1994-12-31: Noble's New Year


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Scene Title Noble's New Year
Synopsis Party at the Noble's house.
Location Torchwood Manor
Date Dec 31, 1994
Watch For Fainting. Kisses. Falling. Phiggiz (or something similar). Fireworks (verbal and literal).
Logger Molly

The grounds of Torchwood are lit up, the gardens strung through with fairy lights that sparkle and reflect off the snow. Inside, the decor follows the same theme; silver and white accenting the already present chromatic schemes. Ladies in elegant evening-wear and gentlemen in their dressrobes mingle in the myriad parlors and opened rooms. There is a small chamber orchestra in one corner, the strains of their gentle classical music magically transported throughout the house. Enchanted snowmen carry trays of nibbles and wine in seemingly random directions, stopping to allow a sampling of their wares before moving on again.

The Heir is present near the door, wearing formal dress robes in black velvet decorated with gold filigree on the cuffs and edges. Liam noble greets everyone as they enter the Manor, nodding stiffly to those whom he doesn't know, and reaching out to shake hands or at least give a welcoming word to those faces he recognizes.

Since he hadn't planned on attending a fancy dress party, Bill had to get himself a nice set of clothes at the last minute. The robes he picked up may not be specially tailored or even brand new, but they're clean and quite suitable for this event. The dress robes are nothing eccentric or over the top, just simple with the classic design and in a dark navy blue. Arriving at Torchwood with his family, he's offered one arm to his sister in escort, the other to his mother.

Edana Noble is with Liam, greeting guests as they arrive. She is clad in a violently violet gown that shows just a tad too much skin, with its low neckline and scoop back. Her platinum hair is swept into a bun, ornamented by a spring of lavender. Each guest is greeted with two enthusiastic air kisses, no matter if Edana knew them or not. Of course, she did know nearly everyone here. It was her job.

Molly pulled out an old dress for the occasion, and freshened it up with a bit of resizing and a few ribbons here and there. She wears a dark brown dress suit with a pale green shirt. Hanging on to Bill's arm, she smiles brightly to Edana as they enter the house. "Oh, Happy New Year, dear. Thank you ever so much for the invitation." She smiles brightly, shifting her brown hat a little. "You look lovely tonight." She may know Edana from before, but not well. It's just the polite thing to do, though, so Molly does it. "Come along, Ginny, I'm sure your friend is here somewhere."

Siobhan, on the other hand, is wrestling with the neckline of her own gown. The more she tries to pull it up, the more firmly it clings to right where it is. "I wonder if you'd be so obstinate if I was tryin' ta pull you down," she grumbles at the charm doubtlessly placed there by some designer or other, intending to get into her mother's good graces. Ah well, nothing for it now. Descending the stairs in a maroon cocktail dress and a pair of black Chuck Taylors - her own little slice of rebellion - Sio slips quietly past the greeting line and studiously avoids where her father is chatting with some colleagues by the fire. Bits of hair fall out of her own updo and fall into her line of vision, only to be hastily brushed aside. This oughta be good…

Ginny arrives on Bill's arm, smiling up at her older brother. She is wearing the same thing she wore to the Ball - a fire engine red gown. She is slightly like a child with a new toy - she adores the gown, and must wear it everywhere! At least she's refrained from wearing it around the house. "Hullo, Mrs. Noble," she greets the extravant woman briefly, then smiles at her mother. "Coming, Mum." In a low voice, she murmurs to Bill, "Didja see the snowmen?"

Heel, toe. Heel, toe. Mortimer was smart and didn't give her shoes with too much of a heel, but even the half an inch push seems to her heel seems to make her nervous. And it's not every day Tonks shows up to a party of the Well-to-do. And who here was actually expecting her to show up in hideus tuele, and fishnet? Better pay up because one Nymphadora Tonks is instead showing up in a tastefully cut cocktail dress made from a light, color-changing fabric. Her hair, for once, seems to be, GASP, au naturale, the brown locks wrapped up in a psuedo-twist, strands of hair being left out deliberately to fall in her face and against her shoulders (Yes, her hair's naturally shoulder length). Silver fillegry type accents have been woven in her hair, to match the silver jewelry on her neck (a simple chain necklace) and wrists (bangles galore, she had to get SOME of her personality in!). Her shoes are cute, too. Flats with ballerina type ribbons that wrap up her legs. And she's too freaking busy trying to make sure her entrance isn't one of Full Face Planting Fail, that she'll miss the stuffy and/or Kissy greetings of the Nobles at the door.

Christian enters the atrium wearing a long black trenchcoat. As he comes in from the outside, he removes the coat to reveal a suit of very interestingly tailored dressrobes. At first it appears to be like a Tuxedo, but the dress jacket continues down to his ankles and flairs out around his legs. He adjusts his black and silver tie, and smooths back a few errant strands of hair. With a careful tug on his cuffs, and an adjustment of his sapphire cufflinks, he hangs up his coat and walks forward into the crowd of people.

Edana begins to flutter around, as she always does at parties. It's the only way to make it possible to be in more than one place at once. Moving rather quickly, considering her spike heels, she manages to greet every guest, keep an eye on the goings-on of the kitchen, make sure all the arrived guests were enjoying themselves, and watch her children. "Siobhan, darling, I have someone I'd like you to meet," she cries as she spots her daughter, making a beeline for the girl.

Celaeno enters, giving a smile and wave to those around her- she's sure she recognizes a few of those present, which makes her feel a bit better about dropping in so suddenly. All in all, she can't resist a good party.

"Good evening Mrs. Noble," Bill greets the lady of the house as the small group of Weasley's enter the place. He grins a bit at Ginny's whisper, "I sure did. It's a nice touch." And a little more welcoming (and festive!) than seeing a small army of house elves serving. He's not too thrilled about what his little sister is wearing, and he's resisting the urge to put his jacket around her. As he looks around at the room, he catches sight of Tonks, then nudges Ginny playfully and whispers, "Charlie's going to be sorry he didn't come to visit."

"Mother." Liam grumbles to himself. He continues to stand at the door and greet each person, including the Weasleys, Tonks and Christian. "Welcome to Torchwood Manor." He smiles politely at the red-headed brood, though his eyes narrow a little. He spots the hit-wizard as someone he recognizes and the smile widens to more of a real one. "Mr. Faulkner. Welcome to Torchwood." He gives a polite nod, not quite as stiff, but still practiced. "Come in, come in." Tonks is almost completely ignored. Either he doesn't recognize her, or worse, he does.

