1994-07-12: Mum And Baby Pictures


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Scene Title Mum and Baby Pictures
Synopsis Jack apparates Reverie to the first place he thinks of — Home. This means Reverie gets to meet his mother.
Date Jul 12, 1994
Watch For Easily riled mother
Chronology Immediately after the All-Star Quidditch game
Logger Jack

Noble Manor

The pair arrive safely in the Noble Manor front room. It's a huge, well-appointed place. Jack lets go of his companion for a moment, and yells, "Mu-um!!" He gestures to a plush chair. "Sit down, Reverie, we'll get you settled, and then, on your way, if you need to…" He's not pushing her away, he's being practical. "MUM!"

She hates apparating. She really does. Reverie arrives slightly disoriented as she looks around the manor taking in the sight. Wow, it's impressive. "I'll wait for a call from St. Mungo's. I think everyone there will still have their hands full." Then there's a bit of hesitation as she chews on her bottom lip as she looks up towards him. "You're not thinking about going back there are you?"

"Hell no." Of course, the moment Jack says that, his mother steps down the stairs. "Icarus, language!" She frowns as she glances between the two of them. "Yes, dear? You called?" Jack explains the situation and Edana Noble purses her lips. "Well, now." Her Irish brogue is fairly thick. "You'll be wanting some food, and we'll see from there. Icarus, dear, show her where the washroom is, and I'll… " She scurries off again. "C'mon, if you'd like, I'll show you where you can wash up. That was my mum, Lady Edana Noble." He smiles brightly.

Awwww. Isnt that charming! The mediwitch steps forward and extends her hand out towards the elder as she bows her head and curtsies before her. "Thank you ma'am. Reverie St. Croix.." she says introducing herself before she looks back over to Jack. "I think that'd be good.." she says while motioning for him to lead the way. "I still think my stomach is all queasy from adrenaline though.."

"Of course it is." Jack totally understands. He leads her to a small washroom near the front room. "There, go ahead and wash your face, or whatever. Might help the adrenaline slow down." Helps him from time to time. "When you're finished, we'll go find Mum and some food." He grins. "Probably not what you expected when I said I was taking you to 'my place', huh?"

"No, this is hardly what I expected. In all honesty, I was expecting a bachelor pad of sorts.." Reverie admits before she steps into the bathroom and starts washing her hand before she splashes water in her face to try to calm herself down. "Your mother is awfully charming though.."

"She's great, until she gets wound up, then she's a right pain in the…" He snickers, and cuts off his sentence. "You know what I mean." He grins. "I don't live here a lot, but when I'm home, this is where 'home' is." A mild shrug, and he chuckles again. "I get along with Mum just fine. Da's the one I go head-to-head with."

As Reverie finishes up she dries off with a quick spellbefore snickering softly towards him as she reaches out and pats his cheek softly. "I can see you as a mother's boy.." she says teasingly. "Now..I have to ask..baby pictures?"

Oh, dear. "Don't let Mum hear you say that…" Too late. "Oh, dear that's a great idea. Then you can show her some of the pictures you've gotten on your trips." Edana is walking down the halls fetching something. "C'mon, Icarus. Help me get this ready" Jack rolls his eyes in Reverie's direction. "When you're ready." He grins, and follows his mother.

"Do you need any help, ma'am?" Reverie asks as she lets out a soft chuckle of amusement, grinning the entire time. This is most definitely another side of him, one that she didn't expect at all and so she simply follows as well.

"Oh, no, dear. I'm fine. Just come along." Jack shakes his head. "You're a guest. So, she'll not let you do anything." He guides her toward a small dining room. "This where you want us, Mum?" His mother's voice sends an assent. "Alright. So, this is my house." He gestures grandly. "Welcome to the Ancient and Noble House of Noble." Yes, it's an old and stupid joke, and Jack loves it.

Reverie snickers softly as she bows her head towards the elder woman before she looks around. "I approve." she quips at the joke and sticks her tongue out towards him. "So where are your siblings? I hope they arent still at the cup.."

"Dunno." Jack says, worriedly. "Mum, did any of the others go to the game?" Edana bustles in, and house elves follow her, carrying serving dishes with meats and cheeses and crackers and things, as well as a tea service. "Mick and Pete did, but they're back already. First sign of trouble, they apparated back." She is pleased with that news. "I would've been sooner, but I wanted to make sure Miss St. Croix was safe." He frowns, realizing something is amiss. Oh, yes. The formal introduction. "Miss Reverie St. Croix, may I present my mother, Lady Edana Noble?" His mother's laugh tinkles softly. "Icarus, don't bother…" Jack's face hardens for a moment, and she relents. "Well, it is a pleasure to meet you." Jack explains that Reverie is a Healer.

"I'm glad they're okay.." she says softly as she curtsies at the formal introduction even though it was interrupted. "And likewise, Lady Noble.." Reverie replies as she runs her fingers through her hair. "It's unfortunate, all that happening..but I guess I'll find out a full report when I start my shift again.."

"When does your shift begin?" Jack asks, just so he knows when she needs to be back. "Let me know, and we can Floo you home, or to St. Mungo's, or…" He's a little nervous here. It's very rare that he brings a girl home. "I can't believe it. What is the world coming to? They need to catch that Sirius Black and …" His mother starts to get a little riled. "Mum. Company." This calms her down a little. "Right. Well, how do you take your tea?"

"I imagine I should be getting an owl within a few hours. But thanks for the offer, that would be nice.." Reverie says softly as she cants her head towards Jack and reaches out to pat him gently on the hand to reassure him. "No, I agree Lady Edana. One of my best friends is an auror with the privilege of actually being related to him. I know she's out to bring in Black, and if anyone can do it, I'm sure Tonks can.."

"Tonks?" Edana frowns. "That sounds like an odd name for a young lady." She chatters on, and they serve tea, and to Jack's mortification, she brings out the baby pictures. After a long while, Reverie gets the summons she was expecting, and Jack ushers her to the front room again and the fireplace. "Thank you for staying." He gives her a soft peck on the cheek. "Be careful." If nothing else, Jack has gained a good friend.

"Nymphadora Tonks, ma'am.." she offers and soon there's a bit of amicable conversation. The baby pictures are definitely amusing and it seems that Reverie enjoyed herself and as she's being lead out towards the floo, she decides to be impulsive to steal a quick kiss on the lips. "I will be Jack. See you around.." and she disappears into the green flame.

Edana Noble is modeled after Jackie Tyler from Doctor Who.

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