1995-05-15: Muggling Through Current Events


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Scene Title Muggling Though Current Events
Synopsis A group of firsties (and a sixie) talk current events.
Location HWG - Lake
Date May 15, 1995
Watch For Ganache spewing chocolate dragons
Logger Kalleigh

[HGW] - Lake

From a simple path leading to a dock loaded with boats on September 2st, running north from the train station to the foot of the castle perched on the cliff, the lake on the grounds of Hogwarts is vast and deep. The water almost seems black, rather than clear or blue, not allowing people to look into its depths, and for good reason. Occasionally, a tentacle can be seen from the giant squid, and there are odd fish present that leap out of the water and make faces at passersby. The water is very cold, typical for Scotland. On only the best clear days can someone peer into the depths to see the merpeople's village, but often, it's just written off as optical illusions. Running along the shore of the lake is a thin strip of land that masquerades as a beach, but it doesn't run all the way around, keeping very close to the steep stairs leading back up to the castle grounds proper. There's a boathouse sitting at the northern end of the lake, with Hogwarts perched on top of the cliffs, with the souwest tower of the annex building /leaning/ at an impossible angle over the lake.

Gareth hurried through dinner, then bolted from the Great Hall, school bag slung over a shoulder, and made his way down to the lake's shore. He's found a tree that's a little off the beaten path, though not hidden by any means, and here he's huddling, the lastest issue of Witch Weekly clutched in his hands. With wide, eager eyes, he scans the contents, apparently looking for something.

Kalleigh does not rush out of dinner, but rather meanders out, enjoying the sloping stair case from the castle to the lake. Sometimes, she takes them one at a time, stopping to keep count before running pell-mell laughing the number she's on brightly before coming to a stop to slow her progress. Eventually, she makes it to the bottom and is quiet, walking down the path, exploring.

Someone had been there before Gareth… But that someone isn't noticable to begin with, being on the far side of the tree and all. Relatively dressed down and remaining in his hirt, trousers, shoes, and tie, Mason had made his way down before dinner even started, and now, was perched on one of the roots sticking out of the ground. He doesn't hear Gareth come up at first… But he does stir when he hears someone else settle on the other side. He opens his eyes, hrming slightly. had he been asleep?

Gareth's lips curl in a frown of confusion, as he begins frantically flipping through the glossy pages. "Where is it?" he mumbles to himself, checking the table of contents again. "Second Monday every month, it -hasta- be here." He's so intent on the magazine (which is frankly an odd thing in itself, since it's normally a magazine read by housewife Witches), he hasn't noticed yet he's not alone.

Kalleigh wears a denim skirt and a long sleeved strip tunic shirt, her wand peeking out from one sleeve. She pauses when she hears a voice, turning around to pinpoint where it came from. "What is it you're looking for?" She asks the voice, a sense of awe and wonder in her tone.

The voice is recognized. Mason furrows his eyebrows and begins to roll off of his perch, moving to crawl around on his hands and knees as he moves around the tree. He's not meaning to -try- and startle Gareth. "S'all this, eh?!" He begins to look over the other boy's shoulder… And seeing it's a Witch Weekly, he stops, dead in his track.

Gareth lets out a small yelp of surprise as he's discovered. "N-nothing," he lies, glancing quickly between Mason and Kalleigh. He stops the frantic page-flipping, but then his secret is revealed — the page he's stopped on is the beginning of the latest installment of the long-running serialized story: Trent Emrys and the Secret of the Fellytone.

"Well, I guess you don't need help finding it then. There's a whole lake of nothing here." Kalleigh gives a little smile and steps back once or twice. "As you were then." She gives Mason a little wave. "Cartwright."

Blinking slightly as Gareth seems to go nuts over the Witch Weekly magazine, Mason stands and crosses his arms, tilting his head. "C'mon, Conwy, what's the deal?" he asks lightly toward his housemate, trekking slowly toward the other boy…

Gareth gives a little sigh of resignation. "Oh, all right. I was looking for the latest Trent Emrys story, okay? I'm not the only one who reads them! Lots of other kids do, too. Even older than us." Even as he's defending his fandom, he's avoiding making direct eye contact with either of the others.

"Huh? What kind of stories? 'Fraid I don't know much about them." Kalleigh leans in once more, head tilting as she gets a look at the magazine the other is holding. "/Is/ there something wrong with reading them? Is it against the rules?"

