1994-12-03: No Tea, No Death, Just Awkward


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Scene Title No Tea, No Death, Just Awkward
Synopsis Harry sends a message for Sio to meet him. He has News.
Location Waiting Room
Date December 03, 1994
Watch For News!
Logger The BAD WOLF herself

It was earlier this morning that Harry sent the message. A message that he never thought he'd have to send. A meeting…with a Slytherin. As such, it's close to the time he asked to meet her here, and he's taken up pacing across the back of the room near the gilded frame.

As surprised as Harry was to have to send such a missive, so too was Siobhan to receive it. Still, on the heels of the disturbing Prophet this morning, she figures it's smarter to at least check. So it is then, that as the appointed time draws near, she sticks her head into the Waiting Room and - upon spying Harry pacing across the room - ambles on in. "Hullo," she offers kindly, a friendly smile on her face. "You wanted to meet me?" No need to be rude, especially not to a friend of a friend.

Stopping in his pacing at the sound of the voice, Harry glances towards the door. His eyes and expression clearly display that he's not exactly in his element here. "I take it you saw the Prophet this morning?" he asks, holding in his hand a copy just in case she didn't.

Glad - and not for the first time - that she's become more friendly with several Gryffindors over the course of the past few years, Siobhan relaxes against the wall and runs a hand through her hair; trying to present the least threatening image she can while this worried. "Yeah," she snorts. "How could I have missed it?" There's a heavy sigh and she mutters under her breath about brothers who tend to take in strays, nevermind that it's entirely the pot calling the kettle black.

"Yeah," Harry starts, nodding his head lightly. His already unruly hair just fluffing out even more. Will there ever be a charm to fix that? Glancing around and towards the door, it's a moment before the boy continues. "I got a letter from Sirius this morning…" he continues, speaking as though he's old friends with the alleged criminal, and holding out the letter so Sio can read it. "He had some news on your brother."

Siobhan - for her part - blinks several times before snapping her fingers. "That's right, he did say he was your godfather." Suddenly, her smile seems just that little bit warmer; the friend of a friend just added family of friend to the list. Now she can relate with ease less forced and more natural. "Jack!" she breathes, reaching out to snatch the letter and read it voraciously.

Harry gives her a moment so she can read and get to the part where it mentions that Jack is fine and with Sirius. There's no mention of where they are or where they are going, but there is mention of Dementors and possible future questioning. "Yeah, he is. I'm sure your brother and he will be fine until all this is over with." The craziness that is.

"That greasy, slimy, misbegotten toad…" Siobhan shoves the letter back towards Harry before she crumples it in her fury. "To send dementors…" For there's no doubt in her mind just where those critters came from. "It wasn't an escape attempt then?" Self-defense she can forgive, after all. "Jack's got a tonne of hidey-holes all over the place, I wonder which - " She suddenly seems to remember herself and draws up short, offering Harry a sheepish grin. "Sorry, mate. Just…it's m'brother." As if that should explain everything. "Da's gonna be livid…" And Edana's reaction doesn't much bear considering.

"No, it wasn't." Harry says, shaking his head. He's learned to read between the lines of Sirius' writing to see the truth. "Oh, I can understand. I can't write Sirius back since I don't know where they're going, but soon as I do, I'll make sure you know." Family reactions are left unmentioned, since Sirius is pretty much his only family.

Turning to regard Harry with a critical eye, Siobhan studies him for a moment before breaking out into one of her million-watt grins. "You know, you're not half bad." She brushes hair back out of her face, brown eyes darting back and forth as she considers several angles. "If I hear before you do, I'll pass word along." Something seems to suddenly occur to her. "Ron and Ginny are uh…" A hand strays to rub at the back of her neck; Sio has No Idea how to best phrase this. "Well, I can send news along through them, yeah? they uh…know about Padfoot?" After all, she sees them more often than him.

Harry almost blushes at the compliment, but averts it as nothing more than a slight pink twinge. "Thanks. Not half bad yourself." For a Slytherin, is left unsaid, since he's sure most the school knows his rivalry with several of their house members. "Yeah, they know. You can pass stuff along through them if you need to. Just make sure that you're someplace where you can't be overheard. If word got out we knew…" Let's leave that thought unsaid. It's unpleasant.

"Yeah, with things as they are… That'd be bad." There are ears in this school - especially in her House. "Thanks Harry," she offers with a smile. "I can worry less s'long as I know they're safe." Don't mind the familiarity, she's never been a fan of the 'last names only' thing. Offering the younger student a sloppy salute, she turns to leave, then pauses by the door. There's a moment of consideration, and then Sio turns to regard Harry over her shoulder; her smile is completely wicked. "Hey, if Draco gets out of line, just…flash him a picture of Padfoot or somethin'." Call it a gesture of good faith, and a hint that not all snakes are blind.

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