1995-06-01: Muggle Curses


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Scene Title Muggle Curses
Synopsis Sirius finds Jack celebrating his birthday.
Location Hogsmeade - Three Broomsticks
Date June 01, 1995
Watch For Enabling
Logger Sirius

Jack's recently had a birthday. However, he was working the day of, so he didn't get to do much celebrating. Then, he went to the Manor, and celebrated some with his family. Tonight, he's chosen to have a small, personal celebration. Well, or use it as an excuse to get drunk, one or the other. He's sitting in the 'Sticks sipping slowly on his current firewhiskey, watching the people around him. He's not carrying any parchment tonight. The old aphorism about 'making Jack a dull boy' doesn't really ever apply to this Jack. He nods as he's recognized by a local, and waves him off. "Naw, it's okay." He grins, and leans back in his seat, mostly content.

Now that he can come and go freely into the Three Broomsticks, it seems Sirius can't get enough of the place. Either that, or he just wants to be an annoyingly nosy bastard, popping in at all times. (The missing students may be back, but he's still keeping an eye out on the area.) He's thoroughly irritated Jilly by sending off a package to Harry, but didn't linger there. And since he's just that sort of chap, he's back in the pub to see what other mischief he can get into. Spotting Jack up at the bar, he heads straight to the younger man, "Long time no see, Noble!"

"Sirius!" It sounds like Jack's had a bit already. "How are ya, mate? What's goin' on?" He gestures to the seat across from him. "Sit down. Sit down." He pulls himself up a little bit to make room for the other man. "Was my birthday." He shrugs. "Figured I'd celebrate." Nevermind that he hasn't really let any of the other folks around join him.

Sirius sidles into the offered seat and gets comfortable. "Doing just fine. The missing kids kept me busy for a bit, but they're all back. Safe, sound and all accounted for." Tipping his chair back slightly as he sprawls in a fairly careless manner, his grin broadens at Jack, "Well then, happy birthday to you!" He looks past Jack to the barmaid, "Rosmerta! I've got his tab today!"

Jack quirks an eyebrow at him. "You sure, mate?" About the tab, not the kids. "I'm glad they're all safe and sound. Where were they?" If he can say it in such a public place. "It's been a couple days, but I've been busy and …" He shrugs again. "Thanks." He lifts his glass to his friend. "Work's been crazy, and I haven't heard from Miss Sagace in a while. I wonder if she got swallowed by her other job." He gives a cheeky grin. "Gonna look and see if I can't find her in the next coupla days."

Sirius waves off Jack's question. Of course he's sure. If he wasn't, he wouldn't have offered. "Hard to say. They made this experimental device, they weren't exactly anywhere. We're still investigating some connections." Like just why some of them saw images of Voldemort and spoke with him. Nothing he's going to go into detail about in public anyway. "Understandable.. but better busy than slow, eh?" At least Sirius prefers to stay busy. He and idle don't get on well, never had and never will. "Good luck in finding her." His tone sobers some, and he doesn't want to add that disappearances these days aren't good.

Jack isn't too worried, for some reason. Maybe he's channeling his older brothter, but Madeline seemed like she might be the kind to just forget about owling someone back. He nods. "Thanks. If I can't find her soon, I'll have the DMLE look into it. Maybe what's his face…" He can't remember Faulkner's name at the moment. "The guy in the dark outfit." He grins, and then takes another drink. "There are times I don't mind it bein' slow. But it keeps the creditors away." He looks down to his drink. "What are you up to tonight?"

Funny, that's how Bertha Jorkins has been dismissed. "Faulkner? Right, if she doesn't turn up, have them look into it. We can also keep an eye and ear out for her." 'We' meaning the Order. Sirius has no faith in the Ministry as a collective to do something right. He shrugs his shoulders, "Absolutely nothing. I may go home and tackle another room to tidy, or pop by and annoy Tonks's mother."

Jack remembers Tonks' mother. The idea of Sirius going to annoy her makes him laugh. "Better you than me, mate." He grins again, lifting up his drink in salute. "I don't think I'd want to annoy her too much. I'd find myself on the business end of her wand." He finds that funny, and chuckles. "Yeah, Faulkner. That's his name." He takes another drink. "I appreciate it. She's workin' down on level 10 for the other part of her time, and I figure she might've just gotten busy on a project. First place I'm gonna check, if they'll let me." He rolls his eyes. "But you know how that sort are."

"I can get away with it. We're our favorite cousins." Two of the few decent ones to possess the name of Black. Sirius chuckles and clasps his hands behind his head. "Andromeda doesn't scare me." He just knows not to cross her terribly, and he wouldn't. He frowns briefly as he nods, "Secretive lot they are. I hope you're right and she's just tied up on a project."

