1994-12-12: Noble In The House Of Black


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Scene Title Noble in the House of Black
Synopsis Lupin stops by Grimmauld Place, and Jack says, Hello.
Location Grimmauld Place
Date Dec 12, 1994
Watch For Nothing, really
Logger Jack

Grimmauld Place…such a dank, dark, and dreary establishment that it can't be said to have much of any merit at all. Even when cleaned, one might wonder about the regular tenants the place once held, especially with the House Elf heads hung along a wall and a troll leg that is used as an umbrella stand. That aside, this place does have a certain undeniable, though dark, charm and appeal for some. Those that would fall under that 'some' would not include the visiting Remus Lupin. He never really thought he'd find himself visiting this place at all, even when he and Sirius were in school. But circumstances change, and here he stands in the entry way, looking about, hoping not to have a little run in with the house elf that currently resides here.

Jack has just recently started staying here with Sirius, Holly and Kreacher. In fact, he hasn't been here long at all. Sirius is up taking care of Buckbeak or something, and Holly's resting, so it falls to Jack to wander around the hall examining several items as he walks. The items are interesting to him because of the curses they seem to carry. He won't touch anything without Sirius' prior permission, but he is definitely taking notes as to which ones he wants to get that permission for. "Ewwww." He's just noticed the row of house elf heads. "I hate it when they do that." Yes, he's been in houses where it was common practice. He's keeping his voice down, having been warned several times about 'Mother's portrait.'

It isn't too long before Lupin begins wandering through the house as well. And, consequently, he runs into Jack. Not literally, of course, as his heightened lycanthropic senses alerted him. Though they have been known to fail him before. He smiles softly. "Ah, Mister Noble. It's good to see you. I thought I would drop by here and check how everything is doing, you know."

Jack does not have super-lycanthropic senses, so he looks up a little startled as Remus speaks. "Hello, Lupin. We're doing alright. I just got here a little while ago. I think Sirius is upstairs, and Holly is resting…" He thinks that's what they said. "I was just noticing the interesting collection on the walls. I bet this place is just full of interesting stuff." And by 'interesting', Jack means, 'needing cursebreaker attention.' He smiles. "How are you doing?"

Lupin shakes his head. "Oh, no doubt this place is interesting." And as he thinks back on it…he may have been mistaken. He might just have been here once or twice, but they were never too pleasant except for being able to visit Sirius. That was ever the only good thing about this place. "One of Sirius' great-aunts decided to start the lovely head collection, if my memory serves." He smiles. "There's certainly much to see in this place." He says quietly. "And no doubt Sirius will need help clearing it all up."

"I can do that, if he wants me to." Jack shrugs, moving along to the next thing in the row. "I don't know how long we'll need to hang out here. I know several other places around the world that we could go, if we needed to…" Though his parents would likely prefer it if he stayed in Britain, at least to live. "I never got the point. I mean, it's not like a hunting lodge where you put up the heads of the deer or something…" He shudders slightly. "What's been going on with you?" He intentionally tries to find a better subject. "My sister is participating in that Quad-wizard Tournament." He gives a sarcastic grin. "Without a support team, no less."

Lupin smiles a little, nodding. "Yes, I'm sure he'd appreciate the help. I'd come by to help more myself, only with being in the Ministry…they've likely got an eye on me though they didn't name me as a suspect. A…person like me who has been known to consort with both Sirius Black and Holly Maplewood does not bode well for a person. But then, you're in a much worse situation I suppose, with actually having to hide. Believe me, I think this is really the last place Sirius wants to hide, but at least it's unplottable, which makes things easier."

Jack smiles. "That's for sure." He nods quickly, and lets out a sigh, running his hand through his hair. "I don't really mind the hiding, except for the effect it has on my family and Miss Sagace…" He frowns "She comes to work for me part of the time." He looks up, spying a spider web on the arch just above him, and stepping away from it to avoid getting the critter landing in his hair. "What are you doing now? Do you have a job, then?" He frowns slightly, a little worry on his face.

Lupin shakes his head ever so slightly. "Trust me, what ever effect this has on your family now, it's better for you to be in hiding and alive than dead. You're no use to them then. As for Miss Sagace? I may have met her once or twice. I'm sure she'll do fine. She has another job, no?" He gives a little nod. "Yes. I work in the Vampire Liaison office for…a relative of yours, I do believe. Ichabod Noble."

"Oh! You work for Uncle Ichabod, huh?" Jack grins. "Well, I have a question for him, actually, so if you see him before I do, I may have you ask him for me." Messenger boy, please. "We were wondering if there was any identifying marks on dementors." He doesn't specify why he wants the information. "Like can you tell one dementor from another? I know he was studying them rather intently at the trial…" Jack trails off, realizing he doesn't need to go further into it. "Yes, Miss Sagace also works down in the Department of Mysteries. I hate messing up her schedule, though, although you're quite right about the 'staying alive' thing. Can't be very helpful if I'm dead." He rolls his eyes, and gives a cheeky grin.

