1995-05-13: Of Ghosts and Green Things


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Scene Title Of Ghosts and Green Things
Synopsis The time has come to talk of many things…
Location Hogwarts - Hospital wing
Date May 13, 1995
Watch For Bertie Bott's Every-Flavour Milkshake
Logger Jax

[HGW] - Hospital Wing

The hospital wing is a long, rectangular room, antiseptically clean. An aisle proceeds down the center of the spotless floor, with rows of beds to either side, their linen sheets soft and immaculately white. Curtains are attached to the wall in between each one, and can be drawn around for privacy if desired. Each bed also has a small table beside it, topped with a porcelain basin and water jug, though frequently cards and gifts for the ill are put there as well. A row of tall windows on one wall allows both sunlight and moonlight in, depending on the hour, while moving portraits with a healing theme adorn the other walls, including one of a young and pretty nurse tending to a sleeping patient just about above the door leading outside. Another door at the far end of the ward leads to the nurse's office.

For a few hours Neville has been sleeping comfortably. Madam Pomfery has fussed over him a bit, but any small interruptions have been blissfully put away with another long lapse of sleep. He's curled up on his side, the blankets pulled over his head as he usually sleeps. Finally, with a hack and a start, Neville rolls, pulling the hot sheets from his face. He sucks in the cooler, fresher air around him, sitting up and rubbing his eyes.

Jax is awake, and has been for a while — what little sleep he has been getting has been fitful and restless. Now, he sits up in bed, propped up by pillows, and peruses the book that Neville gave him while they were gone. He looks over when Neville stirs, a smile spreading across his face. "Mornin'!' he says, cheerful but quiet. A rather inaccurate greeting — it is dark outside, moonlight shining through the windows.

Neville groggily looks over, fingers digging at the sleep in his eyes. "Mornin'…" he says, sounding a bit confused in his post-sleep stupor. "Why're y'wake?" Neville wonders past a yawn, turning his head towards a window.

Fred Weasley hasn't been asleep at all, been yelled at my scary mother and told to sleep but he hasn't bothered trying. Jax's words make the young man look away from Angelina and over towards him then Neville's question, "Ya awake and alive mate. You missed me mum." He tells his fellow gryffindor.

"You're awake, too," Jax points out with a crooked grin. He looks down at the book and then shrugs a shoulder, his smile dimming slightly. "Hard to sleep," he admits softly. "I close my eyes an' just see green."

Neville glances to Fred as the boy speaks. "The infamous mother Weasley, honestly? Pity." Neville pouts. "How'd you fare?" he eyes Fred with curiously. "Ugh," the boy retorts to Jax. "Don't say that color. Made me think of it. We're back in Hogwarts, mates. Only sure way to avoid it is to avoid Slytherin which is fine by me."

Kalleigh gently pushes the door from the hallway open, peeks her head the space and looks around. She purses her lips then with draws her head, using her free hand to push the door the rest of the way open. Still clad in her school uniform, she carries in a box, the shipping paper hastily bundled around it in a mess of corners and tape. She doesn't say much immediately. She hovers and eavesdrops for a while, gaze returning to Jackson every so often. Eventually, she closes the door with less ease than when she opens it. quiet thud.

Angelina ate lunch, stared out the windows for a while, then finally settled in to take a nap. She naps facing the door, unwilling to put her back to it. Just in case, you know. She's been asleep a few hours, and finally wakes with a start, eyes flipping open, looking a bit scared and on edge. Once she spots they are still in the hospital wing, and safe, she draws a very deep breath.

Fred looks from Neville to Jax again and makes a face as he rolls his eyes, "You can't avoid all snakies Nev. But I understand the sentiment." He lets out a little sigh at the mother question, "Yeah Angie saves my butt on that one. Told he it wasn't my fault and mum didn't ask to many question." The door and the new entry get his attention and he offers the unknown person a small wave before smiling over towards the waking up butterfly, "Morning savior."

