Nia Fox
Nia Marie Fox
Portrayed By Emily Blunt
House Slytherin
Year 5
Position Student
Sex Female
Race Half-Blood
Age 16
Place of Birth Wiltshire, England
Date of Birth Sept. 17, 1978
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character Description:

This spunky mid teen looking, slightly tall, (about 5 foot 9 inches) athletic built girl with blood red hair always wears a smile on her somewhat pale face. Her mostly straight but somewhat wavy hair is worn down and stops at the middle of her back. Two small black dragon clips sit a few inches above each ear, holding her dark hair back from her face while right side sweeping bangs hide most of her forehead yet bring out her ice blue sparkling eyes. She has a perfect nose and big rosy lips that contrast her finely-sculpted cheekbones and jaw line.

When Nia is not at school and wearing her Slytherin uniform, her style is comfy yet stylish, but her favorite thing to wear is a pair of jeans with a cute tank top. She doesn’t wear much jewelry save for a pair of dark green emerald white gold stud earrings.

Character History:

Let’s go back to Sept. 17th, 1978 in the south central part of Britain known as Wiltshire where pair of twins were born to Viktor and Liliana Fox. The Slytherin and Ravenclaw pair welcomed Nia and Nathan into their lives and quickly Liliana put her work aside as a Charms Researcher to raise the children while her husband continued his work at the Ministry of Magic in the Department of Mysteries.

While growing up the twins were groomed in the magical arts by their Ravenclaw mother but Nia’s cunning and ambitious nature tended to result in a little competition between her and her brother as well as a habit of getting him into trouble while coming out looking all innocent. She was always trying to out do her brother and to shine in her father’s eyes since she wanted to be just like him. In fact she was very much like her father in almost every way including inheriting his odd-ballness type of personality. It’s that same personality trait that made him judge people by their personality and not by their house’s as well as marry outside of his house. It was that very philosophy that stuck with Nia as she grew up.

When it was time for the pair to go to Hogwarts, it was Nia’s cunning personality along with her creative thinking and ambitious nature that overtook her quick wit and intelligence and landed her into the Slytherin house along with her brother. During her first couple of school years, Nia quickly set herself apart by staying in the top percentile of her charms, transfiguration, and defense against the dark arts classes by working hard and by any means necessary. It was also during these years that Nia decided not to follow in her parent’s footsteps but instead pursue her father’s lost dream in becoming an Auror. Knowing it plays with her strengths and would also be a lot of hard work the young Slytherin smiles as she pushes ahead on the path she has set for herself.

At first the twins stayed close together while at school but as time went on they started branching out and becoming more independent from each other. Motivation to become greater than her brother as well as making her father proud fueled Nia as she works harder than ever, though the fear of not being accepted still tugs on her mind at all times. Her father’s old school stories of how he was teased for being different still haunt her and make her fear ever present. Viktor taught his daughter certain acting skills so as to help her fit in with her fellow Slytherins but if you ever get a chance to truly get to know her you’ll see that her attitude and disposition is not that of a typical Slytherin. All she can say is never judge a book by its cover. You may be surprised at what you find.


Smile Overall Nia has a very friendly personality towards everyone unless you tick her off then she can be down right nasty. She has an odd sense about her and at some times can be really random. She also likes to make people smile and laugh as well as have a snappy retort whenever she can. The Slytherin girl also loves to have a bit of fun and pull pranks but it's mainly on her twin brother. When she's not having fun she is focused, some say a bit too focused, on her school work and when interacting in the common room, she quite the actor and plays the part of a typical Slytherin. Some say she can be wicked when with her more shady peers.


Other Information:

Nia has a very proud, stubborn, and cute little Northern Saw-Whet owl named Bran.

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