1995-04-27: Not His Best Side


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Scene Title Not His Best Side
Synopsis Skiving candies and sleepy sketches
Location Hogwarts - Fountain Courtyard
Date April 27, 1995
Logger Jax

[HGW] - Fountain Courtyard

One of the most distinguishing features of this courtyard is the large fountain placed right in the center that bubbles merrily throughout the year. Surrounding the fountain are several stone benches which provide a spot for students to study, or for anyone else to just sit there and take in the sound of the water in the fountain. The walls of the courtyard are solid stone from the ground up to about three feet. After that, there's a line of columns that provide open spots and allow passage into other parts of the castle. Including passage into the entrance hall.

It is a sunny afternoon, though cool enough outside that the courtyard isn't too crowded today. A few students are scattered around the benches studying or talking. One tiny Hufflepuff is perched on a courtyard wall, legs dangling over the edge and a sketchpad in his lap. The fingers of Jax's left hand are growing slowly blacker with charcoal as he works on a rather skilled sketch of the fountain and the students sitting around it.

Looking a tad on the underslept and haggard side comes Fred Weasley from the direction of the castle. A yawn threatens on his face and he quickly covers it before stretching one arm and then the other in front of him. A book with loose leaf paper sticking out of various pages in carried under his arm and as he sits down near Jackson he flips it open and pulls out the quill tucked behind his ear.

Jax looks up in surprise as someone sits near him. He pulls his legs up to sit cross-legged on the wall instead, scooting back a little and examining the older boy thoughtfully for a second before flipping to a new page and starting a new sketch, of Fred instead.

Fred raises an eyebrow and looks at Jax out of the corner of his eye, but doesn't say anything yet. He looks back towards the papers and grins a true Weasley twin smile as he taps the quill, "Now, do you think mandrakes or aconite to stop a nose bleed?" He eyes the firstie beside him.

Jax blinks at the question, his hand freezing briefly in its work before he continues — the picture of a sleepy-eyed Fred covering his yawn. "Mandrakes or — what? Neither, aconite's /poison/." He looks up again, giving Fred a puzzled look. "Comfrey, maybe. Or athelas." His lips purse thoughtfully. "Do you have problems with nosebleeds?"

Fred chuckles and nods to the firstie, "Someone's been doing there homework, bookworm. Yeah was going use comfrey, and no. Just working on something to get out of class." He shrugs and continues to jot down notes on the paper. Covering another yawn the young man look over at the picture Jax is working on, "Not my best side."

"I don't think you really have a bad side," the young artist says candidly, looking back at his sketch as he continues to work on it. "And I just like Herbology. — How does stopping nosebleeds get you out of class? Is that like extra credit?"

Fred chuckles and run a hand through his hair, "Why thank you." He digs around in his pockets and pulls out a bag fileld with toffee looking candy, looking excited all of the sudden. Pulling one out it's clear that the candy has two sides. "Well you see this. You eat one side and you've got a fever just over 100, enough to have to go to the hospital wing. You eat the other and the fever goes down. So I was thinking, how bout one to cause a nose bleed but them you have to stop it, or no ones going to buy that."

Jax's eyes widen, and he scoots closer to look at the candy curiously. "Angelina warned me never to eat any candy from one of you," he informs the Weasley twin with a crooked smile. "But that's right useful. If the healing part really works. There's plenty of plants in the greenhouse that could help with that."

Fred raises an eyebrow at the Angelina mention, "She did? I'll have to talk to her about that." He turns the candy over in his hand, "But yeah the healing part works fine on these ones, just trying to figure out somethign to clat blood faster for the nise bleed ones." He smiles at the useful comment though, "And yeah they are useful. You forgot to do homework, and in a school like this it's hard to fool the nurse."

Jax's lips twitch. "Or you could just do your homework," he suggests teasingly. He studies the candy thoughtfully, then looks up, lips pursed in consideration. "You could try comfrey with some agrimony," he suggests.

Fred chuckles as he peers at Jax, "You already got a fever or something, do homework?" He raises an eyebrow and jokingly reaches out to test to huffle's forhead, "What would be the fun in that." He laughs loudly and the nods his head as he jots down the firstie's suggestion, "Sure I'll look into that, Jackson right?"

"Jax — but yeah." Jax grins. "I know, it was a crazy thought. I won't suggest something ridiculous like that again." He adds a few more details to his sketch, his free hand drumming fingers idly against the wall. "We just went over bunches of healing herbs in class a few weeks ago. An' Neville helps me out a lot cuz I love Herbology and he's great at it."

Fred nods his head and peers at the picture again, "Always thought I was handsomer then that." He jests and leans back against the wall, "Oh yeah Nevlers great with anything herb-like. Just don't take dueling advice from him."

"Maybe when you get more sleep," Jax says with a laugh. "Besides, it's mid-yawn. That's an awkward time and you /still/ managed to look okay." He shrugs one shoulder, gaze flicking between Fred and his picture. "I wasn't planning on doing any dueling," he adds, "so I think I'll be okay."

Fred looks at the picture again and shrugs, "Well doesn't matter. You're right I still look good." He yawns again just looking at the picture and then leans back again.

"You look like you should be getting more sleep. S'only the afternoon! Maybe you should use those candies and grab yourself a nap," the Hufflepuff opines, glancing at Fred out of the corner of his eye as he works on the picture.

Fred hums and considers this, "Yeah you might have a point there kid." He loosk at the picture again, "You're a pretty good artist you know." He comments and tucks his arms up behind his head as a fake pillow.

"Thanks," Jax says with a bright smile. "I'm used to just doing Muggle-type pictures but they don't move so this is like a whole exciting new addition to doing art for me." He chews on his lip and then adds a few last touches to the sketch before carefully tearing it out of his pad. He offers the picture to Fred — a quite good likeness of the older student, yawning and then stretching on the page.

Fred chuckles and takes the picture. He looks it over carefully and a smile forms on his lips, "Pretty good kid." He tucks the picture into his book carefully, "Though I'm gonna get more tired just looking at it."

"Then you'll just hafta put one of your candies to good use and actually sleep next period." Jax grins over at the other boy, closing his sketchpad and hopping down off the wall. "What've you been doing that's got you so tired, anyhow? Since, I mean, I gotta figure it's not likely to be homework."

Stretching his arms out again Fred can't help but yawn, "Oh just the usual…got things to work on that aren't homework. Doesn't mean it doesn't take alot of time."

"I guess. Might want to get more sleep 'fore making any more of those candies, though. I mean you wouldn't want to be so sleepy you forget to put the remedy in the second half or nothin'." Jax shrugs, tucking his sketchpad beneath one arm as he gets ready to head back in.

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