1994-12-04: Next Move


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Scene Title Next Move
Synopsis Laying low, the next move is plotted.
Location Hogsmeade - Torchwood Offices
Date Dec 04, 1994
Watch For n/a
Logger Padfoot

It's a nice day, but Jack's having to catch up on paperwork. So, he sits at his desk, filling out some of the forms he's been sadly neglecting. He's gotten used to having Madeline around and when she's not, he has to crack down on himself. Guests or no, he's still got a business to run. He sits at the desk, reading the report he's just written. "No, that's not right…" He scratches out a line, replacing it with the correct information. "I wish she was here full-time…" This is muttered to himself quite a bit. he grabs a pastry from the plate and sets it beside his paperwork.

While he doesn't have a change of clothes for himself, Sirius has at least taken advantage of the facilities to clean himself up. The neatly trimmed beard he's been sporting the past few weeks is gone, with just a rather bushy mustache left. He has also elected to cut his hair rather short. Not much in the way of disguises, but it does make a difference in altering his appearance somewhat. "We're leaving shortly," he announces as he cautiously looks into the office before coming out of hiding. "You change your mind about hiding, you've got my address. Hmm.. judging from the bit of trouble you're having at the moment, hiding might be more entertaining."

Shrouded in her usual magenta cloak, but aided by a Notice-Me-Not spell, Siobhan has made her way down from the castle and through the back alleys of Hogsmeade. Running her fingers along the side of her brother's shop, the young Slytherin can't help a smile as her magic recognizes and is recognized by the wards. Thank you, Jack! Once past that barrier, the door is no problem; she's got the key after all. As quietly as she can, Sio unlatches and opens said door, steps in then closes and locks it behind her. Hood pushed back to fall about her shoulders, she makes a bee-line for her older brother, pulling him into a bone-crushing hug. She doesn't say anything yet, just presses her face into Jack's shoulder and clings to him rather like a limpet - whatever a limpet is, exactly.

As Jack looks up to take Sirius' changes in, the door swings open and there's a Rosie at it. He doesn't really see her except as a blur, until she attaches herself to him. He slides the chair back, setting the quill down, and wraps his arms tightly around her, drawing her on to his lap for a moment. With a subconscious movement, he rubs her back, holding her almost as tightly as she's got him. "It's okay, hon. I'm here." He looks over to Sirius again. "That'll help, probably." This in reference to the short hair and absent beard. As to his comments on the paperwork and hiding, Jack gives a mild shrug with the unoccupied shoulder. "Maybe." Now that his sister's made sure he's okay, it might be wise. It's an option.

Jumpy and rather twitchy, as Siobhan sneaks in, Sirius has his wand in hand in an instant. Act first, questions later, that's the mode he's in about now. Thankfully, he doesn't start blasting off spells and once he realizes it's the younger Noble, he breathes a sigh of relief. "Maybe, maybe not. Just enough of a change so that if I move quickly, perhaps I won't be recognized until I've had a running start." Not that he plans to be milling about on street corners. Nothing else is said for the moment, letting the siblings reunite as he wonders to himself how Tonks's return to work had gone.

For just a moment, Siobhan lets herself be a child again, taking refuge in the shelter of her brother's arms - where for years any problem couldn't get her. It's a nice feeling, especially in a world where things are constantly topsy-turvy and getting darker by the minute. "I'm really glad you're alright," she mumbles into his shirt. One more inhalation of a scent that has for so many years meant 'Safe' and she's pulling back - regretfully - to stand on her own and straighten her cloak and the muggle sweater underneath. "You lot can't stay here long," she informs them sadly, pulling a crumpled piece of parchment from her jeans pocket and handing it to Jack. "Mum panicked when she saw this arrive on Da's desk and she sent it to me." Along with a vastly hysterical owl and letter. "They've authorized the Cruciatus in anythin' related to this case," Oh sure, it says interrogations, but that's a loose term. Turning to Sirius then; "And you're to be given the Kiss on sight." No sunny smile on Sio's face today; none at all.

