1995-02-19: Octopus Ink


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Scene Title Octopus Ink
Synopsis Thalia opens the Den of Inkiquity.
Location The Den of Inkiquity, Hogsmeade
Date February 19, 1995
Watch For The octopus!
Logger Ginny

It's the Grand Opening, and it's something quite worth those capital letters. Thalia is just incapable of doing something on a small scale, so she has gone all out. There are streamers hanging from places that it's not quite clear they should be hanging from, and fairy lights twine around every available surface, including the octopus tank. Music from the latest Weird Sisters album plays softly in the background, and the air smells sweet. There are plates with fresh croissants and steaming hot chocolate on one table.

"Am I ready?" Tally asks herself and Octavius. "Yes," she answers. "I'm ready." With that, she walks to the door, her shoes click-click-clicking on the floor, and unlocks it. Then she flips the closed sign to 'open', and turns on the light outside the shop. Let's do this!

Standing across the street was Sylvia. She hadn't been seen on this side of the world for some time, but now it was becoming more and more common. Not that she was a famous face, quite the contrary. Still, it wasn't often someone with Veela blood was seem roaming about. She watches the shop lights come on and closes the pamphlet announcing the grand opening. She couldn't help but be a little curious of the place and it's offered wares. A tattoo? And apparently given by someone famous. The Half-Blood singer for the Weird Sisters. It wasn't to Sylvia's taste…the music of the nature of this woman, but she would give the benefit of the doubt.

Dusting off the dark blue dress of invisible particles as she opens the door to the shop and peers within. Smiling beautifully at spotting Thalia and looking around the place. "How…intriguing…" She continues to peer about the room before looking to the owner. "Moving tattoos? What a delightful idea, really." She reaches up to one of the flash pictures and moves to scratch beneath a dragon's chin.

Evangeline also was out in the street, though thouse looking at her probably wouldn't recognize the woman at a glance. Gone was her usual leathers, and in place of it a rather simple skirt and cloak. Keeping her hood pulled up, the woman would sigh softly before stepping up to peer curiously at the door. Seemingly working up the nerve.

After a good minute or two, she would sigh some and pull the hood just a bit. Stepping up into the shop, moving slowly to look not at the pamphlet, but the photographs. Seeming to seek something specific, something that she doesn't find right away.

Jack heard about this grand opening, and has decided to come, not only because he's interested in the tattoo parlor — which he is — but because he wants to support a fellow Hogsmeade business. He has stopped by Ivy lane and brought Holly along, and the two of them step inside the door, Jack guiding Holly with a hand on the small of her back. "Oh, it'll be fun." He grins. "It's Tally." However, something niggles in the back of his mind. He ignores it though, and continues in. "Tally. It looks lovely." He carries all the grace and charm of his upbringing, even though he looks like he's been through the ringer.

Part of reinventing oneself is exploring new options. It seems Holly's already chopped a few inches off her hair, giving it a little bit of curl. It's highlighted more than it was before, and while it's nothing wild, it's a change. And hey, while she's at it, why not explore more options… Like tattoos. She's not even sure if she can get a tattoo. It might mean disclosing a few things, but, hey. The world isn't going to wait for her forever.

It did take some coaxing from Jack to get her here, of course, but as she enters, there are a few things she notes. The smell of sea food, which is delicious, and she's never actually liked sushi before, so it's also weird, and also, one smell she'll never forget… Evangeline. Her eyes narrow a little. Now's not really the time. Even so, she look over her shoulder and whispers to Jack that one of the people who kidnapped her is here.

So, moving tattoos. "Hey," she says to Thalia. It's a very 'American' greeting, but she's distracted by the lights… and the moving tattoos. Oooh.

Thalia smiles at her first potential customer - Sylvia. She gives a little nod to the woman, then speaks. "Thank you. Please, feel free to look around, and help yourself to any of the refreshments." Evangeline enters next, and she gives the woman a cordial nod. "Welcome." Jack is the first friendly face she sees, and Tally's grin is wide. "Jack! Miss Maplewood! How good to see you both!" She makes her way over to the pair, and nods her thanks. "I appreciate it, Jack. How are you both?"

Evangeline looks slowly around. It's not sound, nor someone speaking that causes this, but an odd nervous look to it. Spotting Thalia causes her to pause a moment before she hears Jack and Holly's names called. Biting her bottom lip, Eva pauses in her look. Hanging her head a second in shame she stands there for a while before looking up to the pictures. Debating where to go next. To leave or stay and stand her ground it would seem. Quite the curious behavior should those who recognize her think about it.