With a small grin, Mason just shakes his head. "No, no," he replies toward Kalleigh, shaking his head a little. "I'm jus' surprised at Conwy, s'all. They're all right stories… m'mam reads 'em when she's got nothin' to do at work." He grins a little… and now, finds himself a point under the tree to sit down, so he can address Kalleigh and Gareth at the same time.

Gareth frowns a bit, eyebrows knitted together. "Against the rules? Not that I know of. But some people think they're just for little kids. And then there's the whole pro-Muggle aspect, which quite a few Purebloods seem to find objectionable. Here, have a look." He offers the magazine to Kalleigh, then gives Mason a quick glance. "Your mom reads them? But you don't?" The story is illustrated, of course, with a moving drawing of young Trent Emrys (complete with Muggle school uniform) trying to figure out how to use a telephone. The author is clearly identified as Ofydd Conwy.

Kalleigh takes the magazine gingerly in her hands and starts flipping through, looking at the pictures alone. "Huh." She continues to flip through, past the story and into the rest of the magazine material. "There are cleaning spells?" She looks torn at this revelation. "I mean, I guess wizards have spells for everything, but I just… didn't think there would be cleaning spells."

Not really commenting on Kalleigh's revelation of cleaning spells, Mason glances over to Gareth, nodding. "Yeah. I've never been able to get into the story," he explains quietly, shrugging. "I mean, I'm not going to knock it. More power to you if you read it." He smiles a little, shrugging his shoulders again and hrming…

Gareth gives Kalleigh an utterly puzzled look. "How else would you clean anything, without spells? I mean, not everyone can afford house elves." Then he gives Mason a sheepish sort of grin. "I've been reading them since I first learned to read. Before that, Dad read them to me. I guess I've never really kicked the habit."

"Elbow grease and the sweat of your brow. But that's not what I meant. I mean, see? This the proper way to clean a mandrake root - complete with pacifying charm." Kalleigh looks up from her reading and over to the others. "Er. I'm sorry, would you like your magazine back? You were clearly not done with it." She stretches it back out toward Gareth.

Gabriel comes wandering down towards the lake, a slight hesitation to his steps as his eyes stay on the water of the lake. As he notices the others, though, he quickly hides any nervousness and steps a little quicker over towards them, giving a wave as he approaches.

"Nothin' wrong with that, mate." Settling back against the tree and tilting his head at Kalleigh, something seems to cross his mind. "You doing okay?" he asks toward the girl, tilting his head. Gabe doesn't get an immediate wave back… but when he notices the other boy approaching, his hand shoots up in a light greeting.

Gareth takes the magazine, but continues to look confused by Kalleigh's words. "Are those potion components of some sort?" he asks. "I mean, grease and sweat, they sound like they'd make things dirtier, not cleaner." He looks down to the article about cleaning mandrake root, but of course, there's nothing about elbow grease or brow sweat to be found. Then he too notices Gabriel, a genuine smile offered in greeting. "Gabriel, guess what! Witch Weekly came in the evening Owl Post. Trent is working a fellytone!"

"Er, Um. No. Elbow grease is a metaphor. Means you move your arm around so much that your elbow, should it be mechanical, would need grease." It's Kalleigh's turn to look confused, but the expression is transfered from Gareth to Mason. "Should I not be? I mean, I think I'm okay." She looks over her shoulder at Gabriel.

Gabriel grins to Gareth and says, "They're called telephones." He moves to sit near the others, and asks curiously, "What's going on?" He looks to Mason and Kalleigh curiously and asks, "Been talking about those ghosts?"

"Well, I was thinkin' about … the other day in the classroom and all," Mason remarks lightly, clearing his throat a little and shaking his head. "Nevermind," he adds after a moment or so. He glances back over to Gareth, smiling a little bit and hrming slightly toward Gabriel. "No, not that."

Gareth ohs, nodding to Gabriel. "Telephones, gotta remember to write Dad about that." Then he blinks, glancing between Mason and Kalleigh. "What happened in class the other day?" he asks rather bluntly. "Did I miss something? Not something that'll be on a test, I hope! I try to take such careful notes, even in History of Magic."

"The classroom, right. Well, Jax is okay and all now. He said he saw the dark mark too and then Angelina told me that was her hummingbird we saw and it wasn't our fault at all that the dark mark was there." Kalleigh's words get a little jumbled. She looks over at Gabriel. "No, but now that you bring it up. Did you know they were gone so long they didn't hear about Batherton Hills?"

