1994-10-31: The New Black


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Scene Title The New Black
Synopsis Old friends and new get together to talk and drink.
Location The Leaky Cauldron
Date October 31, 1994
Watch For News spreading! The pursuit of justice!
Logger Ginny

Evangeline blinks some, coming out of her thoughts to look up at Christian. She doesn't move for the fraction of a second before cocking her head to one side. Almost looks like a standoff in the makings before she slowly nods. "Aye, tis right." Her voice is accented, heavilly. The Irish baroque quite apparent in her tone (which her player will NOT type from here on). "You're one of the MLE officers aren't you?" Not quite offering him a seat at first, she sits there before removing her feet from the chair. A very slight kick to it sends the seat scooting back from the table as she takes a sip from her glass before nodding. "You can sit mate. I don't bite, that's what my targets do."

Christian chuckles. "Sorry, I should introduce myself," he says, with a grin. "My name is Christian Faulkner. I worked…" Christian stops himself. "Sorry." He takes a deep breath. "You work with the Magical Creatures department correct?"

It had started out as such a nice day. The sun had been shining, birds had been singing, and Tally could've sworn she'd seen bunnies merrily hopping, though why they were in bustling London, she'd never know. So, naturally, she'd gone out for an amble. It was a fruitful amble, for the most part, but about halfway through, the clouds had started to gather. And then darken ominously. And then there was thunder, and flashes of lightning, and several minutes later, Thalia was utterly soaked.
She'd gone for the nearest shelter, the Three Broomsticks, and entered resembling a drowned rat, if a very stylishly dressed one. When her eyes adjust to the dim lighting, she recognizes the place, and smiles slightly. Man, she really needed a drink. She plopped down on one of the bar stools, leaning forward to murmur her order to the bartender.

Evangeline chuckles softly the nervousness seeming familliar. "Robert. You worked with him. I know mate, don't feel odd round me, and aye, Werewolf Capture Unit to be exact." Looking to Thalia she laughs softly. Not saying anything, the woman winks somewhat conspirtiously at Christian and points her wand in Tally's direction, using an unincanted spell to dry the woman before hiding her wand and acting as though nothing happened. Seems she inherited her brother's sense of humor. "Been there since…well going on six years now."

Christian turns to see Tally come in and watchs her sit. He turns back to Eva, and sits. "I don't get out of the offices much," he says with a chuckle. "I end up going back and forth from the Office to the safehouse mostly."
Thalia is dry! Just like magic! Exactly like magic, really. She turns her head to look at the crowd within the bar, a single eyebrow raised. Now where had that come from? Her drink arrives then, hard cider, and she smiles warmly at the bartender. "Thanks." Her slender fingers wrap around the glass, and she takes a sip, letting the spices overwhelm her tastebuds.

Smirking, Eva shakes her head. "I haven't been IN my office long since the whole Manchester thing blew up in our faces. Haven't been able to track down some minor warrants because of it, and I'm certain I'll catch it from the pink demon if she finds out." Sighing, Eva shrugs and sips her drink before grinning "I swear, if I get a warrant on some of that pink parchmant like the memos keep turning up in, I'm returning it to sender. Not proper approved material." Looking to Thalia, Eva purses her lips and then ahs. "Yah know…she looks vaguely familliar."

"All I'm going to say about that subject is that you should be happy that you don't work in her department," Christian groans, then turns to the woman Eva has indicated. "She does look familiar. She's the new lead singer for The Weird Sisters right?" He takes a long puff on his pipe.

Thalia hears her band mentioned among the buzz of other voices, and pushes off with her ankle against the bar. Her stool, delightfully, /spins/. She giggles as it makes a full rotation until she's facing the people once more. Yes, Tally might be the slightest bit strange. Her green eyes seek out the owners of the voices, but when she doesn't immediately find them, she simply nods generally in their direction.

Never one to be tactful, Eva hmms and then cocks her head to one side. "Only one way to find out." Standing, the witch tromps over to where Thalia sits and suddenly reaches out to lightly touch her on the shoulder. "Me mate over there was a wonderin if you're the lead singer for the Weird Sisters and ifin you'd like to join us. I figure he fancies you, but eh, I could be wrong. I am just a girl after all…" Wrinkling her nose she puts on a rather cute mischievous smile. "I'm Evangeline by the by, Evangeline Anastasia Katerina McDowell. Call me Kitty."