For that same moment, Jack is receiving as much comfort as he's giving. He squeezes her just a little tighter and then, she's up, pulling parchment out of her pocket. He scans it, and his expression darkens. "That bitch." He hands the parchment to Sirius. "Yeah, I think hiding's a good move. Maybe I ought to join you." He rolls his eyes. "Oh, damn. Mum. I bet she was livid." Or freaked out, at any rate. "You were able to sneak out okay?" He gazes up at her, assessing her, needing to know she's okay as well. "Be careful. I'm sorry to get you into this." Not that she wouldn't have jumped in both feet. "Can you explain to Alistaire, as well? Looks like he's on that list…" He frowns. He hates putting his friends in this position, but as he told Sirius, it's well worth it.

"We know. Miss Maplewood and I are heading off. Tonks is trying to return to work, and look less guilty. Jack is welcome to accompany us," Sirius states as he puts his wand away. Oh how he missed having access to it the past few weeks! The more Siobhan speaks, the darker his expression grows. "Can't say that I'm surprised by this turn. Unless she's bullied the majority of the Wizengamot, they won't stand for the changes. Then again, a good majority may not need convincing of her ideas." He says nothing about the Kiss, he's definitely not surprised, but it's not something he wants to discuss. Keeping his hands steady, he takes the parchment and reads over it, the content doing little to help his mindset. "We'll need to be extra careful in hiding."

Sio knows her brother - probably better than just about anyone else - and so it's probably very little surprise when she turns to him. "Egypt? Azors? Brisbane?" Hooray random geography! Or maybe it makes sense if you're on her brain-wave; and Jack so often is. "An' yeah, mum's a bit…freaked." To put it mildly. "Da'll settle her before she does too much damage, though." She waves off his concern. "I'm a snake, remember? We've always got more 'n one way out of our burrow." There's an attempt at a smile here - old in-joke - but it falls flat. "Ali? Yeah, I'll talk to him. Can't imagine why he's on that list, unless that bitch's been puttin' pressure on the Brig." She glances between brother and friend. "Might buy you a bit of time, anyway." To Sirius then, she tries another smile; only this one's slightly more effective. "Thanks for the warnin', by the way. Harry an' I set up a way t'get word between us in case one or the other gets news. Seein' as it's our families… Anyway, thanks." He didn't have to do that and Sio knows it. It's almost enough to make her feel badly about those green pants; almost.

"Brisbane'd work." Jack thinks, catching the train of thought quite easily. "There's always plenty of work down there." He shrugs. "Well, the drawback would be that I might not make it back for Mum's Christmas to-do." Is that a drawback for him? Who knows. "That was a good idea, Rosie." The setting up of information exchange with Harry. "Yeah. I'm finding uses for snake-type thought quite a bit recently." He gives a grin, and pats her arm. He nods to the comments about Ali. "Thanks. I know he's in his own spot, but we'd talked about working together…" Only vaguely, but he doesn't want to mess up a potentially good thing. He snaps his fingers. "D'ya think Da would … talk to some folks about this?" He wants to sit down and talk to his father, but it might not be wise at the moment.

"Think nothing of it," Sirius says, as he felt a bit of duty to throw that request in while letting Harry know they were okay. The smile he gives in return is a bit on the forced side as he keeps his silence on hiding places. If he won't even tell his own godson where he's hiding… The parchment is placed on the desk as he glances at the time. "Thank you for letting us intrude upon your office, we should be going now. You change your mind, you know where to find us in the time being."

"Information's more valuable than anythin'." It's one of the first lessons she learned in the Snake Pit. Leaning in a little closer to her brother, she lowers her voice; not that she doesn't trust Sirius, just that the information might not be that well-received if he's anything like Ali. "I've started takin' Occlumency from Snape, Jack." She bites her lip and looks to her brother a little hesitantly. "I'm tired of people muckin' about in my head." But then Sirius is leaving and she's looking between the two of them. Suddenly her hand flies to her cloak's one pocket, pulling her other bag of Joy bites from it and striding towards Sirius. "You might need these, mate. I can always get more." She goes to school with the source after all. For an instant, she hesitates, but then pulls the convict into a fierce - if brief - hug. "Take care, okay?" she whispers before stepping back and forcing a bigger smile. "Go with him, Jack. I'll handle Da." That thought earns a wince; the man's been subjected to Liam's 'views' on Sirius' influence for years now. Still, no need to worry them with that stuff now. "Send my love to Tonks yeah?"