"Are you gonna avoid Nia?" Jax asks Neville with a playful smile. "I /like/ some of the Slytherins in my yea— HEY." His grin flashes wider, brighter, as the door closes and he looks towards it. He squirms out of bed and hurtles towards the door in his pajamas (the pants are pink. They have Care Bears. His t-shirt has Rainbow Brite.), half tackling the other Hufflepuff who just entered. "Guess what? I'm /back/!" Just in case Kalleigh hadn't noticed.

"Well," Neville allows, thinking on this. "I mean, not /all/ of them. The nasty ones. But that goes without saying…" His train of thought is derailed as he looks up to the girl in the doorway. He offers a smile, but nothing more than that. "Has luna come back?" Neville asks of the two older students.

Kalleigh is too busy giving Fred a shy smile and a wave to be entirely prepared for Jackson's approach. She has a bit of a 'deer in the headlights' look as he tackles her, stumbling back a few feet because of the collision. The box falls to the ground and contents clatter mutedly. "I… Yeah," she stammers. She wraps her arm around his waist and turns to look for the box. "I'm sorry."

After looking around the room, Angie gives Fred a slow smile. "Morning, everyone." Her voice is groggy tired. She yawns, looking around once more. "Still no Luna?" Her gaze turns to Fred. "Have you seen any of the adults?" She starts kicking out of the covers with that determined look on her face again.

"/Sorry/ I think I just missed you it's been — a while." Jax frowns and stoops to pick up the box, offering it back to Kalleigh. "Luna ain't been brought in yet," he answers Angie, half-turning back to face the beds again with a worried frown. "I ain't slept yet so I'm sure I'd've seen." He heads back towards his bed, gesturing Kalleigh to follow.

Neville scoots up in his bed, leaning for the glass of water that has been set by his bed. He drinks at it, frowning and setting it back. "They'll get her," he says, feeling a bit more positve now he's at Hogwarts. "You should ask Madam Pomfrey for a sleeping potion."

"It's - it's okay." Kalleigh takes the box back but looks distinctly weirded out by it. She follows after Jackson with her head bowed, looking at the others warily. "No, it's not okay. Oh, Jax, these are yours. They're cookies from your mum. I ate them - but not all of them." She hands the box back to him. "I thought you were dead."

"You know, I don't care what they said. I'm about to go after her." Angie sits up on the edge of her bed, watching the first year friends reunite. She grins a little, then calls over. "Hey. It's okay. He knew the cookies would be gone when he got out. He warned us they would be."

"I didn't turn dead. Just lost. We might have found wrackspurts or maybe the past or maybe the future," Jax explains — not very /well/, but explains. He hops up to sit cross-legged on the bed, putting the box in his lap and gesturing to the free space on the bed so Kalleigh can sit. "Guys this is Kalleigh. She is my friend — and that's Neville, an' Fred, an' Angie. They're my friends, too, only they're older." He opens the box, peeking inside hopefully, and then looking relieved. "No chocolate in 'em!" he announces happily.

Neville chuckles at the younger girl. "Jackson is very much alive. 'Lo," he waves as he's introduced. "A fellow Hufflepuff friend, Jackson? Nice to meet you, Kalleigh. After nearly two weeks, I bet a lot of people thought we were." He drags his attention back to Angelina. "They'll find her! You heard Professor Lupin an' Mr. Black. They're working on it as we speak. There's a good chance they're just having trouble getting her out 'cause she /likes/ it in there."

"There was a 'Dark Mark'," Kalleigh adds in a quiet, uncomfortable tone, half whispered to Jackson. She peeks over at the others. "Saw it m'self. I… I think I made it." She's really uncomfortable now.

Angelina waves to the girl as she is introduced, then looks at Neville and blinks. "Neville..if it were any one else stuck in there but her, that wouldn't work. But you know, that is not a scenario I had considered, and is actually very likely. Smart man." Her head tips as she looks back to the young girl. "Oh..no. Nono. That wasn't you. If anything caused it, it was me and my hummingbird."