Christian almost spits his beer out as he hears what Eva's said. His face becomes beet red, and he quickly turns around to put his back to them. Of course, it isn't hard to miss the clouds of smoke that suddenly form around him.
Thalia blinks slightly, tilting her head. She hadn't quite gotten used to being recognized, much less being.. what was the term for this? Second-hand hitting upon? Being hit upon, once removed? Tally was unsure. But she was often game for pretty much everything, so she simply grinned at Evangeline - Kitty - and said, "That's quite a name you've got there, Kitty. I'm Thalia de Riviat, yes. Pleasure to meet you." Picking up her drink, she stands, and gestures for Kitty to lead the way to her table.

Laughing, "Kitty" shrugs. "It suffices. I think my parents were trying to see how many names they could cram into one name before the registrar at St. Mungos got pissed." Walking back to her seat, she playfully kicks the leg of Christian's chair. "She is who you thought she is. Ah, and she's here mate. Budge over, give the lady a seat." Sitting back down, she sighs at her drink. "All gone…" she is heard to mutter before ordering another ounce, sugar cube, and nice tall glass of ice cold water. Placing the cube on the spoon she slowly drips water over it as she talks. "This fellow here was a friend of me brother's, god rest his soul. Didn't remember Robert writin how shy he was."

Christian glares at Eva, and stands up. "Of course," He smiles to Thalia, offering her his seat. "My name is Christian Faulkner." He offers her his hand. "Come by and see me at my office," he says to Eva with a glare that would melt metal. "I'll show you how shy I am then."

Thalia raises an eyebrow at the pair, and takes the offered seat. "Thank you," she says politely, entirely unsure of what she's just gotten herself into. She turns to offer a hand to Christian. "Thalia de Riviat. But you can call me Tally," she nods to Kitty. "Both of you." When Kitty's drink arrives, she smiles slightly. "Paying a call on the little green fairy?"

Evangeline laughs some looking right at Christian she puts on this cute face and says (sounding very much like a kid) "But I thought you liked me…." Sitting there for a minute she idly drips more water over the sugar, nodding at Thalia. "I do, same time every day. Found it helps me wind down from a day of…well, just a day." Sighing she goes back to turning that cute look on Christian.

Christian shakes his head at Eva. "It is good to meet you Tally," he says, sitting down. "Sometimes we all need a visit from the green fairy." He turns to Eva, and raises an eyebrow at her. "I do like you Eva," He says with a chuckle. "That doesn't mean that you cannot annoy me."

Thalia stretches out her legs under the table, her fishnets now properly dry. She smooths her skirt over her legs, before picking up her cider and taking a long pull. "And your name?" Tally asks of Christian, a single eyebrow quirked. "Is yours excessively long, like our Kitty's?" She inclines her head towards the woman with a grin.

Evangeline snerks and just scoots back. Taking time to stir her drink before sighing. "Nah, his is nice and short. Which is infinately more threatening. In my line of work, the people I have to arrest usually don't like hearing it, or are growling at me and trying to rip my arms off." Taking a sip from the drink, a very light one she looks to it for a second and then sighs. "Not sure I'm up for a second. Looking to Tally she hmms. "You want it? Hate for it to go to waste."

Christian chuckles at Tally's question. "No, just Christian Faulkner," he says, "I have a simple name from a simple family." He takes a deep draw from his pipe, and blows a few smoke rings. "Unlike Eva, who has one of the hardest jobs at the ministry."

Thalia grins and nods to Eva, "Sure, I'll take it. Haven't tasted it in a while." She takes the glass from Eva, as well as the slotted spoon with the sugar partially dissolved upon it. A smile is directed at the pair, and she tilts her head. "Oh? What do you do, Kitty?"

Eva smiles and starts to answer Thalia before she looks up to the door. There's a wizard she seems to recognize, which prompts her to blink and look over to the time before back to the Wizard. Looking to Thalia and Christan Eva holds up a finger "hold that thought. I think my comrade needs me." Standing, the girl pushes her chair back and heads over, talking with the man a second before blinking. "Oh Bloody Hell…" she is heard to say over the din of the bar. "you're kidding me." There's a bit of heated discussion before she waves it off. "Ok, ok…yeah, head in. I'll be in first thing in the morning." Grumbling she turns and walks back, sitting down with a slump. "Mate…" she says slowly to Christian. "I think you and are are in for rough times…"

Christian stands slowly, his smirk gone and replaced by a mask of professionalize. "What is it?" He asks, simply and curtly.

