1994-08-31: No Death Eaten


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Scene Title No Death Eaten
Synopsis An old acquaintance pays a visit to Spinner's End.
Date August 31, 1994
Watch For Dark Mark Talk
Chronology Septima speaks with Snape about the Dark Lord and her daughter.
Logger Snape

Spinner's End

It's a quiet night in Spinner's End. There's a light breeze rustling through the leaves and branches of nearby trees. At the end of a certain, somewhat dark street, there's a small 'pop' sound. Where, previously, there was no person, some one has appeared. She has long, waving blond hair which, on one side covers part of an eye as it flows down. A black dress adorned with a slightly less dark floral design is worn by the woman, as well as high-heeled shoes. To top it off, there's a small bag slung over her shoulder, which she carefully places her wand back into. With a clickity-clack as her shoes hit the ground, she makes her way down the street. Carefully reading the addresses of each house, she finally finds the home which she is searching for, turning up it's walkway. Upon approaching the door, she gives three taps upon it to announce her presence, however expected or unexpected it may be.

Severus Snape does not often have visitors and the knock at his door would be ignored as the pranks of muggle children if he were not convinced at the effectiveness of his muggle-repelling charms. The inside of the small, near-dilapidated house is not visibly illuminated and it seems by the long period of silence that follows the summons at the door that nobody is home. There is no sound of movement inside, no shuffling of feet or calls to acknowledge the visitor.

But then the door opens and Snape stares with a flat expression at the woman, his eyebrow lifting in the mildest display of curiosity as to why she is there. Does he remember her? Does he know why she is here? Perhaps or perhaps not. He does, however, know her name:


Almost considering leaving, at the length she had to wait, Septima was certainly about to turn away under the pretence that Severus must be out somewhere. Certainly he has a life outside of his home and Hogwarts, right? But just before she turns to leave, the door opens, and there stands Severus. She offers him a small smile. "Severus, dear. So good to see you again. It has been a good little while. How long now?" She tilts her head ever so slighty. It doesn't seem to phase her too much, anyway.

“Thirteen years,” Snape answers simply, although there is a flicker of cruelty in those dark eyes, “Although one could argue that we’ve never formally met – given that you spent your time amongst the Death Eaters under the affects of the Imperius Curse.”

Yes, he does read the papers and he isn’t beyond mentioning such things. He also makes no move to step out of the doorway, keeping the conversation on the doorstep for now.

Septima giggles lightly. "Oh, come now Snape." She doesn't seem phased one bit by any sort of stance present in his eyes. "I wasn't the only one to use that excuse, now was I? There were…a few of us, who did. If I remember correctly, it is the excuse that Lucius Malfoy used as well, wasn't it?" She seems to be up on the excuses others have used as well. "It's just our way of ensuring that we can thus better serve the Dark Lord in coming days. The Lestranges are doing no good while all locked up, are they?" She asks with a raised eyebrow. "Besides," She adds with a sly little grin, "Not all of us can have a kindly man like Dumbledore so wonderfully vouching for our redemption of our dark and horrible ways back into the light, now can we?" Yes, she heard of that as well.

“Fine company to keep, I’m sure,” Snape says in response to the mention of Malfoy, lip curling a touch. The mention of Dumbledore causes him to raise an eyebrow yet again.

“Not all of us are capable of the same quality of manipulation, I imagine.”

Finally he steps out of the way of the door, disappearing into the shadows of the house – whether he wishes for Septima to follow him or not is left open to debate.

Septima smiles sweetly at Snape. "Oh, there's worse company to keep, I am most certainly sure." She says, a light tone spoken. She lets out a dark chuckle. "I'm sure that Dumbledore wishes to believe that anyone is capable of changing for 'the better', eh?" She shakes her head, following Snape into his house and closing the door quietly behind her. She doesn't quite mind if he doesn't want her to follow or not. She looks around the dark house. "Quite the…home, you've made for yourself, Severus. I'm sure you receive all the solitude you may desire here." Though she doesn't seem overly enthused by it.