Gabriel asks Kalleigh, "You mean everybody that was missing? Yeah, it wasn't in the Prophet until the day after everybody noticed people were missing, so they wouldn't've heard. That mean everybody's back safe now? Where were they?"

Gareth's eyes widen, jaw dropping open comically. "You saw the Dark Mark? In a class? When did this happen?"

"Huh?" Kalleigh looks at Gareth. "Oh, no. It was after class. Cartwright and I were in the Defense classroom, pokin' at the glowing green thing when it appeared. Apparently, everyone was missing inside it - but I don't know how that works." She frowns as she looks to Gabriel. "They said Luna was still missing, but the teachers were looking for her."

Gabriel blinks, looking to Kalleigh, "Oh, thought you meant the dark mark you saw was just a hummingbird. Wow! I hope she's ok. Glad everybody else is back, specially if that thing made a dark mark!"

Gareth gives a little shudder, folding the magazine closed. "How ghastly! And poor Looney…I mean, Luna, sorry. She's still missing? What about the others, are they all right? Have they told anyone where they've been all this time?"

"They were all in hospital because of being utterly exhausted and starved. We can go ask them, if you like." Kalleigh clasps her hands behind her back and shifts her weight to the balls of her feet. "It sounded perfectly ghastly and they all seemed very sad. I brought'm cookies, but they were probably just worried about Luna."

Gabriel considers Kalleigh's words, and then shakes his head quickly, "No, bet they got lotsa people they know visiting. Don't think anybody I know good enough to visit went missing." Just an excuse, really, seems more just too shy to visit.

Gareth bites his lower lip for a moment, then nods to what Gabriel says. "Same here. Though maybe I'll send up my Chocolate Frogs, next time I get some. You know, as a sort of get well gift. I hope this doesn't have anything to do with Death Eaters, though with the Dark Mark appearing, it seems likely they're involved somehow." His eyes widen after a moment. "I do hope Luna's all right. The Mark only appears when…well, you know."

"Yeah… I don't know." Kalleigh expresses being at a loss for words rather than ignorance to Gareth's statement. She scuffs her toe in the dirt. "I'm just glad they're alive though. There have been too many ghosts around lately."

Gabriel nods emphatically in agreement with Kalleigh at that and says, "Me too. Still think what happened to Batherton's really scary. What if they do that again somewhere? The Prophet said it was an accident, so nobody's… on guard or whatever."

Having fallen silent for the time being, Mason's just sort of listening to the other three talk for the time being. This is… his typical behavior, and the other two Ravenclaws can probably tell that. Mason's more of a wallflower than anything, after all.

Gareth nods agreement. "A whole village, it's just dreadful. Imagine something like that happening in London. Or…well, best not to think about it." He casts a quick glance to Gabriel, then to Mason. "Where is it you're from again, Cartwright?"

"I still haven't told my Da about it. Dun know what to say. Kind of waiting until I go home." Kalleigh fidgets, fingers tugging on the bottom hem of her vest, head slightly bowed.

Gabriel nods quickly to Gareth, and says, "Or Bibury." He looks to Kalleigh and says, "I wrote my mum and dad right away. My mum can't do much but call for my dad, since she's just a muggle, but had to tell her."

"Somersby," Mason replies lightly, shaking his head a little. "Y'know, m'mam works in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes… Ever since that whole thing happened with that muggle village, I've not been able to get any word from her. She's been swamped with the work," he remarks quietly, sighing a little bit and shaking his head. "I don't even want to think of it happening around a -dense- population area…"

"I still can't believe… trolls." Kalleigh shakes her head and moves to sit down on the ground.

"I wrote my parents right away," Gareth says. "And my myngi…er, grandmother. But she's not even a little worried, because she lives in Anglesey, and she insists nothing terrible can ever happen there. Something about old Druid protective spells." He shrugs a bit, stuffing the magazine back into his school bag, then looks again to Mason. "My mum works for the Department of Muggle Relations. Would you like me to ask if she's seen your mum? I mean, to make sure she's all right?"

Gabriel considers a moment as he watches Gareth stick the magazine into his bag, and says, "You know, maybe your dad should go visit my mum for a while. That way, she'd have protection, and he'd be able to see what muggle life's like, so he doesn't keep messing things up like what a telephone's called." Totally oblivious to the awkwardness that might keep Gareth's father from wanting to visit his brother-in-law's ex-wife.