Thalia begins to stand as well, turning to look left and right. The man's arrival had started the other customers gossiping. "What? What's wrong?" Her eyes go to Evangeline, then to Christian, and back again. Something was definitely going on, but at the moment, she was clueless.

Looking up to Christian she toes his chair before looking to Thalia. Leaning in she first explains. "I'm a Werewolf Capture Unit hit witch. Something of a specalist like the Aurors, but…well not that special." It sounds weak and she knows it, waving off the comment. "Sit down Faulkner. You need to hear this. What I say doesn't leave the table, least…" she looks up and then nods "Not till the news hits." toying with the table some, playing more with her spoon, she sighs. "No easy way to say it. Fudge has been sacked. Umbridge is taking over till a new Minister can be elected." Sitting back, Eva reaches to rub the bridge of her nose sighing some.

Christian sits down when she tells him to, and listens carefully. "You're kidding…" He asks quietly, knowing full well what the answer is. "She can't do that unless Fudge is some how shown that he can't handle the job. Granted he's not the best minister we've ever had, but he's a damn sight better than the toad woman."

Thalia blinks rapidly. It takes her a moment to process that horrible news. She studies Kitty's face intently, before concluding that no, it was not some elaborate joke. Her face paled considerably, and she wet her lips nervously. It seemed that she was temporarily rendered speechless.

Evangeline slowly shakes her head. "It's true. Me mate there said there was some clause he signed that allowed it. Which, depending on how things run with those little memos…" turning to Thalia she nods some, adding "you probably read them in the paper…the rumors of change and such," turning back to Christian she finishes "The proverbial crap, is about to hit the fan. As muggles like to say it." That one needs NO translation.

Christian sits and stares at his drink. "Finish one problem, and another one crops up," He says with a sigh. "So who all is for rebellion? I for one feel like making trouble for the new minister…" He leands back and puffs on his pipe, obviously not getting any mirth from his own joke.

Thalia finally gets her words back, recovering enough to quip, "Rebellion is the new black, dontcha know." The comeback is lessened slightly by the shake in her voice, which she notices and immediately tries to remedy with the last of her cider. She pushes her hair out of her eyes, and swallows hard.

Evangeline nods some as she looks at Christian. "If you're kidding, it's a bad joke. If you're not…I didn't hear it and shouldn't until after we see how our "fearless leader" handles things. If we're lucky, she'll step in it and that'll be the end of it." Shrugging she sits back, crossing her arms under her chest. "If not, then I suspect there are a few people who could use with this information. One in particular that you know…"

Christian looks up to Eva with a serious look. "My dear Evangeline," he says in the most professional manner possible. "I would never seriously speak of going against the ministry and its policies." He sighs and puffs on his pipe, then turns to Tally. "I'm sorry that our first meeting has to be soured by such news."

Thalia nods agreement, trying for a smile. "I'm sure we'll get another chance to have a more positive interaction." She sips lightly at the absinthe, bracing herself for the heady licorice flavor. "Good night to be in a bar, eh?" The corner of her mouth quirks upwards.

Smiling some, Eva nods "Oh I never suggested that…" she says standing and stretching "But I figure in the name of justice, or at least it's ideal, there are a few people that need told the news before they find it out the hard way." Looking to Thalia she sighs "I'll see you around. I think I'll swing by the office to pick up a few warrants that I've got to execute…gads that's the wrong word for it." Shaking her head she forces a smile before nodding. "Tell your friends I figure, they'd rather hear it from you than from the Prophet."

"Will do Eva," Christian says, taking a long drought from his beer mug. "Come by the office if you need to escape from the rigors of the WCU, or if you just want to talk." He stands as she leaves.

Thalia lifts her hand in a wave to Evangeline. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Kitty," she tells the other woman. "Be safe," she adds after a moment's hesitation.

Christian sits again with a long sigh. "My job just got harder," He says. "But I really don't want to think about it right now. I haven't gotten a chance to relax in over a week." He leans back and turns to Tally. "So how did you get into the music business, if I may ask?"

