside the door, which means someone has apparated out in the street, but for those not running out or to the windows-their curiosity will be killed as soon as the door is blown back and open with a shove. The sound of the heavy walk can be easy to figure whom is lurching their way into the pub room. One hand rises up and brushes a stray bit of snow-before he is looking about slowly-however the Blue eye whirls about wildly-taking in each and every occupant as it can. Whispers are already fresh- but it seems Moody's eye focuses in right on one individual.

"Just a glass Rosmerta." Which means he will be having just that a plain glass-Moody's course is then altered making that way towards Mr. Black "Sirius.." intoned softly before he's making a pointed motion with that walking stick of his, pulling out a chair before he slams his body down for a landing. Apparently Moody doesn't ask before he joins.

Sirius doesn't seem to mind Moody joining without asking. "I was going to offer you my seat, Mad-Eye. Better view of the room from here." There's a faint grin playing about his face, as he could be teasing the ex-Auror about his paranoia. "You ought to be careful with the students, next thing you know, they'll think you like puppies and infants." Okay, now he's outright teasing. "I spoke with Miss Angelina Johnson late on Saturday evening." He toys slightly with the goblet in his hands, "She had an interesting idea that seems to have your backing."

"Which Idea, would that be-Transfiguration as punishment?" Moody muses, before nodding once as the curvaceous hostess drops off the glass without a grumble to the ex Auror. A nod of thanks, and Moody is reaching inside his traveling robes and pulls out that rather distinctive flask of his. Blue eye inspecting the glass, until its satisfactory that it has no magical properties or curses on its person. And then the professor is tacky as he pours in own drink inside. "I have a good view here.." And the Blue eye snaps to attention as he takes time to whip out his wand and conjure a pair of ice-cubes before the wand is slid away for a moment. His reflexes aren't dead.

"I do like puppies, Sirius.." a grin if you can cause the strain of his lips that "They can be trained into good attack dogs- but go on with this notion?"

Sirius laughs before taking a drink of his mead, finishing off the goblet and signaling for a refill, "Thanks Rosmerta." Chuckling at the ex-Auror, he shrugs, and is still amused. "Transfiguration is always good for a big shock, not that you need ideas from what I'm hearing." A rather loud laugh is barked out at Moody, and causes several people to turn and stare. It's as if Black has the nerve to be in here, in public /and/ laughing! "Not that I have any clue what you're on about. Miss Johnson was mentioning a defense group, extra curricular." He does have the good sense to lower his voice so as to prevent eavesdropping on this.

Moody offers that clacking laugh- a sound which sounds like a stick being drug along a cemetery wrought iron gate. Not all together unbroken-or pleasant sounding. Still Alastor takes the time to quell that down with a drink before his features turns to a more serious hold, or 'normal' for him. "I do aim to please." offers Moody before a silent cheers is given over, and another healthy sip is taken. A slight cough given-before he is nodding. "I have had a rash of students asking me to take them on as assistants-So I said if there was enough interest.." Moody too keeping his own voice quiet as that eye roams for a moment. Ever careful-as if this information slipping would mean his own certain demise. "So I figured an extra curricular training session might be wise-given the times."

"Never saw yourself as the popular teacher then?" Sirius can't help but grin cheekily at the older Order member. Moody's rougher around the edges than he is, but all the same, he finds the man quite likable. "Miss Johnson took it upon herself to ask if I would consent to assisting in the process. Apparently, she had a conversation with Remus, and latched to the idea that I should assist." There's no need to keep this from Moody, the man's gonna catch wind of it anyway. "So I suggested because of the dodgy sort of fellow that I am, I could take select older students who don't mind me much, and work with them on Hogsmeade weekends."

"I figured I would scare th' life outta th' ones who were cowards. Weed them out that think the job of an Auror is all pictures and glory." Moody grumbles around the edge of his drink. The conjured ice-cubes are swirled about before the glass is left to set on the table top. Finger tips drumming softly before he is blinking-Yes something managed to catch Moody offguard "She asked, you and Remus to help?" it seems that Moody's Army has gotten a life of its own, without its general's knowledge. "Well- I would welcome it.." After this attack they recently experienced he assumes things will pick up with the Order soon enough.

"I could consent to that..If you have the time." says, Moody. "That is, if you're not busy on some adventure- or with a lady." teasing? Quite though from Moody- it probably sounds short of a complaint.

"I take it a number fancy themselves as Aurors?" Sirius frowns a bit and takes his refill of mead. "Mad-Eye, if they weren't deterred by looking at you.. you've got your work cut out." To show he means no offense, he raises his glass in a slight toast to Moody. "Can't believe the number of people who think the job is glamourous. Barking mad, the lot of them." He shakes his head, almost a bit in disbelief. Even /he/ wasn't mad enough to go for the job, but winds up doing it anyway. More or less. "That she did. Quite a number of students took to Remus, they're taking to you.. I would most likely just take a handful who I'm more or less familiar with. Ease the shock and all." He snorts into his goblet at the teasing from Moody. "Yes the ladies are flocking to me, swooning as I walk past," he says quite dryly. "No, I won't be terribly busy. Not so busy I can't spare two weekends a month helping students." His voice lowers further, "I'm sure I can fit it into my duties for the Order."

"I guess you missed the Children's Crusade that took to the streets when the Death Eaters hit us." a shake of his head and there can be the frown from Moody joining in, as that grip tightens around the glass. "Its not just our own house- there were Slytherins…I am just surprised by the simple fool-hearted ness coming from them all." Albeit he understands the want to defend friends-etc. "This isn't a game Sirius, and no matter how much I hammer that out and rail for it-they don't listen? You know why?" and one finger is jabbing out in some invisible chest. "Because they think there is glory and honor in it-its almost a damned game t' them..The don't realize how easy it is for them to die as it us who are so trained.." Or come by it naturally in Sirius' case.

