1995 02-26: Officer's Meeting


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Scene Title Officer's Meeting
Synopsis Lupin discusses wanting to aid Moody's Army, Siobhan comes in. Hi-jinx ensue
Location DADA classroom
Date Feb 26 1995
Watch For Aslploding
Logger The Mad One

Right as the two o'clock chime comes signaling the end of one class and the beginning of others, the door to DADA opens up as children come well running out, and with good reason as one poor Slytherin barely gets out before a spell slams home against the stone at the entryway, sending sparks scattering, but all together harmless..Sort of.

Moody is left standig before his desk wand drawn and frowning for a moment. "I must be losing my aim.." It seems today was another exercise in scaring children witless with Alastor Moody- or he was actually furious about something. Probably a mixture of both before he's he's leaning back against his desk. A flick of the wrist, and papers left on desks are collected, and called simply to rest at his lectern.

Lupin has been waiting outside the door only a couple minutes, awaiting the bell to ring and for the class to be finished so that he could speak with Moody between classes. He's surprised to see children literally running out of the class. He raises an eyebrow when a spell hits the wall near the door and sparks out of existence. He peeks around the door as the last student runs out. "Using scare tactics again, are we Alastor?" He says with a small smile at the older man, walking farther into the classroom toward the desk where he stands.

"They need t' learn that reality is a rather damned cruel mistress." Moody mumbles as he pushes off from where his easy lean was. Wand easily and quickly stowed away as if it was nothing before he is looking back towards Lupin. A twist of his lips-that could be discerned as a smile seems to show for a moment, before he is moving to at least come and greet the man. Blue eye-per usual working this way-and that. "How are you Remus? I have t' thank yae though..Y' left me a bright crop of kids-bloody smart on their spells for the most part."

"I suppose that's true enough. Some seem a bit scared by you, though. At least that's what I've heard. Seem to be a tad intimidating. But I've tried to tell them that you're just getting them prepared for the worst case scenario." Lupin smiles slightly. If he had not been used to Moody's artificial eye by now, he probably would have found the spinning quite disconcerting. "Oh, I'm doing alright. Better than I've been. How are you holding up? I heard there was a bit of a quarrel the other day." He chuckles. "Well, if I hadn't left them knowing their share, I wouldn't've been a good teacher, would I have? Though I must admit, it took a bit of work. Their previous teachers hadn't been nearly as good."

There's a laugh- though the sound is most akin to dragging a stick hard against a gate as you run by. "I've had quarrels with several people.." Moody, begins "So you will have to distinguish there." a wink with his good eye as he finally lurches to a stop. Despite looking as if he does have trouble on that leg-he does manage to hold fine balance. Perhaps a show then put on so folks might think he is weak and off his game. "I would say you were a great teacher, Remus. You gave em the building blocks- I'm just trying t' get them to build..Quickly." A snort. "What has y' visiting me-Oh. I do have something for you-at least information I just learned." And since Lupin is one with the Order he knows he can trust him.

Lupin chuckles. "Well, I'd imagine so. I'm talking about a quarrel that happened in Hogsmeade that involved Snape leaving in the fashion of Death Eaters. And one that involved Peter Pettigrew." He explains. "I believe that we're the first two teachers they've had in a while that really know what it can be like. Having fought in the first war." He shakes his head. "Though that's not what has me here. I am here to enquire about helping you teach the students. I've come under the understanding that you are teaching students outside of class in an extracurricular manner."

Moody nods, "There is that. Came right in at the end..Also something you should know-" which he intends to speak to Dumbledore about "Snape's been gone from his post. Sirius feels he's going back t' his old habits.." But Moody-ever trusting of Dumbledore-is holding out that Snape is just doing his job and not betraying the lot of them. "Aye, I think so as well. Everyone else has either been incompetent, or a Jackenape full of themselves…" a mutter, before its dismissed with a twitch of his lips "Oh-That was one of the things I was going to tell you Remus.." words are low before he's drawing his wand to shut the door- and seal it off so sound cannot leave the room. "And I would love it if you do. A number of them hold an affinity for you still- so I think your presence would be greatly appreciated.." a nod "The other-is we have news about Pettigrew."

