No Drowning Today


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Scene Title No Drowning Today
Synopsis Hailey is a first year. Mei makes her think that other first years have died in the past on the way to the school for the sorting.
Date September 1, 1994
Watch For Ravenclaw Conspiracies
Logger Septima

Hogwarts Express

A standard train compartment, done up in matching beige and grey colors of the corridor. There are six seats total, along with racks for luggage above the seats. A small table just out from the outside wall where a large window allows one to view the countryside as the train rolls along.

September the First, all the families have gathered on Platform 9 and 3/4 to say goodbye and to the children off to school for another year or, for some, to start their first year. Septima is there with two children. A boy and a girl, though it appears that only the girl is to be going this year and the other one is a tad bit too young. "Get on the train, now, dear. Find yourself a good cabin. I love you lots and lots." She gives her daughter a small kiss on the cheek. "Send me an owl just as soon as you get settled in, and tell me all about how your first night was and how the sorting ceremony went." Hailey gives an enthusiastic nod. "Yes mother! Right as soon as I can." She points to her owl. "I'll send the owl soon!" She nods firmly. Hailey hugs her mom and her brother before bounding onto the train with her stuff. Dragging her trunk with one hand and holding her owl's cage with the other, she finds herself an empty cabin and hoists the trunk up to the storage space, though it comes as quite the difficulty for the girl with such a heavy trunk. Once she settles down she starts to get a real good look at her surroundings. She's purely full of excitement at this point.

She always hated the first, and now with her owls coming up this year, Mei hates them more. Having arrived early, the girl's trunks are already packed on the train and she changed into her uniform. Even after that she seems reluctant to enter right away. In fact, she waits till just as the guard blows his whistle before she finally climbs on the train. Shuffling along the corridor, the girl nods to some people she passes, even offering slight bows to friends. Watching hailey drag her trunk, Mei blinks and then looks up where it was stowed. "That…" she says, her english soft and crisp though accented "might not be a good idea to sit under…"

Hailey looks up at Mei as she speaks to her. "Oh?" She says lightly, looking up at the storage space above and then back to Mei. "I'm sure it shall be fine. It was a bit heavy, but I hear that the Hogwarts Express storage is magically strengthened." She states in an accent that states that perhaps she was raised in a more upper class setting. And if her statement didn't make it obvious, it can be seen that she is obviously a first year, she doesn't look to be any older than 11.

Mei giggles softly and then nods. Clasping her hands together (almost like she's praying) the girl places them just under her chin before she bows. "Ni Hao. I am Mei Huang. If yo do not mind it I would enjoy joining you." The girl does actually wait to see if the firstie lets her join, seeming to err on the side of politeness to a fault.

The blond girl smiles up at Mei. Though her eyes burrow in confusion as the other girl says something in a completely different language. "Na…na…I'm sorry, what was that you said?" She shakes her head and motions with a hand to the other seats. "Please, feel free to join me. I'm Hailey Falton. It's nice to meet you, Miss."

Giggling the girl smiles. Speaking slowly, she says it phonetically. "Nee How." Walking over she sits in one seat before smoothing her skirt and explaining. "It's my native language. It means hello." Giggling she hmms, looking at the firstie and then cocking her head to one side. "So, what house are you hoping for?"

'Knee How' the blond first year silently mouths. "I've never heard it before." Hailey explains. "What language is it?" She doesn't have much experience with any asian languages. "I'm hoping for Slytherin." The girl explains. "It's the house both my mother and my father were in." She says with a very small nod. "What house are you in?"

Giggling the girl watches at the mouthing attempt to say it before answering. "Chinese. Just like me." Winking she reaches to tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear, though it always just falls back to frame her face. "Hufflepuff. You know, big fuzzy badgers."

Hailey smiles softly at the other girl. "Chinese…I've never met any Chinese people before. That's neat." Her mother would probably have something to say about her using the word 'neat', but since her mother isn't around right now, it's fine. "Hufflepuff? Oh! Yeah. I read a little bit about Hufflepuff in 'Hogwarts: A History'."

Mei ohs and then chuckles. "To be honest…" she says sitting back, keeping her hands in her lap in a perfectly prim way "I haven't even picked up the book. I couldn't quite get interested in it. Which I suspect makes sense, since I'm not a Ravenclaw." Smilling, Mei remains kind to the first, but pursing her lips she giggles. "This may sound a bit odd…but can you swim?"

Hailey shrugs a little bit. "I'm very interested in the school history. It's so intriguing." She says with a small, coy smile. She tilts her head slightly at the question. "Can I swim?" She gives a nod in answer. "Yes, I can swim. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, we just lost a couple firsties last year when a boat sank while crossing the lake." The comment comes out offhanded as she listens. Smiling playfully she adds. "Don't be shocked with a love to learn like that, if you end up in Ravenclaw miss Falton…"

Hailey crunches up her eyebrows and wrinkles her nose in slight disdain. "That's just awful! How'd they let that happen? I do hope that they're more careful this year." She says firmly. "I don't fancy falling into a lake of any kind." She says, shaking her head. "I don't know…I mean, I guess we'll see, won't we?"
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Mei shrugs. "Well, I forget the exact average, but they said that they figure on losing at least three every year." Pursing her lips, the girl wrinkles her nose and sighs. "It's not so bad, but if you come back as a ghost you have to finish your term."