"It /was/ pretty in there," Jax says in reply to Neville's theory on Luna, "until everything got so scary." He is just opening the box to start offering the others cookies — little butter sandwich cookies filled with raspberry or apricot jam — but he freezes at Kalleigh's words, eyes widening. "You — we saw it, too," he tells her. "It took up the /whole sky/! How could you have made it?" He shakes his head emphatically. "I know you couldn't've cuz the thing is you're /good/ an' that's — that's a badbadbad sign."

"You worry too much," Neville says fondly to the Chaser. "But there isn't anything we can do right now. They rescused the rest of us, didn't they? They wouldn't ever leave Luna behind." He tunes back into the other conversation in time to snort. "No first year could conjure a Dark Mark, even if they wanted to. There was something wrong about that device, Kalliegh… was it? And it was of no fault of yours."

"That was your hummingbird? It was so pretty," Kalleigh remarks wistfully to Angelina, her worried creases returning after a second's thought. "Well, It was… Cartwright who told me about the thing in the classroom and how when he stuck his hand on it, it electrified him. So I though, why not test it out with knuts instead of people. Didn't the 'Claw just stick his hand in again… but then it got all rumbly and shaky and we couldn't see you guys anymore and I got scared and threw another knut at it and it just was there, clear as day. A dark mark." Her brogue thickens as she tells the tale, her fingers knotting up in the sheets. "Then, Perpetua said how she saw green before she died and… Saints preserve us."

Angie listens to the girl explain what happened, tipping her head. "Yes, the hummingbird was mine. You could see that then? And you could see us?" She clears her throat. "You didn't conjure the Dark Mark. I promise. That takes a very specific spell being cast. Not just throwing a knut. And as for seeing green, well, some spells shoot out your wand different colors, I've noticed. The bigger spells, as you get older. Maybe the one that…well..maybe it was green? I really don't know." Neville gets a slight grin. And she sticks her tongue out at him.

"You saw Perpetua?" Jax looks intrigued, and a bit sad. "I think we saw your knuts, though! Just before — just before the Mark." The boy shudders, head bowing. "Anyway but we ain't dead even if a couple times I thought we almost might be." He slides out of bed so that he can offer the box of cookies to the other students in the room.

Neville takes a cookie, returning Angelina's taunt with a thumb stuck on his nose and his other fingers wiggling. Such mature older students they are! "Thanks, Jackson. Happy birthday! I'll admit, I'll feel a lot better once Luna gets here. I was worried sick over her. Never seen her, uh, express so much.. emotion… before."

"Oh, yes, I saw her. In the meadow - then there was a whole meadow full of ghosts. They were… Um." Kalleigh purses her lips. "Well, I saw Luna some, then the hummingbird - which made it easier to see there rest of ya - but only a little bit and it was in the green - not the meadow."

Angelina shakes her head at the offer of a cookie, holding up a hand. "Nothing sweet, please. Maybe tomorrow, if there are any left. But thank you very much. Or…you know..I'll take one now, and save it for later?" She takes one of the raspberry ones and puts it on the table next to her bed. "Thank you, Jackson. We need to have a birthday party for you now that we're out."

"Once they let us out of the sick-room," Jax agrees with a laugh, "then we can have a party." His head tilts thoughtfully. "Well, maybe also once I catch up on weeks of homework. An' once Luna gets back. And is feeling better. Her twin was not very nice." He returns to the bed, setting the cookies down on the mattress between himself and Kalleigh and taking one to nibble it slowly. "A whole meadow full of ghosts? Like were the castle ghosts having a party?" he asks, confused.

"None of ours were very nice," Neville comments sorrowfully. He munches on his cookie, feeling a bit brightened at the treat. "I saw the knut," he tells Kalliegh. "Flying overhead. I thought it was a memory. Maybe we should have grabbed for it or something."

Kalleigh takes a cookie and starts nibbling on it. "Oh, deary no!" She turns on Jax more fully. "Perpetua was the only castle ghost. There were all from that village that was magicked. There were muggles and wizards and I think cows, but I didn't actually see them. The wizard, Edgar, I think, said that the Deatheaters were making pacts with /trolls/ for new magic spells!" Her mood warms and she looks back at Neville. "Oh, well, if you grabbed it and kept it, do you think you would have had it when you got back? I should have thrown galleons - if I had any."

