1995-03-24: New Girl In Town


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Scene Title New Girl In Town
Synopsis There's a new intern at Gringotts.
Location Diagon Alley - Gringotts
Date Mar 24, 1995
Watch For Snobbery
Logger Arthur II

It's the weekend. Well, sort of. The Last day of the work week. For many, people look forward to their nights off and not having to come into work the next day. However, for some, it means the start of work. Grant it, a few days is not comparable to a week, but when you're doing a full school load on top of it, things can get a bit busy. Fresh off her trip from home, after dropping things off in a room at the Cauldron (Ugh), Fleur Delacour bustles her way through the front doors of the bank, and moves quickly over to the goblin covering the entrance to the employees area. Fortunately, his methods of checking her identity don't rely on her /speaking/, and she's allowed through. Though, she'd wished he'd stop taking his time. For she learned last week? Goblins don't like their employees being just a smidgen late. Okay, now off to check in and start another thrilling day of…paper sorting.

Wearing heavy gloves made of Dragonhide, Bill emerges from a vault where incoming items are stored. With long strides, his ponytail bouncing against his back, he approaches the employee area at the front. "Sorry Griphook, that tiara is just being a bit difficult, even for me. It's carrying a complicated curse, I'm going to need a bit longer to remove it. The previous owner knew what they were doing with it." In the darkened and sometimes gloomy halls of the bank, sometimes, people and things stand out. Miss Delacour is one of them. The young intern is given a smile, as he waits on hearing what Griphook wants to do. Have Bill stay later, or just resume working in the morning.

Her time sheet is filled out, and she double checks, no…/triple checks/ that she's signing in /on time/ and that her presence here is actually /earlier/ than what she needs to be. Satisfied, and having made sure that her handwriting is legible, she stands up to fix her hair, as a strand or three came out of place in her rush through the morning crowd in Diagon Alley. Picking up her handbag and moving to the small office she was organizing, she does catch Griphook and Bill. Griphook is spared a slight sneer because she really finds it hard to resist in returning smiles. To which she does to Bill. And then into the room she bustles.

Bill gets cleared to stay a bit later to work on the cursed tiara. Instead of returning to work, he decides to take a break. He hasn't had one since lunch, ever the hard worker he is. Pulling the gloves off his hands, he stuffs them in a pocket and turns to get another look at the intern. Only she's walking off now. He thinks a moment, then follows after the young woman into the office. He clears his throat a bit from the door and says, "Sorry about that. It takes getting used to, the goblins that is. They're very thorough."

The office holds stacks of parchments, rolls of parchments and means of which to sort and put them away. Also tucked in there would be a couple dictionaries on the english language. Fleur blinks as she's removing her hat, having not done so when she first entered indoors, when she's addressed. She glances around and then her nose wrinkles slightly as if there was an odd smell that suddenly invaded the room. "You have done something?" Expecting a negative answer, and not really paying attention to the fact he's apologizing about the goblins, she quips, "No need for apologies."

"Probably not, but all the same. You looked a bit out of sorts about them." Bill is polite, and doesn't argue, or call her on the wrinkled nose. The heavy French accent doesn't go unnoticed either. "They do take getting used to. Very bureaucratic, goblins." He walks fully into the room now and offers a hand to Fleur, "My name's Bill Weasley." He doesn't state the obvious or ask it, clearly Fleur is new here.

The hand is eyed carefully, for she did recall he had gloves on. Delicately, she takes his hand in the sort of way that only girly girls do. Just folding fingers across the top part and give a little shake. "Fleur Delacour," she says succinctly. Then, deciding he's not too dangerous, at least not while in the bank, though the earring is given a weird look. "Ze goblins are…generous. They allow me to work here. It is…good exposure." She gestures to one of the dictionaries.

Bill resists the urge to bow over Fleur's hand and give it a kiss. That's just a silly thing to do, if very proper, old fashioned and gentlemanly. There is another smile given to the young witch, friendly and a bit welcoming. "It's a pleasure Miss Delacour." Dangerous? Him? Only a dangerous career and tendencies. "That's usually the best way to learn a language. Through exposure. I never did become fully fluent in Arabic while I was in Egypt. If I'm talking too fast, just let me know." Language barriers, they're always fun.

She wouldn't be surprised, but then again, she's also keeping the veela charm down to a minimum. Truth be told, she's not sure if it'd affect goblins and that's the last thing she wants. bunch of stumpy wrinkly things fawning after her. So Bill, today, is lucky. For the most part, it seems that she does keep up. "It is acceptable, M'sieur Weaseley," the pace she means. She waves a hand near her ears. "Easier to listen than speaking." And it's easier to read it all then to listen. If someone were to judge her English on just reading, they'd think she was almost natural!