Looking back to Jack she purses her lips and gives a very tiny, very slight wave. Tenative, maybe a bit scared. Still she remembers him from some time back. The first days of the "pink marshmallow's" rule. Hanging her head again the woman takes a breath and then sighs, putting out the memory of the warning she once gave Jack. Letting it go for now.

A glance is spared to the others filtering in, but Sylvia busies herself looking through the pages of art. Mostly staying silent as she resists the urge to hum. She really needed to break that habit she's developed while she's working or looking over something. Worrying a bit at her lower lip as she picks up one of the books and finds a seat. Turning the pages and tucking a finger at one page that's caught her eye. She wasn't sure if she wanted a tattoo, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to look, now would it?

The tension in the room has her looking up from the book and towards Eva before looking to stufy Holly and Jack who seems to have caused the girl a bit of a scare at merely showing up. Hmm…Sylvia's curiosity leaving her to study those arriving a bit more closely.

"Things have definitely been better…" Jack begins, and then he stops as he recognizes Evangeline. He gives a terse nod, and turns back to Tally. "But I thought a little bit of ink might cheer us up." He starts perusing the papers on the table, seriously considering this. "Can we pick the images, or are you particular about…" He frowns. "I have some ideas, but they're representative of things of importance." Like family and friends. He starts to read the brochures. "What do you think?" It's obvious that he's talking to Holly.

"So, did you make all these?" Holly asks Thalia as she browses. Some are extremely intricate and complicated, but the lawyer realises that as she looks at them, she really wouldn't want anything like that on her. Not permanently. Besides, it would have to be original. Unique to her in some way. And not so movable that, were she to return to her Muggle life, people would see and notice - it's a puzzle, but Holly's always liked a good brain teaser.

"Well…" she says, musing for awhile. There's a smile on her face. "I'm not sure I could even get one, ya know?" She gives him a pointed look as she reads the brochures. Best left to heal naturally. So what happens if, in the middle of healing, you become a hulking werewolf?

Another figure enters from the street into the grand opening, he cleans his shoes with his wand before stowing it in his sleeve once more. He removes the cloak from his shoulders as he glances around at the decorations and people gathered though not seeming to know anyone here very well he shrugs. David seems to have decided to get away to clear his head from other happenings. The Auror moves further nodding in greeting he cant help but smile slightly

Okay, this is not as easy as she thought. Thalia's awareness is needing to split into various directions, trying to keep an eye on every customer at once. She needs more eyes! For now, though, she stays next to Holly and Jack. "It's completely up to you, Jack. The best tattoos have personal meaning to the person - you can pick anything, and there's no need to even tell me the significance if you'd rather not." Turning to Holly, she nods, still smiling. "Yes. I've been apprenticing for several years, and this is some of my work." That done, Thalia leaves the pair, a tad reluctantly to leave the familiar faces. But! She perseveres, moving to greet the latest arrival. "Welcome to the Den of Inkiquity, feel free to look around."

Meandering further, Eva finally stops. Having made something of a full circuit of the shop, she finds herself looking at what she wanted…and what looks to be one somewhat perturbed octopus. Blinking some Eva takes a slight step back and to one side. Giving a furitive glance at Holly and then back to the octopus, there's a visible "gulp" from the woman, apparently hoping she doesn't end up on the menu. Turning back to the pictures, she gently touches the edge of her choice, taking a moment to make a note of what it is and then sigh. As an after thought she reaches up to lower her hood, looking more like a young girl than grown woman. At least in the somewhat skittish look she has. Turning she looks to Thalia, gently clearing her throat and asking softly "How much for the wings?"

She rises from her chair and moves to stand a bit closer to Evangeline. A pause as she studies the girl for a moment. Sylvia's voice was beautifully soft and held an odd bit of enchantment to it, it would seem. Of course, since she was only speaking it was mostly still. "Mmm…You look very familiar. Like someone I knew when I was attending Hogwarts. You wouldn't by chance be the sister of Robert McDowell? Yes…yes you're quite the image of him." She smiles again to the girl. "I have a curiosity…" She glances back to the pictures on the wall, "Why do those two make you so nervous?" Glancing back, the smile never fading from her lips. If she was Robert's sister, it meant she was a Half-Blood. Putting together little puzzle pieces in her mind. "Or are you by nature afraid?" Glancing to the octupus and smiling before she lets Eva speak to the owner. She leans up against one of the walls and looks at the one she's debating on and glancing to the octopus. Smiling softly at the creature her grandmother was most fond of.