Blink. "Wha…what? What village? What are you talking about?" Angie looks at Kalleigh, frowning. "Death Eaters making pacts? And cows? I don't understand. What do ghosts showing up in the meadow have to do with cows and a magic village?"

"Magicked village?" Jax looks rather lost, too. "/Trolls/? Ghost — cows?" He blinks at Kalleigh uncertainly. "There weren't no Death Eaters /here/, was there?"

Neville looks a bit confused as well, but instead decides his brain power is much better used eating his cookie. "Bollocks," he says after a bite. "Death Eaters in Hogwarts. That's nutters."

"No, no… In the Daily Prophet. I read about a village where Death Eaters went through and killed everyone. Batherton Hills. They just sort of appeared in the meadow and told us about the trolls and the Death Eaters before wandering off into the Forbidden Forest. There may have been cows." Kalleigh perches on the end of the bed now, anxiously relaying the details she can come up with. "They mooed."

Fred looks up from the cookies he scammed off Jackson towards this new girl, "Wait ghosts and cows? Were they ghost cows or were there both?" He asks with a grin finally injecting upon the conversation. He stops trying to be the sickly young man and moving the blankets off of him folds his legs up underneath him and leans forward slightly.

Angelina sits there, staring at the wall. She's having a bit of trouble processing this new news. This can't be happening. "I..they..killed everyone? It was Death Eaters? I mean..they would have left a Dark Mark over the village if it was them, right?"

"Killed a whole /village/?" Jax pales, looking rather horrified. "And their cows?" This is equally dismaying. "How could anyone kill a /whole/ town."

Neville frowns at this, sinking down into his bed and pillow. The boy doesn't say anything on it, instead just sniffing a bit and closing his eyes. He feigns sleep for a while, but it doesn't take too long for actual sleep to take him.

"OH, Fardles." Kalleigh exclaims. "I … I forgot you didn't know." She looks abashed at her lap and scowls. "Dun remember much of the story, but the ghosts said they were Death Eaters and who can you trust but the witnesses. And I don't know about the cows. They were never really around. Just mooing."

The death of a whole village hits Fred then cause he really wasn't listening before, "Those blimey bastard!" He says loudly and looks rather angry over this fact. "Alright…" He nods to Kalleigh and realize he hasn't introduced himself, "Oh sorry, Fred Weasley." He holds out his hand to the girl but still looks annoyed, though he attempts a smile.

Angelina looks like she might just be ill. She swallows hard, then sinks back into her pillows before slouching down into her bed. She schooches then, laying down, and pulling her blankets up. But there is silence.

"Poor cows." Jax's head bows, a frown creasing his brow. "Poor village." Cookies forgotten, he slumps back against his pillows, rubbing at his temple with his fingertips. "An' I thought things were scary in /there/."

Kalleigh kicks her legs against the frame of the bed, sadly, head bowed. "'M sorry." There's a pause then, "Nice to meet you."

Fred sighs as he pushes hair back from his face and looks towards Angelina with that furrow in his brow mutter, "Just want we needed…more dark wizards…joy!" He seems to be forcefully staying in his bed since he has grab the sheet and is white knuckled holding onto it. Kalleigh apology gets notice and he shakes his head, "Not like you did it gal."

Angelina adds her sentiments along with Fred's, speaking quietly. "It isn't your fault. You didn't do it. We would have found out sooner or later anyway. Thanks for telling us." Angie's gaze slips to Fred, and she reaches out her hand in the direction of his bed.

"Maybe the world /is/ starting to happen like the future we saw," Jax says nervously. He sits up again, pulling his knees up to his chest. "But — but that ain't gonna happen, right? We're not gonna let that happen?"

"Y'just didn't need to know right now." Kalleigh doesn't brighten much, nodding to Fred then Angelina before looking to Jackson. "Wait, what future did you see? Was it like a prophesy?"