There's a bit of surprise at both Rosie's words and her actions, but Jack stifles it quickly with a grin. He, too, steps up to Sirius, giving him a quick hug. "And you know how to get ahold of me if you need to. If all else fails, Rosie here'll get me a message." He smiles. "Seriously, though. If you need anything…" This is friendship, not just the hero worship that Jack used to bestow on the other men. This is the real thing. When Rosie mentions Snape and the lessons, Jack nods quickly. "That actually sounds like a good idea, Luv." He won't fault her for trying to protect herself. "I'm sure it'll make a huge difference." He reaches down into the desk, and gets the bar of chocolate. "Take this, too. I've got more upstairs." Not that he hopes the man needs it, but it never hurts to be prepared.

Sirius stops on his way from leaving the room at Siobhan speaking up. "If these are the same candies we used last night, then yes. They do come in handy." Albeit, making him a bit more reckless than usual. Before he can pocket the offering, he finds himself being the recipient of a fierce hug. He still has a long way to go in taking it easy when other people initiate such gestures. Tensing first, he then gives Siobhan a pat on the back in return. Then Jack joins in, and he finally relaxes enough to return the hugs. "We'll stay put at least for a few days at the address I gave you. We need to discuss where to go, plan of action, see what else the Ministry has in store." The chocolate is accepted with a smile, "Thanks.. and we shall. The two of you, take care of yourselves as well." Then he's gone from the room, to go get Miss Maplewood and to head out.

When Sirius disappears out the door without Jack, Siobhan blinks and turns to face her elder brother; hands on hips. "An' just what d'you think you're doin'?" She'd like to know. "You can't stay here, Jack. You're best bet is with them." Stick together, watch each other's back and all of that. "I'll close up shop this weekend and send your secretary off with a month's pay…" Her nose suddenly wrinkles as she tilts her head in her confusion. "That'll be long enough to find a new job, right?"

"They're goin' to his place, Rosie. I'm goin' to Brisbane. And I'll send Mads an owl myself. She can just go full-time at her other job until things improve. Don't need her gettin' in trouble." He frowns. "Besides, if I do join 'em, then I know where to go." He doesn't repeat the name of the place. "It's one of those old Manors with the curses and wards set back when all that was legal and common." She knows what he's talking about. "I could go there for a while." That's what he'll do then. "I'll go there and I'll go to Briz from there." Beat. "If I need to." He smiles. "Thanks for dealing with Da. I wasn't looking forward to that conversation. I owe you one." At least one.

Siobhan nods. "I'd feel better if I knew you weren't on your own…" Not that he can't handle himself, but Tonks and Sirius she trusts. Some of Jack's other associates… Well, she can't say nearly that much. "Don't owl her yourself, it'll implicate her. I'll leave her a note when I come to 'lock up' this weekend." Unless she's working then, and that'd settle things too. "That's good." About the Manor. "A bit like the ones on ours?" Just for reference. "An' don't worry about Da. He's not stupid. Stubborn, but not stupid. I'll talk to him." And Ali, and Harry, and Mum, and Liam and and and… "What about this Uncle of ours… Where's he fall in all of this?" It's something she'd not gotten the chance to ask before. And: "What do you need packed?" She can help with that.

"I don't know." He frowns, running a hand through his hair, answering the question that bugs him first. "I don't know where Uncle Ichabod sits. He probably has his own agenda, but considering he's seen the rise and fall and rising again…" He rolls his eyes. "He'll probably sit this out, unless there's some real reason, like she starts attacking his skin…" It's what makes sense in his mind for the vampire to do. "Packed?" He frowns, a look of concentration on his face. "Probably the usual. A week's worth of stuff…" He doesn't know for certain about the wards on the Black place. "It sounds like even worse. Like old Nellor's place two doors down. Remember that one?" He got to help fix that place when the man died and it needed sold off. "Ok. That'll work for Madeline." He smiles.

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