Portrayed By Jodelle Ferland
House Unsorted
Year First
Position Student
Sex F
Race Pureblood
Age 11
Place of Birth Ottery St. Catchpole
Date of Birth 04 May 1983
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Nessa was born to Bishop and Alma Elis, part of a minor wizarding family living in Ottery St. Catchpole proper. The middle child of a family of three children, Nessa most often received the least attention between her older brother Eustace, one year older than she, and her younger sister Naomi, one year younger. Despite the lack of attention, Nessa grew up soundly, if with somewhat unusual mannerisms. The Elis family is, for the most part, traditionally a Gryffindor family — that is to say, of their small direct family tree, those few who bare the surname were all Gryffindor.

Now that Nessa is nearing the age for entry into school, her parents are at least trying to encourage her to open up more and try to meet new people in preparation for her life away at school. Her brother dreads that he'll have to drag the silent Nessa around behind him everywhere, and her younger sister is already gearing up her own excitement for her soon-after enrollment the year after. Nessa is thusly often left to her own devices to try to meet people; she isn't — nor is her family — entirely sure that she'll be a Gryffindor like the rest, due to her quiet and secretive nature. Nessa wants to try to open up a little before school starts, and try to make sure she's sorted into the traditional house of her family.


Due to the heavily shared attention that Nessa's parents had to afford their children, Nessa grew up with a strange mixture of both the traits of her family, and more introverted attributes. Though she is just as brave as her Gryffindor older brother, she lacks the bravado often associated with the house most noted for it's heroics — and her form of bravery ventures much more toward recklessness than chivalry. Her lack of bravado is immediately evident in her personality; she is inherently quiet, and grew up with almost no friends aside from her two siblings. Although she'll readily defend a friend if she does have one, the parameters for what she considers a friend are somewhat murky — she rarely outright lies, but she keeps almost all of her motives obscured, often by compulsion rather than necessity.

Trivia and Notes:

Pet: None
Wand: A 8" rigid wand made of hornbeam with a phoenix tail feather core.
Patronus: Buzzard — No, she obviously can't manifest it or even really try to cast the spell, having not even been to school yet.

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