1995-10-16B: Moving In


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Scene Title Moving In
Synopsis Jack and Sio bring their purchases to the DADA classroom, office and then eventually down to Sio's new quarters. Some young snakes join the party and things get interesting.
Location DADA Classroom / Dungeons
Date October 16, 1995
Watch For Silly snakes, a bouncy lion and a bit of Nifty Magic

Late Monday afternoon - after the end of classes but still a ways before dinner, a very strange sort of sight would greet anyone wandering around on the first floor. A pair of familiar faces - one a former Gryffindor and one a former Slytherin - make their way to the door of the Defense classroom loaded down with bags. Laughing and joking with each other, the brother-and-sister team make it into the classroom where the younger - blonde Siobhan - moves straight up to unload her bags onto the desk proper. "Merlin, but I'd forgotten how crowded that place could get on a Monday."

Jack, the 'brother' in this duo, is carrying a few more bags. "And I'd forgotten how many stairs there were." He pretends to be out of breath, setting his packages gently down beside the others with an exaggerated move, letting his limbs hang down as he tries to make his sister smile. He's acting the clown, Jack is. "And they're all so little!" He hesitates to use the word 'cute', because … well, his sister would totally misconstrue that. And there's already been enough misunderstanding between them today.

Not that the room not aclutter with a great many other things- but sometimes a book or two left behind can go unnoticed. And Rene hates it when he leaves something. Anyone could get to it, and anyone could hex it. Perhaps he is being paranoid. A small price to pay for safety. He may be in his second year, absolutely, though he is still smaller than those in their first. It is in a fanciful way that stars happen to line up at that exact moment where Jack exclaims his glee on the topic of tininess; the door of the classroom is disturbed by a bustle of black, with green and silver trim, and that recognizable length of stark cornsilk hair. Rene jerks half of an inch as he comes swinging in the door, oblivious to if there was anyone still inside. It seems there was, much to his surprise.

"Oh, sorr-" The boy bites down on his teeth when he comes to realize who. He freezes there like a fawn- albeit wearing Slytherin schoolrobes and little shiny shoes.

One of the littlest, though not the youngest anymore, is Bean. Well, Julian Legume. Bean sees a familar shock of blonde hair, and does a doubletake as he's walking toward the doors to go outside for a while. He stops, turns, and runs at full tilt, running directly into his best friend. "Oh, I'm sorry, Frenchy. Did you see her? I thought sure I saw her. Is she here?" He glances around, and then lets out a relieved sigh. He squeaks something in this loud, painful-to-listen-to language, something about hope and winter and oh, my goodness, you're alive, all rushed out in this stream of words that might even make her wince. He runs toward her, stopping just before he hugs her. Living with — people has changed him a bit. Jack gets the evil eye. "Hang on, who're you?"

Setting aside several of the plainest bags and leaving them all in a small group on the chair behind the desk, Siobhan reaches into another, brighter bag and pulls out a stack of shrunken books. These are set on an empty corner of the desk and tapped with her wand. She gives her wand-arm a bit of a strange look, but since the books re-size themselves appropriately, she doesn't comment just now. "Small? I - " She realizes where the mistake's been made and snorts. "I meant Diagon, Jack, not here." But it's a good-natured correction, done only with a small roll of her eyes. She doesn't notice Rene's aborted apology, but the sound of familiar screeching makes her whip around and grin like a loon. She returns the screeching with a softly whistled murmur of praise, affirmation and approval before she grabs the little guy off the ground and spins him around in an excited kind of hug. "You, Mister Legume, are brilliant." He's set down again quickly - hopefully before he can see Sio's wince at the almost pain of even that much contact. It's at that point that she sees Rene and her smile only gets bigger, though a twinge of melancholy runs through it. "Hey, you," she calls out, beckoning him closer. She'd known that she'd missed them all along, but just right now it's suddenly hitting her just how much. As for Jack? She lets him answer the accusatory question all on his own. Call it payback for this morning, mister.

"You're Legume?" Jack's grin is present, and extremely bright. "I'm Jack." That's probably enough for the little one to recognize him. "We've corresponded." He tilts his head at the Mermish, and shakes his head. "That's a difficult language. I tried to learn enough to fix one curse, and that was plenty for me. Too many squeaks." He covers his ears. When his sister sets the little boy down, he'll stick his hand straight out, shaking Bean's fiercely. "We owe you so much. Know that the Ancient and Noble House of Noble owes you one favor at your need." He wrote the same to him earlier, but he's repeating it in person, in front of his friend. "Oh." His confusion clears up. "Well, it's awfully busy here, too. But with all the little French kids, it would be." He gazes down at Rene. "Are you one of them?" Those French kids, that is. "What do you need help with, Rosie?" He's still eager, giddy, rubbing his hands together like a kid at Christmas.