"Well, I'm sure she's… y'know. Okay. But, yeah, sure. I'd appreciate that… Gareth. Right?" He asks the other boy's name carefully, making sure his memory's not failing him. Meanwhile, he continues to lean against the tree, rolling his neck a little bit and sighing slightly. "It's just… odd times, I guess. Not exactly good for -anyone.-"

Gareth's eyes brighten. "That's a brilliant idea!" he says to Gabriel, also oblivious to any awkwardness adults might experience in such a situation. I'll write to him tonight. And I'll ask Mum to see if she can get a word with your Mum too, Cartwright. Yeah, I'm Gareth. And your first name is Mason, isn't it?"

Kalleigh gets to her feet, letting the others talk to each other about parents while she slinks back a few steps. "Not good for anyone," she agrees quietly, fingers toying with a few strands of hair near the bottom. She looks up the path quietly.

There is another first-year trotting down the path to the lake, brown hair touselled and his messenger bag slung over his shoulder. He is half in and half out of uniform, his school pants paired with a pale pink t-shirt with a large butterfly on it, and a plain black sweatshirt that is rather too big for him. Jax has his sketchpad tucked under one arm and a rather daydreamy look on his face as he nears the other students, his gaze fixed on the sky rather than on where he's going.

Gabriel smiles at Gareth's answer, "Brilliant. Hope he goes for it." He nods quickly to Mason and says, optimistically, "But it'll get better. It's gotta get better sometime."

"Yeah," Mason responds after a moment or two, seemingly caught up in glancing off at something for a moment, before glancing back over to the rest of the group. He clears his throat a little bit, rolling his neck again and chewing on his bottom lip. Hrm..

Gareth nods to Gabriel's words. "I really does have to get better. I mean, it's not like before, right? You-Know-Who isn't around or anything, it's just his Death Eaters causing trouble. Which is bad enough, but not nearly as bad as when he was leading them." He pauses then, a look of fright crossing his features, as he lowers his voice to a whisper. "You-Know-Who *isn't* back, is he?"

Since Kalleigh happens to be looking in that direction, she notices Jackson coming down the path first. She lifts a hand and gives a wave, her face lighting up. "Jackson! Hi! How are you? Did they release you from hospital then?"

Jax blinks in surprise at hearing his name, but then smiles bright as his pace speeds up to hurry towards the others. "Howdy — no, I snuck out," he says cheerfully as he arrives. "Well, alright, no, they let us go. M'not hurt, see. Though I might /get/ hurt when the weight of two weeks of missed homework starts crushing me." He rocks back on his heels, hugging his sketchpad to his chest as he looks at the other students. "Hullo!" He missed the frightened whispering. He is contrastingly bright and cheery.

Gabriel shakes his head quickly to Gareth, eyes a bit wide at the possibility, "Don't think so. Can't be." He looks up to wave to the new arrival then and says, "Hi. If you need help catching up with homework, I'll help you, unless it's Defence Against the Dark Arts or Herbology."

"At which point, I s'pose I can help catch up the slack," Mason remarks, glancing over at Gabe and shaking his head slightly. "It's a good thing to know they're letting you lot go," he comments lightly, nodding toward Jackson as he makes his approach, smiling a little bit. Otherwise… he falls silent again.

Gareth's eyes widen when he notices Jackson approaching, and he leans closer to Gabriel, whispering, "That's the American Hufflepuff, isn't it? He was one of the missing students?" Then he puts on a much more pleasant expression, raising his voice a little. "And I can help you with Defense Against the Dark Arts, if you like. I'm Gareth Conwy, by the way. How are you?"

"I can't help you with anything. I'm sort of rubbish with most my classes." Kalleigh admits quietly, hands clasped behind her back as she sways. "Everyone had so many questions about where you guys were. I didn't know what to say, so I thought we should visit you, then no one wanted to. But we were going to send candy."

Jax's eyes light appreciatively. "I'd sure appreciate some help. I'm great with Herbology but I don't know /how/ I'm gonna manage Potions or Astronomy at /all/ after missin' so much class." His words still carry a hint of drawl to them that affirms that he /is/ the American. "I know who you are," the little 'puff tells Gareth cheerfully. "Only so many kids in our year, after all — I'm Jax." He stays by Kalleigh's side, more familiar with his house-mate. "Candy is always welcome," he adds to her, "so long as it ain't chocolate. I don't think none of us want to see chocolate again for a /long/ time."