Lupin bows his head in a nod. "Yes, I've heard. And apparently someone has taken his place already from what I've heard. One student even walked out of the class when the new professor tried to get them to drink poison with the promise that the antidote was in the vial right next to the poison." He's got ears to hear, it would appear. And what he doesn't say is that he's still holding out hope as well that Snape is doing his job as well, without betraying them. He nods again. "It would be my honour to help you with this endeavour, Alastor." He furrows his brow. "What about Pettigrew?"

"Was Johnson-I gave her a detention-despite her having been transfigured into a a hippo. I understand her reasons, but at the same time." A laugh that doesn't reach from Moody. Apparently someone takes it serious when one of his students say they wish to be Aurors. "Then considered yourself part of the team. So far its Sirius and I, possibly the potions replacement..And that Noble girl with Johnson making sure the students keep up the slack." A pause as he looks back, and already Moody might be able to sense the small change right there. "We figured out how he got a hold of the Hufflepuff girl…He was hiding in the castle as her pet.."

Lupin nods slightly. "Yes, I'd heard it was Johnson. A good witch, in general." He sighs. "She's a true Gryffindor through and through." He says softly. "Who is the potions replacement?" He asks curiously. "Miss Noble, I am afraid, is quite scared of me at the moment. She had an altercation with Holly Maplewood who, as you may know, is now a werewolf because Umbridge placed me and her together in a cell on the full moon. And when Maplewood snapped and made to harm Miss Noble, that gave her, it would seem, a phobia towards me as well when she previously had no problem with me." He explains. "Pettigrew was in the school again? He was never bright, but I'd think he would have learned from the first time not to stay within school grounds when there are ways to detect him."

"I heard of that right nasty bit there. Bloody lucky that Dumbledore wouldn't allow me to come and curse the life out of them." In truth he had to remain back at the school, and it was probably for the best. No need for Moody to injure half the auror department-all to pieces. A glance back to Lupin and a nod there "Well you think we would have found a way to smell him out-but without you.." a motion made by Moody-perhaps showing he doesn't mean any offense by that or such. " I think we're going to work on something-maybe a way to detect animagus…" A grumble there. "Either way I thought you should know."

Lupin sighs. "Well, I suppose in a way, it is good. They were able to save us regardless. Or rather…save Miss Maplewood." He looks up at Moody. "Well, there may be a way to keep tabs…at least on the school grounds. But…" No, Harry will not likely give that up. "Well, when I was in school, we made a map that had every level of the school, and where people were. It would show their name on the map and where they were and what they were doing…like where they were walking and such. It also showed secret rooms and passageways. Perhaps it could be made again so we can keep track of the school." He her could make a copy of the one that exists already.

Lupin and Moody are currently in the middle of the class room speaking. Moody is out and about, without the use of his walking stick- and Moody seems to be close as they continue talking in low voices. "Don't damn yourself for that-" Moody begins as both eyes flash over towards Lupin "That could not be helped no matter how strong you are there." A shake of his head and he turns, beckoning the other to follow. "I have seen this map a couple of times.." Yes, Moody is familiar with the map in question. "That might be what we have to do-a copy for those of us in the school-not too many no need of a student finding one.."

"You copy that map an' you'll be signin' the school's death warrant." Leaning in the doorway, flushed and out-of-breath, is a skinny blonde Slytherin girl familiar to both Professor and ex-. "Havin' one of 'em is bad enough. You make more an' I'll bet my life someone will slip up an' Voldemort'll have his paws all over it." Limping into the classroom, she collapses into a chair and runs a hand over her face; no hello, no 'sorry am I interrupting?', no apologies. She may remember them when she catches her breath. Then again, she may not. "How'd you find out about that map anyway, Professor?"

Lupin bows his head. "I know…I know. And I understand that." He smiles. "If anyone were to make a copy of the map, however, I'd suggest either myself or Sirius. We know the map the best of anyone else. We're the ones who made it after all." Oh hey, it's Siobhan. That girl whose afraid of him. "Even if Voldemort does get his hand on it, who is to say that he'll figure it out? Yes, he is powerful. He could find a way. But he may not, either. But we have to believe that he won't get his hands on them."