Luckily, with both of them being small, Bean's bumping into him does not send Rene anywhere, really- much like two sparrows trying to stuff themselves into the same birdhouse, buffeting off the other one. Rene does, at least, let out a noise of discomfort for it, stepping back out of Julian's way and watching him bound off. "No, I- left my book." He finally answers, replying cheekily to the empty space where his friend had been. He tucks his wrists behind his waist, offering the least ruffled look he can muster when he steps calmly after Bean. Least ruffled amounts to being barely able to contain his mixture of curiosity and gladness. By the time he does get across the room, he too is smiling up at Siobhan, allowing that to be his greeting for the moment. Jack, secondly, gets a dubious sort of look.

"Yes, and no, mister Noble, from the Noble House of …Noble." Rene squints lightly. Yes, he was making a joke. Or, rather, attempting. His hands come around from behind him again, slender fingers fidgeting with the hems of his sleeves. "I am French, but I am not from Beauxbatons." For a little guy, he sure can put a lot of spite into one word, and it comes when he says the name of the other school.

"Frenchy here is ahead of the curve, Jack." Bean brazenly calls the older man by his first name, knowing that he's not going to be called on it. "Yeah, I caught that," he tells the older man, amused that he is repeating himself. "Siobhan, it's so good to see you." He giggles a little when he's swung around, laughing more when Rene makes his joke. "I'm so glad you're not dead." He grins. "What brings you back to school?" The grin slides off his face. "They're not making you redo your year? You were able to sit the tests, right?" He glances around the room, hoping to help Rene find The Lost Book. "Where were you sitting?" He moves straight toward the seat. Hyper-intelligent he may be, but he doesn't often flaunt it. Well, he doesn't often intend to flaunt it.

"Goodness, Jack, however could you think he was from Beauxbatons?" Siobhan teases, so caught up in the contagious good mood of her brother and her two young friends that it's easy to forget everything else. It's a blessing, even if it's just for a little while. "How've you been, Rene? Long time no see." To her brother and the young blond boy then, she groans at the joke. "Noble House of Noble. Ha Ha." Rolling her eyes but in too good of a mood to be dropped for too long, Siobhan gestures with her hands as she talks. "Anything for my rooms can go on the floor there and the rest of it can get moved up to the office. I guess the Ministry witch has been using the ADT office, which is just as well." This glut of information should answer Bean's question well enough, but Sio's in a generous mood today. "Nope!" She pops the 'p' delightedly. "I sat my NEWTs and did just fine, thanks to you." A tiny globe on a pedestal is pulled from another bag and banished to the corner with a flick of her wand. Another flick sees it re-sized to its proper monstrosity. "I'll be replacing that crackpot MacGregor for the rest of the year."

Jack grins brightly at Bean's moxie. "Ahhh. Well, glad you're a trendsetter, then." He turns his bright smile toward Rene, and pulls out his wand to flick it, sending things zooming into a pile fairly near where she indicated. "Defense office… Defense office…" He grins, levitating the packages behind him like a little train. He hops toward the office like his patronus, still so very giddy. It's good to have his sister back.

"Where I always sit." Rene smirks after Bean, when the other boy zeroes in on the seat. The book is thankfully still on the seat of the chair where he had set it down to likely pick up something else. With his book matter seemingly being handled, Rene finds himself freed up to regard Siobhan again, this time more fondly, what with the advent of her words. "I've been well, considering." He opens his mouth to say something else, but it disappears as one Jack Noble sees fit to become a distraction in the background. Erm. Anyway.

"And here I thought we were all out of crackpots to teach Defense…" He can tease her back, right? That is until he realizes that she is technically faculty, and his growing smile turns upside down. "Forgive me, I think local wit has been too much. We are fortunate." Then again, you sort of have to be a little off-kilter to teach this class.

"Well, duh, Frenchy." Bean grins, walking back over toward him, book in hand. "Is he …" Julian gestures toward Jack with Rene's book. "Is he sane?" He hands the book over to Rene, and looks around. "Brilliant! Means we may actually get to cast a couple spells. That b — witch had us reading directly out of the book, sometimes out loud. And she didn't appreciate it when I translated it into French or Mermish or Latin." He learns quickly.