Gabriel nods quickly to Gareth. And then he grins to Jax and says, "Potions is easy, that's my best subject. And Astronomy's a little harder, but mostly because it's boring, I can help with that easy too." Then he blinks, "Why wouldn't you want chocolate?"

Silence from the last portion of the Ravenclaw peanut gallery as Mason just watches Jackson carefully, tilting his head slightly and waiting to hear what the boy's got to say about his experience. He's more obvservational, it'd seem.

Gareth starts digging in his schoolbag, but frowns as he pulls out some Chocolate Frogs, looking up at Jackson again. "Never heard of anyone who didn't like chocolate. Don't they have it in America?" He asks this with a tone making it clear he believes 'the Colonies' must be a truly backward sort of place not to have chocolate.

"Really? Were you attacked by chocolate swamp monsters or nearly drowned in a fast flowing river of fudge?" Kalleigh asks excitedly. She bumps shoulders with Jackson as he comes to stand next to her. "Or was it because you had to eat your way out of a chocolate cage?"

"A huge lot of chocolate-syrup breathing dragon-creatures flew at us an' tried to coat us with ganache," Jax says solemnly, his eyes wide. He blinks at Gareth, a hint of amusement lighting his expression. "Sure, there's chocolate in America, but you can only get it on the black market. It's been outlawed, see. An' if they catch you with it then they throw you in a prison made out of brussels sprouts."

Gabriel blinks at Jax's first story, but then at the mention of chocolate in America he gives a bit of a laugh. He doesn't say anything to it, though, standing up and saying to Gareth, "I gotta go feed Calie, want me to give some food to Loki for you too?"

Gareth clearly believes every word Jax says, looking simply astonished. "How dreadful!" he says, stuffing the candies away again, then digging around some more until he finds a couple licorice wands. He offers these instead, shaking his head. "I'm very glad we never went to America then. Dad wanted to visit the place called Holy Weird, because he read the Muggles know how to make properly moving pictures there." He nods to Gabriel then, grinning. "Please! Thanks, Gabriel. I'll be up in a little bit. Want to send off that letter though, so maybe I'll get an answer in the morning."

"You discovered Chocolate Dragons? That's amazing! I want one. I'm sure I'd get burned by the molten ganache all the time, but it'd totally be worth it." Whether Kalleigh is taking this serious or not is hard to tell, her amusement looks a lot like wistfulness. "I wonder what they'd eat. Oh! Eat! I've been feeding Dali for you. Hope that's okay."

"Chocolate dragons eat the little sugar mice that were running around there," Jax informs Kalleigh. "An' there's /plenty/ of moving pictures — not the framed kind. They play on TV screens." He accepts a licorice wand with a bright sile. "Thanks! — and thanks." The second thanks is to Kalleigh. "I was right worried about Dali. 'fraid he'd starve to death 'fore we got out."

Gabriel nods quickly to Gareth and smiles, "Good, hope he says yes." He waves to the others, still grinning, and turns to hurry back up towards the castle.

Gareth gapes at Jackson again, his expression now one of fascination. "How do they do it?" he asks, enthralled. "Make the pictures move without magic? And what's a telly-vision? Is it like a telly-phone?"

Glancing at Gareth again, Mason tilts his head. It's kind of like himself… except in reverse, really. "Telephones work with vibrations through wires… kind of. Televisions are a bit different," he explains lightly toward the other boy, trying to figure out how to… explain it better. Or in broader terms.

"Like any Hufflepuff would let a cat starve to death in our dorms," Kalleigh chides Jackson lightly, head shaking. "He's been living in my room for the time being. I'll bring him to the common room when we get back inside. I, just - well, the boys didn't like me coming in their part of the dorm all the time." She wasn't trying to steal the cat, honest. "Muggles use a different form of magic called electricity and we channel it through things and bring them to life and add special ingredients and BOOM! Moving pictures." There, it's slightly more verbose than Mason's description, but still covers all the high points, right?

Fred Gideon Weasley, master trickster and general annoyance (at least to his mother) comes down from the castle way looking well /bored/. After weeks of being around people 24/7 the boy isn't use to being all by his lonesome so has headed out to find others. George ain't in sight which might raise a few eyebrow compared to there normal behavior. Spotting Jackson Fred raises a hand and calls out, "Oy Jax!" Yep bright smile at seeing the one firstie, the others he doesn't recognize, though be assured at least one of them probably tested an experiment of his.