Thalia smiles and settles back in her chair, twisting the spoon handle between her fingertips. "I always liked singing, ever since I was a child. Used to make up songs about all sorts of stuff - washing the dishes, making my bed. Got teased a bit at school about it, but after I graduated, I decided to follow through. Went to lots of open mic cafes.. wasn't sure if I was going anywhere with it, when the agent from The Weird Sisters found me."

"So you're doing what you love then?" Christian chuckles, and takes another drink. "Not many people actually get a chance to do that. We are some of those lucky few I suppose." He looks at the green drink in her hands. "Careful with that, it will go to your head." He smiles warmly.

Thalia grins and nods. "It's worked out pretty well. Mostly I enjoy it, but every so often I kind of just wait for the other shoe to drop." She chuckles slightly, and licks some sugar off the slotted spoon. "Indeed, strong stuff. I don't think I can justify more than a sip or two." Tilting her head to the side, she asks, "And what do you do? I think with all the bustle," she waggles her fingers in emphasis, "I forgot to ask."

"I'm a Hit Wizard with the Ministry," Christian says with a slight nod. "Father was a police officer, Grandfather was a police officer, and my great grandfather was a police officer. So it was a good place for me to go. Of course, the family legacy has a history of challenging authority when we think they are wrong. Justice is Justice."
Thalia slips her spoon into the green liquid, stirring it absently. "A Hit Wizard, huh? What's that like? You must run into some rather interesting people. Some unsavory ones too, I bet."

"Indeed," Christian nods, puffing on his pipe. "There are my three trainees, my superiors, the man I guard, my former Head of department, there are tons of people in the process. Though I have to tell you, the weirdest I've met are the Aurors."

Thalia raises her eyebrows. "The Aurors? Really? Are they particularly unusual? I don't know much about them, I have to say. Never really run into any. What makes them so weird?"

"When you spend so much time working to counter dark magic it rubs off," Christian says with a nod. "Of course, I am not above professional envy. They often get preferencial treatment. So one must bear that in mind when hearing that from me." He sips his beer, and sighs. "I just find that one must be careful when going to fight monsters, lest one become a monster themselves."

Thalia furrows her brow slightly, hand lifting to absently rub her jaw. "I suppose that makes sense. Too much immersion. Like when one becomes somewhat deaf after too many loud performances." When he quotes Nietzsche, she smiles slightly. "And if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."

"Police Officers call it the thin blue line," Christian says with a nod. "The line that seperates law, order, and justice from the criminal's we bring in. Its thin because sometimes…you find yourself on the wrong side." The last part he says with his voice trailing off. Obviously, something heavy is weighing on his mind.

Thalia purses her lips thoughtfully, unsure of whether to pry or not. Then she shrugs inwardly. Perhaps it's the booze, perhaps it's the boldness that comes with someone you hardly know. Either way, she asked, "What about you? Have you found yourself on the wrong side?"

Christian looks at Tally with an intense gaze. "I don't know," He says quietly. "I simply feel overburdened by the current regulations in the ministry. I am usually a good judge of character, but this Black man…There is something about it that throws all of those indications off." He drinks deeply. "I'm not sure why I'm telling you this, but…Black infuriates me, but without a trial how can we say that he is actually the man who commited those crimes."

Thalia just listens intently, waiting for Christian to relieve his burden a little bit. When he stopped speaking, she thought for a while, formulating a proper reply. "It's always good to question your own assumptions. It can be a rocky thing, it can throw your whole world off. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't constantly question things that others take for granted. Especially in your line of work, but it's true for everyone."

"Indeed," Christian says, with a sigh. "I seem to be stuck in an interesting quandary, don't you think?" He puffs on his pipe more, creating clouds of smoke. "On one hand, I have the ministry. On the other, I have a man who may or may not be a mass murderer, but was never given a true trial."

Thalia bites down upon her lower lip thoughtfully, then releases it to speak. "Isn't there a way to get him one? I read that's what that lawyer from the States is trying to do. I've been following what I can.. I think more is happening than what I've read, though. So much behind-the-scenes stuff. What do you know?"

"Currently, Sirius Black is being held at an undisclosed location, awaiting for his arraignment and trial," Christian says with a sigh, and blowing more smoke rings. "With Umbridge on the seat, and popular opinion already against him, I do not believe that it will be a fair trial."

Thalia lifts a finger to pop one of the rings. "Well, you're not the only one that thinks he deserves a fair trial. That attorney woman has proven that. It's just a question of how many agree with you. Can't you subtly enquire about that, among your colleagues? And then.. then.. well, with numbers on your side, as well as justice, you must be able to do /something/." Although Tally's voice does not grow any louder as she speaks, it does grow more intense.