Eyeing Jack's bounding train up towards the office with just a touch of sardonic amusement, Siobhan shakes her head and turns to shrug at the two young Slytherins in a sort of 'What are you gonna do?' motion. With a good portion of the desk cleared off - most of the packages either on the floor as indicated or following Jack up the Bouncy Train to the office - Sio hops up to sit on a corner of the desk, crossing one leg over the other and twitching her foot; big brother's not the only one who can't sit still it seems. The crackpot remark earns a snicker, but when he corrects himself, she shakes her head. "So long as it's not a time when I'm actually trying to teach you something, I don't mind a bit of fun." Heck, she doesn't even mind the first-name thing, so long as it's not disrespectful. Some teacher she's turning out to be! Still, his earlier remark draws her brows inward into a frown. "Considering what, Rene?" Jack? Sane? "Not hardly," she remarks dryly, but passes over the rest of his commentary with just a warm smile, her attention going back to Rene.

"Oi!!" Jack's voice rings out from in the office. "I'm mostly sane." He peeks out, looks at the young kids, and winks. "More sane than my sis, though, that's for sure." Whether that's true is up for debate. And usually is. He sets the packages down, whistling a bright, cheery tune. "What now, Rosie?" He wanders back out into the classroom proper.

Even if he were of the mind, Rene doesn't take his book back just yet. He turns his head only when Bean mentions reading the book in French. "I joined you, that once. I blamed- ah- immersion flashbacks." He reaches up to tuck a strand of hair back behind his ear, offering the Professor(!) a flickering smile. "Very well."

"The events in France. I did not have family nearby, thankfully. My father left home for a time, to assist there. He did not explain what he was to do, but he is very honorable, so I was not surprised that he went back." Rene lets his eyes roam away from her again, only to reel them back. Decidedly off of her elder brother. "It was a troubling summer. But I am glad to be back here again. I would have scoffed last year, if you'd have told me I would say that now."

Bean is very perceptive. His eyes narrow when Rene gazes toward the office and then back to Sio again. "Damn," he admits, leaving his perception alone for now. If Rene wants to say something, he will. "I'm going to have to learn how to call you Professor, aren't I?" He sighs. "That's gonna be a bit hard." After being Sio's friend, he's got to completely change roles. "We'll still do your stuff." He gives her a bright grin."

"Probably true now, actually." All things considered. It's a lightly spoken quip in response to her brother's claim to being the saner one, but it rings of truth nonetheless. After all, she did offer to teach brats all year. She holds off on answering his last question for now, however - focussed more intently on her young friend. It's only that intent focus which allows her to see that roaming look, tracking it back to its source and biting down hard on a wicked grin. Instead, she yanks her attention to the matter of France and the attack. It's enough to bring a flicker of sadness and guilt across her face. Even with her warning, they hadn't been able to save that beautiful piece of French wizarding history.

Reaching out to lay a hand on Rene's shoulder with a reassuring squeeze, Sio offers a much softer smile. "Funny isn't it? How quickly this place becomes home." Another soft squeeze and she lets her hand drop away, turning to regard Bean with a single raised brow. It's such a perfect imitation of their Head of House's dry look, but she ruins it a beat later with a grin. "Probably best to try, Bean," she agrees, though she doesn't look at all very stern about it. "And yeah, you'll fill your mate in on all the details, yeah?" She nods towards Rene. "Once I've had a chance to test where everyone's at, I'll find out if we have enough of a dedicated group to run another year of the MA." Among other things. "But we'll see." Heaving a sigh, she looks at the bags on the floor and then back to Jack. "I dunno where the Defense professor's meant to be staying, but there's an empty set of rooms in the dungeons I want to use. 'Zar mentioned them only once, so I doubt anyone else even remembers." Best to be near her snakes, after all. She un-crosses her legs and bounces to her feet. "Suppose all that's left is to get this lot brought down there and to call Janet to bring the things from home."

"Okay." Jack frowns. "You want me to summon Janet?" No sooner has he gotten the words out of his mouth than the small house elf pops into the room. "Master Icarus is calling for me?" Jack grins, turning to his sister. "So, what? You want your stuff where?" He gestures toward Janet. "She must have been listening for one of us." He shakes his head. Siobhan's comment about it being true now wipes the smile off his face momentarily. "You're alright?" He's probably asked her that a zillion times today, driving her nuts. "Professor Noble." He rolls his Rs, making a grand sweeping gesture. "That sounds odd, it does."

Even so, those that had been through Beauxbatons' halls will never forget them, likely just as not one child here will forget Hogwarts. A simple thing that some never realize unless reminded. Rene softens his posture at the hand on his shoulder, a measure of tension leaving his spine. "Home is where your rump rests." Something like that. He tries to not blink when the elf pops into previously empty space nearby. His family, despite connections, had never had an elf; even at Hogwarts, they were so subtle that he finds himself still getting used to their whippish appearing.

