1995-07-24: Not Just A Dream


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Scene Title Not Just A Dream
Synopsis Ron wins.
Location The Burrow
Date Jul 24, 1995
Watch For Ron winning.
Logger Ron

The summer normally means that the Trio is kept apart for a few months before school starts again. However, it's not impossible to see each other again, as Hermione exhibits by visiting the Burrow toward the beginning of the summer. It's a nice day and the young witch has brought basically an entire trunk of books for her short stay. In fact, it's quite likely that she's brought more books than clothes. Hermione's idea of a summer vacation means there's more time to read and learn without being interrupted by classes. Enjoying the light summer heat outside in the backyard, the bushy haired witch has a rather thick book open to a middle page. She doesn't really seem to be reading, though, as she has yet to turn a page in a few minutes. It looks like she may have fallen asleep in her lounging chair.

"Hermione?" a voice calls out from near the Burrow itself, and around the side comes Ron, his head moving back and forth as he searches for the bushy-haired brunette. Finally spotting her, he calls out her name again, but there's still no answer. Moving close enough to actually see what she's doing, it's only when he's a few feet away from her that he realizes that she's sleeping. Pausing, frowning slightly, he watches her for a few long moments, and if anyone could see him, they would have no trouble seeing the look of admiration on his face. Then, after watching her for a bit longer, he leans down, so that his face is riiiiight up against hers, barely an inch in between then. "Hermione."

Luckily for Ron, Hermione may be close enough to see that look of admiration on his face, however she's asleep. The first time that her name is called, she must hear it on some level as she shifts in her sleep, the book sliding so that it hits against the armrest. That's not enough to wake her up, either, as the sunshine has caused her to fall into not exactly a deep sleep but a sound one. Head lolling to one side, she mutters something too soft for anyone to really hear, but with Ron putting his face so close to her own, it would be hard for him to miss it. "…mmff…Danny…" And, immediately after, her name is called much closer to her face and she starts. The book falls off her lap onto the deck and she gives a short shriek at seeing a blurry face so close to her own. Then, she realizes who it is. "Ronald!" She does not sound happy.

"…" That's pretty much the response from Ron at first. Danny? His name is Ronald very much, not Danny, and as far as Ron is concerned, Hermione can stop dreaming about her OH-SO-PERFECT boyfriend now, but that's not really his concern, is it? Stepping back suddenly when she shrieks in his face, he frowns down at her, eyes moving to the book for a few moments. Any other time, he might pick it up for her, but not today! "Sorry," he says, crossing his arms stubbornly and looking down at her. "I shouldn't have woken you up, I'm sure your dreams about Danny are very interesting."

Unaware of what Ron is angry it, as she was asleep before and her last memory was Ron scaring her into waking up, Hermione is just floored at what Ron is angry at. "Wh—what?" Leaning over, the witch snatches up her large book and puts it back down onto the lounge chair. "What are you talking about and how would you even know what I was dreaming about! And even if you did what business is it of yours!" Not liking the fact that Ron is looking down at her stubbornly, she pushes herself upward so that they can at least glare at each other from a somewhat similar height difference.

"Come off it!" Ron says. As far as Ron is concerned, Hermione was the one having the dream (as he tends not to dream about blokes and say their names outloud), so she should know exactly what he's talking about. But since she's acting like she has no idea, he is all but ready to let her know. Taking a step back when she tries to even out their heights, Ron crosses his arms more tightly, and scoffs slightly. "I know what you were dreaming about, because you said his name outloud while you were asleep. Danny." It's an achievement of sorts how Ron can put so much contempt into one person's name when he says it. "And believe me, I wish it wasn't my business! I don't want to hear you saying his name when you're— when you two— well, whatever it is you were dreaming about!"

Well, Hermione wouldn't know what Ron does or does not dream about or say outloud in his sleep. But, she's sure she wasn't aware that she was talking in her sleep. Or mumbling, as the case may be. "What?" Honestly, Hermione can't remember what she was dreaming about or anything else before she was startled awake. And then, she blushes quite a deep red at the suggestion that Ron makes. It's not a reddish tint of embarrassment, instead, it's of anger. "Ronald! You are incredibly crass! I cannot believe you!" Without being able to turn him into a toad or a newt or anything else without the use of magic, all she does is scoop up her book and attempt to hit him across the chest with it. "What I do is none of your business! And if you are going to talk like that then you can just not talk while I'm anywhere near you."

From above, a window can be heard sliding open and Bill pokes his head out. He looks down to Ron and Hermione below, a faint grin twitching at his mouth. Somehow, this opportunity is just too golden, so he clears his throat and shouts down, "You two keep it down out there or I'm sending Percy down!" Empty threat, and one given simply to envoke a reaction. Especially since the window shuts.