Hailey frumps. "I refuse to die and come back as a ghost!" She exclaims quite firmly. "I am going not going to let that happen." She seems to be taking it all very seriously. "I think it's just atrocious! I'm going to have to send my owl to my mother to let her know. She'll get right on it and before anyone knows what has happened, there'll be new safe guards in place. Just you watch."

Mei hmms. "Well, you could send an owl, but is that wise? I mean…right before they send you across the lake? I mean, wouldn't that give them incentive to make you…you know? Dissappear?" The girl smiles serenely, and since she's obviously NOT a Slytherin, she wouldn't DARE lie to a first year…would she?"

Hailey shakes her head. "I wouldn't send it before hand, obviously! I'd send it after, to ensure safe passage. But once I'm there…my mother is going to hear about this. Mark my words!" And since she's just a first year, she has no reason to believe that anyone would lie to her about such serious matters. Certainly no one, not even a Slytherin, would be that mean!

Mei hmms. "But, what if…you know?" Mei makes a flipping motion with her hand, suggesting perhaps a boat. "Then, who would know? In fact…" looking out the window, Mei smiles. "I think one of the kids last year had said he read about it in one of the papers and he wasn't about to ride the boats. I think they actually had to stupefy him to get him in, which was odd…since if I recall right, he was the one that turned the boat over."

Hailey listens to Mei with a look of major shock on her face. "No! They wouldn't do anything to a student like that, would they!?" She looks almost petrified. "No! I will not let them harm me! I must let the world know what is happening! They dare not do anything when the world knows. I just know it!" She seems firm in her resolve. Perhaps she is suited for Slytherin.

Hmming mei cocks her head to one side. "So, what does your mother do anyway?" Seeming to change tact, maybe trying to calm the firstie down, Mei remains conversational. "She work for the ministry?"

Hailey shakes her head. "No, my mother does not do anything like that. But she knows a lot of people…" She pauses, hmming. She tries to think how, exactly, she describes her mother being a 'socialite', not really knowing that word. "She goes to lots of parties and functions. And…is always paying people to help others." Her way of saying that her mother donates to charities.

Mei ohs and then nods some. "I see…" not quite getting the whole picture, Mei just keeps up the innocent teasing act. "I'll tell you a little secret…just in case, well to prevent trouble from happening. But…" leaning in close she lowers her voice to a whisper, eyes bright as she manages to keep a perfectly straight face. "But I didn't tell you this ok?"

Hailey nods firmly and leans in to hear what Mei has to say. "Don't worry. I won't tell anybody that I heard any of this from me. I give you my Falton honour!" She says, waiting in anticipation to hear what the other girl has to say.

Mei hmms. "Well, if you see more than three kids whose parents are from Ravenclaw in the boat, ask to be put in another one. Not many people know this, they say that Slytherin are the ones to watch…but it's a lie. It's the Ravenclaws. I know this because they thought I didn't speak english at first, so I know their whole plan." Nodding she sits back, idly crossing her legs at the knees but keeping her skirt pressed down with her hands. "Got the whole world fooled do they. Well maybe not all of it now."

Hailey shakes her head. "I can't believe it…I know Ravenclaws are supposed to be very smart, but I wouldn't think that they'd be behind it all!" She seems slightly aghast. She's going to be sorely annoyed and possibly angry when she finds out that this is all just one big elaborate hoax. "Well, we'll just have to show them now, won't we? Beat them at their own game!"

Mei nods. "But…" she says holding up a single finger. "You can never let anyone know. Of course, someone's going to tell you it's a big hoax, but well; what would I have to gain by telling you one?" Smiling Mei stands to stretch, popping her back in the process. "I mean, look at me. I'm a Hufflepuff. It's not like we do anything is it?"

Hailey furrows her brow, looking thoroughly confused. "I…wouldn't know what Hufflepuffs do or not." She shakes her head. "But if I can't tell anyone, how can we stop them? They shouldn't be allowed to continue this, can they?"

Mei hmms and then walks over. Reaching out she gently moves to pat Hailey on the head. "Beat them at their own game. They say knowledge is power right?" Squatting down Mei pushes her skirt down before speaking, now at eye level to Hailey. "So, you have the knowledge. Keep it close to your heart and they can't beat you. Besides…" grinning playfully she looks out the door as some ravenclaw students actually pass by "If you really want to beat them, then be smarter than them. Study hard as you can, and beat them on every marks, and they'll just have fits. And, if you distract them like that, then they can't very well do anything to anyone else can they?"

Hailey seems to be thinking over everything Mei says quite seriously, with crease in her brow of concentration. She finally nods. "Yeah…yeah. I'll do that!" She says, finally, with some resolve. "Beat them at their own game. We can stop them, we can!" Her firm resolve back once more. "I just know we can!"

Smiling Mei nods. "I better go. If they know I've been talking to you too long, they might make me have an accident." Winking she stands and turns to leave. Pausing at the compartment door she looks back. "Remember. Knowledge is power." Bowing to Hailey, Mei turns to leave, waiting till she gets several cars away to hide in a WC and laugh her head clean off.

Hailey nods firmly, turning to stare out of the window, thinking over all that she's heard very seriously.

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