1994-10-03: No Touchie!


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Scene Title No Touchie!
Synopsis How nature says 'do not touch.'
Location Hogwarts - Rear Courtyard
Date Oct 03, 1994
Watch For N/A
Logger Perpetua

Julian is feeling 'homesick.' So, for him, that means get outside, find a corner, and crawl into it. He steps out into the courtyard looking for a likely spot. There's a corner over there that looks dark enough. He sighs, walking toward it, giving furtive glances around the courtyard.

Since Draco's fit, Perpetua's been looking for her rat between classes. It's a bit futile really. If people can easily hide in the castle, finding a rat will be like looking for a needle in a haystack. In her hands are little flyers that she's made up on spare parchment. On them is the rat's name, her name and house as well as the description. The search is going to go well, yup. Slipping out into the courtyard, this is one place she hasn't checked. Being a quiet area, Mr. Skitters could be hiding here. Away from screaming students.

Julian spots Siobhan and gives a mild scowl, mainly just for her presence more than for who she is. He gives Perpetua a nod, and then notices her parchment in hand. Looks important. What is she doing? Curiosity gets the better of him, so he inclines his head, puts on his 'meek-little-boy' face, and asks. "What are you doing?"

While her uniform says that she's a Hufflepuff, Perpetua doesn't seem to take issue with being in the same vicinity as Slytherin students. She doesn't have the same biases against a House as a whole. Her philosophy is the rose tinted can't we all just get along sort. Smiling kindly at the firstie when Julian approaches, she pulls off one of the parchment posters. "My rat, he ran off this morning and I can't find him now. I haven't had him long, but I'm still a bit attached to the silly thing."

Julian can understand rat affinity. He picked up Achilles a long time ago, and has often asked himself why he bothered keeping the thing alive. "What's he look like?" He decides to let the elder Slytherin read her book, and continues. "Where did you see him last?" That's where he always starts, when he needs to find something.

"He's black and got burgundy eyes. Pretty fat, I fed him well, poor thing was in a state when I found him." That should making him a little more distinctive from the average black rat, right? Perpetua can't resist reaching out a hand to ruffle Julian's hair. Sorry. Ickle firsties are just so adorable to her. Smiling brightly, she says, "This morning. He was in my pocket. When that fourth year came screaming into the castle, my rat got scared and took off."

Julian gives an involuntary hiss and backs up when she reaches out to tousle his hair. Sorry. Living on the street makes one's reactions violent at times. Bean composes himself quickly, and nods, totally ignoring his response. "Where were you when he got scared?" And, "Burgundy eyes? That's interesting. Not sure I've seen one like that."

Perpetua giggles a little at Julian, not realizing the implications of his reactions or her actions. She just took it for a cute first year not wanting to be ruffled. "We were in the entrance hall. So far he's been hiding quite well. I already searched my dorm and common room and he's hiding quite well. He must have been spooked by the yelling more than I originally thought."

Julian nods, internally scowling at the giggle, only showing her his discomfort by tensing up slightly. "They can get spooked easily, especially if they're in a really strange situation. Achilles," and he pronounces it in the French way, 'ah-sheel', "took about a week to get used to the dorms. Now, he's comfortable in the common room until that damn second-year lets her cat out…" He purses his lips. That's all the apology she'll get for his language. He regrets using it, but won't apologize. "What was the yelling about?"

"Oooh good point. I'm used to keeping cats myself. It was fun telling the cats at home that Mr. Skitters wasn't for eating." Perpetua then blinks and reigns herself in from a stream of babble and reaches out to tap Julian on the nose. "Language! Be glad I'm not a Prefect, or rather one's not around. Oh. The blonde boy, Mal something or other was whinging about seeing a grim. I think he may have just been crying for attention. Or stress from classwork, although it's not really time for exams. So I dunno. Maybe he's just a bit damaged in the head."

Julian tenses again, and steps back. Stop touching. He scowls deeply, hoping to get his point across without explaining, though it appears less likely the longer he talks to the girl. "Were you a prefect, I probably would have been more circumspect." Bean lifts his head slightly. "Malfoy. Fourth year Slytherin. Comes from a very prominent family." Loves quidditch. Called Bean 'stupid'. He also doesn't know what a Grim is, though he guesses it's something bad. However, he's not going to let that get out right now. "Ah. Yeah. He has been rather busy." Draco can owe him for covering up for him. "Or perhaps he was trying to scare someone else."

Perpetua grins brightly down at Julian. "Don't worry.. Even if I made Prefect, you're just too cute to take points from or tell off!" She refrains from doing the first thing that comes to mind though, which is giving the boy a fierce hug. Good thing too, it could end ugly otherwise! "Oh that would be him then! I thought he was going to cry and soil himself. Although if he truly saw a Grim, he should hide and watch his back. Not that you can really hide from Death." She shrugs, smiling still. A bit of a ditz, this one is.

Julian knows he's too cute. That's part of the reason he's alive, really. "No, he'll get you no matter where you go." He frowns, not sure what the older boy saw to make him scream, but understanding the feeling. "He was probably acting. You know how we can get." He engages in a little house-deprecating humor. "Trying to sneak up on people and scare them. Probably just said he saw the Grim just to scare some other firstie or something." Bean wouldn't scare, not knowing what the thing is. "Well, shall we look for Mr. — Your rat?"

"Probably, but I don't know him at all. So I couldn't say what his motives were. He did look genuinely scared tho." Perpetua states then she lets out a squeal and.. attempts to give Julian a hug, while crying out, "You're just too sweet! Wanting to help me find my rat! My own brother wouldn't help earlier!"

Aaaagh. That's the last straw. Julian's gotta get out of here, and quick. Sorry Perpetua. He would have helped find your rat. He tenses up, and scurries back toward the castle, narrowly avoiding a hug. If she listens closely, she might hear him muttering, "Do. Not. Touch. Me."

Looking hurt and bewildered, Perpetua watches the kid scurry off. Aw. Jeez. Some kids. Must be the sort that cries for mommy at night, wanting hugs but not wanting hugs. Fooey! "You're face is gonna stick that way, you grumpy boy!" She thought she caught what he said, but he was muttering so low, gosh darnit!

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