"Thank you, it looks really great in here." The young man says to the one he assumed is the owner. He thinks back thinking he saw her briefly during the 'scuffle' that happened in the streets. David moves in a bit more to look at the artwork on display perhaps he is considering getting something but what suits him is a different story completely.

"Well, you don't have to make up your mind tonight, obviously. She's just getting started." Jack gives Holly as bright a smile as he can muster at the moment, and looks down at the pictures. "I was thinking…" He gestures to a couple of pictures. "One like this, with…" He pulls another picture toward himself, and points to the flowers. "…These all around, and then, another one…" He frowns. "That one I haven't quite figured out, but it'd probably be …" He looks through the pictures. "I'm not seeing anything like it. Well…" He points to the picture of The Grim. "That's sort of what I want for part of it, if you understand me…" Maybe she will if she remembers his idolization of those boys ahead of him in school. "It'd be a weird one, especially if all the pieces are animated." He hopes Holly understands what he's showing her.

Holly also looks at the octopus. He's be awesome on a plate with a little garnish and a fine wine—

No, no, no.

She can hear the conversation between Sylvia and Evangeline. The werewolf hunter has every reason to be afraid, and Holly can't help thoroughly enjoying the fact that she can sense that fear. Maybe she's getting a little too used to this; well, as long as she doesn't act on it, it's okay to dream, right? It's like window shopping. Back to the tattoos, though.

Dragons? No. Maybe a blindfold, or scales? The representatives of justice? No. It's part of who she is, but not enough to want it on her forever. A cat! That's a possibility. Like Mo, and she does love her kitty. She looks through a selection of those… Nah. "You could hire someone to draw what you're looking for," she suggests helpfully, looking at the flowers. "I could see you with bright pink flowers tattooed all over you. I think it'd be beautiful."

…Now she's just teasing.

Thalia glances towards Evangeline, and smiles briefly. Is that recognition in her eyes? Maybe, but Tally is too nervous to try and place it. Instead, she pretty much goes on autopilot. "Prices vary depending on the size of the wings, the place of the wings, how many charms you have added to them, and the speed in which you want it done. If you'd like to schedule an appointment to discuss this, put your name and how to contact you over there." She points to the table on which Octavius sits, and then blinks. "Um. One moment. Accio parchment!" A blank sheet of parchment comes flying towards Tally after a few moments, and she sets it next to the tank. "There."

Ducking her head, Eva…BLUSHES. She actually blushes. Smiling faintly at Sylvia, she gnaws her lips and then nods. "Yeah. Robert was my brother. I think I remember you, vaguely at least. You were a few years behind us though." Smiling some, warming to the other girl she looks furitively at Jack and Holly before sighing "I did some bad things in the name of my job without realizing that those I tried to save ended up getting hurt. Too afraid to disobey an order I knew was wrong and too cowardly to do what was right." With a weak smile she looks to Holly in particular before sighing "Now, I reap what I sow. I followed Robert, though to a different branch. Though that probably won't last much longer. I've taken some personal time. Thinking of tossing my lot in and resigning. I..I don't think I have the heart for it anymore. I keep questioning my own judgement, and if I'm not careful it'll get someone else hurt." Sounding somewhat dejected about it she sighs before looking to the wings she was considering "Robbie always called me an angel. I'm thinking of getting these…" As Eva speaks, she gestures to a picture of "angel" wings on the wall. "I haven't really decided though. I kinda fear that I probably shouldn't be here. Rubbing salt in the wound with my presence." Looking to the paper she nods and fills out for an appointment and then smiles weakly at Sylvia, suggesting she might be leaving.

She glances up as an old bloodhound trots in and sits beside her. "Seeker, there you are." She glances to Eva for a moment before nodding her head a bit. "I see. Hmm?" She looks down as the bloodhound tugs at her skirts and she nods. "Well, it seems I too shall be having to make an entrance." She takes a few steps towards the door and pauses to look at Eva, "A note of advise, then…you should never let yourself be ran out of anywhere. Even if you don't feel like you belong. Misunderstanding and moments of weakness are not so uncommon that they are unforgivable. While I'm not sure the details of this matter…perhaps speaking of it more often would do you some good." She offers a smile before exiting the establishment with a bow to Thalia.

The newest arrival begins looking at different pieces. David thinks all of them are good, but doesn't want to rush. He moves back towards the owner. "Do you do personal pieces if I brought something in?" he asks not meaning it disrespectful just wondering. The Auror looks to the sign up sheet for appointments after this while he awaits a response.

