1995-05-07: Off With His Head


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Scene Title Off With His Head
Synopsis Short tempers.
Location ?
Date May 7, 1995
Watch For Who's seen what's in Angie's robes?
Logger Jax

Day Nine, or something close to it as far as Neville can figure. He hasn't put much thought into it for a few hours, instead sitting off by himself and looking off in the distance with strained, bloodshot eyes. His hair is flat, curls clumped and lumpy with the dirt and grease of going over a week without a bath. His cheeks are nearly dented in now, having lost the round, healthy color they once claimed. His robes hang loose on his frame. But Neville doesn't care. In fact, the boy has started to talk to himself, murmuring about classes. "Yes, Professor Flitwick," he says, closing his eyes. "I can do that charm. Hm, yes. That's the right book. What a good class."

Fred Weasley looks surely as he spends some time making chocolates larger, just for something to do. Grumbling as one doesn't reach the same size as the rest. "What are you going on about Nevler?" He asks the boy sitting a bit away from him.

Neville 's nose twitches. "Charms," he explains, turning cloudy eyes at the Weasley twin. "What…" he loses his train of thought for a moment. It takes a moment, but Neville blinks once. "What are you doing?"

Fred shakes his head to Neville and says, "well at least your imagining alright classes." He agrees and looking up at the green mist a rather clear picture of Nia float across the sky, she's holding Trevor and looks upset. "Oh Nevler, it's your girlly." He points out the slytherin to his friend.

Neville looks up, attempting to focus in on the image above them. He looks confused at Fred's words. "That's my toad," he corrects with a small, swimming look. "Trevor."

Fred rolls his eyes at his friend, "And Nia…she must be missing you mate." He watches the clear picture start to cry and a frown starts on Fred's face.

"Mrf," says Neville, looking sad up at the image. "We're her friends and we're…missing. Bet she's upset. An' all your brothers an' Ginny an' Harry an' m'Gran."

Fred nods his head, "Ah come on mate, she's got your toad and looks upset. Have a tad bit of a positive outlook on that."

"Doesn't mean she can't miss you, too," Neville says with a sluggish nose scrub. "I suppose," he finally admits. "I want to go home."

Angelina returns from where she was, off finding the facility room that seems to just show up when they need it. Her hair is wet, but she still has the same clothes on. Not much to be done for that. "Fred..where is the water glass?"

Fred grabs the water glass from behind him and holds it out for Angie. He looks back to Neville, "Yeah me too mate." He says quietly and sighs again, "I'm out of good jokes."

"Bollocks," Neville says, looking out towards a scene of a year in feast from some unknown time. Ravenclaw is recieveing the House Cup. "You can't run out of jokes. You're… Fred Weasley."

Angelina accepts the glass. "Scourgify. Aguamenti." Settling in to sit in her normal spot near her bag, she drinks the water down, then gets herself another glass, which she drinks more slowly.

Fred chuckles at Neville, "Only so many green jokes a guy can make mate. Maybe I gotta start on water jokes." He says with a look towards Angie.

Jax stirs from where he's been lying, mumbling quietly in his sleep, his fingers curled around a strap of his bag. He wakes with a whimper and a start, head jerking up to stare at the sky. Once he has looked around, he sits up with a sheepish look, running his fingers through his mop of brown hair. He doesn't speak yet, just looks at the shifting images in the fog, his eyes still bleary with exhaustion.

"Butterbeer," Neville yearns with a heavy sigh. His face buries into his hands with his elbows propped to his knees. His back is still towards the pair and he rolls his shoulders with an aching grunt.

Angelina looks at Fred, saying nothing. She just simply sips her water, eyes looking at the flashes around them.

Fred sees Jax stir and says to the boy, "Morning mate, welcome to the green, want some high tastey water?" He's trying. A little snort in Neville's direction, "Ah blimey man, that all you think about. Do we have to stage some sort of butterbeer intervention when we get out?"

"Mmm, water." Jax rubs at his eyes with his knuckles. "Do you think maybe this is a dream? I dreamed that this was a dream and now I'm not sure of anything anymore."

Neville slides his red ringed eyes towards Fred. "You try an' keep even one drop of butterbeer from me an' I'll have yer head." If it's a joke or not, all Neville can manage is a coughing hack. "Some dream," he manages to say.

