1995-05-05: Mystery Men


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Scene Title Mystery Men
Synopsis After some brief correspondence, Sirius and Christian talk of their organizations.
Location Hogsmeade - Hog's Head Inn
Date May 5, 1995
Watch For N/A
Logger Sirius 'Needs a Leash' Black

Parked outside the Hogs Head is a rather unusual sight in a wizarding village. A large, older model Triumph motorbike. This bizarre choice of vehicle for a wizard is getting associated (again) with a particular individual of some notoriety.

Sirius Black is inside the tavern, sitting at a dusty table with a mug of ale. He's still not allowed back into the Three Broomsticks, but he's sure Rosmerta will let him back in soon enough. But for now? The Hogs Head is just fine for this meeting. It's mostly private, a bit out of the way, and the proprietor doesn't really seem to care what goes on under his nose. Much.

The front door opens quietly, and Christian slips in. The patrons give him a quick glance over before turning back to whatever they were doing. Almost immediately, Chris steps to the left of the door, scanning the room. His eyes fall on Sirius, and he begins to make his way over to the table. "Hello Mr. Black," He says with a slight grin.

"And to you Mr. Faulkner. Have a seat?" Sirius smiles as well, gesturing to the chair across from him at the table. "I must say, I am intrigued by the little notes you have sent, even if I declined. I hope you were not offended, that was not my intention."

Christian nods and takes a seat. "Well, I may not have offered my plan in a way that might have appealed to your sense of adventure," Christian says, leaning forward on the table. "I have something very important to ask you, so I hope you will be fair and answer honestly. I have reason to believe that you have no love of Lord Vol…Vold…The Dark Lord." There is obvious discomfort in Christian's voice as he tries to say Voldemort's name.

"My sense of adventure is getting its fill these days, I can assure you of that." Sirius says, relaxing in his seat in a way that's both casual and wary. "No love for /him/? Merlin's beard, what could ever have given you that idea?," he says, barking out a short, bitter laugh. "No. I'm no fan of his. I've lost too many friends and loved ones to the likes of him and his lot."

"Specific understatement, I assure you," Christian says, lowering his voice slightly. "One could almost say you actively oppose him. I've seen you fight. You're good. What if I could offer you an opportunity? I can not tell you much, because of specific reasons. There is a group of like minded individuals I have formed that could benefit extremely from your involvement."

"You could say that as well. I fought with my friends before we were betrayed to Voldemort." Sirius has no fear of saying the name. He'd spit in the fiend's face if he could ever get close enough to do so. As Christian talks, Sirius's brows lift quizzically, then a slow grin of knowing spreads. "Seems to be a bit of an epidemic on that going about. One I was considering asking you to join. It appears someone either beat me to it, or we've got a bit of a coincidental situation on our hands."

Christian arches his brow quizzically. "Well," Christian says after a moment of thinking. "Though I know nothing of any organization you are apart of, I can tell you that ours has deeper pockets. I cannot tell you much more of the subject, unless you agree to join. In the end, it would destroy our main weapon to do so."

Sirius can't imagine anyone with deeper pockets than Dumbledore on this side of the fight. "I'm a bit tied up in my current duties.. but that's not to say that we can't come to some arrangement. There'll be a meeting in a few nights, I think it's safe to invite you in. The more we have on our side within the Ministry, the better. I've talked this over with a few of my lot, and we've got a similar high opinion of you." As he reaches for his mug, his grey eyes flick briefly around the room, then back to Christian.

Christian nods slightly. "Do you want me to meet you in my capacity as this other organization?" He asks carefully. "Or should I come as I am?"

"I think that would be best, yes. That way we can better pool our resources together. If you are comfortable doing so that is. If you don't feel right about it at the start, that is fine too." Sirius takes a lengthy drink from his mug, considering Christian from over the brim. Finished for the moment, he sets it down. "I'll need you to meet me in North London, Grimmauld Square. You might see Jack Noble waiting as well. Let's say… be there around seven-thirty in the evening?"

Christian gives Sirius a wiry grin. "That area sounds familiar," he says. "I knew I was close." He chuckles. "I will be there. Just know that you and Jack may not recognize me at first. We take great pains to hide our identities. Against my better judgment, I will come alone. I see that as a first step in paying back your trust."

The faintest of winks is made at Christian. "That I understand utterly. Even if in my youth I had little patience for disguises, even less patience now as an adult." Which is why it takes the likes of Dumbledore, Lupin, Tonks, sometimes a few others, to rein him in. "Once there, I promise you'll be amongst people you know and can trust."

Christian nods. "The evening of what day Mr. Black?" He says, his hands steepled in front of him. "I would hate to arrive at that wrong time."

Sirius gives the date to Christian for their meeting. "If for some reason, you cannot or choose to not make this one, that is fine. There are regular meetings we can pull you into." Finishing off the contents of his mug, he pushes it aside, then says, "Mr. Black was my father, you can just call me Sirius by the way. We're no longer in a situation that calls for formality."

"That is all a matter of perspective Sirius," Christian says with a slight grin. "A Hit Wizard's job is never done. Therefore, formality must be observed. At least, most of the time." He stands. "I will be there, unless I am called else where. Is there anything else you needed of me? You have already answered my questions."

Sirius shrugs his shoulders, and leans a little to the side in his seat. "I suppose I see your point." He procures enough coin to pay for his drink, setting it upon the table. "Hmmm… No.. I don't think I've got further questions now. You've got a group organized under secrecy to fight against Voldemort, that says quite a bit to me."

"It is not just Vol…de…mort," Christian says, trying desperately to get the name out, and still sound authoritative. "We fight criminals, dark wizards, and anything else that threatens the wizarding public." He sighs and puts his hands in his pockets. "I've already said to much. However, the Dark Lord is our chief concern at the moment."

"When I say his name, it's more all encompassing. Since by sheer involvement, we also target those who do his bidding, or those who simply wish they were in the league of his followers." Sirius's tone turns just a touch bitter as he thinks about those who walked, and innocents that paid a high price in the fight. "He rarely tends to matters himself. Why should he? He has scores of like-minded individuals who will willingly do as he commands."

"I don't have a score," Christian says, a fire burning in his eyes. "But every one of use counts as more than two of them. There will be reckoning before this game is over." Christian can't help but grin slightly.

The smile Sirius gives is cold, more of a gesture without emotion. "I agree utterly. We fight for reasons they cannot or will not comprehend. As for a score? Some of us have one to keep for our own purposes."

"I will see you soon, Sirius," Christian says, turning to leave. "Keep your head down. I'd hate to have to not buy you drinks anymore."

"Don't worry about me. I can tend to myself. I'm an old hat at this." Sirius says, as he remains seated. The smile on his face now seems to have more emotion behind it, namely good humor.

"You are the amateur though," Christian says, striding to the door. "The ministry pays me to stay alive." The Hit Wizard chuckles, then disappears outside.

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