Jack laughs outright at Holly's teasing. "Flowers everywhere?" He grins widely. "Pink ones?" He shakes his head. "Naw, I was thinking maybe green and silver ones. Around Junior." It's pretty clear what the significance of that might be. He steps over toward the sign up sheet, waiting for Evangeline to clear away. It's not intentional rudeness, merely discretion at this point. He doesn't trust himself around her yet, and knows Holly may be even less able to be near her. It's just wisdom. "I'll have to see about scheduling," he comments to Tally. "I'm getting more international work these days." More like he's taking more international work. To get away from home.
"Are there any people who can't get tattoos?" Holly asks out of curiosity. In case she ever decides on one, it might be in her best interest to know whether or not she should even bother.

Dark eyes look at Evangeline. They narrow considerably. Angel wings? How pretentious, how utterly wrong. If anything, she should be finding someone good with charms to permanently affix a demon's tail and horns onto her. That would be much more suitable, and something Holly would definitely approve of. At least then her victims would see her for what she is.

Thalia smiles at David and nods. "Yes, I do. Feel free to schedule an appointment," she gestures to the parchment, "and we'll set up a time for you to bring your design in. The more pictures the better, so we can get it just right." That done, she moves back towards Holly and Jack, addressing the latter first, "That's fine, Jack. My hours are pretty strange these days anyway, with band practice and everything. Just leave your name and the best way to contact you, and we'll find a time that works for both of us." Then she turns to focus her blue eyes on Holly, a smile still on her lips. "Not usually, Miss Maplewood. Those with very low pain thresholds often have problems, and occasionally people will be allergic to the inks, but it's rare that there's any problem. If you'd like a schedule an appointment to discuss the specifics of your situation, I can talk you through the process and see if it'll work with you."

Evangeline nods, having put down her information. Giving a slight smile, she reaches to lift her hood and then slowly heads out.

David returns the smile, and nods "I will gather a few together." he says quickly moving to sigh the form as well as the best way to contact him. The young man does so quietly looking once more to the others still gathered. He stretches looking rather tired, and no doubt he is with not much time to sleep the last few days.

"That'll work. Now that I'm back in business, it's easiest to reach me over…" Jack points over toward where Torchwood Offices is; it's just up the road, really. "At Torchwood Offices." With a smile, he writes down the address and floo connector. "Otherwise, owl works." He sets the quill down and turns to Holly. "You alright?" He's a little distant, but he's here, willing to support her still, but some things aren't fitting the way he expected them to. Which is life.

The specifics. Well, that might lead to disaster, depending on how Thalia feels about dark creatures. Maybe she can disclose a reason, without disclosing the reason. Though, what if she reacts badly to the ink? Dear god, this is almost more trouble than it's worth!

"Yeah, I'm okay," she says and means it, turning back to Jack as Evangeline leaves. She can handle herself, but certain people will always get to her now.

She still hasn't been able to break up with Jack, either. She's trying to figure out how to do it without seeming like she dislikes him. It would be the safest thing for both of them - for Jack's family, for Holly. "I guess I could make an appointment."

Luckily - or is it? - enough, Tally has no clue what's going on in Holly's head. However, she's a perceptive sort, and she can tell that the other woman is uneasy for some reason. So she's sure to beam enthusiastically at Holly when she agrees to make an appointment. "That's excellent, Miss Maplewood! I look forward to seeing you." Tally raises her voice, so all three can easily hear her, "In the mean time, feel free to enjoy the refreshments and don't hesitate to ask if you have any other questions."

David sighs to himself mostly he looks back towards the owner. "I should probably get back to duty soon, but it was good to see the place and look forward to the appointment." he looks back to the art for a moment before giving a glance to the refreshment table.. Hmm when did he eat last?

Jack smiles, and moves to get himself some of the refreshments, pointing them out to Holly. "Do you want some of this?" He spots David and gives a polite nod in greeting. "Hello." He turns the Noble charm on now that he and Holly both feel a little more at ease.

Refreshments. Holly can't help looking toward the poor octopus again. One of these days, Jack's going to discover her little secret that she's embarrassed to share. … That Sirius seems to know.

Her name is placed down on the appointment log, finally, after some last-minute thoughts. Surely one person knowing isn't going to be a tragedy. Hell, it seems like a lot know about Lupin, and, as Holly aimlessly wanders, looking at the books and sample sheets, she suddenly finds her face very close to Octavius' tank. "Jack, you want to get dinner?" she asks. Oh, oh, right. There actually are refreshments here. Hot chocolate! "Yeah, I'll just… start with this," she says sheepishly.