Jack falls silent, as his somewhat-sloshed brain takes in the thought of what else might be preventing his secretary from contacting him. "Yeah…." He gives Sirius a wry half-smile. "Interesting times." Rolling his eyes, he explains himself. "Moody and I were talking one time, I mentioned this Chinese muggle curse. 'May you live in interesting times.'" This seems to almost be a toast, as he's lifting his glass again. "Got to see Pete." It's a non-sequitor, but it really makes sense if you follow his train of thought.

Sirius eyes Jack in renewed amusement.. and even has the man's glass refilled. He's such a horrid enabler. "I don't think it's a muggle curse. I don't think they can even /have/ curses. Probably some wizard or witch who started the saying with muggles." It sounds like something that would be done! "Pete?" He thinks for a moment, then has to mentally tick off names.. honestly, the Nobles are as bad as the Weasleys! "OH, one of your brothers, that's good."

"Yeah. He's the one in the States." Jack barely notices the refilled glass. He shrugs. "Went over there for a bit." There isn't an explanation. Even less than there was for Mickey. "And, yeah, Muggles have curses. Don't do anything, but they do have 'em. They can get pretty superstitious. And some of it's based in reality." He's run into some strange ghosts here and there. "Pete's the one just younger 'n me. He's a teacher. Teaches Charms." He shifts in his seat again. "And Mick's shop's doin' well." He gestures toward the 'Repair Zone.' "He did my paperwork t'other day. Didn't even want payin'." That was something else.

Sirius notes the lack of explanation, and doesn't pry. Jack'll volunteer the information if he wants to. Plus, he's also quite tipsy. "Maybe that was something skipped over in Muggle Studies." Oh yes, he took that class.. JUST to annoy his family. Moving on however, "Oh right, sorry. It's a bit difficult to keep up with the amount of siblings you have. Your mother probably had to do headcounts at suppertime." He says all this good naturedly, and not out of mean spirit. "I saw that shop earlier. I didn't go in, I was a bit curious about it."

Jack laughs delightedly. "Headcounts at supper!" That's hilarious right now. At least to him in his 'tipsy' state. He sets the glass down, perhaps finally realizing how much he's actually consumed. "You took Muggle Studies?" He grins. "I bet your mum and da were right pissed at that." That makes him chuckle again. "They actually repair magical things. You know. The stuff I break." He rolls his eyes. "Mick's okay at it, but he's doin' a lot of the elf-work. Since the man who owns the place is gettin' on in years." He shrugs again. "You want a drink or somethin'?" He realizes he's drinking alone.

Sirius chuckles at Jack, "Glad you're amused. Normally I'm wittier than that." But seeing as Jack is easily amused at the moment.. "Mum hit the roof. Wrote scathing letters, screamed at Phineas, who of course lectured Dumbledore.. or rather, he attempted to. Didn't get far. My electives, my choice." The more Walburga fussed, the more he held his ground. "Huh.. well I suppose there has to be repair shops for our lot. I'll have to pop in and say hello.. and no thank you. You're drinking enough for two."

Jack nods. "S'alright." He's probably done for the night. Tipsy, nearly completely sloshed, but not beyond sense. He turns somewhat serious for a moment. "They got pissed at you right often, didn't they?" He frowns for a moment. "Should come over to Torchwood sometime." And now he's not talking about the shop. "Mum'd fawn over you right proper." She's already done for Mick. "I think his might be the only one specializing in just repair, though the others pro'lly could do it in a pinch." The places like Dervish & Banges or some of the other places.

Sirius waves a hand dismissively. "All over and done with. They were as disappointed in me as I was towards them. Mutual hatred." Which is why he latched so tightly to his circle of friends in school. Bucking and rebelling against the family every step of the way. He was welcomed openly at the Potters'. "Can't say I'm too inclined towards popping in and out of peoples' homes. My presence is still enough to send folks running for their lives. I'm not sure people are ready to welcome me too easily."

Jack shrugs. "Mum's alright. But yeah, she might get a bit shirty about that. He shifts, attempting to move, possibly to stand. "I ought to go home. Gonna have a helluva hangover in the morning, if Janet doesn't stop by. She somehow knows…" Maybe she just restocks his hangover potion. But right now, he really thinks it's more intuitve than that. "Thanks for the drinks and company, mate." He manages to stand up, though with effort.

"You know.. it's such a short walk, but friends don't let friends apparate drunk." Sirius rises from his seat. Coins are set on the table for Jack's tab before moving to assist. "How about we just go to your flat. I'd offer up to let you hide at my home, but somehow I imagine Kreacher would aggravate your condition the moment he found out you had a hangover. Up you get!"

Jack is grateful for the help, and continues to natter on about things as he leans on his friend, letting himself be guided. He pauses in his ebullience to throw a salute to Rosmerta. "Night, Roz." He gives Sirius a grin, then comments idly, "nice lady, that Roz." Then he's back to idle chatter.

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