Moody twirls and rests that blue eye on the one and only Siobhan- "Noble." and Moody's looking quite past both of them before he is looking back over to the Student. One eye looking to Remus the other to her-Moody doesn't budge. No rather he stands like a rather scarred and craggy rock, in the midst of them there. "I know tons of things-Noble that might even surprise you.." said simple enough. The ex Auror not being one to divulge his own secrets. "How can we help you Miss Noble- or is this visit simply a social one-so you can miss class?" Yes good diversion and change of the subject there.

"That's like standin' in the cold naked an' sayin' we hafta believe that pneumonia won't get its hands on us." Siobhan is in no mood to mince words today, apparently. "With respect, Lupin… That's the only stupid thing I think I've ever heard you say." Backhanded compliment, that. Brown eyes flit to Moody and she lifts one shoulder in a shrug. "S'Potions." And a lecture, at that. Nothing she can't recover from missing. At first, she seems reluctant to elaborate, but then caves. Her shoulders slump forward and she nods, one eye always on her ex Professor. Yes, she bloody well is afraid of him, but she's got her reasons. "I need that Dreamless you mentioned, Professor." She speaks so very quietly.

Lupin shakes his head. "We've got our reasons, Miss Noble. And when you are in positions like ours, you've got to take risks. Risks entail the possibility of loss. It is something that you get used to when you must fight an enemy force." Yay lessons in war!

"Noble-mind your bloody tongue.." Moody seems to warn, but whether or not he will doing anything about it seems out of the ordinary. All the same he looks to Lupin and nods. "I'd rather risk it then not know who is coming into our backdoor." As for the bit of Dreamless, there is a nod given before he is turning back for his office "Give me a moment.." He has to go and fetch it, and so with a stump he moves.

"Risks yeah, stupid risks sometimes even. I know, cause I've had t'take a few m'self. But take those risks with your own life, with the lives of adults who know what they're riskin'. Not the lives of kids." Oh yes, should have mentioned. Siobhan gets rather defensive of those who can't defend themselves. Just ask Moody, he gets earfuls about it. "If you've gotta know, take the one from Potter an' give it to Moody." Apparently Sio has deemed the grizzled old Auror as Trustworthy. "He can keep an' eye on things, but for Merlin's sake don't make more of them!" As Moody stumps off towards his office, Siobhan stiffens noticeably. Being alone in a room with a werewolf - even for so short a time - is enough to jumpstart her heartrate quite a bit. "We've already had Greyback an' Lestrange in the dungeons, Lupin. Imagine what they could do with that Map…"

Lupin raises an eyebrow. "We've been taking these risks a lot longer than you have, Miss Noble. We know what risks we take and how to avoid them from harming others. Especially students and children of all ages. Trust me when I say this. Your brother knows all of this as well as I do." He sighs. "It's not as simple as taking Mister Potter's map and giving it to Professor Moody. And if we're going into talk like that, of course the map is Mister Potter's now in all regards, but ownership was originally mine and Sirius Black's along with our friends. So in all rights, should it not be given to us of all people, who know the map more intricately than others?" He smiles softly. "Look, Miss Noble. You must trust Professor Moody and myself in this matter. We know what we're doing much more so than you do. We've fought these battles before." He doesn't mean to be patronizing or anything of the sort. He just means to convey that they are more experienced.

"Well you've obviously not been takin' the risks smarter, cause in case you hadn't noticed, Lupin, Voldemort's still out there!" Siobhan doesn't rise from her seat. Honestly she's not sure her legs would support her just now if she did. Instead she glares fiercely at Remus, eyes sparking with righteous fury. "An' don't you dare presume t'tell me anythin' about Jack. D'you understand? I know m'own brother an' he wouldn't be behind this nonsense either." The correction/addition of 'Professor' seems to fly over her head, but at this point, Bella could fly naked over her head and Sio wouldn't even twitch. "No, it shouldn't, 'cause as much as I love Sirius, he's not here. Moody is." Nostrils flare as she struggles to rein in this massive amount of hurt and fury and fatigue and fear and emotion that's threatening to steamroll her. Siobhan is only mostly successful. "An' no, Lupin. I don't have to trust any of you. An' all of my better judgement says not to. Cause what your sayin' makes no sense an' if you did know what you were doin'? Perpetua'd still be alive, Harry'd be unhurt, Snape'd still be here an' I'd be able to sleep through the night without bein' drugged into a coma!" Pounding her fist into the surface of the desk, she averts her eyes and takes several Very Deep Breaths. "If you can explain to me reasonably why this is worth the risk, I'll listen, but if you continue to brush me off like a simpleton, Lupin, I will fight you every step of the way." And by the fierce - almost desperate - set of her pale and haggard features… She means it.