"That is the plan," Christian says. "I do not like going against the ministry, and I am not one for being subtle. I am a man of action and doing, and so I wait patiently. It does not sit well for me."

Thalia is sitting across from Christian, an empty glass of what smells like cider and a mostly full glass of what can only be absinthe, slotted spoon and all. They seem to be talking about something rather involving, for their voices are low and intense. "Sometimes, one has to go against authority, in the name of what is right. Of course, the definition of 'right' depends on the individual." Her lips twist in a wry smile.

Christian leans back in his chair, puffing on his pipe and sipping on his mug of beer. "I would have to agree," He says, "I just hate to have to be the renegade. I would much rather just be bored at the office." He chuckles lightly.

Most unusually, Jack's decided to come to the Leaky tonight for a drink. He slides into a seat, which naturally happens to be near the pair, and orders a firewhiskey, neat. He leans back in his seat and gazes around, trying to spot someone he knows. And spot him he does. He frowns for a moment, trying to make a decision about something, and then decides to do so. He whispers to Tom and the old man heads over to the pair's table, to offer another round, on the young gentleman in the booth.

Thalia smiles at Tom as he approaches them, murmuring a request to him. "Half hard cider, half just regular cider. Can't get too sloshed," she grins at Tom. "And some of those nuts? Thanks, Tom, you're a doll." Turning away from Christian, she looks to find the source of the free round. When she spots Jack, she lifts her hand, brightly painted nails and all, in a wave, mouthing a 'Thank you'. Twisting back in her seat, she raises an eyebrow at Christian. "Do you know him?"

Christian looks up to Tom. "My usual please," He says with a sigh. "That is Mr. Jack Noble. He and I are aquainted. I have run into him on multiple occasions. All of which have been unprofessional, so as far as I know, he's safe." Christian chuckles. He waves to Jack and motions him over. "I would ask him to join us, if you don't mind Tally."

Jack nods once to Tally's mouthed thank you, and takes a long sip of his own drink watching the interplay between the pair. He doesn't want to interrupt them if it's more than just a friendly chat, but he does want to talk to the Hitwizard if he possibly can. He frowns, and looks down at his drink for a moment, trying to consider how to go about this. Just then, something strikes him, and he looks back up with a wide grin. Aha.

Thalia nods and joins Christian in gesturing the man over, "I don't mind at all. The more the merrier." Her smile is warm as Jack approaches, and she reaches over to nudge out the chair that Evangeline had earlier abandoned. "Join us," she invites the man.

Jack stands, lifting his drink and walking over to the pair. He nods to Christian, and then turns to Tally. "Miss de Riviat. How wonderful to meet you in person. My younger sister and I have come to many of your performances, and quite enjoyed them." Then, he turns to Christian, and frowns slightly. "Faulkner. How blows the wind?" He eases himself down into the chair, setting the glass down carefully.

Thalia smiles warmly at Jack, extending her hand to him. "It's so nice to be recognized. I'm not quite used to it yet, I must admit. And you are Jack Noble, yes? Noble.. that name sounds somewhat familiar." She purses her lips thoughtfully.

"Well Mr Noble as far as the wind blowing," Christian says, sitting back and blowing out a long stream of smoke. "If you read tomorrow's copy of the Prophet, then you should know exactly what is formost on my mind at the moment." He finishes his mug of beer, and starting on the next one Tom has brought over.

"Well, there are eight of us, nine if you count the esteemed gentleman in the RCMC." Jack says, with a grin. "Although, you may be referring to my father, Sir Michael, who sits on the Wizengamot. Or Liam, Mister Prat-Heir himself." He shrugs. Christian's comment causes his eyebrows to lift. "Oh, dear. Sounds ominous. I actually wanted to chat with you about something." His expression shows a slight bit of unease, as he glances quickly toward the musician, quickly enough that it may not be caught. He takes a long drink of his 'whiskey. "Well, you do the band proud. You bring a newness that I think they need." He turns to Thalia, smiling brightly. "Do you enjoy it?"

Thalia grins and nods to Jack. "I do. I'm lucky to be in a career that I love. I loved it even when it was just small-time open mic type thing, and now.. it's quite epic. I'm not entirely sure how to handle it." She chuckles at the prat brother comment. "I've got a prat brother, myself. No family is complete without one, right?" Grinning, she takes a sip of her cider.

