1994-09-09: Nargles and Staircases


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Scene Title Nargles and Staircases
Synopsis The two run into each other on the staircase not long after the Prefect's suspicion of Snape
Date September 09, 1994
Watch For Nargles in the Mistletoe
Chronology After Suspicious Minds
Logger Braeden

Grand Staircase, Hogwarts

From here you can look up between the gaps of the stairs to see what can best be described as a scene from an M.C. Escher painting, except for no staircases seem to be upside down. (But in Hogwarts, one can never be too sure about this.) The school is said to boast 142 staircases, good luck to anyone who wishes to count them to see if this is true. Paintings pack next to each other, leaving very little of the stone walls visible. The staircases move continuously, switching landings and entrances to various floors and hallways.

The ever changing staircase of Hogwarts, a place that every student had to traverse day in and day out for seven years of their lives. Braeden drifts along the foot of the staircase after having entered from the first floor with a pack slung about his shoulders. He gazes up along the various stairs with a soft sound after stopping before pressing his lips together in something of wonder. "Six years and it still makes me wonder how anyone could have set this up." He murmurs in a soft tone before moving forward towards the first flight.

The first flight leads nowhere - he'd have to wait a moment for the stairs to shift, and match up to make a path further upwards. Standing at the first flight landing, also waiting patiently for the stairs to align, was one Ms. Lovegood. Wand tucked safely behind her ear, and wearing her radish earrings and bottlecap necklace to boot, what Luna wasn't wearing was her right shoe. With hands at her side, she was swaying softly from one side to the other, when she spots the form of Braeden. Lifting up her hand, she wiggles her fingers in a little wave towards the man, although the distance of the stairs seperates them.

Braeden watches the staircase shift in front of him with another soft sound before looking upward to catch the flicker of fingers from the next floor. A small smile is offered to the Lovegood girl before he chooses to raise his hand in return with a slow wave. "Interesting choice of clothing there. Any meaning to it?" He asks curiously with his voice just loud enough to carry the flight to her. He'd wait for the stairs to finish their alignment before walking up them casualy with the hitch of his pack at the shoulder.

He wouldn't have to wait long. With the sound of shifting once again, the stairs move to lead right to Luna's landing. Luna's subtle little smile widens some with anticipation. "I'm sorry?" she asks, canting her head just a little bit to one side, one of the portraits behind her sneezing. She drops her hands, and moves to fold them in front of herself.

Braeden manages to finaly ascend the staircase only to stop on the same floor as her as he turns around to look upward again. He'd be waiting for the next floor to align it seems. "Well. I just noticed your choice of clothing is all. I was wondering if it had to do with anything since I have heard about all of the interesting things you've learned about with your father." The Prefect offers with a smile, seeming patient enough to talk to Loony Lovegood.

"Well, I've been having a bit of trouble." Luna says, lifting her unshoed foot, wiggling her toes in the air as if to prove her point. It seems Luna didn't quite believe in shoes, either. Setting her foot back down, she brushes her hair back over her shoulder, and leans in towards Braeden as if telling a secret. "The Nargles." she says, in a whisper, lifting both her brows at that.

Braeden raises a brow at her words as he crosses his arms over his chest, the staircase shifting slowly into alignment as one of the women in the portrait behind them moves into the next to visit someone else. "What are they?" He asks with a musing tone to the words. His smile remains for her though fading just a bit when the next stair slides into alignment. Another step forward and he carries himself up it, seeming to be expecting her to do the same since obviously she didn't go down while he was coming up before.

Indeed Luna does, turning about to set herself upon the first step going upwards, then taking another. She lags behind Braeden a step or three, keeping her eyes upon his head. Or the back of it, as the situation allows. "Rather mischievous little things, really." Luna says, her voice drifting away with her usual daydreamy tone. "I've taken to wearing this necklace, to repel them - they keep getting a hold of my shoes." she says.