"I'm crass?! At least I'm not sleeping out in the open having dreams about— about— about whatever it was!" he says, his own face turning red, but instead of just anger, it's actually a mixture of anger AND embarassment, because now he's picturing what Hermione may or may not have been dreaming about, and he's not liking it. Then he's having a book coming in his direction, and he manages to reach out and grab it, his hand clamping over Hermione's wrist. "Oi! Watch it!" Then, it gets even worse, when his brother sticks his head out and yells at them. Freezing completely, he slowly turns his head towards the window, staring up at it.

Not caring about the yelling from the window, Hermione whirls around at it and just yells back, "Fine! Then I'll tell him I saw you and Fleur snogging in the garden, Bill Weasley!" As she was already turned that way, she starts to storm off toward the house. "I wasn't. And whatever I dream about has nothing to do with you, Ron! You really know how to spoil a good day!"

"I wasn't trying to spoil a good day!" Ron says, following after Hermione, but not before making a rude hand gesture at Bill's window, hoping he sees it (and hoping his mother doesn't.) Making a mental note to get Bill back somehow, he hurries after Hermione to keep up. There's no way she's winning this. "If that's not what you were dreaming about, then what were you dreaming about, huh?"

"Well you managed to anyway!" Hermione flings the door open - careful not to break it as she can't really fix it without alerting Mrs. Weasley to what happened - and that would not go well for anyone involved. Luckily for Ron, Hermione doesn't see the rude gesture, either, and when she does finally swing around toward him, she certainly does not look happy. "Stop following me. And I already told you that it has nothing to do with you and none of your business. Besides, it's a dream. If you wanted to analyze my dreams, why don't you go and talk to Professor Trelawney, I'm sure she'd be more helpful." That is the only professor that Hermione would even have anything close to contempt for.

"Oh yeah?" is the not-so-awesome response from Ron, who is clearly just playing for time so he can come up with something to strike back with as he ignores most of what Hermione says. He finally seems to grasp it, too, and you can almost see the lightbulb go off over his head. "What if I was dreaming about someone, like— like Lavender Brown, or Parvati Patil, how would you feel?" It seems Ron hasn't forgotten the day in the greenhouse where he's pretty sure Hermione confessed to liking him, or at least he took it that way. To him, this is a valid question, and he's quite sure it's going to work with its intended purpose. (Hopefully.)

"Yes." Hermione glares at Ron and crosses her arms in front of her book. She is clearly not happy right now and she knows that he is just stalling for something else to say. Raising both of her eyebrows in a 'well, I'm waiting' expression, she waits for whatever brilliant argument that he has come up with. And once she hears it, she just glares at Ron some more. That was not exactly the smartest thing he could have said, as it brings up a quite vulnerable moment for the young witch where she felt crushed by Ron. "I would say, still it's just a dream and I'm sure it'd be nothing more than asking Parvati to borrow her Transfiguration homework."

"Still just a dream," Ron echoes, shaking his head wildly at Hermione. He raises his hands up and out to each side, the classic look of '… what?', but he can only shake his head again and drop his arms to his side. He looks out over the yard, at the spot they were just at, and with another small, almost preparing himself to do something shake of the head, he turns back to Hermione, marches right over to her, and kisses her good and hard. It's not the best, most romantic time stopping kiss of all time, but it's efficient enough. As for her dream about Danny? Pulling away, looking at her with an odd look on his face, he speaks. "That's why it's not just a dream!" he says, voice strained, and then he makes to get the bloody hell out of there, storming off towards the stairs so he can go up to his room and hide away with his friend the ghoul.

There's a creak from the stairs, as if someone's coming down. The creaking halts during this as whomever is there stops moving. That someone happens to be the eldest Weasley child. Which is lucky for Ron and Hermione. If it were anyone but him, they could face a lifetime of teasing and having the mickey taken from them. As it stands, it's just Bill who grins, and Disapparates back to his room.

Yes, still just a dream! How many times does Hermione have to spell that out for Ron? The shake of the head and then the storming over is given a startled and wary look. Whatever he's planning, she certainly didn't expect it to be a kiss. At first, she's merely startled by it and stands rigid straight. After a moment, though, she closes her eyes, before she then pushes herself backwards and away from her red-haired friend. Her face has turned as bright a red as his hair by this point and she's reduced to standing there, staring quite a long time in the spot that Ron just recently left. After a moment, she snaps to and while still a beet red color, she calls out in a stuttering and breakable voice, "I- it was still just a dream-!" It's not very loud and quite possible that he didn't hear it. And then, realizing that she just squeaked out an answer and he may return, she quickly makes haste to get back outside again. The better to hide.

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