"Oh Merlin's balls…" Ducking behind a nearby stationary snowman, Siobhan closes her eyes and prays to whatever powers may be that she not be found. Oops. The snowman moves. "Um…hi, mum!" Her grin is sheepish, but bright enough to confuse. "Did you get to see the Weasley's yet? I've not seen them around…" Diversionary tactic number one! Mother wants you to meet someone, change the subject!

Well, screw you too, you Percy-Weasley Wannabe. Not that Tonks seems to care. Not being noticed is fine by her. Maybe that's the purpose behind the brown hair. When was the last time anyone saw her with her natural hair color (that wasn't in the presence of her mum?) anyway? Regardless, the greeter is quickly distanced and Tonks seeks refuge in a sea of red hair. "Hey, Bill, Ginny." don't you two look adorable! But considering she was a young teenaged girl not so long ago, she doesn't comment on this, less ginny get mortified.

"Thank you Mr. Noble," Christian says to Liam with a friendly grin. "Happy New Year. Lovely decorations." He turns his gaze to the others at the party, and walks up to a serving Snowman, taking a glass of wine and sipping it. "Keep them coming," He says with a soft growl.

Ginny smiles warmly at Tonks as she sees the Auror. "Hi, Tonks! That dress is amazing!" Her eyes go wide with awe as the gown shifts colours. She chuckles at Bill's comment, head turning this way and that to try and take in everything at once.

Molly releases Bill's arm and starts to wander around. She grabs something to drink, and frowns as she takes a sip. "Do be careful, Ginny. I'm not sure what you'll be able to drink." In other words, don't drink anything you're not sure isn't alcoholilc. "Lovely." She smiles at the snowman, wondering about the charms it takes to do that. When Ginny speaks, she turns. "Oh! Nymphadora, dear. How are you?" She moves over to hug the younger woman. "You look stunning, dear."

Celaeno takes a drink of her own and smiles as she notices Molly. One of her more memorable customers as of late, and the shopkeeper gives a friendly wave.

Arthur arrived with the rest of the Weasley contingent, but got distracted when he realized a thread from his rather threadbare robes caught on something on the way in, and has been unravelling all the way that he's walked. He could follow it back to the woodcutters cottage like Hansel and Gretel, perhaps. He does start to follow it for a few moments, but then thought better of it and just snaps it off, frowning down at where the stitches have come a bit unravelled. Oh well, not too noticeable, he hopes. With a bright and friendly smile, he sets aside the matter of his robes and looks around, noticing for the first time just who all is here. "Hello. Hello. Lovely to see you," he greets to those he passes, as he makes to catch up with the family.

Edana looks briefly distracted at Siobhan's comment. "The Weasleys? Yes, dear, I saw them arrive. Quite hard to miss them, all that red, yes? Isn't the youngest one of your little friends?" Then she remembers her initial plan. "Anyway, darling, I found the most delightful man for you. Works at the Ministry. A Ministry man, darling! Come come, let's find him." Turning, Edana spots Christian. Oh no! A guest that seems to have very little to do! This is entirely unacceptable. "Siobhan, darling, let's meet this charming man over here first," she calls over her shoulder to her daughter, and makes her way towards Christian.
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OOF, Hello Molly-bosom. "Hello," Tonks responds once she's able to get some air back in her lungs. Wow, that woman can hug. She blushes a little, trying to fix a stray bit of hair. "Thanks." She grins at Ginny, "I tried to sit there and get my hair to try to get in sync with it, but it was too much to do and it was starting to give me a headache." She's careful not to brag about the dress, or where it came from. Knowing the Weasley's lot, she doesn't want to be the unintentional cause of any momentary sad faces. "And Bill, pleasure to see you again." Wow, looking good as ever.

Bill may be reigning in his want to be the protective big brother, but he does plan on keeping an eye on Ginny. Don't worry mum, he's got your back in this. "Hey Tonks, neat dress. I like the changing colors, that was a good idea. I was just telling Ginny that Charlie's going to kick himself for not coming home." He'll tease his brother once, and leave it at that.

Joe enters the room, clad in a muggle suit complete with top hat. In his arms is an overly-large basket which smells absolutely delightful. He steps across the threshold, ducking a little out of habit, while gracefully removing the top hat. "Greetings and Happy New Years. I hope I am not imposing, but I wish to join you for the festivities, and come bearing a token of peace and friendship."

Liam continues his greeting routine, and smiles just politely at Joe as he enters. "Oh, well. Thank you. It's no imposition. Welcome to Torchwood Manor, sir." He speaks the words, but his eyes narrow, watching this newcomer quite carefully indeed. He gives a nod to the people following the tall Native American, and continues in the all-important role of greeter. At least in his mind. He beckons a snowman over, and grabs a drink. If he's gonna stand here, he's gonna darn well have something to drink in his hand.

Christian turns to see the new arrivals taking their measure. He gazes around the room, and those observant enough can tell he's slipped into professional mode. He surveys the room and the people in it, checking exits and windows. He carefully walks around the room looking at the decorations, and glancing into other rooms.

Begrudgingly following her mother, Siobhan darts her gaze around the surrounding faces, searching for a familiar one that could provide safe haven from her mother. Alas, neither of the two seems to be here - though she can't really be surprised. Condemned, then, she follows Edana wher'ere the woman may lead.

Celaeno turns and smiles toward the newcomers. "Something smells good," she says, looking toward Joe's basket. "I should have brought along some chocolate Snitches, but I think that'd be a bit too much chaos for this party."

"Darling!" This is how Edana greets the complete stranger that is Christian. When he doesn't immediately respond, she taps him lightly on the shoulder. "Darling! Over here, luv." Assuming the man then turns, she will beam a smile at him. "Welcome to my home. I am Lady Edana, and this is my daughter, Siobhan. Who might you be?" Her dark eyes eye Christian appraisingly.

Tonks just pauses for a moment. "Bill, Charlie wouldn't know what to do with a girl if it fell in his lap. I know, I did several times." In the most innocent of ways, really! Like when they got it in thier head to steal some exotic bug-collection the then-Care of Magical Creatures teacher had in his office. That was… so not fun. She does spy Sio getting dragged by her mother, and she frowns for a moment. That's not a familiar sight, not at all. and Tonks doesn't have any idea how to get Sio out of things without ruining clothes. Grr!

"She's right, Bill." Ginny grins at Tonks. "I think you took all the suave genes," she teases her brother. She also notes Sio looking like she was walking off a plank, but is equally unable to rescue her. There is a Significant Look given to Tonks, complete with eyebrows.