"NOBLE" comes the shout from Moody as he stands back at the door from where he is standing. One hand remaining on the jam as the other clutches a phial in his hand. Th' space of patched cheek remains twitching right under his brown eye while the blue has stopped moving all together. Its entire weight and focus singled in right on the poor outspoken slytherin. There it comes big steps. Stumping along closer to close the gap between him and Siobhan as that free hand reaches for her arm to jerk her as if that would bring sense right into her. No words said for the longest moment. "Do you- or don't you wish t' be an Auror?" Moody is not waiting for an answer as that voice comes crawling back out. Haggard as it was. "Because if you do-I want you to bite down any bloody protestation right here- and LISTEN to me."

Moody releases her arm-finally. "I preach t' you and everyone about Constant Vigilance- because you need to be on your wits. But there are some people you can trust even when there is risk. I trust Professor Lupin-so should you. We have done this before and what feels like years now. If we want progress if we want to catch them and get those responsible, we have to take risks-because that is exactly what the other side is doing. If we sit back and don't try at least something-then we're inviting them to come down. Constant Vigilance means to watch out for your back- and yourself. But it does not mean to not take the risk of trusting." odd coming from Moody-of all people. There's a look from her to Lupin before the phial comes out gingerly. "Th' Dreamless." rasped out before he is turning away and back for his lectern.

The look on Lupin's face doesn't change from calm. He's used to people reacting like this around him, after all. He never likes it, but there it is. "Of course Voldemort is still out there. One of the only wizards to truly rival him is Professor Dumbledore. But everything we do helps weaken those who fight for him. And what I am saying to you, although it makes no sense to you, does not mean it does not make sense to myself or Professor Moody. This is a way for all of us, not just those here in the school, to keep an eye on the school. As we do so, if we see that something is not right on the maps we've made for ourselves, we can come to the school right away! And even though we all know what we're doing, people will still get hurt. It doesn't matter what any of us do, not you or me or Professor Moody or Sirius or anyone else, people will still get hurt or die. But if we don't take the risks we need to take, even more people will get hurt and die. We have seen more darkness and death than you have. And yes, maybe Perpetua would still be alive, maybe Harry would be unhurt, and maybe Snape would still be here. But they may not have. In fact, Harry could have been dead as well. And so could Snape. But they're not. And you're not the only one who has trouble sleeping. Many of us have trouble sleeping. Like myself, for example. I haven't been able to sleep properly Fenrir Greyback infected me when I was five years old. And that in it's self is a nightmare that I not only relive many a regular night, but one that I have to relive more realistically on the full moon." He takes a deep breath in. "And you may have seen one person die, but we've seen many of our close friends and family die as well. That doesn't make it any more easy. But there it is." His calm demeanour is kept throughout all he said, added on to what Moody said. He bows his head to the other man.

The jerk on her arm hurts, but the continued touch does seem to settle her enough to listen to Moody and to not start throwing hexes at Lupin. Talking down to Siobhan is about the worst possible way to gain her trust. Jack, bless him, learned this Very Early On. "Fine, Lupin," she all but growls. "Have it your way." As Moody hands over the vial, Sio stares at it hungrily - perhaps envisioning the bliss of a good night's sleep. "Thank you, Professor," she offers gruffly, pushing herself shakily to her feet. "Standard potency, three doses?" Her voice is tight, but civil. Mostly. After all, it's best to be sure of these things, especially when one is already swaying on unsteady feet.

"Ahh." Moody starts for a moment as eye slides from one to the other. Before finally turning to face where that blue eye was staring. The sickening roll can be seen in a quick second as the Eye goes from staring through the back of his skull to looking back to Noble alone. "It will a little more powerful than what you will be expecting. Warmer too- so mix it with tea-or something comforting for you.." he of course drinks it straight. "But it should help-"

"Noble." Moody starts again. "I know you have some rservations about things-and you're a student. Don't take these words as biting..But take em as a warning, because Professor Lupin, and myself do not want to see harm to come to you at all.." which means he is not entirely for students not listening when they tell them things, only for them to charge out on their own. "We say it also, because we don't want you ending up with the same things we have seen ourselves.." He certainly doesn't want any student to end up like him.