Bill grins at the mangling of his last name. "Weasley. Not Weaseley." The smile on his face and the tone of good humor show that he's not offended. For some odd reason, his surname gets all sorts of miss-spellings and mispronunciations. "It is," he says agreeably. "If you need help, just say so, okay? I know what it's like working a job in a foreign country and just learning the language."

"Zat is a rather silly name," she ends up commenting under her breath, sitting down in a very dainty and lady like fashion in the provided chair and pulling forth a stack of papers. "Ze reading, it is not hard. Easy. It is when they come to talk to me and expect answers. Zat is hard." She frowns here, not liking being at a disadvantage, but hell, it was /her/ idea to work in England and Gringotts offered itself up as an opportunity. "You are a…" She waves her hand, "Worker, here?"

If Bill hears that under the breath comment, he doesn't remark on it. "My offer stands. I can help you with learning to speak English better if you like." It's his old Prefect and Head Boy nature creeping back into play, being helpful and the like. "I am. I've got a desk job working with papers. Every now and then they ask my help in breaking curses on objects. That's what I was doing in Egypt. Are you still in school?" She looks a bit young, but maybe that's just him getting older.

A nod is given, and her hair barely moves. It seems to be pulled back in a very tight bun, perfect for business. "Oui. I am in my last year. I am hoping to be making this…constant for summer." It's then that Fleur folds her hands in her lap, and seems to truly consider the offer. She'd only been here a couple of weeks, really, and only had goblins for company (don't know WHY people don't warm up to her, it's not like she tells them their shoes are ugly or anything), so… "I will agree," she finally says.

"That's got to be hard, studying in your final year and working. I wouldn't have dreamed of working when I was in my last year." Bill suppresses a shudder at the thought. NEWT's, Head Boy, and a job? Gah. "Excellent. I take it you're just here on weekends then?" He can have his schedule adjusted, or just slip off from the Burrow, giving his mum the work excuse. If she catches wind of this, he'll never hear the end.

A hand is waved. "My classes are not many this year." Like Hogwarts, there's the option to drop classes and focus. And not /everyone/ decides to have the suicidal course that Bill Weasley decided to have. the shudder is noted. "You have a bad year?" As for her schedule she nods. "For now. I will be here more…" She waves her hand, that word again escaping her. "..In the summer. More regular schedule."

"I put a lot of pressure on myself. Ah, a rather large number of classes that is." Suicidal course? You could say that. Yet, Bill survived and is quite well for it too. He's patient as Fleur works to put her words into English. It's rare that he gets impatient on much of anything. "I'll look forward to seeing more of you around then." The bank, he means the bank! "I can also show you around London too. Can't stay in a foreign country and not see a few things, right?"

This brings Fleur to make a face like she stepped into something unfavorable. "You have things worth seeing?" She doesn't think that she might be rude, really. It just comes out! And to her knowledge, just from what she's seen of the dreary muggle outside and the not so better inside of Diagon alley, there's not anything to be seen!

"Mm… well.. There are things to see, yes." Bill remains polite, even if he doesn't think much of her statement. Sure France has more glamour than England, but there are still very nice things to see. "If you don't want to go sight seeing, I can show you a few places where you can dance and get something to eat. I know of a few nice places." That's something most girls like, dancing. And Fleur strikes him as the sort to want to be seen and to be shown off.

She is skeptical! Pale brows come down in a thoughtful frown as he speaks. English do not dance, they wobble! Or so she's seen. Then again, most of them are all dumpy. She then straightens her posture (as if she needed to straighten it anymore, charm classes being what they are!), and nods curtly. "D'accord. You will show me something to eat," she withdraws a time piece dangling on a very delicate silver chain from within her robes, "Tomorrow one hour after I am off work. That will give time to…" She waves a hand at her face, "be fresh."

Bill is good looking, fairly coordinated, he knows where to show a stranger in town around! He can't help but laugh a little. He's amused by how straight forward and blunt Miss Delacour is. "I promise I won't keep you waiting." First thing he's doing after work? Finding a place suitably nice, since she's a weekender, she can't have seen much of London. So no quick meal at the Leaky, even if he's fond of the pub. "I'll meet you just outside the bank then, tomorrow?"

"Hm." It's a definite answer, and Fleur is already finding what she's going to work on for the next couple of hours. She doesn't even look up at him though, when she gives him his dismissal, "Also? Ze fang? It is tacky."

"See you tomorrow then," Bill says, all grins for the French witch. He heads for the door, but stops just in the threshold, "The fang stays by the way. I'm quite fond of it." So fond in fact, he even got a /second/ piercing above it so he could wear one of the color changing earrings Fred and George got him at Christmas.

There's nothing really from Fleur about anything else. But there might've been a mumble about 'removing it if I wanted to' but should he look back, Fleur is already engrossed in her work.

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