"You look great Tonks," Bill says with a grin for the Auror, and manages to not sound surprised. Tonks's comment has him laughing, "Sure he would, she would just need to be attached to a dragon!" He has the good grace to look just a little embarrassed by Ginny's words, so he clears his throat, "Ginny, I'm going to get a drink, I'll find something for you too." Meaning, non-alcoholic, and all in a helpful guise. See mum? He's on the same wave length. As he turns away from his small group, he catches sight of the American. Woah. Big guy, and he looks interesting too. It doesn't take long to secure a drink for himself, but he's looking over trays to find something 'safe' for Ginny and passes Edana dragging poor Siobhan around like a trophy. He's a little behind the times on knowing just how the Lady Edana is, so as he passes, "Evening Siobhan, Mrs. Noble." Christian is not known so is given a nod of greeting.

Molly just looks around, and finds something she wants to comment to Arthur on. Except, where is Arthur? She frowns, and turns around to see him quite a ways behind. "Oh, dear. Is everything alright?" She frowns, glancing at his cuff. "You didn't tear it, did you dear?" She's not as worried about the unraveling part of it. "C'mon. Come see this. They have some muggle things over here, I think." That should draw his attention, shouldn't it?

Christian turns to Edana with a start. He returns her smile with a friendly one of his own. "Hello," He says warmly, dropping out of professional mode and relaxing slightly. "My name is Faulkner, Christian Faulkner. It is a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for this invitation to your lovely home." He returns Bill's nod of greeting.

Whoa, hey there Joe. Tonks waves her hand at him, completely forgetting that, well, he might not recognize her with the completely normal hair. Ginny's eye brow raising catches her attention and she coughs lightly. She holds up a finger, then discreetly points at Sio, mouthing, 'I'll try to distract them'. NO drinks? Okay. Bill, you're utterly useless. So that's when she'll make her way over to Christian, as Edana is introducing Sio and, WHUPS! She twists her ankle! Stumbling, she'll either land on Christian, or Edana, or on the ground if nobody bothers to break her fall.

Arthur lifts his sleeve to squint at it as he catches up with Molly, shaking his head a bit. "Don't think so," he comments, still looking just a little chagrined that there's now a long thread from his robes running through part of the room. But her comment about Muggle things gets his attention in an awful hurry, his arm dropping back to his side as he looks around, wide-eyed as a schoolboy. "What? Where?" Sleeve? What sleeve?

Joe nods to Tonks acknowledging her, while at the same time watching her drift away. He then proceeds into the midst of the Weasleys, uncovers the basket, and calling out, "I have brought you a taste from the Dineh. Fresh made fry bread and honey for all." Taking up one, he tears off an end, and squirts it full of honey.

Edana taps a fingertip to her lips thoughtfully. "Faulkner, hm? That sounds quite familiar. Do you work in the Minist - … OOF!" There is a Tonks, and it's wobbling! Luckily, Edana manages to break her fall while remaining upright. The result is a pair of strong arms - Edana isn't a lightweight in any sense of the word - wrapping around Tonks, and though she wobbles on her heels, she stays upright. "Goodness, Miss Nymphadora, are you alright?" Edana asks the woman in her arms.

Celaeno smiles happily and moves up to take some bread after taking a sip from her glass. "Quite a treat," she says, looking it over. "Thank you very much," she adds after taking her own piece and a bit of honey, giving another friendly smile to Joe. "I really should have brought something of my own…"

"Yes actually," Christian says. "I am—Whoa!" He reaches out and deposits his glass on a passing tray and reaches out to help Tonks to her feet. "Are you alright Tonks?" He asks, raising an eyebrow.

"Wow, yeah, I"m okay." Whoa, Edana' stronger than she seems. Christian's assistance is also thankful. She scrambles to her feet, and then Tonks tries to fix her hair. "You know how I am, not entirely light on my feet. But I saw Christian here, thought I'd tell him hi, and all. And to say hi as well to you," she says to Edana. "I think I missed you at the door." Is Sio still hanging around?

She's not! With a look of pure gratitude, Sio smiles at the stumbling Tonks and makes her escape! Light on her feet - and clad in easy-to-move-in shoes - Siobhan has no trouble weaving through the various people milling about. Soon she is lost in the crowd; always with one eye on her mother.

Bill spins around hearing the brief commotion. He's not surprised seeing Tonks at the center and without thinking, he's quickly tracing back his steps to help out. Too slow! It seems Mrs. Noble has this under control. "Are you okay Tonks?," he asks, torn between concern and embarrassed amusement for the Auror. He's very familiar with her lack of coordination, but unknowing of just how badly Sio was wanting the distraction.

Liam just watches the crowd with a small bit of annoyance. These types of things are for finding more connections, not patronizing everybody in the ministry. He frowns at his mother and sister and their antics. "No thank you." He turns his nose almost literally up at the fry bread. It's an unbecoming display for a situation like this, he thinks.

Christian helps to steady Tonks, then retrieves his glass from the tray. He sips it carefully. He turns to Bill as he comes over. "She appears fine," He says with a slight grin. "Just lost her balance."

"Oh, well, dear. That's very nice of you." Edana helps Tonks right herself, brushing her hands on her gown. The commotion seems to be handled quite well, all things considered. She finds herself almost surrounded now, and smiles slightly. "Everything is fine here, no need to fret," Edana declares. "Now, where was I. You work in the Ministry, you said?" Edana addressees Christian. "I'd like you to meet my daughter, Siobhan." And then she gestures grandly to the.. empty space next to her? What?

"She's talented that way," Bill says, grinning at Christian now that Tonks has been steadied. "Weasley.. Bill Weasley," he says to Christian, introducing himself finally, before he can't help grinning at Edana. The smile is quickly wiped off his face however, before he's thought as being rude. "Excuse me," he says before attempting to slip away. He still has to secure a drink for his sister.

Molly points to something on the mantle. "I don't recognize that dear. It must be muggle. I wonder if that dear girl could explain it to us." She smiles. "Where is she?" Last she saw the girl, she was being dragged off by her mother—oh. Her mother is over there, and Siobhan is nowhere to be found. "Oh, dear. She seems to have disappeared."

Arthur takes an eager few steps towards the mantle to peer at the object in question. He's so busy peering at it (resisting the urge to touch it, because that would be too rude to even speak of), that he doesn't entirely hear what all Molly is saying. "Disappeared? What?" he comes back to the present, blinking around at the room, which still seems very full of people to him. It makes it very hard to figure out which one is missing. "Who?"

