1995-04-22: No Felicis for You!


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Scene Title No Felicis for You!
Synopsis Melissa decides to try her luck potion.
Location Hogwarts - Covered Bridge / Ravenclaw Tower
Date April 22, 1995
Watch For A broomstick built for two
Logger Egbert

Melissa sits against the balcony, flipping through a book on the local magical creatures. She can't quite figure out what hit was that Egbert might have seen out there… she's definitely not about to make a second attempt at going out there, they were lucky to make it back alive! Which reminds Melissa of something she'd been thinking about last night…

Egbert peers at the book over Melissa's shoulder, squinting. "Not those, I don't think," he says, "I would've noticed if they were glowing pink." His Cleansweep is tucked under his arm again, though he's not pushing the idea of a second flight, at least not yet.

Melissa grins. "I didn't think so…" she says. "Where would you be going then?" she asks, noticing the broom.

"I don't know yet," he replies, sitting down next to her and setting the broom down to one side. "Just wanted to be ready, in case, you know?"

Melissa nods, looking over to him before flipping through the book a bit more. "Speaking of… I was thinking last night, of that Felix Felicis I won in Professor Snape's class a while ago… I think I should probably use it some time before the end of the year, I don't want to leave it somewhere at home and forget about it…"

Egbert turns to face Melissa. "Yeah, you're probably— I mean, you wouldn't forget about a thing like that, but it could get spilled or something. Did you have something in mind?"

Melissa thinks. "I'm not sure," she says. "What do you think? I mean, I can't use it for schoolwork or anything…"

Egbert draws his knees up to his chest, thinking. "Well. Not tests or Quidditch, I'm sure there are rules against those… and I wouldn't ask you to use it on this, after all it might turn out to be nothing. Too bad you can't use it to figure out what you ought to use it for…"

Melissa grins. "True… although I really don't know enough about how it works to say. Maybe if I just use it I'll think of something…" She looks back through the railing down at the grounds. "I wonder if any of the others who got some have used it yet…"

Egbert shakes his head. "If they have, they didn't say anything about it— or at least not that I heard. You could be right, if you use it now then something good ought to happen…"

Melissa nods. "That makes sense… I mean, it's supposed to be perfect luck, everything going your way and all that, you don't have to have anything specific in mind…"

"Okay," says Egbert, "so— do you have it with you, or do you need to go back to get it or something?" His curiosity is peaked now, he's heard of the potion but not seen it in action before.

Melissa shakes her head. "No, it's back at the dormitory… locked up in a box," she says. "It's a long way up there…"

Egbert looks impish, leaning back a little as he reaches a hand over to one side. "I think we might be able to save a little time…" He doesn't know if the Ravenclaw tower has an outside entrance, but there's probably one not too far away, at least.

Melissa smiles. "Oh, the broom… can we both fit on it?" she asks. "It'd be tough…"

"I think so," he replies, holding it up, "if you don't mind— um." Egbert clambers to his feet, holding the broom carefully at waist level. "Okay, you get on first, we'll know for sure before we actually leave the ground."

Melissa stands and mounts the broom carefully. Now that she thinks about it, it shouldn't be too bad… the brooms are made to fit one adult, so two kids shouldn't have a problem should they?

Except that kids are a little bigger than most people expect; owners of clothes shop are an exception, along with the parents who buy robes and other things from them. Egbert sits behind Melissa and guides the broom upward a little, then nearly loses his balance. "Hold still!" he says, instinctively slipping an arm round her waist to steady her.

Melissa nods, looking forward determinedly, then pushes the broom forward a bit, concentrating on the tower to keep herself steady.

After a second, Egbert gets the hang of how it flies differently with two passengers instead of just one. He watches the ground at first, easing higher as the two approach closer to the castle.

Melissa keeps an eye out for possible ways in, definitely *not* looking down. Good thing she's not scared of heights or anything!

Egbert points forward. "What about— no, it's moving too fast. Go left, I thought I saw an opening over there?"

Melissa nods and nudges the broom to the left, slowing down a bit to adjust her glasses. "That looks good…"

Egbert's hand hovers in place for a second as he tries to get a better look. "Yeah, right about…" Lower, lower. Keep going forward. And slow down already! He glances down at the broomstick, silently urging it onward until they finally ease to a stop.

Melissa hops off the broom and raises her arms like a gymnast sticking the landing. "Wow, we're good at this broom stuff," she says to Egbert. "The common room should be… just up there," she says, looking up the stairs. "I'll be right back!" She rushes off toward the common room.

Egbert nods, leaning it up against the wall as he waits for her. "All right, see you in a minute." Once she's safely out of sight, he allows himself a broader smile: does that mean they'll get to fly together again some time soon?

Melissa comes down after some time, gasping for breath. "I couldn't… find the key!" she says. "Nobody else has seen it either… I'll ask tomorrow morning…"

Egbert starts, stepping forward and reaching his hands out to steady Melissa's shoulders. "Whoa, calm down…" Think, think think. "Well, you can't break it, the potion might spill. Would Alohomora work on it?"

Melissa thinks, then shakes her head. "No, I'm pretty sure the box is set up so that it wouldn't… it'd be too easy for someone to take it that way…"

"Yeah, I guess you're right," says Egbert, scratching his hand. "I think there's a charm to make the key come back, if you know which one it is… but I don't know it myself, do you?"

Melissa shrugs. "No, I don't…" she says. "I'm sure it'll come up eventually… and I'll have more time to think of a good reason to use it… well, I have one now, of course, but I can't use it to find the key to let me use it of course…"

Egbert laughs, shaking his head. "No, that wouldn't work, would it?" Stepping forward, he offers his hands to hers. "How about we meet up on Saturday and see if we can look up that charm? I bet it's not too hard…"

Melissa smiles back at Egbert. "Thanks… that sounds like a really good idea," she says. "Maybe I don't even need that potion after all… I'm lucky just to be friends with you!"

"Friends. Right." Not quite what Egbert was hoping for, but he can't complain either. "Okay, it's a— well, I mean, see you Saturday?"

Melissa grins, blushing a little… she does kind of get what he means after all. "Yeah, should be fun," she answers, waving before returning to her room.

Egbert waves back, then turns back to retrieve his broom. Looks back out toward the opening… nah, it wouldn't be quite the same, he decides to brave the stairs instead.

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