1995-05-01: New Recruit


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Scene Title New Recruit
Synopsis Christian offers Lupin an Opportunity
Location Private Room at the Leaky Cauldron
Date May 1, 1995
Watch For Who Can Say the Name?
Logger Christian

The afternoon turns into evening as the Leaky Cauldron slowly fills with people getting off of their monday workdays. The main room is a buzz as people order drinks and converse. In all of this, Christian Faulkner sits at the bar in his own personal cloud of smoke from his pipe. The hit wizard carefully sips on a mug of coffee, and glances at the door every so often.

From the back door, the one that leads toward Diagon Alley, enters a person who isn't quite getting off a work day (as he's not quite working right now). Remus Lupin lets his gaze scan the room for someone in particular. Someone who has requested a meeting of sorts with him. He spots the man in short order and makes his way to the bar and sits beside the man. "Mister Faulkner. How are you?"

Christian smiles warmly as Lupin enters. "I am quite alright, Mr. Lupin," The Hit Wizard says, patting Remus' shoulder. "I hope you are having a good evening. May I buy you a drink?" He tamps out his pipe and puts it into his pocket.

Lupin bows his head ever so slightly. "Well, I can't complain. A butterbeer would be welcomed, however." He says, flagging down the bartender and ordering it for himself. "You wanted to see me though? I can't help but be curious about what, however."

"If you weren't curious then I would not have sent the owl," Christian chuckles. "Lets go some place a wee bit more private, shall we?" He motions to the bartender who tosses him a small key, and sets a bottle of butterbeer out for Lupin. He indicates the stairs and begins to work his way through the crowd.

Lupin takes hold of the bottle of butterbeer and makes to follow Christian. Once they make it upstairs and to the more private place, Lupin takes a sip of his beer. "So, what did you wish to speak to me about, Mister Faulkner?"

Christian closes and locks the door behind him. "Precaution," He says, slipping the key in his pocket. "Unless I miss my guess, you are fighting the good fight, correct?" He turns his gaze to Lupin. "You stand against Lord Vol-Vol….The Dark Lord?" Apparently, he has trouble saying Voldie's name. Understandable.

Lupin takes a good, long sip of his butterbeer as he listens, doing so again before answering. "I do not deny that I am no fan of Lord Voldemort." He states, saying the name much more easily than Christian. "But you'll be hard pressed to find too many who would follow him. Why do you ask?" He doesn't come right out and say that he's fighting against Voldemort and the Death Eaters.

Christian sets the mug down on a small table, and shoves his hands into his pockets. "With the most recent Death Eater attacks something has become readily aparent to me," Christian says quietly. "The Ministry as it is cannot fight this kind of battle. I am forming a group of the best of the best. I cannot tell you much more, other than…I would like for you to enlist with me. I am the leader, so you would be taking orders from me." He pauses for a moment. "You're damn good Lupin. I would like you on my side."

Lupin listens intently to what Christian has to say, making sure to not interrupt until he is sure that Christian is done. "It honours me that you thought to ask me to join. But, before you go on making this group of yours, there's someone else you should speak with first. I do believe it is important that you do. For he may be of more assistance to you in this matter than even I."

"The group has already been formed," Christian says, taking a step forward. "The ball is rolling. I would simply like for you to join us. I need a someone who can wield a wand like you can, and someone who has stood against evil and isn't afraid to do so again." There is a long pause again. "There is also a substantial salary involved, but I doubt you can be bought, or else I wouldn't have invited you here."

Lupin has to take a few minutes, sipping slowly on his drink, thinking about the offer. Of course, in cases like these, money certainly isn't the issue. Though money is a draw for him. And it doesn't mean he has to leave the Order. "I won't say I'm not tempted." He replies finally. "So for now, I'll say yes."

Christian gets a very serious look on his face and extends his hand to Lupin. "Welcome to the First Responder Unit, Agent 2" He says, a slight grin on his face. "I am your Superior Agent One."

Lupin tilts his head. "Agent Two? Does that mean if there's Agents Three or Four I'm their superior?" He asks with a slight chuckle. "But do me a favour, won't you?"

"As Agent Two, you are my second in command," Christian says, "The First Responders are directly under my command, and I answer directly to the Minister. We are technically a part of the Ministry, but do not have a department as such…" He stops. "Sorry, of course I can do a favour."

Lupin looks as if he's about to talk, his mouth opens slightly, and then he closes it up. "You know…I had it on the tip of my tongue, but it just slipped my mind. Don't you hate when that happens?"