"We make a pair. I look like a bloody quilt, an you an ex convict." Meaning for the ladies of course, but the laugh shows even if there's no air or weight to it. "Good." a look over with just the swivel of his brown eye. "I suspect we'll be more active now…They're making moves-and it feels like we're just sitting on our wands.."

"I'm afraid I went a bit out of it, but the finer points did not escape my attention." Sirius is just incredibly focused and single minded when it comes to Harry, and he snapped a bit. "Siobhan Noble is a bit on the fierce side, and not your typical Slytherin. She's refreshing to say the least." Nodding in agreement to the talk of this is not a game, "If they don't understand it now, they'll have to learn the hard way. A shame that never seems to change. There's always the sort that stays in denial until they're faced with life and death. There's no honor and glory in this fight, the only reward is pushing back evil and possibly defeating it." Between the pair of them, they're poster children for Life Is Not Fair<tm>. A drink is taken of his mead, and he chuckles deep down at Moody making a funny, "Hey now, quilts are homey and comfortable." He's into his second mead, and he's loosening up a fair bit. "Now, now, we've got people set into motion. I don't like sitting idle any more than you do.."

"I expected as much- I would have if he was my own.." son or grandson-hell godson. However Moody doesn't elaborate as he waves a hand dismissing the notion right there. However seeing that Sirius here is a good sign "So Harry, is doing better then?" or did Pomfrey finally chase you out seems to go unsaid. A grunt there and eye closes, as he drains down a healthy bit of his own special blend. Warmth spreading through that battered body of his, wetting the throat and easing that sound of gravel in his voice. "I plan t' remind them of Perpetua-the girl we lost. And I will keep that reminder there for them before we train. A line in th' sand I think the term is that the yanks use.." And that eye opens a twinkle there briefly but its gone as he merely chuckles to the bit about the quilts. "I know you don't Sirius-I just feel we've been back on our heels for too long. But then you know me- If it were I and not Albus-" a bite of his words as a barmaid traipses by for a moment "I'd just storm their houses an curse the lot of them."

Sirius nods his head, taking another drink of his mead. "He woke up a little while ago. Got him to eat and drink a bit. He's quite shaken, and understandably so." Sirius frown into his goblet, dark thoughts filtering in. "I suspect Dumbledore will speak with him quite soon about what happened." Draining his goblet, he nudges it aside, not sure if he wants more or not. Probably not a good idea to have more. "That poor girl. Harry's feeling incredibly guilty that she died and he didn't. He said they used the Killing Curse on them both." The whys are puzzling to him, not that he's going to begin questioning Harry's continued existence. He snorts a bit derisively about storming homes, "Start with the Lestranges, and I'll help." No love there. "After years of sitting idle and doing nothing, I can't say no to a few good fights."

Moody scratches his chin oddly for a moment, before fingers smooth over where skin has been patched back on and placed just so. Careful healing spells having put him back together again..Though a grunt doesn't count as much of a response- the weight of it is there. Understanding to Harry being shaken-and the guilt. "Really?" a hoary brow raised over the edge of his patched in blue eye. Odd that th' boy has survived two killing curses. And indeed Sirius does not question-nor would Moody if any of his loved ones survived such a curse. As such they have not- and so the ex Auror is left in a minute of quiet ponderance before he finally speaks up. "I wouldn't even give them time to draw their wands." So Alastor is of the no mercy school-which is probably great that his dear friend Albus evens him out so by reminding him of mercy and trust's need when he shuns from them both instinctually. "I haven't heard from Nymphadora in a few days…" Idle chit chat now-Moody apparently seeking to change the subject or something.

Sirius inclines his head in a nod. "Damned if I know why." But after the full story is given to Dumbledore, there'll be answers. He's sure of it. Smirking a bit, he leans back casually against his seat. "Play just as dirty as they do." That seems all the time he is inclined to waste on discussing the Lestranges. Filth if there ever were any. "Tonks? I'm sure she's alright. I haven't heard from her either and I stay in contact with her. Of course I've been quite preoccupied. I need to track her down anyway."

"When you do-send my regards. I owe her some time." Tonks being the closest thing to a family member that Moody has these days, otherwise Mad Eye keeps to himself. Whatever is left in his drink is given the ol heave ho down his gullet. The swallow is thick-but given. One hand coming up and rubbing along his lips. Sleeves are better napkins anyway. "That's the plan." Moody agrees before he is looking right back towards Sirius. "I should be getting back t' the School-never know watch I'm gone for a bloody few minutes and it will be up all in flames-Dumbledore standing in the yard shakin' his head.." a laugh for a moment.

"She'll probably shower you in hugs and chocolate," Sirius says, smiling slightly. "My cousin thinks the sun sets and shines out of your arse." He's back to teasing again, aw. "Damn, you've a point. I think someone found some old prank notes of James and mine." Well, if that were the case. But yes, he can see Dumbledore being somewhat amused, but perhaps not. "I'll walk with you. I want to see to Harry once more before I retire for the night." He gets up from his seat and leaves down more than enough money for his drinks.

Moody moves his hand within his traveling robes before he is coming out with a handful of coins. The monetary value of one nice whisky bought and left. At least for being paranoid-Moody does leave a good tip "Well then lets go.." murmurs Moody with a cursory glance over the room, mainly watching their backs as they leave "Cold does my bones good.."

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