Lupin bobs his head in response. "I sure do." He tilts his head. "Perhaps this is something I can help you with as well. I'm quite knowledgeable about dark creatures…in fact, I was intending, before the escape, to speak as an expert on dementors." He says kindly. "While I'm sure they do each have some form of identifying mark, due to the fact that they are hooded and cloaked at all times except when performing The Kiss on someone, it would be difficult or even near impossible to thus distinguish one from another." Admittedly, he is curious as to why one would wonder.

Jack nods. "That's what Sirius said, but I was curious if Uncle Ichabod knew any different." He shrugs, giving up on the idea that had been rolling around in his head in regard to the dementors. "I've only talked to him a couple times, but he's been helpful both times." Jack speaks highly of his vampire 'uncle'. "And they don't really strike out on their own, do they? They've pretty much always got someone pulling their strings?" He wonders how that works. "Sorry, not trying to have dark conversation in these dark rooms, but it's something I've been thinking about." Wanting to figure out how to prove that the Pink Lady sent the Dementors after them, and if not her, who was responsible. "Thanks for the information, though." He purses his lips in thought.

Lupin chuckles slightly. "Well, Sirius would know as well, having spent so much time amongst them, I suppose." He says thoughtfully. "At present, they do not attack on their own, they are usually quite content to have the people held at Azkaban. Though some have been known to act roguishly, it is rare at present. If they were to roam free of their own accord, they would attack people all over without regard. In fact, even while they were at Hogwarts, they did not distinguish exclusively between adult and student. A person is a person to them, something to feed off of."

Jack listens, formulating his opinion, when another question occurs to him. "Do they go places of their own accord?" He frowns. "Like, would they just wander around London looking for lunch among wizardkind and muggles alike, or would they just go to specific places?" He knows he's getting closer to the subject matter, and that Moony is a pretty intelligent man. So, he tries to keep it vague.

Lupin shakes his head. "No, they are not particularly privy to going out on their own of their own accord. Not usually. It would be rare." He pauses before shaking his head again. "They wouldn't just wander around London. That is not in their nature." He raises an eyebrow. "If I didn't know better, I'd say you were working towards a personal experience."

Jack nods. "Yeah. I mean, I've run into them on occasion as part of curses or traps on things, but they'd been spelled there by witches and wizards." He frowns. "And they were one, at the most two or three at a time." He shifts a little. "But the reason we ran from the safehouse was a bunch of them. I couldn't count how many there were. I didn't knwo there were that many Dementors." He shudders, in memory of the incident. "I don't know if you know a Hufflepuff named Alice, I think Rosie said, but she made some candy that gave us all a burst of joy for long enough to make super-strong patronuses." He shrugs. "It really helped."

Lupin looks on at Jack with real, goodness to honest sympathy in his eyes. "On that occasion, I assure you, so many dementors would not have converged on one location like that without a reason. They would have been sent there. If it were one or two by them selves then it may have been rogue ones, but not a huge number. And the only dementors at present in Britain are under the control of the Ministry. They can only have been sent. And who ever sent them must have hoped that no one would be able to repel such a number due to the powerful effect." He sighs. "Alice? Alice Starr? Yes, smart girl. She's a third year this year, I believe. She's actually quite adept and making potions I believe, and makes candies which she sells, if I remember correctly."

"Starr. I'll have to remember that. That would be her. I need to send her a thank-you note for saving my life." He's not sure what the young girl thinks of things, or her family, either, but as her candies were very instrumental in fending off dementors, she ought to know. Perhaps not specifics, but at least that they got the wizard out of a sticky situation. "Care for some tea or something?" He nods toward the kitchen. "I'm getting hungry. I can just as easily make something for two?"

"I'm sure she would enjoy a thank you letter of sorts." Lupin replies. "Though you'd be wise to not sign it as yourself." He says with a small grin. "No, I can't stay long. Thank you, though. I wanted to make sure that everything was going fine here. I know it can't be easy being on the run from the Ministry."

With a quiet chuckle, ever mindful of Mrs. Black, Jack holds his hand out for the other man to shake. "Thanks. I appreciate it. I'll let them know you stopped by, and they can owl you if they need anything." Or Sirius can send his patronus or whatever. "Tell my Uncle hello, would you?" He grins.

Lupin smiles and nods, taking Jack's offered hand and shaking it. "That is very much appreciated. And now I must be off, as to not bring interest here. You never know who is watching." He says with a small grin. "And of course. I'm sure Mister Noble will be glad to hear from you." With a nod, he heads out.

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