Christian gives Lupin a serious look. "Yes actually," Christian says, shoving his hands in his pockets. "Your identity as a member of the FRU must remain a secret. The Death Eaters use anonmity as their greatest weapon. So do we. No one must know, other than the Agents who we are, or what our tactics are. I'm sorry to blind-side you with this, but now that you have agreed to join, its the only way I can maintain the unit's secrecy."

Lupin shakes his head. "Of course. Anonymity is one of the most important tools we can use. Especially if we're going to be a special unit of the Ministry. That is not meant as a slight against the Ministry, but your precaution is no doubt due to the fact that Death Eaters are capable of infiltrating every area of the Ministry."

"Indeed," Christian says, fishing in his pocket. "As a special unit of the Ministry, we are liberty to use special training and other useful resources. Like this," He pulls a small badge from his pocket and tosses it to Lupin. "That is your most useful tool. When you are needed it will flash and buzz, alerting you to the location where you are needed. We are on call 24/7/365. Our job is respond as quickly as possible to a threat by dark wizards or criminals, overwhelm and incapacitate them, then arrest them. I have worked out a deal with some of my muggle contacts to learn something their law enforcement uses called Close Quarters Battle or CQB. Have you heard of it?"

Lupin nods a little bit, catching the badge. "I am sure you are aware…but once a month I'll be completely useless? I do require that one night a month off, regardless of being on call." He shakes his head at the question. "No, I can't say that I've actually ever heard of 'CQB'."

"But in those days you aren't off you are worth two of anyone else," Christian leans against the door. "Close Quarters Battle is used by specialized units of Muggle Law Enforcement. It is designed for use against hostage situations or building penetrations and has hundreds of other applications. It is utilized best in urban situations. It also means you'll be learning more than just small squad tactics, but hand-to-hand combat as well. Agents need to be optimised for almost any situation. I also have some spells I've designed myself that will come in handy."

Lupin nods his head a little bit, accepting the praise with a small smile. "You'll find I'm as adept at hand to has as I am with wand duals. I've had to deal with werewolves galore in my time, and they prefer to use anything but magic." He explains. "Well, I'll look forward to the training then. I could always use a little brush up."

"I've already got some Agents already," Christian says, picking up his coffee and taking a sip. "We responded to the event in Batherton Hills…Too late to do anything though." He gaze turns dark, but he shakes it away. "I'll brief you about it, but not here. I've already taken a risk in coming here to talk about it, but with the way things are, I didn't want to compromise your own living space. I will organize a meeting at a location here in London within the next couple of days. Sort of a formal introduction into the unit, as well as a complete reading of the by laws and tactics. Within the next couple of days, you should receive a package with your uniform. I would like for you to become familiar with it. You need to be able to wave a wand and be in the outfit with all your gear in seconds."

Lupin shakes his head. "You've nothing to worry about in regard to myself. For I have no permanent livingspace of my own currently. I find it helps in regards to people who are…unkind, to my kind." He says, without lowering his gaze. "A uniform? If we're wishing to have some anonymity, are you sure it's wise to have uniforms? To mark who we are?"

Christian removes his wand and swirls it around his feet. There is a very light pop, then a puff of smoke that obscures him for a couple of second. When it clears, the image standing there has changed. What one can assume is Chris, is now a figure wearing all black. A long sleeved shirt covers his torso, underneath a full tactical vest. A pair of black baggy pants with plenty of pockets terminate in a pair of knee high, black steel toe boots. His face is covered by a black mask, through which not even his eyes are seen. About his shoulders is a long black trench coat. "This is out uniform," A gravelly voice speaks. "Secures Anonimity of the individual, but makes a statement about who is fighting. My voice is magically obscured. The outfit is designed to capitalize on intimidation."

Lupin eyes the uniform, nodding ever so slightly. "Well, it'll intimidate people, that's for sure." He says slightly. "Well, I'll be expecting it by owl, I suppose." He finishes off his drink. "Look, thank you for the butterbeer. I'll be expecting your owl about the next meeting. I've got someplace I've got to be, though. I had it delayed as much as possible, as your letter seemed urgent." He smiles. "Well, I suppose I'll see you around."

Christian waves his wand and the uniform fades. He unlocks the door for Lupin. "You are welcome," he says with a slight smile. I will see you soon." He turns toward the window and gazes out into the night.

Lupin had to leave early. Goes without saying, but all info about the FRU is OOC even if you are a member of the ministry.

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