"My daughter!" Edana cries loudly in answer to Arthur, though the question clearly wasn't posed to her. "She was right here, and then she disappeared!" She turns in a full circle, looking for the girl. "Has anyone seen her? Yea high, blonde hair, wearing a beautiful dress?" The thought that Siobhan had escaped was beyond her. Clearly, she's been kidnapped! Scandal!

Christian shakes Bill's hand as he introduces himself. "Christian Faulkner, at your service sir," He says politely, then turns back to Edana. "Yes Mrs. Noble. I am a Hitwizard with the Ministry." He scans the crowd as she searches for her daughter. "I'm sure she's just off enjoying herself. It is a party."

As Bill retreats, he gets a quick idea of how Edana is. Oh dear. Yeah, definitely getting a glass of punch for his sister. Oh look, there's some. Swiping the glass, he's off through the throng of guests.

Liam watches Sio step away from their mother, and, as expected, Edana starts to fret. "Mum, she's over here." He gestures toward her escape route. She's not there now. "She had been right over there." He scowls. This is getting to be too much. "I'm going to check on the Hors d'ovres." Janet probably doesn't need anyone to check on them, but oh, well.

Shooting Liam a 'thanks a lot glare, Siobhan sneaks between people until she comes up on the opposite side of Molly from her mother. Hide! "That's what Muggles call a Newtonian Demonstrator. They have this branch of science called physics that explains why stuff moves and behaves the way it does." She frowns and taps her chin. "Here, watch." She lifts the ball from the end and lets it go, when it hits the next ball, the ball on the opposite end swings outwards and so on and so forth.

Edana walks over to Liam and gives him an affectionate pat on the cheek. "Thank you, dear. I'll go find her." With that, Edana begins to walk the path Liam had indicated, occasionally peering behind furniture. Where had her daughter gone?

"Thank you dear." Molly really isn't as interested, however, it is pretty to watch, so she watches as the balls hit each other. "You know, dear, I bet any of her boys could help you identify some of those things you picked up. I wouldn't know the first place to look." She totally is unaware of the other things going on. Even though her children are right in the middle of them.

Christian watches Edana go, and sips his wine. He watches the conversations and the events unfold around him with a bemused smile.

Arthur seems a bit surprised to find Siobhan suddenly right there, but then leans forward eagerly to watch the demonstration. "Goodness! And all that without a lick of magic? Those Muggles are truly ingenious." He shakes his head in wonderment, unable to take his eyes off the little balls. How do they do it? "Sifics, you said? I'll have to look into that," he murmurs thoughtfully, still unable to look away. Suffice to say, he oblivious to anything unrelated to these little miracle balls. "Yes, that's an idea," he agrees with a nod, to Molly's suggestion.

Frowning some as he's lost sight of Ginny in the throng, Bill sets the two glasses down that he's picked up and wanders towards his parents and woah, hey, a Siobhan. "Your mother's looking for you," he whispers to Siobhan. "Hey mum, dad," he greets, then thinking quickly, offers his hand to Siobhan, "Would you like to dance?" Poor girl can't spend the whole night ducking through her own family party right?

"Physics, eh Mister Weasley? Physics. Phyyyyyysics. Fizzz-ix. Physics." By this point, Siobhan seems to be rambling more to herself than any need to explain the word further. Brown eyes are watchful. Uh-oh, mum approaching! Just in time, Bill offers a dance and Siobhan…actually blushes. "Um…yeah, sure. Why not?" And with a smile bright enough to hide the squealing bouncing girl-with-a-crush on the inside, she places her hand in his and allows him to lead her out onto the floor. "I mean, dancin' really wasn't on the agenda, but…" Shrug.
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Christian walks over to the Weasley's with an amused smile on his face. "If you are interested in physics Mr Weasley, I am sure that I could scrounge up a text book for you somewhere," He says with a chuckle. "I do not know if we have met. I am Christian, Christian Faulkner." He offers a hand to Arthur.

"Mum." Liam is way too big to be patted on the cheek like that. He scowls and strides toward the kitchen, and comes back out in a few minutes. "There are snacks if anyone wishes to partake." He gestures to the little snowmen, some of whom are walking around with food-type things on them now.

Grinning a little at Siobhan, Bill whispers in a conspiratorial manner, "I didn't want to see you spending your whole party hiding." Leading Siobhan to a spot on the floor, he takes the lead, pulling her into a dance. He's not bad. Not well practiced, but not bad. "Besides, I think your mom was going to show you around like a trophy to some more folks. Or at least, I started to get that suspicion. Not sure what was giving me /that/ idea."

Celaeno turns and gives a smile to Arthur. Might as well try to get to know some people while she's here. "Hello," she says to him kindly. "I see you're enjoying yourself as much as I am." She brushes her hand through her brown hair.

Arthur doesn't seem to mind Siobhan's rambling explanation of the word. "Pysigs, right, got it," he assures her with a nod, not wanting to take his attention from the tick-tock balls for very long. They seem to be slowing down though, so he turns to ask Siobhan something else about them, only to discover that in the time it took, she somehow went off somewhere else. But then there's someone else coming over, and Arthur brightens again, shaking the offered hand. "Arthur Weasley," he returns in introduction of his own. "And if you're sure it wouldn't be any trouble…" He seems thrilled at the idea of the textbook, which adds to the beaming smile he turns on Celaeno. "Oh yes. Splendid party."

Molly nods. "Ever so lovely." She smiles. "You're the owner of the quidditch shop, aren't you dear?" She turns to Arthur. "I got Ginny and Ron's presents at her store. And for quite a deal, I believe." This is high praise from the matriarch.

Sensing - if not a superb dancer - at least a competent partner, Siobhan allows him to lead her across the floor. The skirt of her cocktail dress flares daringly around her legs as she moves and the top hem feels dangerously low, but the pair of black Chuck Taylors she wears make dancing actually a bit of fun. "Yeah… She has this…insane desire to see me 'settled down' with some nice man so I can do the proper 'wife thing' an' pop out loads of babies." She seems to recall then who she's speaking to and blushes deeper. "Not that there's anythin' wrong with that," she amends quickly, taking the lead for just a moment to steer them away from a staggeringly drunk elder gentleman. "Just…y'know… Not for me."

"No, but if it's not for you, then you shouldn't be pushed into it. Mum's always asking me about whether or not I have a serious relationship." Bill converses easily with Siobhan, as he lets her take the lead for the moment. "I can understand her concern, but your mom really should give you a little more time. You haven't finished your seventh year yet. She ought to let you focus on N.E.W.T.'s and damn, if that's not enough, you have two more Tasks to see through. You've got enough on your plate without worrying about settling down." He doesn't seem fussed at all about what Siobhan has to say. To each their own, right?