"This is not a dream. Not at all." Angie's voice is quiet. She tips up the glass and finishes the water within before cleaning and filling it, and passing it to Jackson.

Fred chuckles at Neville, "Yeah sure mate, you can try." He winks to the younger boy and loosk to Jax with a buit of a smile, "Strange dream kid. but yeah, not a dream sorry."

Jax smiles gratefully at Angie and drinks all the water down with long, thirsty gulps. "In my dream you had big poky ears like a rabbit," he informs Fred solemnly, "an' Neville could fly — like without a broom — an' Angie knew how to talk to horses." His brow creases. "Which I guess wouldn't be all /that/ useful since we don't got no horses here."

Neville looks up. "It'd be nice to fly," he decides dreamily. "But it's porbably be real scary, too. Especially without a broom to at least cling to."

"I have my way of flying. Its the only way I want to do it. And I don't know about talking to horses." Angie's voice remains calm and quiet. Gentle. Soooooooothing.

Fred reaches up a hand to touch his ears, "Your subconscious trying to say something mate?" He gives a jesting frown and then bursts into laughter, "Ah Neville if you could fly you wouldn't need a broom. No chance of falling, be perfect for ya."

"I think I'd like to be able to takl to horses. I miss my horses back home." Jax sighs and pushes the goblet back towards Angie. He peers at her curiously. His fingers fidget twitchily with the hem of his robe. "Are you okay?"

Neville lapses into thought of the pros and cons of flying without broom aid. At Jackson's question, tired eyes fall on Angelina with the twist of his head.

"Aguamenti." When Jackson pushes the glass toward her, Angelina just..fills it again. "Yeah. Fine. You?"

Fred watches Angie with a raises eyebrow and then just shrugging looks away quickly cause he was staring. "You got horses mate?" He asks Jax.

"Only at hom— well, back in America. Not home no more." Jax shrugs, still looking at Angie with concern. "Do you need more sleep? I think maybe you accidentally turned into a robot."

Neville looks up at this. "What's a robit?" he asks, pressing at his eyes and looking at the water between the other kids.

"I'm sure. Don't need more sleep. Just fine." Angie remains calm and quiet, glancing at the boys around her. "I do have an idea though."

Fred ohs and raises an eyebrow towards her, "What sort of idea butterfly?" He say lightly and nods his head to Jax, "So you moved from America then?" He doesn't know much about the hufflepuff.

"Mmhmm. Back when my pa found out I was magic. He didn't like that much." Jax shrugs and leans forward, elbows resting on his knees. His fingers continue to fidget, twitchily. "An idea like what?" He brightens. "Does it got to do with what's in your robes?"

Oh, there is a spike of life in the otherwise stressed young Longbottom. "With… Jackson!" Neville yelps, gritting his teeth. "/Shut up/."

Fred goes beat red and starts to say, "Well um ah…" He shuts his mouth and just shrugs to Angie looking like an embarrassed fool.

Jax cringes at Neville's yelp, looking apologetic and covering his mouth with his hand. "Sorry," he mumbles from behind it. He drops his hand back to his knee when Angie answers. "Really? Just you?" This answer seems to confuse him, but he doesn't say anything else, gaze flicking to Fred and then back to Neville with a bit if trepidation.

"Could we keep a fire in this fog?" Neville wants to know quickly, attempting to derail the previous conversation. "It's a bit thick, don't you think?"

"Yes really. Just me." Uh oh. So much for the calm, placid Angie. "Jackson, tell me what you are talking about. Did you think I was hiding food or something in my robes from everyone? Because I wouldn't do that in a million years.."

Fred swollows loudly and looks a little afraid of Angie for a second before saying, "Kid is just confused Butterfly, it's nothing really. Just something he overheard…" Don't rat out Nevler, don't want the kid to die.

"No — no, nothing like that at all!" Jax insists, head shaking emphatically. "I just —" For a moment he looks confused and miserable, looking to Neville and then down at the ground. "Sorry, I think I just — was confused about something maybe." His fingers rub at his temples.

Neville leans back. He looks very jittery, but thankfully it's not something very uncommon for the boy. He passes what seems to be a very thankful look to Fred.

