1995-05-12: Not So Happy Memories


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Scene Title Not So Happy Memories
Synopsis After settling his charge within the hospital wing, Sirius has a talk with Lupin.
Location Hogwarts - Third Floor Hallway
Date May 12, 1995
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Logger Sirius

After speaking with Pomfrey for a few moments, Sirius has sidled his way out of the hospital wing and out into the hallway. He's leaning up against the wall, arms folded against his chest as he looks down at the flagstone flooring. Lost in thought, he is, about the events that unfolded earlier, as well as in regards to the conversations of the students.

After having done some reading and coming up a bit short on answers, Lupin decides to do another quick little check up on the students, maybe see if Luna has been found yet. His mind flicks through what went on when he went in search of the students, of what Angelina told him. It's big, no doubt. He has questions, but he doesn't know where to search for the answers. On his way back up to see the children, he runs into his old friend. "Sirius…" He starts off. "How're you doing?"

Sirius's head snaps up upon Remus's approach, "Has Miss Lovegood returned?" Perhaps all is done with and the device can be studied now. He pushes off from the wall and walks up to Lupin. A hand is waved in regards to how he's doing. Sure that little encounter was far from fun, but after 12 years under the watch of Dementors, that scene just made him angry.

Lupin shakes his head. "No, I'm afraid not. She's still inside the device." He says with a tiny frown. It doesn't make him happy to know that there's still someone there. "I've been trying to do research, see if I can find any reference to anything similar to what has happened with this device…no luck. Didn't expect to find anything, really. It's complicated magic…"

There's a muttered swearword that's briefly heard as Sirius drags a hand through his lengthy hair. "Complicated and utterly invented it seems," he says before turning to pace a bit in the hall. "Wrackspurts.. utter /nonsense/," he says harshly. "I applaud invention and experimentation, but building a device using the components they chose? That's just.. it was reckless. Those students are lucky they weren't hurt or killed." He's finding his temper rising again, despite having no attachments to the students in question.

Lupin sighs and shakes his head. "Apparently Xenophilius' didn't quite work that way, or at least I wouldn't imagine it did, since that side-effect wasn't mentioned." He scratches his face lightly. "So, I assume you went through something similar to me before you found Neville Longbottom. A memory, one that was original a good, strong, happy memory turned around and made bad?"

"As soon as the device was activated, I got separated, yes. I found myself alone, and the fog turned into the Ministry for Magic." Sirius's temper had backed down but now it seems to be rising once again as he recounts what happened. "I was in a hallway at the Ministry, the only people there were myself and a person who looked like Harry," he snarls out. "I presume the date was about the time of my pardon, since he said 'so you were let off'." He takes in a deep breath before continuing, "It didn't last long, I knew it wasn't Harry, I knew his words weren't right. The figure turned into Voldemort."

Lupin nods slowly, taking a deep breath in. "Same thing happened to me. I got separated and…I was here at Hogwarts, near the lake. You, James, and Peter were sitting under that one tree…the one we always sat under. And if that wasn't the first clue that all wasn't as it seemed…you three were only about twelve years old." There's a pause as he looks straight into Sirius eyes. "It was the day you three confronted me about being a werewolf. Only, instead of being supportive, you all got angry and said things…things I'd expect outside of the Order or Hogwarts."

"Said with my anger, I'd make a good recruit. I told him what he could do with that idea, despite it not being really him," Sirius says coldly. "Listen, I heard what you said in the hospital wing earlier. Who knows what sort of ripple these kids set off with this device. Voldemort has dabbled in dark magic we've never dreamed of. It's possible he got himself tangled up in this somehow, without ever setting foot within Hogwarts. I also sincerely doubt he would have /tried/." He shuts up as Lupin starts to talk, and breathes out a sharp hiss in retort. "Sounds like Voldemort's tricks. Playing with the mind, twisting what's there. His old game from the first time around."

Lupin shakes his head. "Seeing Voldemort…hearing those things…can't have been easy for you. And I know it's not been easy with your family being so different from you. Your brother especially." He smiles. "You are a good man, despite your temper." He says to the man, his best friend. "It does sort of seem like Voldemort's old tricks, doesn't it? Try to divide us." He smiles sadly. "Voldemort has dabbled in some dark magic, I'll agree with that. I just…I don't want these students to have to deal with that. Not like they have been. Not like we had to in the first war. It's not right. The youngest one only just turned twelve…"

Sirius bristles, and looks almost like a dog whose hackles have been raised. "Idiots, the lot of them, getting caught up with Voldemort. Or at least supporting his ideals if not outright joining his Death Eaters." He clasps his hands behind his back and stops pacing around, choosing instead to take up a stance next to his old friend. "Divide us all, it's the best way to defeat your opponents. It's harder to take down a united force." There's a sigh of long-suffering, almost mourning, "Moony, I don't think there's a way to soften the blow or sugar coat it for these students. Voldemort is back and things are just going to get harder from here on out. No, it's not fair. It wasn't fair for us, it's not fair today. Instead of trying to shield them, it's probably better to work on preparing them."

Lupin sighs. "It's his way. And by all means it is an effective means of defeating your enemy, if it works. If there's one thing he isn't, it's not stupid. He knows what he's doing." Or at least he thinks that Voldemort does. "That is why you are the doer and I am the thinker, hmm?" He says quietly. "But what do we tell them? To expect more pain, more suffering?"

"We can start by not hiding facts. Maybe skirt over some of the more dire situations. However, they know what they saw. We both saw similar. There's no point in trying to take that away." Sirius slides his hands into the pockets of his robes and looks up at the ceiling. "Probably. I'm just an impatient person, you know that." Oh he stops to think. Sometimes. But most of the time, he prefers to act.

Lupin sighs heavily. "Look, I want your help in something else. Dumbledore said he didn't want me to go search out the werewolves alone. As much as I think it would be much better to go in search of them alone, if I were to take someone with me, I was wondering if you might consider going. If there is one person I can trust, and who I know can handle themselves against a werewolf, it's you. I can understand, however, if you said no."

"I'll go with you, you know I will. Dumbledore's right in that you shouldn't go without backup." Sirius turns to look at his friend, a sober expression in place as he raises to drop a hand on Remus's shoulder. "I don't think I could fool them if I went as Padfoot, but I don't think they'll have much animosity towards me as I am." Not when you're just as hated and feared.

Lupin nods a little bit. "I know…I've fooled them before, but I can understand the need for wanting there to be backup. In case something goes wrong." He shakes his head. "No, I'm sure they'd be able to tell be able to tell you were human. But they still don't take kindly to those who aren't werewolves. We'll work out a cover story for you being with me. And I'll deal with them first off."

"You can't be too careful these days, even as capable as you are, my friend." Sirius forces a smile now. "Can't imagine they would take kindly, but they might be a little less wary of someone of my status." His more recent history may not matter, since he is pureblooded and a wizard. "Come on, let's go find something to eat. Watching those kids and their waffles have made me a bit peckish."

Lupin smiles ever so slightly. Or tries to anyway. "Thank you, my friend. That means a lot." He nods firmly. "Yes, that sounds good. A bit of food could do us both good."

Sirius drapes an arm around Lupin's shoulders in a brotherly manner. Definitely one more fraternal than he ever considered giving to Regulus, and leads off down to the kitchens. "Feels a bit like old times, nipping into the kitchens to nick food," he says conversationally as they head off.

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