Lupin has said his piece to Siobhan now. A person may not like another when they speak of such things, but Lupin prefers honesty a lot. Though of course he also likes people to like him… but that's neither here nor there at the moment. He remains silent for the moment while Siobhan and Moody talk.

With another nod, Siobhan looks again at the liquid in the vial. Precious, precious energy is contained in that glass. "Damn right I have reservations," she growls, heedless of language. "An' I don't want t'see what you have either, Professor. S'why I don't like this idea. Not one bit." Still, even Sio knows when to beat a strategic retreat. Hours of restful sleep call her name, and if she stops by the kitchens on the way downstairs, she can sleep through dinner and catch that much more. "I'll see you in class, Professor." Another grumble. "Lupin." And with that, she makes her exit; slowly, shakily, and with frequent glances over her shoulder at the mild-mannered werewolf. Just in case.

"And you will see me later this week- I am proud of what you and Johnson have been doing." Yes he has ears besides his mad eyes that give him his information. Moody looks back towards Siobhan for a moment. "Just-" and there's that twitch again "We'll talk about this later Noble- I trust you t' keep your mouth shut-if not I'll bloody curse your lips shut till you're 80." A threat-but that is damned normal for Moody. "Have a good day-Noble."

Lupin watches Siobhan leave before turning to Moody. "She's gotten a bit of a phobia for werewolves. Kind of the reverse of most people. She got it after trusting me. Now it seems she wants to contradict me at every turn. Doesn't trust me any more, because of this fear." He shakes his head. He notices the twitch, but doesn't think much of it.

Moody shakes his head "She'll learn.." mutters the Professor before he's looking back towards Lupin "Have you seen Harry?" A change of things as if he doesn't want to push into why or why not she should trust werewolves. So far the only wolf that Moody trusts is in the room with him right now.

Lupin shakes his head. "No, I can't say that I have seen Harry yet. I haven't had the chance. But I suppose I should soon." He smiles slightly. "So, any other big news filling your days?"

Moody shakes his head for a moment back towards Lupin "Nothing great.." it is coming up on an old anniversary-but even then an old select few even know that. So he will not be talking about that. "I do need to find a student though- ask about what she knows about the rat." a nod there for a moment "But all and all.. I'm" a look back to Remus and he's chuckling "Fine-on edge." Normal needless to say

Lupin nods slightly. "I don't suppose we've got any news about where Pettigrew went? We could suppose another Death Eater's place or to wherever Voldemort is…" He shakes his head. "I don't know how many you'll find who know about him." 'Him' being Pettigrew the rat. "A few Gryffindors new him as the Weasley's rat. No one suspected him to be…well, an animagus."

"No news, yet-"Moody starts "But he left with Greyback and Lestrange-so he could easily be with one of them. Greyback is mobile so I would safetly bet that th' rat bastard is with Lestrange or someone else." A shrug there as he looks back Remus "He's shown up as a rat with Weasley-and now with a Hufflepuff girl-which means he might try again."

Lupin nods a little bit. "He wouldn't want to stay away from Greyback anyway. From my understanding that most Death Eaters don't like Greyback and prefer to stay away from him. At least that's how it was the first time around." He says with a small sigh. "He may try again to come into the school, yes. That's why it's more important than ever for us to have our own maps, to keep an eye on it."

Moody chuckles softly, before he is nodding "Don't blame him. He's a bloody monster.." mutters the ex Auror before he is looking to the papers on his lectern "Well if you'll excuse me Remus- I need to hunt down that girl, an figure out what more I can learn-but when I do get something I will send you m' bird." The big raven currently cawing softly in his office-Lupin's old office

Lupin bows his head a little bit. "Well, welcome to my world, Moody." He winks a little, smirking. "Of course, of course. I should be on my way as well. I think it's about time that I start more work for the Order again." He mutters. "I'll be in touch."

Moody nods, before he slinks on back towards his own office papers in hand.

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