Now all three of the boys are getting hard glares. "What did he overhear? Because if he overheard I have something in my rob…" All the sudden, it hits her. Her eyes go wide. "Is THAT what you all talk about when I sleep?? Here I am, trying to be cheerful, and be up, and help everyone. And you are all gossiping about what is inside my ROBES?" Oh yes. She's angry. With a huff, she throws herself upright, swaying just a little bit. "Build your OWN BLOODY FIRE."

Fred looks shocked and stands up himself at all the yelling, "No wasn't that at all Angie!" He exclaims and trying to explain, "Just got a bit snappy and stuff was said last night I'm sure people regret…sorry…" He looks sheepish and doesn't look to Nevler, trying to not give the boy away.

"M'sorry," Jax mumbles quietly, still looking down at the ground. His head bows and his fingers pick at a loose thread of his robe with a jittery motion.

Neville keeps quiet, eyes wide on Angie. He attempts his very best to not look guilty but… well, he is a Gryffindor. "It was me, Ang. I got… I got a bit angry last night about… everythin' an' said some nasty stuff to Fred. Not about /you/… but, well, kinda I guess. Wasn't meant for the kid to hear. I didn't mean it at all, actually." His head hangs and his hands sink into the fog as he waits for his likely to come kick-in-the-head.

Angie turns her eyes between them, then finally to Neville. No. No kick to the head. Worse. Hurt. "So…because you're in a bad mood, you can talk about…that? Doesn't matter if it was meant for the kid to hear or not. Why would you talk about me like that, Neville?" She swallows, then hangs her head and turns to walk off. "Know what? From now on, you just do whatever you want. I don't care any more. Split yourselves up a million different ways." One would think Miss Johnson had a Jewish grandmother to learn from.

Fred reaches down to pat Jax on the back, "Not your fault mate…" He says to the boy then looks to Angie storming off and says, "Butterfly, come on…" He stops himself knowing he'll just get in trouble and looks to Neville with a horrified expression mouthing to his friend, 'She's gonna kill us'.

"But I don't understand what —" Jax begins, but doesn't finish, looking at Angie's expression. Instead he just hangs his head again, utterly bewildered. "M'sorry, Angie, I didn't mean t'be hurtful." He looks between the other three apologetically and then rests his elbows on his knees again, head dropping into his hands, his fingers splaying through his hair.

Neville wilts under the firm gaze of Angelina Johnson. He actually looks no less than terrified, leaning back and scrunching his eyes up. At frist the boy has nothing to say before finally stammering "I-I didn't say 'nything bad 'bout y-you… it was a quip at Geor— Fred. H-honest!"

Angelina calls over her shoulder as she walks off. "You should /all/ know, since its of such discussion, NO ONE has seen what is under my robes but me, and those who change my diapers as a babe!" And there ya go, Jackson. That should spell it alllllll out.

Fred goes beat red again and slumps back down onto the ground, "An Angie…" He says and looks beyond embarrassed now. He looks to Jax and says, "Not you're fault mate." He says again to the sad looking boy.

"Oh." Jax's eyes widen and his mouth shuts tight. He flushes deep red, too, and swallows hard.

Neville flutters his lips with a wide, stunned look on his face. "Bloody… bollocks," his curse is spit from his mouth. "That's that, then." Neville pushes himself up, shakily testing his feet as he clutches his book bag and looks behind him. "C-cheers," Neville blubbers and turns, staggering the opposite way as the Prefect.

Angelina stomps off, all fluffed up and ready for a fight. She can be heard mumbling about how stupid boys are, and about prats, and whatever else comes to her mind. Within four strides, the darkness and the green mists close behind her.

Fred watches Angie and then Neville march off and sighing runs a hand through his hair, "Don't worry they'll be back." He says to Jax and himself.

"I hope so. I didn't mean to upset everyone." Jax flops backwards, lying down again and resting his head on his bag. He curls his knees up to his chest, eyes scrunching closed tight.

Fred lays down himself after putting his wand up and lighting the end of it leave it so the others can find their ways back, "Where else they gonna go really…" He says quietly.

"Maybe they'll find a way out," Jax replies hopefully. He tugs his robes over himself like a blanket, keeping his eyes closed as he tries to get comfortable again.

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