Christian raises his eyebrow at Jack's comment, but doesn't say anything immediately. "I am an only child myself," Christion chimes in. "My family had little time to raise me, let alone siblings." He chuckles and drinks from his mug. "Was there something you needed to tell me Mr. Noble?"

There's a low chuckle as Jack listens to Tally's words. "Indeed." This could apply to both of them. "Well, I wanted to ask you if you knew an Edwin Gifford. I haven't met him personally, but I hear he's the person to talk to about something specific. I wondered if you'd be able to introduce us." He looks a little nervous for some reaosn. "I'm actually looking for a rare tome that someone said he or his family might have." He tries to appear somewhat nonchalant, but there is a reason Jack was sorted as a lion. Skulduggery is not his strong suit.

Thalia tilts her head, looking from one man to another. She smiles, curious as to the content of that tome. That was Tally, endlessly curious. She sits back in her seat, taking a sip of her cider and savoring the spices.

Christian puffs on his pipe abit. "I have heard the name," He says after a moment of thought. "May I ask what is in this tome?"

This is the tricky part. There isn't one, really, but Jack is sure, if the guy is who he thinks he is, that he'd understand. "Well, I'm a cursebreaker, Faulkner, so I often have to look at books which contain old curses and such to determine whether they are present, and how to defeat them. It's a specific tome that I've been looking for for some time, and someone thought that he might have it." It's not exaclty the most subtle of approaches, but it's Jack. "Pardon me, Miss de Riviat. I really shouldn't discuss such things among such company, but I don't see Mr. Faulkner very often, and thought I might catch him while I could, considering Mr. Gifford also works for the DMLE, if am remembering correctly."

Thalia tilts her head curiously. "A cursebreaker? That must have some very interesting stories." When Jack apologizes, she waves a hand dismissively. "Don't worry about it. I've heard lots of things all the time, you couldn't offend me if you tried," she teases.

"Careful Tally," Christian chuckles. "He may take you up on that challenge." Chris winks and drinks the rest of his beer. "Unfortunately, it is late for me, and I may have to get to work early tomorrow." He stands and brushes some stray ashes from his jacket. "It was good to see you again Mr. Noble. I will looking into it an if I see Mr. Edwin Gifford is availible to discuss this aquisition with you." He turns to Tally and smile. "It was also a pleasure to meet you Miss de Riviat. I hope when you are rich and famous you'll remember us little people." He chuckles, and tamps out his pipe.

"You never know, Miss — " Jack begins, and then Christian is pretty much parroting what he was going to say. "Thank you, Faulkner. These things are easier when a mutual acquaintance helps." He smiles, and nods, sticking his hand out to the hitwizard. "Indeed. Hopefully it won't be so long again before we run into each other." He frowns, and reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a small piece of fairly thick parchment which has his new office location, Floo address and other pertinent information. "Here you go, sir, if you need to contact me by a method other than owl, I can be reached here most days. If not, I have an able secretary who is helping me out."

Thalia grins at Christian, and chuckles. "Perhaps I should not provoke you in such a way, hm?" She chuckles, taking another sip of her mixed cider, and watching the two exchange contact information. "The pleasure was all mine, Christian. I do hope we run into each other again soon. And the best of luck to you."

"To you as well Miss Riviat," Christian says, then turning to Jack. "Thank you Mr. Noble, I will contact you if I make any progress." He smiles and takes Jack's hand. "Good night and good luck to the both of you." He heads for the door, and toss a few coins on the bar top. "Good night Tom!" He calls and opens the door. With a departing smile, Christian slips out into the night.

Jack watches the other man leave, smiling until he's gone, then, his smile changes tenor somewhat. "Well. I must confess this is quite an honor, as I've said." He chuckles softly. "I may have to break a cardinal rule, here, and ask for a favor. Would you sign one of my little cards for my sister? She's a huge fan of the band." He's already said that. "If not, it's okay, I understand. You've probably got people asking you this all the time." He sips at his drink with practiced slowness.

Thalia grins and nods. "Of course, I'd be happy to." She pulls out a self-inking quill from her bag, the feather dyed purple. "As I said, I'm still not used to the whole celebrity thing. It'll be a while before I become jaded about this sort of thing." She gives a little 'bring it on' gesture.