Celaeno nods in response to Molly. "Yes, that's right," she says. "Celaeno Bristwick, it's a pleasure to meet you." She smiles again hearing her customer's praise. "And I was glad to make such a deal," she adds.

"I can ask my father if he knows of any good book stores for Physics books," Christian says with a grin. "I will pick up one for you and drop it off at the Ministry. Which department do you work in again?"

There's a knock on the door. Just a simple knock. Nothing sinister about it in the slightest. And for once, no errant smells of explosives or charms gone awry or anything remotely dangerous. Alistaire has his hands stuffed into his pockets, rocking back and forth on the heels of his feet, glancing around until the door is opened by a house elf named Janet. "Ahh, hello, I'm Alistaire. I've got an /invitation/." And he shows it, a proper invitation, written by Siobhan's own hand, and the house elf nods and leads him inside. It seems he only has one set of decent robes and perhaps two sets of kit to wear under it, because this is a blue suit-like set of wizarding attire, but only marginally so, a pair of red and white trainers on his feet as if he expects to start running sometime soon. The brown coat is eyed as he gives it to the house elf, but he finally shrugs off any concern for the thing and makes his way into the room where most of the gathering is held, to see Siobhan dancing with Bill flippin' Weasley. The cheerful grin on his face is wiped away as swiftly as a record needle can scratch an old-school vinyl record.

Liam hears a familiar voice, and turns. "Who invited you, Phoenix?" He scowls, not having heard about his sister's connection to the guy a year older than he. "Mum?" He calls out to Edana. "Phoenix is here." It's an almost-subtle way of finding out if he is her guest, or Siobhan's.

The kind words do much to put Siobhan at ease. "That's just what I've been tellin' her." She smiles sweetly, stepping out in a rather graceful twirl before returning to the dance at hand. "Only, y'know, not in so many words." A familiar surname catches her ear and it's as if someone flipped a switch. Instantly she's on the balls of her feet, brown eyes searching the faces around them as they dance. She doesn't catch the face she wants, or that brown suit he never seems to be without. Disappointed, but doing her best to keep it off her face, she shakes her head. "How long are you gonna be stayin' in England, then?"

"Oh, well, thanks for that then," Arthur replies to Celaeno, as Molly explains about the great deal she got. Excellent. And then his smile grows again as Christian seems to make good on this offer of a physics text. "Ah, I'm in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office," he explains, rattling that all off with practised ease. He hasn't yet noticed the storm perhaps brewing amongst the youngsters. There's physics at stake here, after all.

"Oh really?" Christian says with a raised eyebrow. "Well, I guess I'm so busy on my side of things I miss people who are even in my own department." Christian chuckles abit. "I'm a Hitwizard."

Alistaire is a master of physics, and the squiggle over his head that would be visible were this a cartoon would also make him a master of meteorology for stormy behavior, and that mood isn't helped by Liam's blunt question. "Siobhan invited me," he replies curtly, holding up the invitation, which he didn't let Janet potter off with. However, he does remember his manners when it comes to Edana. "Madam," he's more than polite to greet her as the presumed hostess of this party. "Sorry I'm late. I was putting up some bookshelves. You can never have too many bookshelves."

"If your mum is like mine in that department, be prepared for an uphill battle. And here I thought she was bad enough just harping on my hair." And earring. Bill is being a perfect gentleman, don't you worry Phoenix. Seeing as it's his business to be quick thinking and observant, he notices the look on Siobhan's face. It's not taken personal, and he presumes that she's looking for someone, so he steers her across the floor. Maybe she can get a better lookout as they move around. "Just a few more days, and then I'm going back to Egypt. I can't believe my vacation is about up."

Edana beams at Alistaire. "Hello, luv. Bookshelves, hm? Do you favour scholarly pursuits, then?" She smiles at the Auror, leading him away by the elbow. Why Liam was bothering him, she had no idea, but she knew better than to keep the two men together. "You must give me an opinion on these new drapes, Mister Phoenix."

Celaeno raises her head and takes in Arthur's job description. "Ahh… what an interesting job," she says, taking another sip from her glass and a bite from her bread. "And important, we don't want any enchantments falling into the wrong hands, do we?"

"Well, I have a rather large collection of books," Alistaire admits to Edana, letting himself be taken away from Liam before he hexed the guy into the next millennium or something. Not very polite to do at the party, after all. "Keep having to add more room to the library and put up more shelves every few weeks. Much more fun than resonating concrete." Why he mentions that is anyone's guess. "As for these drapes," he says, eyeballing them very seriously and critically, even going so far as to put on his brainy-specs and looking at them intently. "You're better off with a more subtle rope here, here, and /there/," he says, pointing out the places in question, pulling out his wand and casually making the changes he suggested, the colors shifting slightly so that the ropes holding the drapes back are far more elegant and hopefully eyepleasing. "Yes, Aurors with time on their hands often hire out as interior decorators," he says winningly.

Molly nods. "It is an extremely important job. And he's ever so good at it." She beams at the praise of her husband. "You're a hitwizard, Mr. Faulkner?" She directs her attention to Christian for a moment. "That sounds like a challenging job." She tries to get the four of them to talk a little more.

"My life is an uphill battle," Siobhan teases lightly. But then…there it is again! That familiar name coupled with a voice she knows better than her own. But where? One more turn around the dancefloor and oh… Oh no… With a groan, she rests her forehead on Bill's shoulder and inhales deeply. "Why did he have to find her first? She'll eat him alive!" And they're headed for the drapes and - oh my, out come the Brainy Specs. "I…I've gotta go, Bill. Sorry!" And with that, she stands on tip-toe to press a quick kiss to his cheek and dashes off. Dodging and weaving between people, she barrels right into Alistaire, arms going 'round his neck and hugging him fiercely. "You made it!" she beams, her entire face lit up.

Arthur goes a bit pink at Molly's praise, but he also stands up a little straighter. "Thank you, dear," he replies to her, before nodding to Celaeno. "Yes, most important. Sad fact that there's so many who'd put a Muggle in danger just for a laugh. Or worse." Because some people can be rather malicious about it, of course. But he's not going to let the mood fall too far, and brightens again, looking to Christian now. "A Hitwizard? That must be exciting."

Edana blinks. And blinks again. Then she rubs her eyes, and stares. "Er." Edana recovers slightly. "There you are, darling! Have you met Mister Phoenix, then? He was being a dear and helping me with the drapes." Her eyes go from Alistaire's face to the back of Siobhan's head, and she tilts her head. "Where did you two meet?"