"That's about it." Jax nods his agreement to Kalleigh's explanation of televisions. "Muggles have plenty of electricity-magic, they jus' don't /know/ it's magic. But there's boxes with screens an' they play whole stories on them — with moving pictures and sound." He grins brightly and waves as Fred approaches. "Hallo, Fred!"

Gareth shakes his head slowly in wonder. "Wait till I tell Dad," he says softly. "Boxes with pictures that tell whole stories? That's just brilliant. Why don't our pictures ever tell whole stories? And they're called telly-visors?"

"Kalleigh hit it on t'head," Mason finally admits, shrugging. It's such an easy catch-22 to explain it like that - but it works. Mason sort of gives Kalleigh a little smile, shrugging his shoulders again, before letting the silence come back. His eyes also wander for a moment, until Fred approaches. Oh, boy.

"Oh, it's more the 'telly' than the phone is. And it's just 'telly-vision,'" Kalleigh correct absentmindedly. She turns and waves to Fred, too, but doesn't say hi.

Sitting himself down beside the boy he's comfortable beside Fred looks over and starts talking a little to fast, "Wait Television? Darn thing never works." He says matter of factish, of course Fred's dad can't get it to work. "But anywho…how's it going small fry?" He reaches over to ruffle Jax's hair if the boy lets him and then waves to the rest of the group of firsties, "Oh sorry Fred Weasley." He introduces himself offhandedly and leans back using his hand to prop himself up.

Gareth digs out a quill and bit of parchment, quickly scrawling some notes. "Telly…vision," he mutters. "Moving pictures tell whole stories. Uses eclect-tricity magic, just like fellyto…er, no, telly-phones." He's too preoccupied with this new, very important knowledge to notice the much older student's arrival, until he mentions his name, anyway. Then Gareth looks up with amazement. "Fred Weasley?" he says, all excited again. "The Gryffindor Beater? Hello! I'm Gareth Conwy, and this is Mason Cartwright." He indicates his fellow first year Ravenclaw. "You have a telly-vision?"

"Sure it works," Jax says. "Jus' needs electricity. And a signal." He grins wide, nose crinkling as his hair is ruffled. "S'going good," he says cheerfully. "I was just telling Mason an' Gareth an' Kalleigh all about our adventures while we was gone. Like the chocolate-breathing dragons we ran into." His eyes twinkle, his tone light and playful. "How 'bout you?"

"'M Kalleigh," she chimes in for the introductions, painfully shy now and a bit red around the ears.

Fred picks himself up again and smiles as he ruffles Jax's hair again, "Just had to check mate. Make sure no wrackspurts got ya." He says as explanation for his sudden appearance and just as sudden disappearance. And it is true, so use to watching over the little huffle Fred /needs/ to know if he's alright, "Yeah chocolate breathing dragons and all! It was brilliant." He winks to the boy and heads off quickly.

Jax laughs, head shaking. "The wrackspurts were pretty." He waves as Fred takes off, then turns back to his fellow first-years. "My uncle had a television, but that was back in America. There ain't one in our house now." His head tilts to one side as he looks at Kalleigh. "Fred is nice," he tells her once the older boy is gone, "jus' so long's you don't eat any of his candy unsuspecting-like."

"Wow," Gareth whispers, staring after Fred. "You're friends with a sixth year. Only time a sixth year notices me, it's either to trip over me, or yell at me to get out of the way. What're wrackspurts?"

"Oh. Okay. I won't eat his candy." Kalleigh agrees firmly, brushing her skirts off. "We should go back now, it's starting to get dark and I have a parchment to write for potions. Besides, you want Dali back, right?" She turns toward the path, looking for the older boy.

"They're like rainbow-coloured pigeons — at least in their world — but in our world they're invisible an' get into your brain and make your head feel fuzzy." Jax blushes slightly and rubs the back of his neck, looking down at the ground as one foot scuffs against it sheepishly. "And yeah, we're friends — hard not to get friends with someone when you're stuck in another world with them for weeks, I guess." He shifts his bag further onto his shoulder, nodding at Kalleigh. "I want Dali back for sure! I've missed him so much. I should get started on my mountain of catch-up work, too." He waves brightly to Gareth as he turns back towards the castle.

Gareth raises his hand to wave at both the retreating students. "See you later then," he calls, then looks back to Mason. "We should probably get up to the tower, too. I need to get that letter written to my parents. Licorice wand?" He offers the last of his wands, sliding his schoolbag onto a shoulder as he stands.

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