Braeden's shoulders shift just a bit with the feeling of eyes on the back of his head, Luna's behavior seeming to get under his skin just a bit though he doesn't show any other outward signs of it. Instead, his smile warms just a bit when he comes to a stop at the next staircase next to that of a portrait with what looked to be a group of multiple people from different eras and armor having a get together. "Are you sure it was them? Afterall, it could be another student pulling pranks and the like. Seems some of us are having trouble with that lately."

"Oh, I'm positive it was the nargles." Luna Lovegood says, and explains no further. As if that was that. Moving past the portraits herself, she takes a few steps past him, and then stops, before turning, and looking up at him. The fact that she was on a bit higher of a stair helped with the height difference due to age alone - but not really. She pauses, however, and tilts her head a bit owlishly to one side, "Are the nargles bothering you as well?"

"No, only memories and otherwise. Idle thought tends to be the bane of us all at times." The Gryffindor Prefect replies as he looks up at her. His gaze would seem almost scrutinizing for a moment, studying her where she stood before offering a solemn nod as if to punctuate his words. He doesn't ask any questions regarding the 'nargles' though he does study the necklace with something of interest only to look upward at the moving stairs again. "So where are you headed Luna? My name's Braeden by the way if you didn't know it already."

Luna's own gaze goes a bit blank as he stares at her, as if Luna were staring at a point on the wall past his head. At least her eyes were pointing at him, that was a start. "Oh, I'm not altogether sure where I am headed yet. I was going to walk around, to see if my other shoe turns up." she pauses. "And you were going up the stairs - to your common room?" she asks.

Braeden nods before inspecting the colors she may have on, "Ravenclaw? I assumed you were probably headed that way as well." He replies, having seemed a bit unnerved by the blank gaze she'd given to him. The older man doesn't seem to react to that either way, simply taking a step upward along the staircase when he finaly slides to a stop. His fingertips brush along the strap of his pack as he does so, adjusting it again with a slow motion while adding, "Have you tried looking for the Nargles in your common room? Maybe you took the shoe off there and they snatched it."

Luna was dressed in her school robes, so it was easy to tell of her house. Turning about as he steps past her, she gives him a few step's lead, before starting off after him once again. "Well, not entirely. If I did, one of those that live with me there would certainly let me know, yes?" she asks, her gait a little limping, owing to her one missing shoe.

Braeden shrugs his shoulders with her moment of logic. "Not everyone knows what one looks like. I've never seen a Nargle myself." He offers kindly before stopping at the next landing in the ever long ascension that would take them to the desired floor. Luckily enough for him though, that next alignment would happen at the same time to allow them another climb. "They wouldn't know to tell you if they did don't you think?" He looks back at her as he walks, studying her reaction until he finds the stopping point at the next landing.

"It'll turn up. I am certain of it." Luna says, stepping along in tune with him. At the stopping point to the next landing, she too, pauses. Although she takes a moment to lean forward, staring off of the side of the staircase down towards the ground floor. A moment of interest flickers through her features, and then she straightens. "The nargles wouldn't tell anyone they stole it. My father believes they hide in mistletoe… which will make the holiday seasons very interesting if no one is wearing necklaces." she says.

A very faint smirk forms to that bit as the Gryffindor shakes his head. He looks upward, ever forward to his destination as he continues talking to his younger counterpart. "I suppose so though I don't think many will. I won't be at least, so maybe i'll get to see what one of them looks like." The smirk turns into something of a grin as he runs his fingers through his hair only to set his hand against the back of his head lightly. The stairs align, and he ascends yet again until they've made it to the very floor where the common rooms reside. "Have a good day Luna."

Luna lifts her hand in silent farewell to the prefect - then proceeds to make it not as silent a beat after with a "Farewell." said in her soft voice. "Have a good day yourself." she adds, before turning to the doorway of her own common rooms, and stepping forward, greeting the statue and getting a riddle for her trouble.

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