"The dungeons? I should hope that would feel familiar." Unsurprising! Rene smiles again, reaching up with both hands to push his hair back behind his shoulders; when that is done, he offers out a palm to take his book from Bean. It is what he came for, barring kismet.

Julian mouths, "Icarus?" He looks over to Rene and nods. "Yeah. Your home can be anywhere as long as it's where you are." That word has a real meaning to him this year, having had the opportunity to live with a family. He watches Rene flick his hair, shaking his head slightly. "Professor Noble. Professor Noble. Professor Noble." He tries it in Mermish to see how it sounds. Ouch. "Sorry about that."

"She's been listening for her name, more like." Siobhan seems to have some clue as to why Janet suddenly appears. However, she also doesn't look like she's about to share her reasons. "Yes, Jack. I'm fine." Whether or not it's true, she's tired of being asked. "Here, you grab the bags on the floor. If there're too many, get the boys to help you." Herself, she takes the plain bags and packages from their perch on the stool, handling them with extra care. "Yes, the dungeons. If I'm going to be here, I'd best be down there." Where it's dark and safe and as familiar to her as the passages of her own home. "After all, someone has to help Professor Snape keep you snakes in line." Which is, in and of itself, snake-speak for 'watch out for you'. If Sio realizes that she just spilled the beans about another change in teaching staff, she breezes right on by it without further comment. Sio doesn't wince at the Mermish as much as she might have once, merely nods towards the packages on the floor and adds her own screeching directive for Bean to help Jack with the load. "Come on, you lot. Shift!" She dodges between desks and carries her own load towards the door. "I'll expect you two to tell the Slytherin Prefects where my rooms are, but no one else. Understand?"

Jack does wince at the Mermish, but hops to, grabbing the bags indicated. "I wanna know where they are. I wanna come visit my Rosie Posie." He gives a mischievous grin and passes a couple things to Bean and Rene. "Here." He grabs a couple of the heavier ones to replace them. "Oh, Snape's coming back?" He nods. "That's a good thing." Siobhan's given him enough information about the man that he feels much better about the kids learning from him. "What do you boys think of Professor Moldavia?" He's just sincerely curious.

"Snakes are always in a line, they have no limbs." Rene murmurs. It is not terribly clear if he didn't understand the term, or if he is begin facetious. There is one thing, however, that catches onto his ears even more. "Professor Snape?" The French boy looks for all the world like someone could knock him other with a feather. "He's coming back…" Oh, thank the heavens and all that is good and holy. Never thought that would coincide, huh?

As for the Mermish- well- Rene has been hearing enough of it that it does not seem to bother him as much, and he grins when the elder Noble winces at it. He tried to learn something rudimentary- like, say, 'hello'- but couldn't get past the uncouth racket being forced out of his gullet. So that was that.

Rene is a good little hand, and takes up anything else handed to him. "I think that she is in the wrong profession, being here." Surely there is something better for her, besides teaching children? "This is only a good thing."

"Moldavia?" Bean consider's Jack's question, then frowns slightly as they traipse down the hall carrying the stuff. "She's ba — downright insane, I think. She knows potions pretty well, but I prefer Snape." Not just because he is his Head of House, but because there is just something about knowing what to expect. "She's too unpredictable. And she misses class a lot." He may have figured out the correlation of her missing class, but if he's figured out anything more than that, he won't let on at all. Rene's joke gets a quiet laugh, though there's a groan intermixed in there. "Unless they're slithering then they do that S thing. That's every bit as far away from straight." He grins, trailing a little bit behind. Short legs, here, people. "Slytherin Prefects only. Gotcha." He nods sharply. He'd salute, but hello! Full arms.

Though Jack gets a raised brow from Siobhan at the interesting change in topic, she doesn't comment. Instead, she leads the strange parade down the staircases and listens to the answers given. Strangely enough, the moving staircases seem to move into the places they need to be right before she gets to them - and then hold still until her little party is on the next landing. Strange instance of serendipity, no?

Tipping her head back at the answers given, she laughs outright. It's not a pretty laugh or a delicate, musical thing, but it's real and it's vibrant and it's contagious. "I told him he'd be a welcome change." She lifts her gaze over her shoulder to meet Jack's, but doesn't exactly exclude the boys from her comment, either. "No one ever listens when I tell them things." The tone of the much-put-upon is more to amuse the young ones than anything, but Jack may notice a glimmer of wicked, wicked glee in her eyes. Siobhan very much likes being proven right.