"I'm afraid that's pretty much how a lot of it is going to go," Bill says with just a faint grin. Sorry, he's not going to candy coat matters, but he also won't harp on some of the downside either. He's a little surprised at the groan from Siobhan, then follows her line of sight. Ah-ha. Then, Siobhan is abruptly gone. Although! Instead of floating about the floor and mingling, he follows after Siobhan, and politely clears his throat behind Edana. "Mrs. Noble? May I have this dance?" Siobhan, Alistaire, if this works, you may thank him later.

"Its not really that exciting," Christian chuckles slightly. "In the end, there is much more paperwork and procedure involved. Lots of work more than anything." He chuckles slightly and blushes a bit. "Of course, Auror's tend to get all the glory."

Alistaire gets barreled into and reacts appropriately, grabbing hold of Sio and swinging her around with a delighted grin on his face. "Hello!" he says, his stormy mood a thing of the past, completely forgotten, like where his other green sock might actually be. And yet, he makes no effort to divest himself of the young lady hanging from his neck, holding her up with one arm around her slim waist, wand still in hand from his drapery-alterations. "Diagon Alley," he replies to the question, and just to see if Liam explodes, he flicks his wand to conjure some mistletoe and kisses Siobhan in front of everyone. Not on the cheek, but a proper kiss appropriate for a public gathering. However, he keeps an eye open to see if anyone's about to try and jinx him for his daring.

Liam just watches his sister with the Auror, and then as he conjures the mistletoe, the Noble Heir does almost stride toward the man and forcibly remove him from his sister's presence. However, someone taps his arm and asks him a question, and he turns to answer it. "You're absolutely right, Polzin." He nods, and the pair of them walk off to discuss whatever it was that the older man wanted to say. Maybe he's a fan of young love as well.

"Diagon Alley, really? Just.. random - .." Then she stops. And blinks. Her face pales, and Edana takes in a deep breath. This isn't actually happening, is it? She blinks again, slowly. "I think I might need to sit do - .." And then, without any other warning, Edana falls to the floor in a dead faint.

That wasn't the reaction Bill was expecting! (In response to his question, or Edana witnessing her child and Alistaire.) Who'd a thunk that was coming?! Acting quickly, he catches the fainting Edana.

Molly is talking to Christian, and finally decides to do a visual check on her children. One, two, three, four, five… She turns, to see where Bill is, and notices the lady of the house just collapse. "Oh, dear." She rushes over to Edana, and casts a diagnostic charm on her. "Oh. It just seems to be from…" She frowns, turning toward the auror and Siobhan. "What did you tell her, dears?" Her eyes narrow. She turns to Bill and gives him a bright smile. Atta boy.

Almost as surprised as her mother was, Siobhan quickly regains her balance and returns that kiss. Enthusiastically. One foot even 'pops' up behind her. She doesn't even notice her mother's dead faint or her brother's timely distraction or Bill's handy save. Actually, it's not until Molly bustles over that she notices anything at all. Pulling slowly away, she has to hang onto Ali's shoulders to stay upright as she catches her breath. Only then does she see her mum collapsed into Bill's arms. "Mum?" she manages; a little hazy.

In response to to commotion, Christian quickly turns. His hand goes into his jacket, but once he sees what's happening his hand comes back out. He places his glass down and strides over to Edana. "Just a shock then?" He asks carefully.

Since he's supporting Edana, he can't exactly reach his wand to summon forth cushions or the like. "Could someone get a chair or such for Mrs. Noble? I think she's just been over-excited, that's all mum." He says, sounding reassuring for those gathering around. Which /is/ one way to phrase it, so he's not stretching the truth at all. "I think so Mr. Faulkner."

"Oh dear," Alistaire says as he releases Siobhan from the kiss but not his grasp and then smiles almost sheepishly at Molly. "I think she just received a terrible shock," he says knowledgeably and without a trace of guilt in it. "I should imagine she'll be all right." And since he's already got his wand out, he gives it a flick and one of the more comfy chairs in the room zips over and settles near Edana's fainted form.

Celaeno turns and watches the commotion from a distance. "Well, these parties can get exciting, can't they?" she says to nobody in particular. "Makes me glad my husband's resting at home, he can't handle things like this as well as he used to."

Edana finally stirs. With a start, her eyes open and she stares right up into the face of Bill Weasley. "I.. er.. what happened? I feel all woozy. How did I end up on the floor?" Edana blinks as she realizes that she's not quite upright.

"Oh, dear, I think you've just got a bit of a shock." Molly moves to fetch something to drink for the other woman. "Here you go, luv." She smiles her 'Mum' smile. The other woman may be of an age, but Molly's not above mothering those even older than she. "Drink up, dear. You'll feel better in a moment."

No, this isn't the effect he has on women. "Thanks," Bill says for the assistance with getting something to place the lady on. But she comes to before he can ease her onto the chair. As Edana comes to, he says politely, "You fainted, Mrs. Noble. Just take it easy? Here, we got a chair for you."

Not far behind that zipping chair is the Lord of the house himself. "Jacks?" he queries worriedly, dropping to his knees to scoop up his smaller wife. "You alright there, love?" Looking to Bill for his assistance, Sir Michael settles his wife on the chair and sends one of the House Elves for a large glass of mineral water. Just in case his wife is enough herself and won't accept the conjured. "What happened, sweetheart?"

For her part, Siobhan finally seems to have caught up with just exactly what she's gone and done and buries her face in the lapel of Alistaire's suit. "They're gonna kill me…"

Alistaire pats Siobhan's shoulder comfortingly but points out, "They'll have to get through me first." His voice is pleasant, detached a bit, and maybe even a little eager to jump into that fight. But now is not the time or place. "It was my fault, Sir Michael," he admits openly.

Christian looks at the others, seeing they have everything in line he steps back to watch. Walking over to the wine glass he left behind. He finishes it off in one gulp.

Once Edana has been settled into the chair, Bill steps back. He puts a hand on his mother's shoulder, to try and gently get her to step back as well. There's a grin he can't completely suppress as Alistaire takes ownership of the fainting cause.

Liam hears the commotion, and frees himself from his conversation. He moves toward the chair his mother sits in, and frowns at his father. "She was fine until Siobhan started acting …" He purses his lips tightly, giving his clear opinion of his youngest sibling's behavior. "…with Phoenix, there." And his thumb jerks toward Alistaire. He may not have seen the kiss, but he saw enough. "Father, I told you…" He stops, realizing this is probably not the time nor the place for the discussion.

