1995-02-19: No Apologies, No Guilt


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Scene Title No Apologies, No Guilt
Synopsis Neville apologizes for things not his fault.
Location Gryffindor Common Room
Date Feb 19, 1995
Watch For Nothing Special
Logger Angelina

After the Hogsmeade incident, Angelina was taken to the infirmary. She spent one night there, and all the next day, and was released on Saturday evening. However, she didn't return to the common room until later that evening, after running some errands that needed to be dealt with.

Now she sits at one of the tables, parchments opened and a list of names there, as well as an empty journal that she is just starting to write in.

Neville is returning to the common room, his robes ruffled and covered in bits of straw and dirt. Still, he doesn't seem to be in too bad of spirits, despite the overall mood of the school. He has his books clutched to his chest. "Angelina." Longbottom chirps as his gaze scans the commonroom. Breathing a sigh of relief, Neville steps toward. "Hi. May I sit…?" the boy wants to know, looking at an empty chair at the table.

Angelina lifts her gaze to Neville when he comes close. "Oh. Hey Neville. You doing alright, there?" One brow lifts as she takes in his appearance. "Sure. Have a seat. But..please…don't ask me to tell the story of what happened. You were there. And if one more person asks me tonight, I think I'll lose my mind."

Neville huffs a sad laugh in response, lowering himself down into the seat. He glances to his shoulder as he pushes his books on the table, picking at a bit of straw on him. "Don't worry," he pleads to her. "I think we're on the same level there, Angelina. Everyone keeps pestering me too. I can't even concentrate in class anymore for it."

She watches him, propping her chin in her hand. "Luckily, I haven't had to go to class yet. But Granger, dear that she is, brought me my homework." Smirk. Sarcasm much? "It will calm down soon enough. Don't think too much on it. And Harry is in the infirmary and he's fine. The Prophet is wrong. They are idiots."

"She's a good friend like that," Neville says with a smirk. "There wasn't much wrong with me other than nerves, so I was shipped out of the infirm after some chocolate and a pat on the head." Neville grimaces up towards his head, taking his hat off and rubbing his hair. "I've heard," Neville says, looking relieved even still. "It'd take a lot more than a few scummy Death Eaters for Harry to… y'know." He leans back, running a finger over the rough, worn bind of one of his books.

"I know it would. But make sure you let people know, if you hear them talking about it." Angie takes a deep breath, looking a bit tired, but much too wired up to sleep. "You doing okay now though? Other than the people driving you crazy wanting to know? Your nerves better now?"

Neville shrugs, not making eye contact as his finger moves back and forth on the book. "I'm better, I guess," the chubby lad says down at his stack of books and homework. "Look," he finally says, angling his head up at the girl. With all his effort he makes eye contact. "I'm really sorry. I should have… I don't know. I shouldn't have let you get hit with that… that curse."

"Neville. It was not your fault. You got Ginny out of the way. I just wanted to make sure it didn't hit you either." Angie shakes her head. "Don't think any more about it. I mean it. It even broke my Protego. Maybe mine managed to dampen the curse a little, right? And it would have hit you dead on. So no more apologies. We both did what we could."

There doesn't seem to be much relief in Neville's face at her response. "Guess I just felt awful. M'glad you're okay, though. I would have never forgiven myself." Neville drops his eyes from hers and back to his books. "I just don't want to figure that I only cared about Ginny. Really, I kicked myself when I heard it had hit you. I mean… I didn't even realize it had during it all, y'know? That /she/ had hit you— hrf."

Angelina reaches out to gently tap his hand on his book, getting his attention. "Hey. I didn't think that. It was a battle, Neville. Its ..its like when you're playing quidditch, and its a really intense game. You lose track really easily of what is going on around you. You just focus on what you have to do, and sometimes, the outcome isn't what you wanted. But I don't blame you. Please don't think I do."

Neville 's flesh is somewhat cold to the touch, a sign of his constant fretting and perhaps too much time spent outside today. "Like quidditch," he agrees, though he would be the last to know of such a comparison. "I'm just really happy you're okay." He chances a small, sad smile up at her. "And I owe you, I do. So… you know, if we ever do go to Hogsmeade again, there is a butterbeer on me waiting for you."

"I will accept that butterbeer, Longbottom. But only if you sit and have one with me. But if I accept the butterbeer, no more guilt, got it? We don't have time for guilt." Angie gives him a small grin. "Why don't you go sit by the fire? You are ice cold."

Neville pulls his hand back, rubbing at it. "No more guilt," he agrees. "Yeah, sure. You want to join? I'd offer to help, but—" there is a stiff chuckle behind the statment. "I'm Neville. It's not Herbology, is it?"

"Mm. Sure. I'll join you." Angie grins at him. "I don't need help, Neville. I can walk just fine. Really." As if to prove it to him, she rises and begins to gather her things. "And stop it. If you think that about yourself, then it will always be true to you. You are good at lots of things besides Herbology. I've seen you dance."