Leading them down and down and into a little-used dungeon corridor, just north of the Slytherin common room entrance. There's a portrait of a sleek black panther lounging on the limb of an outstretched tree. When Siobhan approaches, he turns to stare and blink lazily in her direction. "So you're gonna be that way, are you?" Huffing out a sigh, she lowers to a crouch and starts gingerly unloading her bags and packages out onto the ground.

Jack, though not as — popular or creative as the Marauders, did spend a good portion of his time in Hogwarts being a downright arse. Much to his elder brother's displeasure. "I think I remember this hallway. We …" He snickers to himself, remembering one brilliant prank or another. "Caught a couple Hufflepuffs." He shakes his head, lost in the memory for a moment before he frowns at his sister. "Do we all need to drop this stuff, or should we just wait?" A couple young 'Puff girls scurry past the lot as they head toward the Great Hall for supper. Their giggles and whispers come floating their way, and Jack snickers again.

Contagious enough to get Rene chuckling, even though he is a step behind in virtual tandem with Bean. He keeps an eye on the hallway and the few things in his arms stay put. Rene peers up at the painting lining this part of the corridor, examining the great indolent cat and the finer details of the tree. The passing students get a short, glimmering little look, before he lifts his chin again to the wall.

"What in the world do you keep laughing at?" Rene tries not to squeak this at Jack, going for his best shot at impassive. "You are like an imp. Or a Weasley."

Julian's giggles are infectious too, and between the two Nobles' comments and laughs, little Bean is having a hard time standing up and carrying stuff while laughing. He's just relieved to have Sio out of the painting and Snape coming back to the school. Even though he's a muggleborn and it's known that Snape wandered off with the Death Eaters, Bean really feels safer having the man around. He stops, leaning up against the wall, waiting for instructions, giggling all the while. "An imp! That's perfect, Frenchy!" His laughs increase. "A Weas-" He shakes "A Weasley!!"

"No, I just need my hands free." Siobhan has a look on her face that encompasses both extreme skepticism and extreme determination. She stands straight and steps right up to the panting, laying both hands on the frame and closing her eyes. Concentrating, she even dares to try her own addition and reaches inside to tug at the place she'd been able to feel lately, wincing at the feeling of power trailing down her arms and through her hands into the portrait. Her eyes are screwed shut with concentration, so she doesn't see the soft golden light that pools around her hands and then dissipates into the wood and canvas. "Recognize me," she whispers. Whether she's speaking to the painting, the wall or the very castle itself, something responds to her.

With a jolt, she can feel the portrait yanking loose from the wall and swinging slowly outwards.

Staring at her hands in open shock, Siobhan ducks and grabs her burdens just in time to save them from the swinging of the door. "Well I'll be damned…" Shifting the bags and packages in her arms, she seems to suddenly recall she has company. "I think it's time for both of you to be heading up to dinner, hmm? You know where to find me if you need me and I'll see you in class tomorrow." She nods to her brother. "Just hand your things to Jack. He'll help me get settled."

And with that, she steps into the place that will become her home just as much as any dormitory. Those still at the door just might hear her talking to herself. "Damnit, 'Zar, I guess I owe you a drink."

"Yep, just hand everything to me." Jack grins, somewhat nonplussed by what he's just seen. She will be telling him about this, yes. "C'mon, you two little squirts. You don't wanna miss supper!" He sets his own packages down, moving to grab theirs.

"C'tait quoi?" Rene's mouth parts even before he speaks, browline knotting up to look between the young woman and the painting itself. "Mmm." He purses his lips, dubious at a Noble for the second time in the last half-hour. There will be a record set, someday, of how many times he can manage it. Even if he asked about it, Rene has the sinking feeling that she might not tell him anyway. He passes Jack the things he was carrying, with a half-smile. Maybe he'll visit her. Or maybe he'll stick around too. Just imagine. Oh brother.

"We can catch up more later, I suppose." Whether this is for Siobhan, or for Bean, it works for both of them- though she may already be out of earshot. "And I am not a squirt, I am a teenager." All the difference in the world.

Julian's eyes narrow, and he looks over at Siobhan, watching the strange magic. His laughter stops, but he can't hold back the grin. That's just really weird. Guess who's gonna have a consultation with a small Slytherin begging to know about the weird magic she just did? Bean hands off his packages to Jack, and frowns."It's already dinner time? I was going to spend some time outside before…" He still hasn't gotten past his need for space from time to time. "Oh, well. I'll do it tomorrow, I guess." He rolls his eyes. "C'mon Frenchy. I thought I heard someone say it was Shepherd's Pie tonight." He grins. "Love Shepherd's Pie." There isn't much the boy doesn't like. With a wave to the two Nobles, Bean scampers down the hall toward the Great Hall, grin still plastered on his face.

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