Edana settles into the chair, still looking dazed. "Pete," she says, reaching for her husband. "I saw Siobhan and Mister Phoenix, and they were…" Edana swallows hard, taking a sip of the drink Molly offered her. This seems to strengthen her. "They were kissing. Kissing, Pete." She seems to talk to her husband like there's no one else in the room. "On the mouth."

"You?" There's incredulity in Sir Michael's voice as her turns to Alistaire. "What could you have - " He seems to notice then just how closely his youngest daughter is standing to the stringy Auror. Liam's interruption and Edana's response only confirm his suspicions, but he remains quiet, thoughtful.

Siobhan is anything but. As soon as Liam opens his big mouth she lunges in his direction, caught off-guard by Alistaire's arms still around her. "You told him what, Liam? That Ali's a "bad influence", like Siri and all the rest?" In her heightened emotional state, she seems to forget that they're in a room full of Ministry officials. "Well they're not, any of them. And especially not Ali. He's a good man and if I hear one bad thing about him come out of your foul little mouth I will hex it clean off!"

This exchange seems to decide something for Sir Michael. He snaps his fingers and Janet appears. She is given several whispered instructions before he turns to Liam. "Why don't you see about those fireworks, Liam?" It's not a suggestion. "Mister Phoenix, it's a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance." His right hand is extended then; a friendly-ish gesture, though not perhaps as warm as it could have been.

"That's generally what two people do when they fancy each other," Bill states in a rather matter of fact manner, and that's all he's going to say about it. If they aren't fancying each other, then maybe it's just an overly friendly hello, but he doesn't think so. He gives his mother a pat on the shoulder, before stepping away. This is so not his place to continue to nose about. Now where did his sister go?

Molly, seeing that Sir Michael is taking care of it, moves back over to her own husband. "Well." She starts to say something to him, but instead just sighs. "I never did catch your name dear." She tries to engage Celaeno in conversation again. However, she can't help lean toward her husband and communicate via look which says, 'I'm so glad we have our kids.' Even if the rows in the Weasley house are often decibels louder. Molly's proud of her brood.

Ginny chooses that moment to appear. It seems she'd wandered outside to explore the grounds. "Bill, they have GEESE! Purple geese! Come see!!" Grasping Bill's hand, she begins to tug him to the door, completely oblivious of the drama going on.

"Yessir." Chastened, Liam steps back out toward the back yard to find the elf who's been collecting the fireworks. He gives Siobhan one last sneer as he moves toward the door Ginny's just come through.

Celaeno looks toward Siobhan curiously. Did she really just say… Siri? An odd coincidence if it was… Maybe some other people didn't pay attention, but Celaeno *is* a former Quidditch player after all- honed senses and all that. "Oh… Celaeno, Celaeno Bristwick," she responds to Molly. She looks toward the kids at the door. "Are those your children?" she asks, watching them. "They're charming… The younger one looks about the same age as Bridget," she notes.

There she is.. gack! Bill's hand is grabbed and he lets Ginny tug him to the door. "Purple geese you say?" He's going to humor her, because this means she's been staying out of trouble. And away from slightly older boys who have no business eyeballing his sister.

"And green ones! And orange ones! And blue ones!" Before leaving the house, Ginny grabs some finger food from a nearby tray, held by a snowman, to feed to said geese. "And there's a pond with swans in it!" Ginny seems quite excited.

Arthur catches Molly's meaningful look, deciphering it easily and giving a faint nod of his head in return. He's also quite proud of their crazy bunch! Catching a bit of Ginny's excitement, he gives an indulgent chuckle and then nods again, this time in confirmation to Celaeno. "Oldest and youngest of the lot," he explains, and then looks curious. "You've a daughter? Perhaps they do know each other." The school isn't that large, after all.

Alistaire is quite happy to switch his wand to his other hand and shake Sir Michael's offered appendage. "It's not exactly how I wanted to make your acquaintance, but better this than dancing around the issue for months, hiding, sneaking around, eh?" he offers, cheerfully digging his own grave with his big fat mouth. And there's Liam with his sneer, and for a few moments, the thought crosses his mind to zap the git in the posterior on the way out, but he doesn't. "We should talk sometime when there isn't a party going on," he suggests, but a hint of pointedness in the remark. Not the time or the place. He even stifles his natural urge to play with fireworks, although there's a mild pout on his face when he watches Liam go tend to that sort of business. "You made me promise not to cause any explosions," he says to Siobhan, "but you didn't tell me there'd be /fireworks/."

Christian looks up as Siobhan says 'Siri' and narrows his eyes. He looks from Alistaire, back to Siobhan. "Good to know," He whispers to himself. "Looks like I can't even escape it here." He puts the empty class on a nearby tray. He excuses himself politely and begins to stride for the door.

"Our Ginerva is thirteen this year." Molly smiles brightly and confirms Arthur's words. "Bill's a cursebreaker for Gringott's." The pride is shining in her eyes. "Charlie's in Romania, working with dragons, Percy works for the ministry, and the rest are still in Hogwarts. Fred and George are sixth years, and Ronald is a fourth year." If you ask Molly Weasley about her children, prepare for an answer.

Celaeno smiles at Arthur's question. "Yes, that's right. Bridget Bristwick, second year Hufflepuff," she says proudly. "She's looking to get on the Quidditch team, same as I did," she notes. "I'm sure she'll do fine… my, your children are quite the success story," she says to Molly.

Edana is beginning to gain a bit of colour in her cheeks, most likely thanks to whatever Molly had her drink. She sits up properly, and gives Alistaire a hard look. "If you hurt my daughter," she says in a fierce, low tone, "I will kill you and they will never find the body." Feeling confident enough to stand, she breaks into a smile. "That said, welcome to the family!" And she envelopes Alistaire in a tight hug.

Bill is probably missing out on chatting up witches and dancing, but he doesn't care. He doesn't get to spend a lot of time with his siblings. "If you think this is something, just wait, I think there's fireworks to come.. Real sparkly fireworks. Not the other ones you missed while you were outside." He leans in and says in a conspiratorial manner to Ginny, "Siobhan and her gentleman friend caused Mrs. Noble to faint."

"I did so tell you about them!" When it looked like she was about to kiss him while dancing. That time. Laughing with a mixture of hysterical relief and genuine, affectionate amusement, Siobhan is - by proximity - suddenly overtaken by a rather…enthusiastic hug. "Mum?" she manages to gasp out. "Are you sure you didn't hit your head or somethin'?" Not that she's complaining, mind. Just…definitely not the reaction she was expecting. When released, she grins nervously and grasps one of Ali's hands with her own, entwining their fingers and tugging slightly. "C'mon," she murmurs in his ear, trying to get away before her mum sinks her teeth in. "I saved you a few of the big ones."