Just to be safe, Neville watches her, yet giving her space as he wanders to the fire and plops down on the liberal amount of pillows and blankets that are clumped around the popular lounging place. Thankfully due to the time of the evening, there isn't any spot competition. Dancing! Now, this is something Neville does flush red over. He opens his mouth, looking like a beached fish for a moment before he finds words. "I guess dancing is fun. I like it a lot."

"And you're good at it. So stop selling yourself short. There are plenty of things you are good at!" Angelina makes her way over the the cushions and pillows, and settles in with a groan. "Oh. I was sitting in that chair too long. I can't feel my little toes."

Neville twitches with a little worry. His eyes float to her feet, juuust to make sure she's okay. When it all checks out, he bends forward, pointing his wand at the fire. Before anyone can fret too much over Neville spell-poking the fire, it works out just fine and the fire breathes to a new, warm life. "I usually like doing my work here, it's more confortable."

"Fires. See? You're good at building fires." Angie slips off her shoes and extends her feet in that direction, toes wiggling. "I could never study down here. I find if I'm not sitting at a table and chair, and focusing, my mind wanders too much."

Neville leans against the pillow, closing his eyes and looping his hands behind his head. "See, I can't focus if I'm cooped up at a table. Makes me nervous." He settles, humming to himself. "Though sometimes I end up falling— ah, asleep." Neville admits, mid-yawn.

With a giggle, Angelina watches him. "See? You can't study down here either." She relaxes a little, eyes going to the door several times. Constant Vigilance!! "What did you do the last few days, while I was away? Everything alright here in the tower?"

Neville wrinkles his nose, sitting up and rubbing at his eyes. "Just the nagging questions and odd looks. You know," he says with a nod at her. "I spent a lot of time hiding around the castle, actually."

"Time hiding? Why?" Angelina looks at him in concern. "They were driving you that crazy? Chasing you around? That's a bit ridiculous, frankly."

Neville shrugs. "It was a bit.. preemptive, I suppose. I liked take some time in the library, anyway. It helped with my Divination studies. I had to learn almost two hundred shapes of crystal ball fogs."

Angelina stares at him. She got rid of Divination as soon as she could. "There ARE two hundred shapes of crystal ball fogs? I must have erased that from my memory, if I ever learned it. That is crazy."

"There are more than that. This is was the Professor calls 'the basics'." Neville laughs at this, sinking back into his pillow. "I actually do all right in that class, so I'm not complaining much."

"Well, good then. I guess someone has to enjoy that class, or they wouldn't continue to teach it any more. Really not for me, though." Angelina can't seem to sit still. She taps her fingers on the floor. "Alright, well. Just so you are okay. I was worried, when I saw you go charging off after that Death Eater."

Neville shoots look at her. Slowly he picks himself from his soft bed, blinking to look at the fire and adjust to the light source. "I…" he begins and stops short. "I didn't mean to. It's just…" Neville tosses his head, squinting his eyes and frowning deeply. "I guess I sort of went batty for a few minutes."

"Its alright, Neville. You just scared me. And there was nothing I could do to haul you back. I could see you running off, but I couldn't move." Angie gives him a faint smile. "So. You gonna join the extra … thing..with Moody?"

Neville looks ashamed at himself, pulling his knees to his chest. "I suppose so," he says. "Professor Moody frightens me a bit, but I'll make due. Brian is helping me, too. But I guess the extra help from the professor wouldn't hurt any."

"You don't have to do this if you don't want to, Neville. In fact, if you don't want to, you likely won't even make it through. This isn't a class. Its going to be really hard. He's likely going to beat the crap out of us." Angelina looks at him. "If you don't want to, its alright."

"I want to!" Neville starts up, almost without thinking. "Even if I didn't, I /have/ to. Harry? He's my friend. So are Hermione and Ron and Ginny. And I have to for them, not for me."

"You don't /have/ to do anything, Neville." Angelina looks at him. "I want you do know that. I'll put you on the list, but you don't owe anyone anything, and you don't have to do anything."

Neville nods, still looking a bit uncomfortable. "I guess that's just how I feel. Maybe I should rather say that they're my friends and I /want/ to be there for them in any way I can. So I want to do this."

Angie nods her head slowly, giving him a smile. "Very well. I will put you on the list."

Neville smiles back at her, his own twisting into something very genuine. "Thanks, Angelina. I'll try my best, I promise."

"I know you will, Neville. You always, always do." Angie gives him a grin before rising. "I think I'm going to go back to my dorm. I'm feeling a little tired."

"Okay. Yeah, it's late," Neville agrees, standing as she leaves. It's just polite to do, you know? "Good night, Angelina. I'll see you later, them."

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