The tone is not lost on Snape, speaking from somewhere in the darkness when quite suddenly the stained oil lamps upon the wall ignite themselves. The hall and the living room are now lit in a sickly yellow glow and the Master of the House stands watching Septima, casting an ominous glow.

“What is it you came to say?”

Septima looks around once more, pale blue eyes dancing over the lamps and walls. She, however, does know when to hold her tongue, and she gets the feeling that this might just be one of those times. This isn't, after all, her own place. As she walks around, gazing at the various items about, she speaks once more. "Well, I suppose there are two things, really." She says quietly, but still loud enough to hear. "I'm sure you've noticed a light outline of the Dark Mark appearing on your arm…" She says, a bit distracted. "But also, I thought I'd mention, my daughter, Hailey, is attending Hogwarts this year, first year. I had heard you were working there now, and I wanted to asked a favour of you."

"And what sort of favour is this?"

Snape does not protest nor does he make any mention of noticing the Dark Mark reappearing on his arm. His fingers drum upon his forearms as he weighs and measures Septima with his eyes, "Top marks in Potions?"

Septima doesn't wish, at the present moment regardless, to broach the subject of the Dark Mark. It seems that is a discussion to be had at another point. "Hah. No, I expect that if Hailey is to gain top marks, she has to receive them on her own accord, working her hardest. I want you to keep an eye out on her. She may be an ambitious child, for she is her mother's daughter, but she can be a serious child. She takes things too seriously. I'm afraid that if other children impress on her something that is meant to be in jest, or if she is told something, she's take it as truth. If she is bullied, she'll take it harder than other children." She turns directly to face Snape now. "I ask that you keep an eye on my daughter, Severus. She is a good child. I just don't want harm to befall her. Just ensure that she is safe, that is all I ask. Even if you must give her detention to do so."

"While it is hardly my concern as to whether or not you choose to wrap your child in cotton wool," Snape begins, stepping into the living room where a series of parchments and tomes sit upon an old desk, "I will watch her. Although if she is not sorted into Slytherin then my opportunities will be sorely limited."

"It…it isn't that I wish to protect her in that sense. She has a certain innocence, however." Septima nods. "But I am sure that she shall be in Slytherin. With a family as long as our, one after the other being in Slytherin, I've no doubt. She does fit the personality, too, if I say so. But she takes stuff much too seriously." She sighs softly. "Thank you Severus. That means ever so much to me." She says quietly.

Snape's lip curls for the briefest of moments as his hand goes to his left forearm. However, the thanks are offered and he nods his head slightly in reply to them.

"Very well."

The handing moving to the arm is not lost on her. Septima glances between Snape's arm and his face. "You have noticed…haven't you? You know what this means, don't you?" She asks of him.

Snape at once becomes quite fierce, teeth slightly bared and his brow furrowed in a pointed and almost vicious expression.

“It means to hold your tongue,” Snape hisses through his teeth, “And to not discuss such things until the time is upon us. Misplaced words now could mean the end. For all of us.”

Septima's pale blue eyes flash instantly at Snape's outburst. "Listen to you. It sounds almost as if you've forgotten what it's like to actually be around other such as yourself. Been surrounded by the comfort that Dumbledore provides a little too long, have you?" She raises an eyebrow. "If you care to mind, it wasn't I who went galavanting around Diagon Alley! Nor I who appeared at the Quidditch Cup!"

Snape's expression once again turns to that infuriatingly impassive stare, arms folded once again as he glances towards the door in the hall. It creaks open once again, a wordless invitation for the woman to leave.

"Nor was it me," Snape answers flatly, "But you should take my advice to heart anyway. There is a danger in speaking openly of the Dark Lord - you recall what rabid and openly-thoughtless devotion did for the Lestranges."

Septima snorts lightly, clearly not happy either. "Here…and I thought this was a private residence, Severus. Well, perhaps I'll be seeing you again soon enough, if what appears to be happening comes full circle. Good night. Have a pleasant year at Hogwarts, Severus." And with that, and the clacking of her shoes against the floor, Septima is gone. After a safe distance away from the house, a small 'pop' is heard, no doubt Septima disapparating.

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