Sir Michael nods, shakes the hand firmly and drops his grip. "Indeed, sir. There is much for us to discuss, but for now there are other guests we must see to." He turns to his wife and his entire expression softens as he offers her his arm. "Shall we, my dear?" You owe him one now, Sio. Big time.

Edana smiles, an actual genuine smile. Maybe she did hit her head, or maybe it's just Pete's gaze on her. "Yes, darling, let's." She places her hand in the crook of his elbow, and the pair go off to shmooze.

"Ah, well, best of luck to her then," Arthur bids kindly to little Bridget's attempts at making the Hufflepuff team. His smile broadens a little as the success of his children is complimented. "Oh yes. We're quite proud of them all. They're good kids." He might not go on at the same length as Molly, but his pride in genuine, that much is clear.

Ginny's eyes widen at this bit of news. Both bits, really. "Fireworks? Ooh. We'll see them once we feed the geese! I named them, too. They're so cute. And they have personalities! Do you think Mum will let us get geese?"

"Hmmm.. I'm not sure.. but if you /really/ want some.." Maybe it can happen. As if the Burrow wasn't already overrun with children, chickens and gnomes. Bill glances back towards the party, "Let me get you some more to feed them with before the fireworks."

"I can tell," Celaeno says, looking towards Ginny and Bill once more. "It kind of makes me wish I'd had more children… But no, Bridget is enough for me."

Alistaire actually GLEEPS when he's wrapped up in a hug by Madam Noble, and the look he gives Siobhan is HALP! "Er, um, I have a feeling, Madam, that were I to hurt your daughter, you'd have to queue up for that privilege, because Siobhan would get me first…" Which is the honest to goodness truth, s'far as he believes. But thankfully both elder Nobles aren't about to hex him into the millennium three on from now, so he relaxes and grins cheekily down at Siobhan. "See, they love me!" Although that bit about… family. And he takes off his specs, which had gotten knocked askew by Sio's mum, and puts them back into his pocket safely.

Siobhan sees Ali falter when her mother mentions family and scowls. There will have to be a Tactful Conversation with her father later. See if he can explain a little to Edana. But for now, she does what she does best; she squeezes his hand in silent comfort and then tugs him off towards the back door. "There's one I had Janet hold back for us that's supposed to explode into this giant pink kneazle. Now wouldn't it be funny if we set off the Welsh green at the same time?" Watch a dragon eat a celestial embodiment of the Pink Disaster. How fun!

A few more snacks of the bread variety are swiped up by Bill as he takes Ginny back outside to see and feed the geese. As well as to grab a good spot for watching the fireworks and other festivities. They should also be able to see a few muggle type fireworks too in the distance.

Molly nods, listening to Celaeno's words. "Oh, dear, every family is different, and they're mostly just as they ought to be." Barring the intervention of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Molly's lips purse in thought of Harry's family, and she pushes the thought out of her mind. "Well, dear, there seems to be fireworks soon. Should we head that way?" She smiles at the shopkeeper. "You're more than welcome to stand with us as we watch, dear."

Alistaire is quite happy to let Siobhan haul him out to watch the fireworks, although there's a mildly puzzled look on his face, but it has nothing to do with fireworks. Someone's brain is multitasking this evening, and he diverts to gather himself up a plate of munchies, suitable for two munchers, handing that to Siobhan as he then collects proper drinks. "And I can't help," he mock-sulks toward her as they get to where they can watch the fireworks. "That's not very nice."

Siobhan laughs. "No, you goose! I had Janet save them for us." Brown eyes roll skyward, but she accepts the plate of munchies anyway. "You can set 'em off at the very end, see?" She grins playfully, tongue poking out from between her teeth. "I think that's very nice."

Sio adds, "But if you'd rather go help Liam…"

"As long as they keep you on your toes, that's what counts," Arthur notes with good cheer, of how many children are 'enough'. He looks over at Molly then, considering this a moment and then nodding. "Yes, all right," he agrees, somehow having missed this announcement that they would be starting soon. Celaeno gets a smile to affirm that she is, indeed, welcome to join them, and then he offers Molly his arm.

Celaeno nods with a pleasant smile to Molly. "Of course, Mrs. Weasley, I'd be happy to," she says.

"Isn't that the truth." Molly quips, replying to her husband. "Well, Shall we?" She smiles and walks with her husband and the other woman to the back yard.

Alistaire smirks lopsidedly toward Siobhan as he settles into a comfortable chair. "Absolutely not!" he answers her and waves toward Arthur Weasley, whom he normally passes by at work periodically but haven't had the chance to actually say more than 'hi' to in passing. "Unless I'm allowed to hex him…" he adds under his breath, his grin rather arch, but he's not really being serious.

"I think we shall," Arthur replies with a grin, heading with the two lovelies out to the yard to watch the fireworks. Alistaire is recognized and offered a friendly wave in return. "Quite a good turn out," he muses to himself, sounding pleased about that.

"After the way he's been actin' lately…I'd help." Siobhan - ever the oddball - settles on the floor with her back leaning against one of Ali's legs. "I mean, I thought he was a bit of alright after he found me a - " That train of thought is cut off really quickly. "But the past few months it's been like… Like first year all over again." In more ways than one. "I'd kill for some chips."

"We can't have you going to Azkaban on account of chips," Alistaire says quite seriously, considering a moment and then gesturing with his wand. And then a plate of chips with a small bottle of vinegar and malt materializes next to Siobhan. "Hopefully I got it right, I've been practicing." Why, he doesn't say, looking toward the fireworks launchers with some curiosity and eagerness.

Blinking at the plate of greasy goodness that just materialized out of thin air, Siobhan vapidly hands the plate of munchies up to Ali and drizzles the vinegar over the potato wedges before lifting one up to her mouth and popping it in. "Sweet Merlin…" she sighs around her mouthful. "These are gorgeous." And so she sets the plate in her lap and rests her head back on Alistaire's knee, taking her time to savor each individual chip; slowly. "Where'd you learn to do that, Ali? S'bloody brilliant…"
Celaeno has left.

"It was a bit of trial and error, I'm afraid," Alistaire replies with a bit of a shrug. "But it helped to actually study how the Muggles did it, to replicate their end result without all the mess. And, having a mum helps too, you know."

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