David pours himself a drink and decides to wait on the food despite being hungry he turns back around as another speaks to him. "Hello, great shop eh? I'm David." he offers his hand a smile is given as the other approaches "Hello as well." he chuckles figuring she'd heard his name when he'd said it just before than.

"David. Nice to meet you. I'm Jack, and this is Holly." Jack smiles in return and glances to the paper. "Wow. She's going to draw a crowd, I believe. Which is a good thing." He reaches for a cup of hot cocoa and takes a slow sip. "Mmmmm." It's almost as good as Janet's. He returns his attention to David. "What do you do?"

Holly reaches out to shake David's hand. "I guess it's a pretty exclusive talent," Holly says, her voice accented American. The smell of the hot chocolate, when raised to her lips, overpowers the octopus. And it'll probably fill her up enough that she's not seeking to make a snack out of someone's pet.

The tall young man nods "Yes she will, glad she went on with this opening even with all that happened here good for the town." David is silent a moment taking a few sips from his drink. He ponders the question but figures it'd be easy enough for most to find out and he's not undercover or anything. "I'm an Auror." he says after this pause turning he notes the different accent "Ah American?" realizing to late this is far over used and rude when it comes down to it. "It's good to meet you both."

Jack ahs. Another Auror he knows now. "Okay." He is a little more amenable to Aurors since the rescue. At least those whose hearts are in the right place. Which is a goodly portion of them, he thinks. He takes another sip of his cocoa, and looks at the treats, grabbing a couple to munch on while looking through the art some more. There are a couple designs that catch his eye, but nothing exactly right. He smiles up at Thalia and turns to Holly to check on her.

Holly has heard of the attack, and that certain people she knows were in it. Tragic. Something like this really is the best thing for the town.

She has the opposite reaction when she hears that David is an Auror, though. Ministry officials — they can't be trusted, as far as Holly's concerned, with the exception of a couple. She saw more than one of them stand behind Umbridge… Aurors, hit wizards… It was one of them that administered the Cruciatus Curse. Her expression turns to a scowl, though, as always, she'll reserve judgement until she knows for certain. Cooly, she asks, "So what do you think of Scrimgeour as the Minister for Magic?"

David finishes his drink after a moment looking to the pair and moves to toss it in the bin. He looks back to catch the scowl at this job title. He has realized that he'd have to fight the bad reputation deserved by some of his department. "I have high hopes with knowing him briefly from head of department, but almost anyone is better than Delores Umbridge, I was glad that I hadnt started any sort of field work during her reign, wouldn't have done what she was asking would be jobless now." he is quite firm in this.

Jack merely listens to the interplay between Holly and David, munching on his snack. He watches the discussion closely, but says nothing for the moment.

Well, that's a start. There will always have to be good people in the Ministry in order to counter the bad ones. Even so, Holly doesn't feel the need to get too close to them. The things that happened to her won't be so easily forgotten.

She takes another sip of the hot chocolate, looking toward the door. "Jack, you feel like getting some dinner?"
Thalia has been lingering near the other end of the shop, letting the trio talk. Most of her mind is set to what she'll do next - so many appointments already! - but part of her is listening to the conversation. When Holly suggests dinner, she comes back and smiles at the three. "It was good to meet you all. Hopefully I'll see you all again soon."

The small frown remains, but he can only do his best to be the good sort after all. He looks back to the shop owner. "Thank you again." David turns back to the pair. "Good to meet you both again, be careful with all that happened in the town, and all." he nods before he makes his way to the door and on out to the streets.

Jack looks apologetically at Tally. "Yeah, sure. We could do that…" He smiles, and lifts a hand in farewell, first to David, and then to Tally. "Hopefully," he replies, nodding quickly. "Give us an owl, wouldya?" This last is directed toward Tally. He turns and walks toward the door, first holding an arm out for Holly. "C'mon." He gives her his best smile.

Holly has some thinking to do, anyway, before she makes a desision - whether it be yes, or no. And, if yes, what would even be appropriate. After a small hesitation, she takes Jack's arm, and heads out the door with him.

Thalia gives a wave goodbye to the three, following them to the door. Once they've all exited, she closes it, locks it, flips the sign to 'closed', and shuts off the outdoor light. "G'night, Octavius," she murmurs to the octopus before heading up the stairs to her apartment above the Den.

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