Fred reaches out his hand and grabs Angelina's tightly. giving her a sorrowful look the normally funny boy doesn't have much words. What are you suppose to say to that, "I think it was a version of what the future could be…" He finally answers the still unnamed girl, "nothing we can't stop." He says trying to sound confident of this fact.

Angelina stretches, reaching to get her hand in Fred's and hold on. "Jackson…we shouldn't be telling everyone. It will just scare people. At least not until we talk to Professor Dumbledore." She turns her gaze to the young girl. "No a prophesy, no. Just an image of what might be. And people weren't very nice."

"Okay." Jax bites down on his lip and forces the frown off his face. "S'gone now, anyway. An' we're here. An' all I'm sure the future holds is a bunch'a exams I'm weeks behind on studying for."

"Good news would be if they excused you from them. It's hard enough to study with all the ghosts and news and trolls - let alone green stuff and dark marks." Kalleigh gives a shudder and frowns. "So, are y'sick? Why are they keeping you in here?"

Fred runs his thumb along the back of Angelina's hand and still doesn't let you of it, "Well I'm Mr. Concusion!" He tries to smile despite the news and then says to Jackson, "Ah come on mate, you got a 6th year spell to work awesomely. You'll master those exams. Kick their butt, you're a bloody pro mate." Freds eyes wander back to the other sixth year beside him.

Angelina gives up. She pulls her hand away from Fred and gets up, grabbing her top blanket off her bed and wrapping it around her. She moves, then, to his bed and climbs up, sitting about where his knees were. So he best move those legs. "They just want to keep an eye on us a few days. Make sure we're eating and not dehydrated, and that the green fog didn't hurt us.."

"It's actually pretty great," Jax leans forward to confide to Kalleigh earnestly. "They give us all /sorts/'a delicious food — they delivered waffles /to our beds/! I ain't saying I want to go through something like that again, but, I mean, now that it's /over/ this treatment is pretty much awesome."

"Mmmm. Waffles. With strawberries?" Kalleigh doesn't think anything of the 6th year pair. Didn't she see them around the halls before like this? She reaches out and grabs another cookie. "What's the strangest thing you've asked for?"

Fred smiles at Angelina moves over to where he is and moving his legs puts his arms around her shoulders in a sutto hug, "It's alright hun…" He says quietly and then chuckles at the first years, "The strangest things? Well Angie asked for hard alcohol." He leans his chin against the back of the girls head and grins wickedly.

Angelina accepts the hug from Fred, taking comfort from being closer to her friends. After all, they were all pretty close to each other in there. When he teases her for asking for stronger drink, she elbows his side. "Hey. Be nice. I just thought I could ask! I am an adult, after all." She gives him a weak smile, then lays down on the bed, bare feet in the direction of Fred, head toward the foot of his bed.

"I didn't ask for nothin' strange yet," Jax muses thoughtfully. "D'you think maybe I should?"

"Oh, if you like. Maybe a Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Milkshake." Kalleigh slips from the comfort of the mattress and lands on the balls of her feet on the ground. "Well, I have to get back to my common room before I'm missed. Not much wandering allowed these days. If you need anything, you know, that you can't get from house elves, let me know!" She leaves the box of cookies and heads out.

Fred wiggles his toes as Angie goes to sleep. The young man grinning down at the form of Angelina sleeping peacefully for once. He doesn't move and just lays back in his own bed yawning and resting his head on the pillow to hopefully sleep after he waves to Kalleigh. If anyone is going to move Angie it's not him. He rolls over in his sleep to oddly enough hug her legs.

It isn't long before Angelina is sound asleep, curled up there on the bottom of Fred's bed, wrapped in her blanket. The staff won't let her stay there all night, of course. An hour or so later, they pass through and see Angie not in her bed. They wake her just enough to move her to her own bed, and she goes right back to sleep.

"Bertie Bott's — /ew/ I wouldn't want to accidentally get a sip of vomit-shake." Jax crinkles his nose, but laughs at the idea. He waves to Kalleigh as she leaves and slips back under the covers, nestling comfortably and picking up his book once more as his companions head to sleep.

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