"That's a lovely name. Irish, isn't it?" Thalia signs the card with a flourish. It reads, 'To Siobhan, from Tally, with love,' and the T's are crossed with swirling lines. She doodles a heart and then pushes the card back towards Jack. "There you go. I was out taking a walk, and it had started to rain. Pour, really. This was the closest shelter. I like to come here sometimes, though.. the atmosphere isn't the same anywhere else." Tally grins.

Jack grins, pocketing the card in another pocket, keeping it separate from the ones he wants to give out for his business. Which he does, offering her another one to keep. "Thank you again." He nods at her assertion. "That is the truth. I have to remind myself sometimes, that this is the first thing of the wizarding world muggle-raised children often see." He shrugs. "I was raised in an old family, so…" He downs the rest of his drink, and examines Tally's. "Alright there, or do you need another?" He's offering to buy again, if she wants him to. "Yeah. Irish. Mine's actually Icarus." He looks a little sheepish. "You can see why I go by 'Jack.'"

Thalia laughs softly. "Icarus? That's.. well, I suppose I can't really talk, with a name like Thalia. My parents were big fans of Greek myths. I go by Tally, for the most part, though the band likes to use Thalia." She sips at her drink, which is about halfway to empty. "Trying to ply me with booze?" She asks teasingly.

Jack chuckles softly. "No, I was merely offering, if you wanted more." He rolls a shoulder in an eloquent shrug, then leans forward a little bit. "Tell me about working with a band. I know it's not all lights and sparkles. There's got to be more to it. Then, if you like, I can tell you some about curse breaking, though it's been happily boring lately." Boring is good in Jack's line of work.

Thalia grins, leaning back in her seat, absently toying with her glass. "There's a lot of in-fighting, often. People trying to one up each other, trying to be the star. It's been mostly good-natured so far, but I'm not entirely sure if that'll last. Waiting for the other shoe to drop, a little bit, you know?"

Jack nods. "I do understand. It's got to be kind of like when I'm waiting to see if the countercurse I've found is the right one, or if the cursed thing is going to blow up in my face. It can be unnerving. Worrisome." He slides a hand out to rest on the woman's arm, or near it, if she moves away. "Although, I think it would be harder, with people. Because you like them. You grow to know them, and…" He snaps his fingers. "They're more worried about other things than the music. Which really should be the focus, right?" He shrugs.

Thalia chuckles and nods. "Yeah, I know what you mean. Cursebreaking.. that sounds rather intense. Can't you end up with two noses or no ears, or things like that?" She raises an eyebrow curiously. "The music should definitely be the focus. Living music, breathing music, that's what it should be like." A smile comes to her lips at his touch, and while she doesn't move away, other than the smile, nothing acknowledges it.

"It is rather intense, and yeah, you could have several things go completely wrong if you're not careful, but it's exciting, being on the edge." He smiles, making no move to move the hand for a long moment, and then suddenly he does, leaning back in his chair. "It's really the only thing that felt right for me when I looked at those pamphlets they give you after OWL year." He chuckles softly.

Thalia grins. "They never listed 'wander around in open mic cafes sloughing off until you get your big break' as an option in any of those pamphlets," she says with a chuckle. "But nothing else seemed to fit, when I considered my options. I think my teachers were rather despairing of me, thinking I had no direction."

"Shows how much they knew." Jack says, smirking. "The direction was in…" He taps his heart. "…Here." He grins, and then, all of a sudden, the grin drops open into a wide yawn. "Oh." He quickly covers his mouth, and then smiles. "Please forgive me. I must be more tired than I thought. Of all things… for a boring day in the Ministry to tuck me out so easily." He holds out his hand for the woman to shake. "Well, Tally, it was a pleasure to meet you."

Thalia clasps his hand in hers, shaking it firmly. "It was certainly a pleasure. Take care of yourself, now. It would be terribly unfortunate if you ended up having too many noses or not enough ears." She smiles at Jack. "I'm sure we'll run into each other again. Small world and all that."

Jack grasps the witch's hand firmly, but not too roughly, and nods in return. "Thank you, Tally. I will do my very best to avoid either fewer or more appendages than I have now." He chuckles one more time, and fishes in his pocket for the gold for their drinks. "I'm sure we will." He sets the coinage down, and moves to head out the door and into the night to apparate back to Torchwood Manor to sleep.

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